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  1. From http://versive.blog.co.uk here is the first of two posts that I'm transplanting here just to keep in touch with all you guys - Yes I know, lots of posts today. I'm in the hotel all day (thank Norris for free WiFi, I can tell you) giving the new tattoo a chance to heal - I have photos of it coming up in a bit - those of you who know me and my tattoos; the ones I already have; will be surprised and I hope impressed and pleased with this new piece - and also to catch up on internet time, photo doohickies and the inevitable randomised meander through wikipedia that happens wheneve
  2. I must say I am impressed, heartened even, by flicking back here on the off-chance and seeing the lovely vote scores and page views have gone up even in my lengthy absence; you really are too kind. Now, to the real business now I've kissed your arses a bit, if you want to see how things are going on, and read more of my twitterings, then again I am gonna plug my new blog at http://versive.blog.co.uk This is nothing personal against the venerable Arnies, of course, I just need a site that can be accessed by all without signing up or signing in, and that isn't tied to our favourite spo
  3. Good afternoon!!! Bloody hell, I'd kinda forgotten you guys existed. Nothing personal, I've just changed focus so much this year that I've not been airsofting more than 10 times, I don't think, and that included the utter debacle that was the ground zero weekender. I got smashed beyond belief, caused a lot of trouble, and became, how shall we say, disenchanted with the whole affair. Nothing against the game just some of the players, and it was time to leave in general so I have, I did, and it was good. Also getting really fat this year hasn't exactly helped my attitude towards running aro
  4. Guest

    In case anyone cares

    Just thought some folks might actually give a damn, but yes, I am busy. Oh-so-very-freakin' busy. Getting a new job, buying my first car, leaving this old place I've worked in for 7 years, moving into a new house, and starting an editing job in my spare time on a whole new airsoft website - life is not exactly slow for me these days. Oh, and I'm also still selling everything I own. And I'm going to travel around the world in the Summer and that needs a spot of planning too, don'tcherknow - So really, I haven't had much of a chance to blog over here, so there I
  5. And things move on… there was an interesting fellow at the ceilidh on Saturday who was apparently a famous folk recording artist; not a wisp of beard in sight mind you, and he wasn’t even wearing sandals; nope, this chap was pretty cool in more ways than one; wearing his shorts and t-shirt to have a crafty roll-up outside the hall’s entrance in bloody February; and very down-to-Earth. He also just so happens to run a property maintenance company for letting agents around the Bristol area – which means, between himself and his list of tradesmen (plumbers, general builders, electricians, gas eng
  6. "Week off to go holiday, go holiday in sunshine sunshine, sunnyshine, wanna week orff go 'oliday and wannit naowww!!!" said I to my superiors in the main office, which led to my immediate removal from company property - probably on compassionate grounds - and, by a roundabout way, my requested holiday. Well it was sort-of like that in my head, anyway. Taking a week off work to go nowhere was not what I intended but after discovering the total travesty that is `last minute` holidays (they still need booking a week in advance - hardly last-minute - and they cost as much as any other package
  7. Guest

    One week on...

    ...and I've barely recovered had the messiest night in years at one of the best clubs in the world as far as I'm concerned, only marred by the sonofab*tch who stole my wallet at about 6am, but hey. What can you do? Apparently, hammering roller shutters with feets elbows and fists, is, while on a perfectly valid list of possibles, not one the police are keen to endorse. I didn't get arrested but I was told to stop - it was a damn good thing I had enough sense left in me to not go off the handle at them...I really was not a happy bunny at that point and I've got the bruises to prove it
  8. Guest

    New Moral Choices.

    Materialism. A dirty word according to most hippies and lefties, just like `capitalist` apparently means something akin to `neo-nazi` if you listen to most university students and all these self-proclaimed `Liberals` who have nothing in common with the working classes (notable in the fact that hardly any of them ever do any work!) yet are willing to champion the rights of just such a group from the comfort of their city apartments or their family's second homes. Such is the focus of my irritation today, which I will now vent: The pseudo-hippy, pseudo-liberal, pseudo-intellectual stud
  9. Guest

    Over 5,000 Pageviews!

