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  1. NGRS? Just make sure you spell it out like an abbreviation. You might get into trouble if you say it as an acronym...
  2. After a 5-6 year hiatus I am back here on the forum. I am keen to find out what has changed in the meantime - I'm guessing airsoft guns are hydrogen fuel cell powered these days and fire vegan friendly rounds? Have any manufacturers gotten round to making a Thompson with a 'proper' M1928 style receiver?
  3. Promised myself a Cortina (my dream car) when I became a manager, now I couldn't be happier, its a dream come true:
  4. Another vote for OD here. Nice rifle mate. Be aware, though, that the internals are no where even close to the quality of the externals on those things.
  5. We have the Foxhole pic thread for these - case closed.
  6. That'd look mean with a heat shield
  7. TM full metal gas SPAS 12 with stock = want

  8. Hey guys, If Arnie or Marlowe are reading this please could you send me a PM. I have been trying to contact you regarding the ACBC but I haven't had a response through from either of you in the past couple of weeks. Please let me know if you have received my messages and please reply. Cheers, Henry.
  9. I have a spare M1100 foregrip around here, if you fancy getting rid of the funky looking plastic wrap-around thingy, Deinhardt?
  10. I'm sorry, that Series 70 is just too nice Squad, I'm replying twice just to make sure you know how much I want that
  11. Damn, that is one fine piece of weaponry you have there Squad. Well jell
  12. Most of the guns themselves are hidden away. But here's my gun room (workshop) anyway, now with added Lager
  13. LaZoucheCustomShop on YT - Subscribe and check his videos out now!

  14. No love for teh FAMAS? 55 pages in 8 years. 1 page in the last 2 years!
  15. Damn you Ninja, made me want an Uzi again! Why the hell did I sell mine? Argh!
  16. Judging by the huge LiPo taped onto the outside, I'd say more a standard MP5K with excess juice
  17. What's another £360 in the grand scheme of such an expensive build, eh? Anyway, I've decided to let you enter the competition with your build, I'll just have to be more lenient with other similar entries, but no major harm done, provided the competition still inspires plenty of original designs.
  18. Well, how long ago are we talking? I guess I could extend the cut-off a bit if it were for a good cause, such as allowing your build to be entered. Although I don't want to open the flood gates. As for painting it, if its coming into the competition then cerakoted seems appropriate - it may garner you more votes if you do it properly. Thats if you want to win
  19. I think go for it. The more the merrier. The only extenuating consideration is whether or not this project was started before or after June 2012 - as that is the kind of cut off point for entries to be allowed into the contest. Anything started before then is somewhat regarded as an old project. I would love to see this particular build in the ACBC though, since it slots nicely into a category of custom build which I had hoped would be represented, stickler-for-detail builds. And your GPMG is truly a great example, there is a lot of time and effort invested in creating an authentic rep
  20. Wow, I think your GPMG build might be a bit too expensive for the $1k thread.
  21. Nice, great looking site. Something very COD-like about it (not wishing that to be an insult btw ). Those GBBRs were a welcome change to see. The use of cameras on both teams was neat too - makes me wonder how awesome a creation you could get as a game-footage editor if every player in a given match was touting a camera of some kind.
  22. Yeah, tell me about it, every pistol I have ever owned personally has been a TM and yet, curiously, I have never owned a can of 134a. I was surprised to re-enter this thread and find an ill word spoken against FireSupport. On the other hand, I should've expected at least one disgruntled customer, this is exception that proves the rule. Must be so much pressure on the guys at FireSupport to uphold such a perfect service record. And yet they manage it. Must be run by Airsoft Gods or something, cus they smile down upon us.
  23. Nice work, but I can't for the life of me figure out how the bolt mech can cycle back far enough with that new custom bolt handle on it. Am I missing something about its design that would allow enough clearance for a shell to be ejected?
  24. I can't make head nor tail of Swindon CQB. One thing I'm confused on, is it a semi-only site? Because I swear I heard some automatic fire during the above vids. Very varied by the looks of it - light and dark, fast and less fast. Complex rushing games seem like a whirlwind. Pretty tempted to make a visit. Do they do pistol and/or shotgun only games? That would make it more appealing to me personally, not wanting to put a downer on anyone's style of play but the 'Grab Team' vid where everyone and his mum is using a Tan M4 looks a little, well, generic. Would you guys say it's worth
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