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  1. I just read that you also did a duel reg set up and it's shooting the same. Try swapping out your gold poppet and retes, you can also try a new poppet sail oring. What your video looks like to me is that you are either getting inconsistent pressures from shot to shot, or you have something that's just not right going on in your hop up. As far as proving you wrong that's totally up to you.. If your not willing to work out your guns issues that's entirely up to you, but like Rich has stated there are literary hundreds of thousands of customers that are happy with their HPA set up. Btw why would you ask Rich to trouble shoot another person's product? If you want someone to trouble shoot your polarstar then contact polarstar. I'm sure they will be more then willing to take a look at your fusion and throw it on the flow bench to see if you have any hidden issues with the solenoids.
  2. Alright so do me a favor, take pics of your air rigs and tanks with the air lines your using.
  3. I have some of those baylstik regs headed out towards me for testing/review. I'll report back when I get them in if I find anything note worthy.
  4. Btw about your dwell, it seems on the low side for cold weather. That's the same value I run at buy it's 80 to 90° here with about 80% humidity. I would try increasing it and see if taking slower shots improves anything. Btw I not only bored the neck of the lonex but also the center section. Anywhere the nozzle would touch I made it larger, I've had a similar issue in my hurricane Sr 47 where in needed to enlarge the hop up chamber.
  5. That's good that there was a improvment, two other things you could try and I'm just guessing. A cold weather bucking like the g&g green might help. I know you said it's in a warm room but still ambient temps might be cold for the maple leaf. Another person playing in 30° weather made note of having problems with the maple leaf do to temps. Matching the mound of the bucking to the size of the barrels window is another possibility. Somethings funky in my opinion In the hop up. Another possibility is the regulator might need to be re lubed, see if pausing for a count of 5 makes a difference between shots. If it does you might have a refresh issue.
  6. Towards the polarstar problem, polars in cold weather can suffer from stiching. Guys like dobey(chad) and others have found their way around this by using duel regulators. One regulator controlling the solenoids at a high pressure while the other regulator fills the void behind the poppet at what ever target fps ypu want/need.
  7. @bjorn what air rig, airline and tank are you using? At what psi? What's your dwell set at? Is your problem only in cold months or does it behave like this aswell in summer?
  8. So what are you looking for in accuracy? For me 80% hit on a human sized target using light bb's in the wind at over 200ft is accurate for my style of play. I'm shooting over 270 feet hitting human sized tagets. I'm not sure if your looking for 100% at 200+ feet. Not clear on your goals for your system? As for the scope cam vids, that was just in genral because I have read alot of negative things on hpa systems in this forum. I think chad does a great job displaying his talent as a machinest and the ability of his hpa powered system. Defiently bore out the lonex, You should see a improvment in shot quality. like said before the gun in the video was also under or over hopping regardless of alignment or set up. Removing just the chrome plating from inside the lonex made a huge difference in range and accuracy. If you haven't noticed yet the smp is affected by drag or friction differently then a polarstar. Another over looked part of the equation is reg refresh rate, ufa, tank reg and of course the line. Hpa by no means is just a slap it in and go set up but it does have rewards for the people who take their time to set it up. For anyone in genral having issues with hpa I would start with 1) alignment 2) bucking set and drop test to ensure the bucking fits properly in the chosen Hop up 3) hop up clearances 4) secondary regulator and line 5) tank regulator. Might sound silly but there is a difference if your using full auto. Hope you get it all sorted out.
  9. Heres the video of the modified or should I say corrected lonex hop up, this gun aswell did exactly what you described over and under hopping all over the place, POS polished brass barrel 250mm valken .25's 400fps again hitting 3 to 4 shots out of a 5 round busrt at over 200 feet, im eye balling the 200 in relationship to the paintball field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAVRJzgVE5I You can also see and hear the cross wind, its about 20 to 30mph. thats our normal down here. The only big difference is this gun and or my guns in genral have the regulator mounted inside of the pistol grip, reason behind this is limiting volume after the secondary almost forcing the regulator to open up and not lag behind. I found this to be my best set up to date. https://www.youtube.com/user/caferacing BTW since you asked for scop cams check out Dobeys vids, tons of scope cams, range finder and genral awesomess while using a P* defiently no problem with tragectory on his P*
  10. Hey bjorn I can answer your question about over and under hop.. It's your hop up I just had this problem with a customs gun, alignment perfect everything else perfect but it would over and under hop like a mofo. Do me a favor and take a strong flashlight and shine it in your hop up, I will bet you that you will find scrape marks from the nozzle 360° around the inside the hop up. Remedy for this is to bore out the hop up, don't touch the area that the barrel fits into. Just drill out the center section and the section that contacts the gearbox. When I'm done building up my youtube channel I'll link over a video of my customers gun. With a 5 round bust 3 to 4 bb's hitting the target over 200 feet away on a 250mm barrel. Other comments about P* accuracy I'd love to handle but it's just such a in depth subject that you need to do alot of experimenting. I would bet 9 or 10 of those shooting problems is all about volume.

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