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  1. Im having a hard time on deciding whether I should paint my M4 with khaki & brown or khaki & med. brown. Anyone has any pics with both colors in it so I could get a reference on both colors?

    Id say a light sand basecoat sprayed, with khaki's and browns for your pattern . Browns are great - theyre versatile as hell and mix very well. The important thing is: what terrain are you trying to emulate?


    Im doing a g36 now. The base is light brown, khaki-dark i call it. I want it to look like its been dusted with sand, not painted, so i will crush up cat litter and chuck that on, then some sand, then spray it with sand paint through a filter (fine mesh sieve), then drybrush it. I did this on a mag and it does indeed look as intended.

  2. Im calling it "Zebra ate choc Chip and Vomited profusely"


    Its my first ever paintjob as yoi can prob tell....dont worry: its a 30 kwid springer; no hi-end AK rifles were hurt in this process.


    The mags are a Zebra choc chip tanker mag. Fakelite '74 mag, and a classic 47 with cat litter and lacquer.



  3. Yeah, I think ill go second hand on my next one too. Im selling off my air weapons and older aegs; slimlining my armoury to fund the "dream weapon" list. Ignoring the for sale kit my loadout is: KJW g27, ICS M4 RIS, and my "AK modular Weapon system in a box project" pretty much 3 receivers so far- with those three and the right parts you can make every Ak derivative ever made, or at least the s9viet classics.


    My dream gun tho? Tricky there are so many. Ill stay on topic though- somebody please suggest a perfect M16 replica, A1 at the latest, though I love the look of the bakelite furniture on those early issues.

    Failing thatits gotta be the g&p Car 15. If only ICS werent so picky with parts I would love that modular AR15 concept.



    Oh yeah- my m4 has colt trades and you can adjust the barrel, but at my local shop all their M4's have ICS logos. Whys that?

  4. Man thats a nice bit of optic. What is it about russian weapon design, or at least soviet, design?


    I swear the top marshals and arms ministers held a meeting one day: "okay gentlemen, we are skint. We have nukeswith 50 megaton payloads, yet cant afford the fuel to fire them beyond Bulgaria. Our only hope is a scarydesign ethos. We'll call it the Soviet School of terrifying, yet utilitarian Small arms. Our future depends on armijg our troops with hardware thatll scare the *suitcase* out of the enemy"


    They did it too; look at the AK. It looks predatory, with a type of evil prescence. And the SVD too. It wasnt the precision sniper rifle its credited as; more like a DMR, yet Its consistently rated highly at least among the "experts". Partly of course down to that incredible scope- with its windage, bullet drop calculator it makes the spotter uneccesary- and goes to show the russians know a lot about "Sniperism".


    How much was yours?


    Say, if your serving in Afghan, it cant have been too much- at least if youre doing the "hearts and minds" bit well. If your a local though, we should PM...I have a khyber pass shopping list

  5. Re holsters i believe they have some left- an unissued czech army shoulder rig for 13 quid. Very "secret police" and very Combloc- nice leather will accomodate any large pistol. Holsters for modern smgs are good but if you want the real soviet look and something retro theyre not making any more of grab this.


    Will post pics. (Im selling my vz and holster for parts gun brand new just wont shoot. Pm me if interested; will be cheap. )

  6. Cool optics- just a v cool gun top 2 tail. What make/model is it? I see youve stuck with the skeleton stock rather than the polymer one. Im selling off a lot of mine mostly my never used airguns, then spend the lot on the best soviet aeg or gbb i can possibly find, most prob a realsword type 59 akm


    Oh yeah i read the plum colour was a soviet screw up when creating the black colouration- any truth 2 that? If so it would explain why that colour is so damn expejsive as parts.


    Just seen ur old school svd with pso (genuine?). Weird how even their non-ak derived small arms look exactly like AK derivatives- prob down to fmiliarisation, ease of use or something. Is yours the Chinese Norinco? Only ask cos RS seem to specialise in Chinese stuff now.


    Edit: 'sup Ninja master? (Seen ur here at the bottom bit).

