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Found 25 results

  1. Guest

    Organic Shame!

    I really do have an addiction problem: I can't stop thinking about the kung po beef fom my local Chinese takeaway *slobbers* Really, its actually getting to be a problem, if I eat kung po constantly for the rest of my life it'll still be too rarely; I could chew my way through a fu**ing cow covered in kung po sauce and cashew nuts, I swear to God... This is a day of food talk. And I've had a minor revelation about the state of the world; consumerism and the illusion of `consumer choice`; all because of food. I shall now share: Consumer choice, in many contexts (such as within any one
  2. Guest

    Organic Shame!

    I really do have an addiction problem: I can't stop thinking about the kung po beef fom my local Chinese takeaway *slobbers* Really, its actually getting to be a problem, if I eat kung po constantly for the rest of my life it'll still be too rarely; I could chew my way through a fu**ing cow covered in kung po sauce and cashew nuts, I swear to God... This is a day of food talk. And I've had a minor revelation about the state of the world; consumerism and the illusion of `consumer choice` is screwing us over; all because of food. I shall now share: Consumer choice, in many contexts (suc
  3. This is no way invalidates my previous entry by the way I still want all you buggers to buy my entire arsenal from me!! But I found a writing site, helium - http://www.helium.com/ - and this question caught my eye: "Why men seem to only look for physical beauty." And I then indulged myself and anyone willing to read my thoughts with everything written in blue below Now before article I would just like to mention how deeply, deeply ironic it is that I have a pretty good grasp of why this is when what has actually happened with myself and the girl now stayin in India goes direc
  4. I dunno how much of this I'll actually get away with, as these are the opinions of my good friend Christopher ; or, `CrispyFur` as he has been known to us for a few years, due to his alledged plushy fetish (ewwwww...) that we insist he has and he usually insists he has too. This says something about the guy, but not as much as this email I received from him not 10 minutes ago: `Saw the definitions for 'British' on some online dictionary that included such doosies as: british: british people complain a lot and can be hypocrites. Snob. Gay accent. Yellow Teeth. Drinking Pr
  5. THURSDAY DECEMBER 14TH, ABOUT 9:00 AM.... Oh dear god is it morning already? Please y'honour, may I be excused from taking part in the world today? - I have a note from my liver.... What did I do last night? Got damned drunk and bought loads of stuff online that I really shouldn't have, eh? Mmm-hmm? Uh-huh. Well on the plus side I should have a rather nifty (and excellently priced) replica of the Zatoichi (Blind Swordsman) sword, carbon steel and everything, on its way to me via the glories of our next-day postal courier network. Chances are I'll have it by January 8th or ther
  6. A good very friend of mine sent me this email this morning, I reckon he's got the nail right on the head - "Not only has the HITMAN film been approved, it no longer has Vin Diesel! http://www.joystiq.com/2006/12/05/deadwood...n-hitman-movie/ I will be happy if: 1) They don't just base it around the 'hit gone wrong, mole in the agency, all other hitmen been found and killed by over zealous (and of course in fact a 'bad guy' cop) and Agent 47 brings them all down` formula. 2) they have at least 2 fibre wire deaths. 3) He kills a dog with a poisoned sausage
  7. In response to this post of mine: edit: Hah!! Its been deleted! So I guess there are plenty of people who can't handle any anti-religious commentary here Well tough s*** because it's not going anywhere, if people can link to Christian sites in their signatures and proclaim their messages of faith (i.e. atempting to enforce their beliefs on others, the classic religious bully-boy tactic) then I can damn well do the same. Anyway - in response to a post I made about religions being handy tax-gathering devices for fearful `customers`, a member here PM'ed me with this link: http://www.wayoft
  8. Now I was gonna be really clever and annoying and mention this song about 3 weeks ago when I first heard about it, but now I can't pre-empt the release and you'll just have to believe me when I say I know the guy behind it, or rather, his daughter. So this guy sat down one day and thought "We need a World Cup song, it'll make some money and be a good little chant for the fans - this promising jingle came in from a club owner the other week we could use that, hold on a mo' while I just call Frank Bruno Sir Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters to help me record it, and then we'll be all set...
  9. Guest

