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  1. kng6

    Initial impressions, boneyard S&T Type 64

    My Research has shown the Type 64's hopup unit lacks consistency and range. In fact the Japanese have made a sleeve to hold a regular hopup bucking to gain abit more range. Pictures and information are taken from K-hobby.com
  2. kng6

    Initial impressions, boneyard S&T Type 64

    The Type 64 was designed to take the scope mount from a M1D or M1C Garand variant and Leather Cheek raiser. S&T makes a cheaper copy of the Tasco RIS Scope mount and TASCO under rail mount for the Type 64 that is perfect for airsoft purposes. The TASCO mount unlike the M1C/D mount is over the bore rather than offset but sits high enough to clear the charging handle. I should have a list of internal airseal parts to replace the S&T parts shortly, I spent my lunch break with a micrometer to check for tolerances on the new air-seal parts. But nothing is set in stone until I have put it into the gearbox and taken chronograph readings. I've been also checking Japanese airsoft forums to see if they have found or made any new internal parts for the Type 64 rifle. So far I've only seen some external parts and a spacer for the hopup arm to use regular or H hop nubs.
  3. kng6

    Pics of your Gear

    JGSDF Infantryman WIP (Kit based off Operation Rising Thunder 2015 at the Yakima Training Center)
  4. kng6

    Initial impressions, boneyard S&T Type 64

    Very informative information on this thread, I will stick around to learn and share information in regards to the S&T Type 64. I initially was planing on building a Type 64 DMR Variant (M1D scope and check rest) but after opening the gearbox and hop-up unit I kind of gave up on the ideal. However if anyone has information about the nozzle and hopup unit it would be greatly appreciated. At the current time I am not sure if the nozzle is proprietary, having a O ring Air nozzle would improve compression by a long shot. Hopup arm and bucking is strange and seems proprietary, bucking is a standard AEG but the nub was something else and badly shaped. Installing a flat hop or even a regular AEG nub will require some DIY. About Magazines they are proprietary to the gun and somewhat expensive. Changing the magazines on the Type 64 takes some manual dexterity and muscle memory. You have to get a feel for lining the feed hook in the mag well to the hole in the front of the magazine. Normally the procedure is to put the magazine in a 130° and rock backwards until you hear a click. This sound is the magazine well locking with the front hole in the magazine. Next you rock the magazine backwards until you hear the click of the magazine catch locking the magazine in place. It doesn't hurt to push the magazine forward to check if the magazine is properly seated. If the front hook has not latched onto the magazine, the magazine will move very freely in the magazine well and may fall out. Common I've noticed is in the heat of battle to either not lock the magazine in place properly or trying to put the magazine in backwards.

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