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  1. Does the "n" mean nightfighting" as in you have an nv scope? Those are cool beyond words. really love the loadout esp the riot helmet if thats what it is. Im playing a nam game soon and changing up; usualy its full belgian jig camo but this time bulgarian forest bdu genuine ussr handheld cinefilm camera- the case wil take loads of extra stuff. Im sorta playing a soviet advisor/ inteligence type hence camerapost-99028-0-68218600-1440278031_thumb.jpg normally I wear belgian bdu and my prized south african recce webbing but this time its the case and old vz63 holster.the only micro smg I like. post-99028-0-68218600-1440278031_thumb.jpg

  2. First ive heard of this new rail- whoa my quad will be a classic- colt m4a1 is already a dinosaur. I only buy 2nd gen assault rifles; smgs from say ww2 to early nineties. Lovely kit there btw- im using the aks74u and having a go at creating a active ir scope. Lil tip you dont need to buy a scope if its not something you need just get 1 of those cheap *albatross* ones, replace the plastic with a magnifying lens from a 2nd hand camera shop. My aug a1 has a uv filter over an ir one ; a diy eyepiece gives me late dusk shooting. A tripod can be had too- for the artillery fans.


  3. Late to the party as ever but picked up a new firearms book- a gem from the seventies- older volumes a good cause obv its the coulda beens- a sterling light rifle eg- these tend to get buried. Unless its janes. The assaualt variant of the sks- 30 rd mag and longer barrelwould be a simple way of owning a rare rifle. Your sks is a work of art: any plans for a night rifle prototype? (Only blurted that cause im building a v crude infared scope for my aug.

  4. Hi please include a cleaner classifieds section, with rules for pic quality, and possibly format too. Ive brought some amazing gear but ive also brough stuff in unworking, batered condition. I believe in preowned guns the way hippies bekieve in trees, n hugging of same. Ive brought close 2 a bakers dozen ranfing from an unfired hi capa to a steyr aug CA proline.. paid 30 for first, 80 for the ASG (AustrianSexualGun)


    Wouldnt mind doing a mini faq on rhis; have some tips

  5. Christ that sounds masculine....id like to join your master race, but I need to join the full bolt travel club. If I get in I have plans for a team/ paramillitary. I call dibs on the secret police and general skullduggery department, and if i create an air force id love to be an air marshal. (You get a baton and theyre higher than a 3 star general) when I get a suitable gun-im not rich,but I've been in touch with some really friendly organ harvesters; here's a free tip - if u need a gun out of your budget, these foreign fellas are paying 2000 for decent kidneys- I managed to sell em half my blood too.


    The organs go to Japan BTW- I did ask if they get good prices on Master Race Club TM guns or GHK, but they acted strangely...sort of pulled a chainsaw on me and threatened to dismember me and everyone I love- funny guys eh?

  6. I got to shoot the rifle length one and it is seriously good; I,think the bloke let me shoot it to get rid of me, as I was staring at the thing. He had a sight,I think an acog- it was the same tan only with a kind of pearlescent sheen on it. I never really liked the scar,at all- but I'm now a fan of these things. I also tried the Kris's Vektor and it also has a really strong satisfying recoil,effect - IMO I just don't like the looks. Most guns grow on me but its way too ungainly.


    Edit: If I CD get the scar or the 417 I'd have a very tough time deciding - prob the 417 because I love Hecklers and AR's and a H&K ar10 is the finest match since the SIG GSR IMO. Plus I just don't like my g36c- but that's going to be Chris Redfields one from Resi 6. (G36 with scar stock and m4 style carry handle, basically)

  7. Holy Christ and I thought the Desert eagle was big...I'd say sod reality if I had that sexy beast I'd revel in the uniqueness of it. For sheer uncompromising quality I've yet to find a superior brand than marushin. Hang onto that; could be worth a real mint.


    You could probably create a passable anti materiel rifle out that thing.

  8. squad 701's wunder glock there; that's taken planning and like you say, craftsmanship, and he/shes's not been tempted to simply add stuff- I mean the whole glock thing is quite minimalist by design- this stays true to it.

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  9. Yeah that doesn't sound great. This is the prestige brand after all; I can't fault their technology-not after firing their latest ebbrs last game day- but their pistols stock I felt were too light, even if the finish was excellent- weight is very important.

  10. I've got gun envy;no worse: large glock envy. (I've got the kjw g26). This stippling though a lot of you are doing diy, and I was wondering if maybe I could do this on one of those hogue grips, and how its done?


    Christ I like that above creation. Can't stop looking....

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  11. Wow - Is that vfc who make ak's? Ill check that out - I like lookijg at things I cant afford. I think with any bleedong edge tech itll trickle down to mid end guns- then the inevitable chinese clones which seem to improve regularly.


    I just dont get dropping almost a grand on an aeg, never will-and im thinking of systema here mostly- I mean, its a smooth bore gun which fires bbs a fith of a gram- its gonna be good but its limited in range to say the least -and an 800 kwid aeg isn't more competitive than a 200 kwid one imho.



    Saying that though I saw one of those tm hi cycles in action ajd itsxlike *suitcase*! Rof must be in 4 figures and sounds like an mg34. I played the woodlamd combat south gamextoday, and found a perfect elevated spot on a tower- 360 view. Id say three of those things on there would juat shred the invadersxmaxim style. Forcemultiplier to put it lightly.

  12. Suggestions for g36c colours anyone? Im leaning toward "panzer grey" with white or dove grey highlights, but i also love flecktarn - 'specially on a german gun. I did have a project idea ages back the "germans win the war- this is tgere gun" basically a modernised stg44. I think with the all in line shape you cd do a hell of a lot with it.

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