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  1. A CNC steel slide. Might be time to go Marui and spring for a UAC internals with aluminium nozzle and go the HPA route
  2. And now on HPA! For those pesky, and very abundant, sub 20C days when nothing seems to work for more that 10 seconds with Green Gas. Z-Parts from France, makes some plug and play adapters for KWA mags. It fits straight in the fill valve threads so you can go back to gas if you want. No point in doing irreparable damage to your very expensive mags. It fits the, also french made, BalystiK quick detach. Z-Parts BalystiK
  3. If it's not the hammer, it's most likely the barrel. Does the slide return to battery if you twist/pull/push the barrel when it's locked back in the "faulty" position? Or is the barrel completely loose? The *fruitcage* hop chamber solution WE uses with a plastic nob to keep the barrel on the hop unit, is prone to break and wear.
  4. Didn't work for me. Got squeezed very tightly when the hop unit was assembled. Couldn't adjust. And the design of the wheel is a little peculiar. It's a very small recess beneath a big recess. Doesn't really catch the hop arm properly and makes for difficult assembly. Ended up grinding my hop arm, where it meets the hop wheel and fitted the original wheel. Now it can adjust with the help of a flathead screwdriver and a lot of force. It is a nail cracker for sure.
  5. Just ordered one from a local dealer. If all else fails it will fit my TM's. Yeah, well in hindsight I should have, but they weren't available when I got my WE.
  6. Finally, after months of owning one of these, I got it to work. A bit. Disconnector problems from the first 3 days of owning it. Tried to file the hammer mech as a suggested fullauto/burst fix, but it just made it worse. So got replacements for the WE XDM(yes it fits the M&P). Finally found a fix that seems to work. 2 strips of electrical tape on the top of the BBU and now it hits the disconnector so the hammer locks back on cycle. Next up, months and months of contemplating a hop-up fix for the stuck hop adjuster. WE, not the first time I end up with *fruitcage* products. Ha
  7. Changed my hop to a new unbroken TM replacement and fired a few shots. Sadly it was still sluggish. Noticed my mag lips were cracked so swapped it for some shooters design ones. Needed a tiny bit of molding edges removed and the gas router fit very snugly. Now it kicks much better on green gas. Nozzle works like a charm and seats very tight in the hop chamber. Will extend fully and even give a feel able amount of resistance when slowly cocking the gun. Final judgement, yes it works with older AirsoftSurgeon slide and frame kits and with the included higher gas routers.
  8. I've finally gotten mine through customs(the spring edition). So far I split my TM 5.1 with AirsoftSurgeon LimCat WildCat Perfect Sight kit apart and found my stock TM hop house had snapped in the slide lock hole. So I tried an AIP hop from a KJW 1911 I had with no real luck. It's too high for the AS frame, but fits the KJW perfectly so didn't want to modify it. For now the Volante unit was a drop fit for the AS slide. Only problem was getting the screw aligned so it would grip the thread. Needed a little extra push on the bottom of the BBU to perfectly snap into place, and allow me to
  9. It can be snappier and the spring housing is pretty heavy. The bolt would just be for looks.
  10. Anybody tried the Angel Custom spring housing and bolt? http://www.evike.com/products/49289/ http://www.evike.com/products/49278/ Looking to get a snappier recoil on green gas. It's perfectly snappy on red gas, but it's twice as expensive and on hot days a tad too powerful for my regular field. I have not installed the Hepheastus kit.
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