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  1. malcolmg

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    They don't put long inner barrels in them because it would upset the balance of the gas system and raise the FPS.
  2. malcolmg

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    There is no barrel suck in any AEG, the BB has long left the barrel before the sector gear can swing around and re-engage the piston after release. Even on ridiculously long barrel with a slow moving BB. You can't build a gun with a rate of fire high enough with a PSG-1 length barrel though, you'd need to use a DSG which means a 300mm barrel max, and then you'd need something around 150rps to even start pulling the piston back before the BB has left it. Having seen the guts of this now, I can see where the money goes. They appear to have engineered everything from scratch, except maybe the piston head! I'm not super keen on it, but I'll pick one up because that investment needs recouping, and if VFC get to keep plugging away making us toys, maybe we will get a metal body full size UZI. One can dream. I suspect I'll gut this and put a Polarstar in it though, but don't worry I'll share the files for sure.
  3. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Retro Arms are doing pistons, and they work really well. Gears are apparently coming in the not too distant future. Loctite 222 will hold the screws while leaving them easy to undo. Straight shooting hop arms available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3449141 They take about 10 minutes to print including machine warmup time, so you can wait while the local library or whoever prints them for you.
  4. malcolmg

    SMG Picture Thread

    The Evos are a bit of an ugly duckling OOTB, but that really improves it.
  5. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    I let every man and his dog abuse my 3. I just send them out with 2S LiPos and full drum mags, and they come back full of smiles. I'm kinda hoping one of them craps out so it motivates me to Polarstar it. I see on the AA12 FB group that breaking gearboxes is a thing, but the type of battery won't change that. I'm not sure if they're breaking them because they are putting bigger springs in (I don't think so). Apparently they do rattle all the screws loose (which I noticed immediately with the external screws and Loctited them all down snug). Given they are so easy to strip down, I should probably get on that with some Loctite.
  6. malcolmg

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Thanks for the review. Looks like I'll stick with the TM versions...unless they happen to make a gold one
  7. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    You know, I'm not actually sure that we do. Currently it's a reasonably balanced tool that isn't so overbearing as to make it obnoxious. More FPS or RPS and it could easily be a pretty dickish gun. If I converted one of my AA12s to HPA, it would probably be 350fps and 20rps, which although reasonably modest is still 60 BBs per second, and nobody is going to enjoy playing with that except the psychopath behind the trigger. Having said that, if you have the money I have the technology
  8. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    Sure, it's MLOK.
  9. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    I've never put one through the chrono; it's factory TM so CQB safe everywhere. I took one to bits, but didn't strip the hop. There is an additional SGR12 being released, the Thor's Hammer edition, and that has a slightly different hop. Instead of the two outer barrels being slightly angled out to give it some spread, all three hop straight up... bit more of a nasty assault rifle than a shotgun I'm not sure about the range... 40m? It's odd though... effective range on an AEG is normally less than maximum range, but with these you get three chances to hit, so effective range is much closer to max range. The trigger is surprisingly snappy, and you can lay down a pretty significant amount of fire with ease. The only thing stopping me from souping one up is the availabiltiy of pistons. If they start to pop up, then I'll jam a bigger spring in one, and modify a BTC Chimera to fit. Not necessarily to increase the FPs, more so I can short stroke it and increase the ROF, or more to the point decrease the cycle time. Can possibly accomplish that just by using a higher performance motor with active breaking and ROF control, to stop pre-engagement. But yeah, need a line on spares first.
  10. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12

    I run my AA12s on Lipos, one since launch date, no trouble. I'm using some 950mah 2S 30-60C LiPos in the SGR... the battery space is pathetic, but that little Lipo managed a few thousand rounds last time it was out so it's not unworkable.
  11. malcolmg

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Heck I had a wild month... I came across a G&P Skeletonised receiver which I hadn't seen before, so I purchased one of those... then on JK Army I found a MEOW-LOK rail and *suitcase* I had to have that. That resulted in me needing the rest of the bits to finish the gun, and well things started to balloon from there. I ended up at AirsoftCon at Evike and it took a few hours in line to get served so I made it worth my while... Final count was 3 Fusion Engines (one a V3, so now I need to find a UMP...), an Inferno with a Quake, the G&P body, outer barrel, and flash hider (because G&P are often positive threaded, of course...), a Redline Gen 2 Airstock, a Retro Arms billet receiver to fit that on, some bottles, more of those Angel Custom drum mags cause I've started 3D printing adaptors for them. Also got myself a 25 slot rail, as I hacksawed the front off of an AA12, and needed it to go on the top so I can finally fit a red dot sight to it (it has a 416 keymod rail on the front now). I'm going to stuff the Quake into my VFC417 because *suitcase* why not... but the Inferno bundled with it is a Spartan so now I have to wait for a premium FCU and a wire harness to show up so I can chop that up and wire it to the 417s v2.2 trigger switch and then magic up a selector switch (3D printers are a life saver if you like to tinker). Last month I picked up a couple of Breachers to make a double barrel one out of, but as summer is nearly here I'll be spending more of my weekends on the field and less in the workshop so god only knows when I'll actually get a chance to finish all of these things. Polarstar released their F2 a few days ago, so I definitely want to try one, so will probably pair that with the airstock just for something different. FYI I had a couple of spare UMP/P90/M10 pouches (I had to get a spare rig to hold them, I just wasn't fielding them as the mags were a pain in the cock), and 13ci HPA bottles fit perfectly into them, if you were wondering how one might carry spares for an airstock
  12. malcolmg

    H&K Picture Thread

    They so should have used that grip on the G3SAS (yeah yeah i know, no battery space).
  13. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Ohhh yeah, import permit for this and a breacher finally arrived
  14. malcolmg

    aegcartasia - any experiences?

    Yeah, they're ok. Make sure you create an account, so you can see their full range and pricing.
  15. malcolmg

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Agreed... and even if they did have a clue, that information would be lost in short order. Forums are definitely my preferred option for technical information, ideally ones that host their own uploaded images. Photobucket was probably the worst thing ever to happen to the web. Oh sure it let us upload far more images than we had been able to previously, but go look at a 5 year old thread; dead links to images long since purged. Facebook relies on content turnover to keep the eyes reading. Archiving and searching through old content on their platform it basically worthless.

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