    War on Freedom

    http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/08/323417.shtml Boy am I glad I don't party over there... As it happens this is common in all heavily populated areas, and the degree of police terror and force grows exponentially as the size of the population base increases. Why terror tactics and highly unnecessary force like this is used on private property at legal gatherings in the middle of a garden state like Utah may be explained by the entries below, commenting on the various alledged factors. What cannot be denied is the horrifically illegal manner in which people we pay to protect us t
  10. Guest


    Whooo! Them server problems are kinda tricky aren't they? In a strange way its been pleasant though; Arnie's not being accessible much of the time does relieve me of some of this responsibility I now feel towards writing stuff up, but I'm probably only doing it for reasons of self-gratification anyway Its most weird that, in the times in the past week when the site has been working, that my e-mail `topic subscription reply notifications` have totally failed to materialise even though the topics have been replied to though.... I was just about to go through all the forums hunting d
  11. Guest

    Grave Robber

    If anyone else has wondered if the new Tomb Raider: Legends game is any good, then read ye on, for I have acquired it simply out of curiosity because as far as I'm concerned the original was the best and most involving game of its day. I don't do RPGs and never have done, but for adventure and exploration there was none finer than Ms Croft and `the twins`…. I'm talking about her matched pistols, of course. You filthy-minded sods; get your head out of the gutter From the styling of Lara's slightly-too-large-to-be-plausible-for-an-adventuress-wearing-that-tight-a-shirt bosom, to
  12. Guest

    Appealing, huh...?

    How tricky it is to write these blog thingies, I wish people would at least gimme some feedback here! This is just a quick note to say: please appreciate the effort that goes into writing entries here; most of my posts are the best part of 1000 words and that’s a fair bit of typing, proofing, editing etc. I do this purely for the fame of course (oh fame! Rapture!) but, actually in truth, mostly so some o’ youse guys has sumthin’ to read from a fellow airsoftaholic when you get into work in the mornings perhaps, and hey, mebbe you even like it once in a while. Mebbe you don’t, but either w
  13. http://newsbox.msn.co.uk/article.aspx?as=a...ae=windows-1252 How valuable is the life of a guinea pig? Really? Would anyone here actually choose, for example, to put untested chemicals into the eyes of one of their friends in preference to the eyes of a Guinea pig? To hear squeaks of pain, or the screams of that voice you know and care about as it writhes in agony and fear; a fear that the dumb Guinea pig simply could not comprehend, and is not even capable of? Which is fairer? Which is more just? Would anyone here rather give totally new and untested; potentially beneficial, but al
  14. Guest

    Behind the Scenes.

    There is a dark side to all things, although in the realm of the rich & famous it is often never even hinted upon. In the lives of even the most famous and seemingly fantastically blessed or gifted actors there is often an underlying tone of despair or depression- Marilyn Monroe was a painkiller junkie David Niven's first wife died in a tragic game of hide & seek Elvis was a burgerholic trigger-happy junkie The Kennedies have had a few pratfalls, here and there... Catherine Zeta-Jones married Michael Douglas the list goes on. But in the darkest corners of rural Hampshire
  15. Guest


    Holy ###### I made it to 100! Well isn't that nice. Taking a break from all things airsoft as I have been these last few days then I've not pondered much on the blog, but there are a couple of things I'm still gonna eulogise about. What, you didn't think you were getting away without a rant, did you?? Saw V for Vendetta myself last night, (**SPOILERS COMING**) and I did rather like it. The faked torture of Natalie Portman was oh-so predictable, but still cool to see her head getting shaved while crying for her life; there's a certain voyeuristic slickness and oily fascination t
  16. Someone sent me this this morning, I am practically in love with these guys, whoever they are. Gods bless their little pinko hearts. WARNING! Engage humour and disengage any political sensibilities now, especially if you are one of the who believe `people are basically good` i.e. that communism would work if no-one abused it http://www.etext.org/Politics/MIM/bookstor...ftheoldrep.html Thats Knights of the Old Republic from the neo-communist viewpoint. I rofl'ed, I can tell you
  17. Guest

    Peter Osgood.

