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  1. 16kuokhc1

    What music are you currently listening to?

    My current playlist for the week: Not pictured: Little apple Chinese military March The internationale National anthem
  2. 16kuokhc1

    Marui AK modded or go for an E&L

    The only part of the marui you should keep is their hopup, as it seems to be one of the best hopups you can buy in the market (correct me if I'm wrong). The rest, toss or sell. Marui's only reliable on their stock spring and will break with more powerful springs.
  3. 16kuokhc1

    What's your backup?

    Well, anyways. My backup used to be a WE g19, but I am currently in the process of selling it. Now, I use a WE Makarov, which is much more reliable; It also has a detachable inner barrel extension which I use whenever I feel sadistic. In some cases, I have a KSC M93r that I use mainly for the intimidation factor as it is a handcannon. I normally keep it as a CQB primary, though.

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