  7. It works very well, tho noidea what CAG is? Id love to give my m4 a goodpaintjob....but i just can't bear to "mar" that lovely deep blue. Ive been putting heavy work into my aks and havenegpected my m4 terribly so ive been giving it a little love ie dropping cash on it. I got a red dot and mounted that to the flattop butitjust didnt look right; Im just too90's; gotta have that hi profile optics over handle look.


    Good to hear owners of hi spec guns using china parts; i get sick of people bashing entire product lines blind, simply because they have the "made in..." stigma. The stuff coming out of china these days can be honestly impressive- The market is big now; crude copies in abs wont cut it anymore, at least at the medium budget level. My first ever was a 99 kwid jg m4; its made of brittle grade abs but its a tank, shooting fine 10 years on. Now, theyre packaging, branding, and finish is on par with the good Taiwanese cokpanies id say


    I want to get an S.I.R too; can anybody recomend one compatible with ICS m4's. Ive got eyes on the dboy-so cheap! Even considering buying theyre mpeg, stripping the sir and stock, then modding the chsapo carbine a bit- maybe buy m16a1 furniture for it (love the old skool too)


    This is something ive wondered: how do u rate your CA aeg? Its one brand ive very little exp with, but their line up is really eclectic and pretty cool. My budget would he the 150 to 200 mark...would that get me a good m16?

  8. Im actually considering the viper ak12 - how would u rate build quality- particularly the plastic: brittle abs or the light but tough anti shockstuff cyma use?


    I thought id post my first attempt at camo. Rifle is a cyma p1093s, which i give 8 out of ten as a springer; I was very impressed. No flamey type comments please; its a first attempt and not finished- some tips wd be v welcome. So heres my Zebra splitter with chocolate chips scheme


    Edit: the spots on the mag and receiver are actually cat litter; im going to drybrush it to look like dirt. Also i should add: if youre considering buying a cyma underfolding stock, i suggest u get this rifle as its the exact same stock and you pay the same only with a free hi cap and a very nice ak47s springer


  9. Yeah boy! Im over my dislike of modernized aks with rails etc and ill always prefer a "naked"one-just cause theyre so heavy....but that is really well built; love youd stock, compensator, and the grip is just sweet particularly the sling; what type of sling is it?

  10. Definately. Even without the blowback youre getting that nice "crack!" Report and the faint cloud-small things and a lot of maintenance you pay for them - but realism is kind of the goal for many- I mean were paying firearm prices near enough for perfect replicas. Aeg tech is incredible and leaps beyond gas- but imho the shooting feels sterile and lacking somehow. TM ebbs give more but are very expensive-beyond the reach of most new blood by far-of course, theyll be chinasoft ebb's- law of trickledown and all, but the no frills aeg is standard.


    Personally, I think realistic sound is the way to go, based on my experience with RC tanks; they have airsoft guns and powerful sound chips- fire the gun, and you get an awesome blast (on a quality chip) recorded from the real gun. Some use silicon oil to produce a cloud of smoke even, and a tank skirmish is far more exciting; Imagine an airsoft ruck with realistic sound effects? Just noise but its those little things

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  11. Phwoaar...!


    A katana, eh? Ill have to check those out for sure- i really like these oddball ar15's right now-specially in the patriot/pistol class. The AR will just evolve imho and were seeing the standard configurations give way to radical newstyles. Check out the keltec pmr pistol eg, I mean the AR is a worldbeater and dominent at every site ive played; i think the next revolution in ballistics-be it caseless, micro calibre bullets fired with em bullets- I think itll come in an AR platform.


    I like the classic rifles myself-ive the ics m4a1 with a stubby stock....bog standard but when ive finished other projects its gonnna be Danny Archers M4 from Blood Diamond, copying the improv camo scheme, the wear and dirt. Its just that classic 90's thing I love- Termie 2 sparked an obsession.


    anybody else done a build based on a film or game out there? The best ive seen is a superb Chinese AK from fallout 3. The pulse gun and Samurais edge are good but off the shelf so dont really count.

