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  1. Alpha2

    M14 Picture Thread

    Yup, thats what i have done with mine.
  2. Alpha2

    M14 Picture Thread

    The rail comes with a smaller 10mm rail that attaches to the rear of the reciever, you can then attach the rear scope ring to this and the forward scope ring to the RAS itself, like so.. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/uploads/monthly_06_2010/post-9896-12767231898761_thumb.jpg
  3. Alpha2

    M14 Picture Thread

    To be honest it depends what your wanting to do.. If your intention is to place a telescopic scope on your socom m14 im guessing your intention is not for CQB. If its just a scope mount your after King Arms,Marui and G&P are good, KA have a small adjustment bar on their low profile mounts just becareful you don't lose it, not sure about G&P's version but either will set you back 30quid. I would personally spend the extra £50 and go for a RAS, that way you can you have a number of choices and attachments. See the image below, i turned my socom into a dmr, it has a KA RAS with G&P Knights sniper mount and a KA M3 scope + sunshade (not M1 which i said a few posts back) http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/uploads/monthly_06_2010/post-9896-12766354800952_thumb.jpg
  4. Alpha2

    M14 Picture Thread

    King Arms M1 with 90mm sunshade
  5. Alpha2


    TM M14 Socom King Arms Rail King Arms M1 Scope King Arms Spring Bipod and attachment King Arms M14 DC QD Silencer G&P Sling attachment Guarder Stock cheek rest B/C Scope Covers ACM Rail Cover ACM 45 degree Rail ACM Green Laser Promy Tightbore 500mm 6.03 Promy Piston head Guarder Piston & Cylinder Guarder reinforced gearset Guarder Anti reversal latch Guarder steel bearings Guarder M120 - 420 fps - single fire. Still a few bits to get to finish off.
  6. Alpha2

    M14 Picture Thread

    Been working on my M14 for a while and its almost complete, enjoy..
  7. Alpha2

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Was a shiney A&K..
  8. Alpha2

    What's your backup?

    MP5 strapped to the back of the CIRAS & TM P226

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