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  1. Related note: could I use a real A74 or (preferabaly) ak47 pistol grip on my aeg relatively easily? (Im not sure if the rs ones were hollow 4 cleaning kits or something; if so it shd b easy)
  2. Well done mate-I saw your idea from the beginning and tbh thoght it would take months ne years but its vsry good work and one of a kind. I've recently brought some 74m furniture in plum but the colour just doesnt look like the RS service rifles colour....can anyone reccomend a decent "plum" spray paint? The closest match ive found has been a burgundy fabric dye but no way will that stick to tge textured polymer.
  3. Im pretty sure ive seen smooth dustcovers by dboys, i personally am building a blinged out aks74u and used a belt grinder to really polish it, and noticed it will take those ridges totally flat with very little effort at all, as the dboy cover i used is some type of alloy not pure steel, but it should work on any as those grinders are srsly aggrssive-be careful.
  4. Its a nice piece - props for modifiying it conservatively (you see soke utter monstrosoties) id like to add some RS parts to my ak as there are some you just cant get as airsoft parts; also the RS can be so much cheaper ironically. (Svd optics eg) I have seen that bright orange bakelite colour in a film...cd have been black hawk down maybe- the guy in the doorag with that "krinkov" I hate my 74u stock and im swapping out for a polymer '74m stock- but I want the classic look, so would fakeliting it work?
  5. Cool pkm; real nice except that bright grip; is that like a work in progress or something?
  6. Cheers mate, I'm not using rust on mine but it sounds like a pretty complex process and well done on getting that look, I like the duct tape bit though;Ill be using that, and also you use of paracord liking that esp on the handguard. Im at bare metal now and I was thinking maybe a black wash would give the shadow and matte finish im after? This is mine btw; you see how "young" it looks? Only really done the handguard and tgat needs varnishing.
  7. Cheers mate, I'm not using rust on mine but it sounds like a pretty complex process and well done on getting that look, I like the duct tape bit though;Ill be using that, and also you use of paracord liking that esp on the handguard. Im at bare metal now and I was thinking maybe a black wash would give the shadow and matte finish im after?
  8. Some like a bit of wear on an ak; some like theres tolook like its been utterly beaten to hell-then kicked to afghanistan and back....you dont see the latter somuch, cause i think we like a careworn but pretty AK, not an actual battlefield survivor. Really nice distressing work though;Ive no idea how youdid the rust, its not my taste, but it standsout from a crowd (and the aks74u is a crowd now, a wood and steel m4 imho) Did you actually take it to bare metal btw? Ive done this with my dustcover, but it lookstoo damn shiny; any pointers how toget that great matte finish?
  9. It wasnt a planned purchase, but the company were selling them for £90, thats wholesale. It is a frankenstein and a monster, but i actually was very impressed by the externals; my first JG was a standard china clone but ten years later theyve really improved a hell of a lot. Its a base though; I think with some (ok a lot) of work this will rise from the ashes of flourescent nastiness,reborn as a sweet piece. Probably a Tabuk or an RPK. Ill post some more pics as the project progresses though... Edit: yeah I do have a valid defense, its just these rifles came with the injection molded
  10. Newest aquisition prior to work; a jg a 47 sniper; an ak with SVD furniture, although sold as a dragunov. Mines gonna be an RPK Ps sorry for the terrible camera work....and the garish blue, soon to be replaced with wood
  11. I use the flashwinding ak mags by battleaxe myself, theyre cheap as hell and no more winding, plus metal quality and blueing is very high for a cheap mag. For aesthetics though, at least for a retro AK, nothing beats the transparant bulgarian style mags imo. I have a couple,and would like to somehow get some d7mmy 7.62 rounds in there like you see on some models (g36c, hk 417 etc) but tbh thats probably beyond my abilities. Thanks for the hookup guys; that textured handguard looks perfect, I found a dboy one for far cheaper but didnt like the look of the quality, so I now have an lct on th
  12. I like the look of those aps easy grip mags; theyre kind of ridged and rubberized i believe. Anyone after ak mags shd check out rsov though; go to clearance and heavy discount section and theres shitloads for real cheap-aps ones for just over 4 quid. Ive got a 74u and its classic wood n steel but i want a modern makeover for it-anyone know if there is an ak74m handguard in the "krinkov" size?
