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  1. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Thanks for the heads up ordered a set to, hopefully this will prolong the life of my shells, and even more i hope we will still be able to get more of them
  2. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Anyone seen any official comments from APS concerning the talk about them canceling the cam 870 for legal reasons ? all i have are the post in chinese and google translate is not that good at chinese to english. Source https://www.facebook.com/groups/202516690133090/
  3. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    I am the third owner of mine and i think he is the second or third owner of his so no idea but they where both fullsize woodstocked when we got them. My brand spanking new Stainless/marine modell is stamped "cam870 MR 16D 000023" so low serial on that one to
  4. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    what does numbers and the letter in the serial number mean ? Mine is probably a early example since i have "cam870m14c 000032" my friends gun is stamped "cam 15g 001853" what are the differnces
  5. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    sometimes one wants a shorty right away https://youtu.be/wmkEF9FYJmA
  6. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    that is not far from where i am, i will track you down, and i will fondle your gun ;-) All joking aside it looks absolutely amazing hope to meet you and the gun when i am playing around sthlm
  7. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Cesare i have caress that steel kit where do you play ?
  8. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Dammit i could not wait, ordered one so by monday they will be for sale in every Eu shop and i am paying 100€ VAT when i did not have to
  9. Pompe

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Anyone seen a review or handled the new 870 marine ? Curious if the finish is painted or if it is mediablasted alu, been burned before with stainless finishes that looked good in pictures. Also the magtube looks different from my standard 870 (which soon might be 4 sale)

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