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  1. Moofrikkintastic

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    And here I was thinking Marui didn't have any exciting announcements this autumn. Very exciting, it seems I'll finally own an LMG in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
  2. Moofrikkintastic

    AAF American Airsoft Factory M4

    First video I've found of the production model. Seems to be just a quick overview. It's stated in the video that they now come with keymod rails, but I can't see that on their website so I don't know. Nothing new other than that, I don't think, but atleast there's some shooting.
  3. Moofrikkintastic

    Hephaestus GBB PP19-01

    If this turns out good I'll throw a sack of money their way. I am somewhat concerned about the magazines though, I remember they did some sort of plastic 7.62 mag for the GHK AK a while back which apparently wasn't great, at least compared to the GHK ones. I haven't seen much about their 9x39 ones for the Groza though, so maybe they've gotten better.
  4. Moofrikkintastic

    Custom Gear

    Not sure, but someone on their facebook asked if it was still down a month ago, so a month and a bit I guess.
  5. Moofrikkintastic

    Custom Gear

    I think DIYTactical is the main place tbh. I really hope it goes up again soon, not even being able to trawl through the topics already there is really frustrating. Cool holster btw!

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