  13. Lol theres sometging about modern black rifles where they look best in great condition; my ICS M4 is boxfresh i dont even like to skirmish with it. Wheras older guns esp aks just dont look right when brand new, odd in fact. Wow, I'm very impressed with all of yours; the upper beat to *suitcase* one has some awesome weathering. About the stock, I think maybe a black wash would work well with the colour, I used this to add shadow and depth to my aks74u "russian red"handguard, but i got the tech from an article about aging wood. Oh, so real sword only produce Chinese stuff? Id still love one,
  14. Yeah i do hear you, I guess what i was saying was a realsword would be my "dream" gun the type 56 in particular, for some its a systema, a PTS et but ive been listening to a lot of threads on AKs, and I think to really nail the soviet look a bit of diy goes a long way, inc old fashioned wood work and weathering; eg I've yet to find a '74 mag no matter what the price that has that trademark marbled look, that "fakelite" look is something ive had to do myself. I was looking at some ICS AK74s in the shop and theyre quality cant deny it, but imo a box-fresh '74 just looks wrong somehow-I like ext
  15. Also the quality of finish is superb. I saw a doc on Russia Today about the AK47 and a significant part was spent on the '74m and Izmash concern. Anyway, towards the end of the show its revealed the ak factory staff play airsoft, and they make AK74M aegs using the same tooling , materials etc; does anybody know if these are availavle on the commercial market? I mean RS firearm companies lending their tradwmark to subpar airsoft gujs is getting v annoying, so to own an Am74M actually made at Izmash would be well exciting...
  16. Oh for sure i mean ive got an ics m4 ris its not exactly high spec and tbh soke of their use of cheap abs plastic is frigging horrible, but the modular gearbox and spring release are innovative but yeah quality iron just feels different; almost has an aura lol 'specially the menacing "black rifle". You dont get that with poorly moulded, dirt-cheap toys. I kept it a stock shooter as per advice (Btw im now in a serious soviet fetishist phase and I wld literally sell my soul for a realsword type 56 carbine) but i am on a budget, so ive had to go for a jg or a dboys, when I'd love to just put
  17. Thats actually very useful to know; Ive got my eye on quite a few LPEGS, some are not from renowned makers-I know a cheap gun can be reinforced and finished to high-end external standards with little outlay (epoxy resins, "liquid metal", etc, but knowing these things are drop ins is pretty useful. Good lookin weapons are all well and good, but its all about skirmish-ability imo
  18. Is that the lpeg or are there other models?
  19. 3d parts are something ive discoverd...VERY exciting IMO; this could be the future of the sport, seeing as our guns dont need to handle a real cartridge. Have you printed parts before? I ask because i may be getting a vector 3. I know you need files but can the printer scan and duplicate parts? The china clones brought decent aegs to the masses, but man, can you imagine say 5 years down the line when printers become a household appliance...?
  20. Nice jg skorpion there; I got the well myself and the quality is inferior. I dont have a camera on this pad, but I got a JG a47 sniper rifle, and its a strange gun; an ak47 made love to an SVD in a nutshell...an AK receiver and tanker mag, with a dragunov stock, Flashider. Its ok, but the receiver is non-standard with no stock mounting point .so i cant really do any conversions with it (i wanted to change it to an RPK.) Will an SVD mag fit an ak47 magwell? Also, nice AK there with the synthetic handguard.
  21. Beautiful gun there, particularly that nice stock. Ill have 2 read up more on the vitnorez i only discovered it recently....its got ak "genes" for sure, or maybe its closer to an SVD? All you need is a 6P9 and youre a KGB GRU operator.... awesome.
  22. Yeah this is what i meant when i said theyre the go to brand; its for those on a tight budget (which I was when I brought my first AK its "cyma this and cyma that"-even the licensed Kalashnikov aegs are cyma, and the aks74u looks very impressive, externally at least. A £120 AK wont stand up to a Real Sword, of course. I was going to get the micro dot but ive just seen this new sight on ebay called the "Kobra" its almost £50 but it seems to be modelled on a real soviet scope; are these any good?
  23. Yeah Im completely new to AK's and i have an aks74u dboy so it is vfc clone, but lacking in overall quality. I stopped airsofting awhile back for approx 3 years and back then cyma had a horrific rep for quality, but now they're THE name for AK's- ive heard more cyma love than for brands id consider the high end and I think its just great how chinasoft has improved over the years- I recently compared my 2009ish vintage JG G36C to the recent model and the difference in build quality is big. I was gonna ask if JG make a good AK also? Ive got the AK47 sniper with bipod due today or tommorow;
  24. I actually had no bloody idea of that; Ive spent many hours trawling threads trying to get a comprehensive list of what i can use with my vfc clone; general consesus seems to be nothing but vfc, and they make few to zero aftermarket parts.. (im too used to my ics and its demand for very epensive parts I guess) Ive seen a "Supreme Grade" AK47 receiver by g&p and it says its for TM- its a work of art compared to what I have - you think this would fit my dboys aks74u?
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