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  1. My ARES L1A1 Self Loading Rifle. Where appropriate some metal parts have been paint stripped and refinished to replicate the real weapon more closely, notably the fake bolt carrier and the butt plate. The ARES wooden furniture set was purchased separately and I stripped it back, stained it, gave it a good soaking in boiled linseed oil and then finished off by rubbing in a beeswax/turps/linseed oil mix. The sight is an L2A1 SUIT (Sight Unit Infantry Trilux) manufactured in April 1972. The dust cover incorporating the SUIT adapter mount is a new reproduction purchased from DS Solutio
  2. I run my G&G stock off 7.4v LiPos, makes no difference. Sent from my ST15i using Tapatalk 2
  3. Something to do with the alphabet? ;-) All the rest are ancillary trades don'tcha know.. :-) Sent from my ST15i using Tapatalk 2
  4. My mates Classic Army blowback SPC after I'd fitted a Madbull ACE stock to it for him, the Magpul front furniture he'd already fitted beforehand. Sent from my ST15i using Tapatalk 2
  5. My two year old son charging back and forth with a toy Jumbo Jet making aeroplane noises just now. Oh to have that energy after the night he gave us last night! Sent from my Sony Xperia Mini using Tapatalk 2
  6. Its full title is "Small Arms Collimator" (SAC) So there you go.
  7. Apex that question was answered two posts before RT's. L85 riser mount, airsoft version made by Hornbill. Look on RSOV or EBay. Sent from my ST15i using Tapatalk 2
  8. Bugger Sent from my ST15i using Tapatalk 2
  9. BritKitUSA are a good bet for the CQB sight protector mount. Sent from my Xperia Mini using Tapatalk 2
  10. A wee question... Of the various airsoft Magpul EMAGs available out there are any of them of the two window configuration as is UK issue and if so where's the best place to find them? Cheers
  11. Yep, wish I'd waited for the Element LLM, not only better features but cheaper too.
  12. Hornbill L85 Specter sight adapter posted on RSOV as being available this month. http://www.rsov.com/product.php?currencyId=4&prodId=15396&cateId=191&langId=1&manufacturerId=10&sortBy=&sortOrder=
  13. Video of the same RM & USMC training session
  14. Yes the Specter has started to be issued, here are some pictures on Miltary Photos of Royal Marines training with their USMC counterparts at Camp Bastion recently with Light weight Day Sights (LDS as the Specter is known in British service) fitted to their L85s. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?150728-British-Armed-Forces/page288
  15. Cheers.... I have the raised ACoG mount but I haven't bought a sight yet due to there not being a close to UK spec one available out of the box, all the ones with a doctor fitting being the newer EBS type TA31 ACoG. As for the Specter that's also a non starter for now as all the replicas utilise the x1 to x4 DR body shape while the UK issue one is the fixed mag OS4X. So for the time being I'll be sticking with the SUSAT and using my increasingly limited funds to flesh it out with EMAGs and rail covers.
  16. ...and here's where my G&G is now on the update road. Still batteries, magazines, rail covers and up to date sight to go.
  17. Fear not, a very helpful chap from Sweden going by the user name "Lajjvo", cleared things up for me earlier. As you know with the switch set to "VIS" and then pressing the main buttons on the unit body until you hear/feel a click will cause the LED light or laser to turn on and stay on until the button is pressed firmly again to turn it off. With the LED light and/or laser turned on as required turn the switch back to "0", the light/laser will go out but now when the remote switch is pressed the selected illumination will turn on, a light press on the remote will give a momentary when
  18. My VFC LLM-01 arrived on Monday. A nice looking little unit, although since finally getting hold of a battery today I have found that the remote switch doesn't work. I've conn checked the switch & cable assembly and all appears to be ok there. I've taken a look inside the LLM itself and there there nothing apparently wrong to my eyes in there. I did do a little soldering to some of the cable lines which had just been twisted together then unshrunk heat shrink slid over the connections. Once soldered it did appear that the white light was a little brighter but that could just be wishfu
  19. A few pictures from the weekend taken with my mobile when I got the chance. In the fort on Saturday morning. Attacking the radio shack on Sunday morning. After breaking cover from the plantation and attacking towards the village
  20. A fix for a minor issue. After fitting my ACM RIS to my G&G L85 I noticed that the rear bracing bolt actually didn't do much. The original bolt is a cap head M4 x 10 allen bolt. The thing is the head bottoms out before the bolt tightens against the receiver. Anyway I had a look on EBay and found a store "BoltMeUp" selling M4 x 12 grubs screws at £1.49 for ten. I fitted one earlier and it now does what it was always supposed to do.
  21. One step closer to L85 utopia, my RIS arrived from BoomArms today. Still until I get LiPo's and a charger it won't be seeing any action in that format!
  22. My TM M14 when first fitted with a ProArms stock back in 2005/06 ...and then more recently after a bit of weathering..and my foot...
  23. They really do don't they?! S&M skill at arms! I was hoping among all the kit we were looking after at the time that a Spectre would show up but no such luck, just SUSATs, ACOGs, EoTechs, VIPIRs and a smattering of other spam kit all in lovely ACU & CB pouches.
  24. Here's a few real UK spec ACOG pics I took a while ago for reference.
  25. I got an A2 handle for my G&G L85A1 about 18 months ago. I ended up contacting G&G direct and it arrived within a couple of weeks or so. It wasn't any cheaper than buying from the UK but the folks at G&G responded pretty quickly.
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