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  1. malcolmg

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    They don't put long inner barrels in them because it would upset the balance of the gas system and raise the FPS.
  2. malcolmg

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    There is no barrel suck in any AEG, the BB has long left the barrel before the sector gear can swing around and re-engage the piston after release. Even on ridiculously long barrel with a slow moving BB. You can't build a gun with a rate of fire high enough with a PSG-1 length barrel though, you'd need to use a DSG which means a 300mm barrel max, and then you'd need something around 150rps to even start pulling the piston back before the BB has left it. Having seen the guts of this now, I can see where the money goes. They appear to have engineered everything from scratch, except maybe the piston head! I'm not super keen on it, but I'll pick one up because that investment needs recouping, and if VFC get to keep plugging away making us toys, maybe we will get a metal body full size UZI. One can dream. I suspect I'll gut this and put a Polarstar in it though, but don't worry I'll share the files for sure.
  3. malcolmg

    PP 19-01

    Yes, it's hot garbage. I like it because it makes a change from an MP5, but the mag fitment is garbage. The mag well is too loose, and the mag catch is about 1.3mm short, which leaves the BB release on the mags intermittent, really on working much more than 5% of the time if you hold the magazine up into it. Being typical Russian trash and more akin to a tractor than a firearm, the mag release pin is peened over, necessitating grinding it off and then tapping it for a fastener later. Tack some tig on and file finish to optimal length. After that it holds them perfectly snug, as good as anything else out there and frankly how they should have left the factory. All folding stock AKs have terrible space for batteries, as do most smaller guns. I have a Fusion Engine in mind so no bother there 😄 LCT guns are generally pretty average in my opinion. I don't think much of their finish, but their gearboxes are pretty good now. For the price though, I'd rate them above average, you get your moneys worth.
  4. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Retro Arms are doing pistons, and they work really well. Gears are apparently coming in the not too distant future. Loctite 222 will hold the screws while leaving them easy to undo. Straight shooting hop arms available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3449141 They take about 10 minutes to print including machine warmup time, so you can wait while the local library or whoever prints them for you.
  5. malcolmg

    SMG Picture Thread

    The Evos are a bit of an ugly duckling OOTB, but that really improves it.
  6. malcolmg

    TM 416 Upgrades

    If you have a look here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIHcndZaGIOO8l4FVv0JQtQ, view his 416 videos and in the description you will find his build lists.
  7. malcolmg

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    Thank you!
  8. malcolmg

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    Definitely give him an email, he may be able to find one even if it is second hand. A Polarstar conversion is putting a HPA engine into it, to get rid of the ancient gearbox.
  9. malcolmg

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    You can get from Julien at Impsulse101, although the Uzi will be second hand. http://impulse101.jp/en/ta-gbb10-1601 I have no idea what a Canadian model is though. Do not worry about the power level or guts too much (the internal design is pretty weird, definitely look it up), all going well I'll have a Polarstar conversion kit sorted out some time before October (waiting on a permit, then need to order it, have it delievered, get through customs, take measurements, pick a Polarstar, order that, wait some more, make the kit, upload the files to Thingiverse)
  10. malcolmg

    Madbull Airsoft

    As far as I can tell, their quality is really quite good, it's hard to find better airsoft rails or silencers. I have quite a lot of their stuff, most of their rails, a couple of CTR receivers, a Noveske receiver, most of their silencers. Their buckings are still quite good, and I'm pretty sure their red Shark bucking is still the go to for single solenoid HPA systems. If I'm looking for a rail, they are my first stop. Likewise with outer barrels (the silver Noveske ones, the Daniel Defence ones can suck a *rickroll*).
  11. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    I let every man and his dog abuse my 3. I just send them out with 2S LiPos and full drum mags, and they come back full of smiles. I'm kinda hoping one of them craps out so it motivates me to Polarstar it. I see on the AA12 FB group that breaking gearboxes is a thing, but the type of battery won't change that. I'm not sure if they're breaking them because they are putting bigger springs in (I don't think so). Apparently they do rattle all the screws loose (which I noticed immediately with the external screws and Loctited them all down snug). Given they are so easy to strip down, I should probably get on that with some Loctite.
  12. malcolmg

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    It was made as a pump action because at that stage they had not yet invented the AEG. It did not suck big time, in fact as teenagers we sought them out as they were much easier to deliver a higher effective rate of fire over something like an MP5 which made you cock it with the charging handle.
  13. malcolmg

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Thanks for the review. Looks like I'll stick with the TM versions...unless they happen to make a gold one
  14. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    You know, I'm not actually sure that we do. Currently it's a reasonably balanced tool that isn't so overbearing as to make it obnoxious. More FPS or RPS and it could easily be a pretty dickish gun. If I converted one of my AA12s to HPA, it would probably be 350fps and 20rps, which although reasonably modest is still 60 BBs per second, and nobody is going to enjoy playing with that except the psychopath behind the trigger. Having said that, if you have the money I have the technology
  15. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Sure, it's MLOK.

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