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  1. I have previously used both the Z Tactical Comtac I and II variants and was always disappointed in them, as a comms headset they were OK and they seemed to offer reasonable ear protection but I didnt like the way the cut out and how long they took to cut back in, the comtac 1s would cut out as my aeg fired and take ages to cut back in making it harder to hear hits and I eventually binned them. So after another weekend of fun with pyro and such at a CQB site I decided it was time to take the plunge again. Looking around those lovely forums and ebay I finally found a set of Comtac XPs at
  2. I think the recoil is about the same as a standard WE but I have only fired a few shots with the WE. It's certainly a fair bit more than the Vector I own. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The main thing to be aware of is any RIS that requires a barrel nut will need to be RS spec as the threads on the upper are RS spec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Something a little different from the usual Railed M4, my take on a US Police / Fed agency Patrol Rifle
  5. Pictures as requested: mag well set up for HPA finally with an Element M500a foregrip fitted
  6. Renegadecow, sorry but it looks like both the upper and lowers are bespoke I dont think it would be possible to move the internals over, that said I have no idea what the internals of a datonagun look like. Hope to get some pics up soon. Quick update with some of the niggles people are finding, so far all quick fixes if you find them. I haven't experienced any issues but I did do the measurements of the stock tubes. It would appear that AEG stocks dont fit the Tippmann, so as I happen to have a G&G AEG, a Celcius CTW and a Tippmann in the rack upstairs I thought I would measur
  7. I'll see if I can get some decent pics up later this week, it still has the standard rail on, which I'm not sure about but I'm leaving it until I decide what to do with it next. Sort of hoping that Tippmann bring out a CQB barrell.
  8. I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the first production Tippmann M4's in the UK and took it to the Stirling 'Old Enemy' game at the weekend which gave me a really good feel for how the gun performs. I am currently running this gun in true out of the box mode with no 3rd party modifications at all. I'm not going to go into all the inner workings of the gun here but I will be happy to answer questions where I can or point people in the right direction, but there is a wealth of information already on forums and the Tippmann Airsoft FB group. I have been waiting for this gun for 4 mont
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