  12. It looks a proffesional job; did you take it to a gunsmith or sokething? Or is cerakote that finish designed to be done at home? Either way that gun is my favourite model and done to exactly my taste-so simple, great colour matching, kept traditional- just wondering whats going on at the front end. Classic, neo classical polymer - or just a ris?



    I kind of love the akmsu but there is nothing on it just an old picture of a big flashider and a lower handguard on a normal akms....does anyone have some good info on this, maybe a link?

  13. Really, really good finish. Never seen cerakote on an airsoft gun before, I was briefly considering diy parkerizing of my ak to get that smooth grey finish but didnt wanna risk messing up. This has made me want to get my '74u done-ive got soke chrome plated parts and that flat gray will just pop


    That pistol grip though - that must be handmade or RS cos i have never seen one anywhere. Is it grip tape by any chance?

  14. Ive got an ics m4a1 and i want to retrofy it; ive got the old style mags and ive ordered this barrel extension that screws on where the flashider goes (i want the rifle length ar); I cant find an ics triangular guard, but ive found a jg one. For a great price. Ill need the A1 delt ring but re te front sight assembly would i need to by an A1 one or will my existing one fit?

  15. Yeah, also its a hi end gun; imo even a professional camo job will spoil the incredible bluing used on them. There a paint called Weapon paint I use. It makes exclellent camo and also it wipss off with a special spray they sell, and they have a great range too. Also theres plasti-coat; spray on silicon that peels off when youre done - I think they do camo now, but its not cheap, and a can doesnt go far.



    If i was painting that,itd be a simle scheme, using sand to tie the receiver in with those desert parts...maybe a few vertical stripes and some white or brown "leapord spots". Id leave plenty of the original finish though.


    Edit: had a closer look, and its a really good AR. Youre clearly going for the tan theme; why not just get a good tan pistol grip and carry handle?

  16. I thought it was an airsoft project gun, and an inlet like that i wouldnt risk not in our weather....


    Is that the kac pdw btw? Intereating piece that- I alwaya do a double take when i see those as i can nevwr figure out if its an ar15 with an aks74u stock or what. I did check it out, and its proprietery. I think the AR is for training purposes-kind of like the colt smg sort of. I may actually get this springer oit there right now to hang on the old wall, and for some camo scheme practice. "Bison PDW" its just acheapo springer; no contest for that WE there, but i do like a decent springer, ive got a small arsenal actually. Loading a big m29 revolver feels uber masculine whe5her spring or gas, and the tri shotties- mainly m4 super 90 tm clones are just vicious

    Speaking of revolvers that a8rsoft armoury place are flogging asg zastava gas m29 revolvers for 30 kwid...hate to ask the obvious but are these 5hings or worth a punt?

    In all my collection though the only competitive thing is the agm mossberg I got. Its the big full stock one- and its destined t o be an m16 Mod 0 heavy barrel-masterkey combo.

  17. First time i saw it i thought it had to be a fictional project gun - but they make these things!? I dont like; design-wise its a p90 mag crudely shoehorned onto a gun of completely different dimensions. When i saw crude i mean it doesnt make sense; top loading mag: cool. But dont forget that now useless magwell -its a water inlet. If i owned this id need to put in months of remodelling work. Radical new ammo storage should work to the rifle....this could work with a Bizon style mag i think; as the two platforms have similar dimensions, and as a pneumatic rifle owner i love the appeal of large cylinders on my guns.....

  18. To much explosive, not enough ventilation; old problem that. (When your in a vault, theres never enough bloody ce4 so its the coin cabinets..)


    Im foggly on muzzle devices though, 's74u in particular. I mean, flashider:obvious. Brake: a we8ght i think limits rwcoil but higher noise- but the 's74u... does it eject gas or something - if so wouldnt that put more force to the bullet? Or is that a muzzle booster, as soon on s9me maxims and many aircraft guns?


    Cause that thing is one big lump o' metal, I cant see baffles or slants 9r what theyre called-just a big fat cone (reallly does look like the maxims imo)


    If the smaller calibre rifle needs that, no wonder the (mythical) akmsu wouod use that massive great thing. I think that would blow the eardrums from allies in a 6 km area.


