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  1. cameron.mearns

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    If you did, I'd love you forever. I have some ideas for some variations on a theme that I have been entertaining for a while, but lacked the motivation to do it. But this would mean I only have to try the idiotic, probably-impossible stuff, rather than blaming the probably achievable stuff...
  2. cameron.mearns

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    Fair enough. If Shapeways is off the cards could I pursuade you to put on Thingiverse? As for the threads, if you're looking at trying stuff in the name of trying stuff, I definitly recommend looking at trying a helicoil. I've had luck before with slipping them over the tip of a soldering iron and gently pressing them in. There is a bit of an art to it (if you are cautious you can always print a test block and trial them on that), but you'd be surprised how much of a difference they can make.
  3. cameron.mearns

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    That's so cool! I didn't realize it was big enough to get a tracer in there! Any thoughts on what you were going to do with the file? Had you given any thought to either putting it on Thingiverse, or Shapeways? I can add some contribution to the SLS concept though, be wary of thread-forms. SLS is nice, but threads don't always last very long. Think about a way to insert some form of rolled or cut thread in, such as capturing a nut, or a helicoil. You might have to oversize the neck a bit to make the nut fit, but I think you'll find the compromise worthwile. Souce: Used my Masters on SLS as a convenient excuse to print far more airsoft kit than I'll ever admit to the university...
  4. cameron.mearns

    Snoopy's Initial Impressions on the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB

    So I decided I wanted a 20 round short mag. I posted it to reddit a while ago, but I have tinkered now and got it firing all 20 rounds without running out of gas. I plan on making more, so if there is interest I can make a guide on how to make one. They certainly change the weight & balance in CQB, and I can police the loss of rounds so it doesn't make a difference.
  5. cameron.mearns

    Tokyo Marui HK45

    All hail the HK45. I'm a pistol-primary kind of guy. I picked up an MP7 recently, but I still can't get over using this thing. Naturally, it's got some external upgrades. Picked up a Creation slide, works very nice on stock internals. I did, however, want an RMR mounted to mine. As a student, whilst I want to machine the slide, I can't bring myself to do. As someone with access to a high-grade SLS 3D printer, I can prototype something slightly more convenient. If anyone else is interested in the mount, I can do a bit on it later, once I'm finished playing with it. Prototype of the mount, made from Nylon in an SLS printer, run by the Engineering school. I had some issued with the threading stripping in that one, so I sent it away to Shapeways to make a 60/40 Mild-steel/Brass alloy version. Much prettier, but slightly looser tolerances than the uni printer, so needed some cleaning up before it could be used. Also, threads still stripped. I have recessed some nuts in behind now instead, which is a change I shall make to the design in the future if anyone else wants access to it. Should be fine to build on any printer, just may require some clean-up. Alternatively, some skilled machinist could make you one from a small block of metal. I love it with a silencer too, helps with the balance. The combo of HK45 and light doesn't lend itself to retention holster compatibility very well apparently. However some asking around of some Arnies members (thanks to user I'm going space) and apparently the Fobus EMG 20/21 does an alright job. Nice'n'cheap on Ebay, so got myself one I did. Doesn't like a threaded barrel, however, let alone a suppressor. So, like I'm going space, I took to it with a dremel. Retention is still pretty good, fits the HK45 nicely with suppressor and light, as well as fitting the RMR just right. Plus, the rear-draw nature of the holster stops all of my Gucci catching as I retrieve it. I love this thing, setting up a battlebelt with some Fastmag replicas. Need an H-harness to hold it though, and might get some Tornado grenades in the future, as well as upgrading to a TLR-1HL (Emerson did a supremely average job with the X300U replica).
  6. cameron.mearns


    Thank you based HK45

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