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  1. Sagittarius26

    TM 416 Upgrades

    Hello Forum, Got back into airsoft recently and I have realised that my 416 is in need of a few upgrades. It is currently fitted with a Prometheus Precision Barrel, and everything else is stock. I am thinking of getting the Prometheus Gears and 6mm Bushings along with a Eagle 6 M100 spring and going to have the barrel R-Hopped. My main focus is increasing the range. Currently it seems to have an effective range of about 40m with .25s. I'd like to extend that to 60m, pushing on to 70m if possible. My secondary focus is trigger response, but that isn't a priority. And I'm guessing accuracy is based on the bb weight? Are there any other parts that I should consider getting? Thank you.
  2. Sagittarius26

    Artistic Airsoft

    Did the guy in the 3rd picture tape his scope to his rifle?
  3. Sagittarius26

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    For your sake, I hope you were going commando....
  4. Sagittarius26

    What's your backup?

    TM P226R in my IMI Defence Holster on my Plate Carrier. But I'd like to back-up my back-up by having a TM 870 Breacher in a shotgun scabbard on the back. ...But what if I want to back up my back up back up...?
  5. Sagittarius26

    H&K Picture Thread

    mmmmmm...very niiiiiiice...

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