    Oh yeah, about the ak104 Ive checked this out now and they all have this muzzle device- noise hog i thijk- its a flashider, ugly as hell, but would look great with a bit of work- you know blast those ridges down get a bead blasted look goin on, maybe even add some mica chips, black paint-fin8shed well this looks like graphite or soke5hing.

  19. As far as I know the AKS74U was called the 'little female dog' because you couldn't do much with it: It was extremely loud, very inaccurate and heated up quickly.I don't think It was every regarded as a specialty SpecOps weapon. You're better off trying that with a 9x39 weapon or even an 'ordinary' ak74mn. The reason the AK wasn't upgraded much was because it was too costly to equip infantry with a specialty weapon.Hell, I believe they still keep mosins and AKM's in stock as training weapons, though I'm not 100% certain. It doesn't offer much modern tech but from a financial and logistics POV, the AK variants do the job extremely well with it's high percentage parts compatibility, effectiveness in the field and the soldiers knowledge and habit of handling of the weapon. No relearning techniques, same muscle memory, only 2 kinds of ammo ( just the calibres ). It's very efficient at what it does. This, because the red army ( they're still called that? ) is HUGE!So they only update the SpecOps every few years.  Red-Alliance and guns.world.ru is a good source of info :). The reason pistols are often a gift is that you could carry it easily for personal protection. Anything bigger is a bit... well.. big, you know?


    I know its a *badgeress* of a cliche: the ak was made for ignorant peasants who couldnt be trusted with tying the8r laces much less use a rifle, and its ; by the time it entered mass production (after theyd perfected mass production using stamped pieces of metal, )the red army were a modern, proffesiojal force-and they had the concept of the universal weapon figured out-one army one weapon.

    We had the sterling at this time, the bren, smle, lee sniping variants, webley revolvers....they had the ak 47 and rpk.


    Its not light, but imagine the effects on logistics. Id love a pistol too, psm or tt33, but for ease of use having one single system trades weight for simplicity-just the rifle, bullets, and mags-no pistol mags, speedloaders, ammo for the mg etc



    And with the nukes they had, youd imagine infantry to be pretty pointless.


    Worldguns good. I got this new book complete encyclopedia of guns for 4 kwid from a discount bookshop. Its 100% exhaustive up to around 2010, with almost every millitary and police weapon inc every ak producer- even north korea - eastern variants etc. Inferesting to note that arguabally it wasnt the g3, ak or ar that spawned as many indiginous derivatives-its stoners ar18-its ancesters arm the UK, any user of g36, the sar21 (singapores current issue-no3 on the wish list, after M1c garand)

  20. I love this Type 56-2 0317151955a_zps9utj41du.jpg krylon'ed the front and rear grips the night before a game. New paint plus bug spray on your hands = crappy paint job  :D

    Niiice. So thats a new type 56?


    Dont fret about the paijt job tho...to get the authentic finish ive found it to be a process of many seperate layers and materiels. Those patches are a great start-once ive got my orange sprayed, then its a black wash, wiping off the raised parts for depth and shadow. Im a sucker for red "russian" myself-ive had good results with basecoat, black wash, then a wash of crimson ink, putting a bit of fairy liquid in the mix; it makets it very oily and it paijts itself rlly-you caj do this with black. Once ive got rhe tone its just a nice thick shell of wood varnish-the toffee apple look.

  21. Only just discovered them myself, and so what if theyre not derived from a combat rifle rather than an export for sporting? Imo its the first real evolution in the platforms ergonomics-that is for ris-and im not putting a kg of metal on a 3+kg rifle. The ak12 stock id include, also the akmsu set, the other aks (russian) follow a strictly defined design.


    Oh, ah ha! I did find a carbine '74-the bulgarian aks74s - it sez they werent a big success among troops. I guess in cqb in the hands of an operator its different though.


    Another eastern bloc client i read about in this book (croatia? Estonia?) Make all of theirs ij nato 7.62. Pretty interesting choice- it said using this round, the platform would be operating at its max possible performance - any more is damaging - in an ak of all things.


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