    `Man dies at Funeral` - some might say thats not too far from being unusual but thinking about it, some might say that it is actually rather odd. But I guess these things do have to happen from time to time. Odder still is the person who sadly died yesterday, the Chelsea, Southampton and England footballer Peter Osgood, famous in the late 60's and 70's for being almost at the top of the game, but mostly for portraying the `King's Road` image of classic English football. A rather good obituary has been published by the Guardian here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../ixnewstop.
  18. Hmmmm..... Right. This is a convoluted way of getting around to my main point, but it neatly illustrates how silly and convoluted things can get, unnecessarily, too. I'm going to the rather swanky and exclusive Roof Gardens nightclub/restaurant in Kensington in a few weeks (guest-list only darling, didn't you know? *looks down nose*) and although getting on the guest list might prove to be a bit of a mission, I didn't exactly expect viewing the freakin' website to be one as well. The charade starts with the rather charming, and undoubtedly (hopefully) efficacious 360-degree pano
  19. Guest

    King of the Jungle

    Tarzan, King Kong, Jim Carrey and the Amazon river can all take second prize on this one, because the true king of the jungle is Mr. Raymond Mears, of North Devon. Ray's shows are great, he may be a trifle out of tune with latest developments in popular culture and the normal stream of media-filtered horsesh*t we receive from every channel and every station at every opportunity, but that's a good thing, surely? The thing that makes him king is that he cares in a totally unassuming way. He has to be about the least pretentious person imagineable as he gives out advice that from anyone
  20. Woooo! another Desert War movie!! Its only a matter of time before we get the hollywoodised version of Bravo Two Zero: Instead of; "I don't know nuffin', I'm only a medic....." "Why are you doing this to us Andy, I'm trying to help you **THWACK!!** " It could be safely assumed to become "I'll never tell you anything, you goddamned person of middle-eastern ethnicity!" "Ah, but yesss you willll, after we kill your best friend and threaten your famillllly!!" "Noooooooo!!!" **THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK CRUNCH!!** But anyway, I digress. Far removed from this stere
  21. Intolerant squaddies with IQs below 100? perhaps. Heres's my thought for them. Lets see if they can actually discuss it, or will they just dismiss it without addressing any of my points? I think we all know whats gonna happen Wonder why no-one wants to join the ranks of sub-par intelligence disrespectful thug squaddies anymore http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewto...start=2190.html And I said; "Ahhh yes, hello!! Chief `Walt` of Arniesairsoft.co.uk here, and damn proud of it. I had no idea you guys existed here until 20 minutes ago, but hey, we're all ple
  22. I've put this in the media section because....well because its lonely in there right now And the only place most of you will have heard about them or have any information about them is from the media. Maybe the odd encounter, but most likely the media. Travellers (as they like to be called) are a mixed bag. The reason I know so much is that I have daily contact with many of them, and am quite close to many more. As far as I am concerned this is unfortunate, and you can leave a large part of your conceptions of travellers (that you probably got from watching Snatch) at the door.
  23. *gets on Soap Box* Anyone who has ever used a bittorrent client for downloading all those licensed and legal songs that are so readily & cheerfully released by the record labels (yes, both of them) knows all about this idea of `leeching`. I got my IP blocked from Azureus (note the lack of linky) a few days ago despite all my files having been allowed to run to a share ratio of at least 1:1, and in some cases as much as 5.5:1 or thereabouts - thats the fair measure to show you have uploaded as much as you've downloaded; share ratio of 1; I thought I was being fairly decent about
  24. Well, it certainly would provide me some good few hours of entertainment; marching through West Quay shopping centre blowing up all the virtual `Claire's Accesories`-style boutiques, wasting hundreds of digitally recreated So'ton chavs, and finally obliterating that goddamned misery-peddling McDonalds on the top floor. Not ever going to happen, sadly, yet despite this apparent rage towards humanity I would only ever take pleasure in doing it `pretend`; in a simulated computer generated environment. The style and inherant substance that goes with Rockstar's fabled Grand Theft Auto series
  25. Guest

    Oh Dear.

    Quick mention to this article in the Times online that makes me really quite worried, and sad. The precedent for this was set by the Neo-Nazi organisations and the Ku Klux Klan. Oh dear, what is it going to take for politically-minded bigots to realise how much harm they're really doing
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