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  1. PigletM602

    Marui AK modded or go for an E&L

    Sweet, just ordered an E&L ak74mn from redwolf. Cheers for the info guys!
  2. PigletM602

    Marui AK modded or go for an E&L

    Holy , sorry I posted this in the incorrect section! Sorry!
  3. PigletM602

    Marui AK modded or go for an E&L

    I need a decent reliable battle rifle. Bought a pristine used Marui AK47s recently, it's bone stock and never been gamed. It shoots well, very accurate and quiet but its super plastic fantastic and I can flex the body very easily. I don't fancy it's chances in long term outdoor gaming. I had planned on throwing a king arms metal body and a g&p metal front set and wooden furniture onto it, with a ftk to bring the fps up to outdoor levels. Thing is, redwolf have crazy deals on the E&L AK'S at the moment, so if I just bought one it would work out cheaper, could even sell the Marui AK to cover the cost. What should I do? I'm a big Marui fan but I already have an AUG Civ and 551 so wouldn't mind branching out to a different brand and the E&Ls seem to be getting unreal reviews. Thanks guys.
  4. Howdy. Getting back into airsoft after a lengthy break and a change of scenery. I've tried accessing my old account "PigletM60" but I've lost the password and my old email account (picki0@hotmail.com) is long since closed. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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