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    Dboys aks74u, ics colt M4 ris, Jg A47 sniper, cyma p1093s AKS, JG G36, well Skorpion, TM g18c, kjw g27, agm m500 Doomstick (an m500 with sawn off stock- turns you into Doomguy)

    Real steel deacts: smle no5x2, Bren, Webley Fosbury (coolest frankengun imo).
    The Lee's and bren cock- and man are they smooth...also a chinese type 56 carbine sks clone, yugo m56 german mp40 clone.
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    two words: Armalite. Kalashnikov.
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    United Kingdom

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    My armoury In the Cold Womb of The Ocean
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    History: namely empires, Hitlers Reich in particular, and enough to learn this:. There is no such thing as a 2 month victory over Russia ...if hed quit the methamphetamine shots and cocaine eyedrops, its likely we'd be eating brautwurst, heiling, and walking like clockwork turkies...wed have awesome uniforms mind.

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