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  1. Takoyaki

    Tokyo Marui AUG High Cycle

    You can tell there's an area for an allen key to unscrew it. So yea, the fugly foregrip is removeable. 366-410FPS is the importation requirement here. Once it reaches Canada, you are allowed to increase or decrease the FPS any way you want. I think the maximum is 450 or 500FPS here, I don't remember.
  2. Takoyaki

    Tokyo Marui AUG High Cycle

    Quick question. How come players don't increase the FPS further to 366FPS plus on TM guns? Is it because it's not rated for such FPS and that it'll break? Or will it destroy the accuracy of the gun? Thanks.
  3. Takoyaki

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    This hasn't been posted yet, but just to let you guys know, old WE MP7 mags won't fit the new MP7s you guys have. I know this because when I tried fitting an old MP7 mag into the new version, it just comes off loose.
  4. Takoyaki

    Krytac CRB Initial Impressions

    A friend of mine emailed Krytac and they said they'll eventually start shipping to Canada when they start increase production/stock.

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