    Now I'm not normally one to gloat ( ) but yeah, I have been eagerly waiting for that little statistic to roll over, and I must say I'm quite chuffed, especially as the blog isn't linked in my signature anymore. But this is just background detail; whats important is how things are shifting in accordance with the Brownian motion of life at the moment - The Global Adventure! .... hasn't even been planned yet. And wont be for some weeks, maybe even a couple months because it needs to be done with supreme clarity of thought and I've literally just started another bought of the coughin' and spl
  10. Holy freakin' sh** - things are somewhat hectic of late. Right, this is by way of explanation to those guys who may be wondering why I haven't posted off the stuff I've sold immediately, and generally because I'm feeling just a little bit snowed-under and have an awful lot of stuff on my mind. Also I need to vent my spleen because stuff is a little difficult at the moment so if you don't want to hear a grown man whinging then stop reading right now Lets begin at the beginning - January 3rd. See, I've been wanting to leave this job of mine for quite a while, but because I h
  11. Wow didn't I have a great weekend? Well did I? Well yes I did. Well, I'll just talk to myself for the next few hours shall I? Hmm yeah I an see where this is going - straight to that section of society to whom the word `sectioned` is best applied. Probably best to share, then - I've been going climbing every week with this girl called Sarah, for a few months now; we actually went to school together but practically never spoke at that time, we bumped into each other at the start of the Summer last year at a club and got chatting, got on well, kept meeting up and then started climbing toget
  12. Hey guys: good Christmas and New Year? Yeah me neither... actually nope, its all good in truth, but I've just got a bit of a cold and I'm allowing it to get me down a bit. And I failed an interview in London last Wednesda, one that I really needed to get in order to get my mortgage sorted out, so my career plans are being rewritten again from scratch; which gives me a lot more options and suchlike so really, its all good; doors closing in one place inevitably open a few more somewhere else. Now if only I could get some kind of floor plan... - But on with today's rant - Has it ever
  13. Guest

    This is a cheat.

    This is me cheating, because I am fed up with seeing my signature have such a stupid bloody phrase in it, and I'm fed up with knowing that my last post was just a drunken ramble. I've got 3 more articles coming soon, and those are just the ones I already know about so if I can get some time tomorrow at work (quiet Saturday, pweeeeeaaaase!!!) and I can maybe get some photos too (which one of the little articles really requires) then I should be able to flood you all with yet more nonsensical whimsy and oblique referrals to things that may or may not be worth referring too. So there
  14. So I'm sitting here, drunk, awash upon a sea of uneasy feelings swelled with only barely considered regret, head arest upon a body of uneasy stomach and swimming headlong against the tides of heartburn which even now lap against the tainted walls of my poor, ailed internals. Poetic I may be feeling, entirely shameless I am not. Drunkeness become me so, however. I feel I owe something to drunkeness to record my thoughts at this time. Considering the pomposity of the previous paragraph it is something remarkable that I didn't choose the word "juncture" to end it with. This was of course aft
  15. Okay I am a little officially pi**ed off now - this blog is getting harder and harder to devote any time to, and I see that I'm not exactly alone in thinking this, judging by the paucity of my fellow blogger's input lately. I get where you're coming from guys; for what do we bother contributing anything? Does anyone else out there in Interwebland remember in the film Die Hard, just after the sleazy sales guy called Ellis gets one between the eyes from Hans Gruber (Mmmmm, H&K P7 goodness... ), and the cops outside the building are blaming Mclane for the execution even though it just w
  16. Isn't it amazing how one feels the need to rant when one isn't getting laid anymore? so yeah, thats well over; lessons have been learnt, and one of the important ones relates to the fact that that is all you will hear on that matter from now on. So - I'm gonna be driving (fairly) soon. After years of non-vehicular and only nominal `driving` i.e. of my friends: crazy [no actual joke here: due to my actions (and some others...) I/we made one of our group go `a little` off the rails, once upon a time..... not intentionally, and really it was down to him as free will dictates that he chos
  17. Guest

    The Pompey Pugilists

    Amazing how one doesn't feel the need to rant about things when one is getting laid, isn't it? Don't worry, this isn't going to signal the beginning of the end, just the beginning of the getting the end away, in the parlance of our times. And of course I have been stupidly busy between seeing my new lass, having driving lessons, meeting mortgage lenders, discussing housing spandooglies with my potential tenants, skirmishing, climbing, and working 6 days a week and socialising as well. One truth I have certainly learned about life recently is this: There Is Never Enough Time To Read Ch
  18. I thought I would have to record the details of last weekend, for the sake of accurately remembering it myself, if nothing else!! It was busy. It was tiring. It was still, rather notably so, very very good. I took a phone call at work on Thursday from one of my skirmish buddies; one of the little `team` that we get together pretty much every other sunday down at Ground Zero He asks if I would like to go to a rave, I say "why yes Mr Stuart, I would indeed like to go to a rave, I haven't been to one for a while now" 72 hours later I'm standing inside a 50,000 square-f
  19. Guest

    Materialistic? Moi?

    I thought I had it under control, but I guess I was a little optimistic. On the other hand, I do seem to be getting better at driving and I haven't got drunk every night this week (I had Tuesday off, as I had plenty of a certain other recreational facilitator available ). I've even come to terms with the fact that I have to buy my own house soon (very soon) so I don't have the `freedom itch` so badly, I also have some intermediate travel plans sorted thanks to a free holiday I seem to have been given so I'm not going totally stir-crazy due to being stuck in the UK, and I may have even, even g
  20. Too many areas of interest anyway, but a popular cliche is more eye-catching What I have found lately is that many areas of my life in which I would dearly love to spend oodles of cash are collectively draining my resources, to the point where I'm reluctant to invest in any of them! Airsoft is the most obvious one, but only because it is so easy to spend money on,and that there are so many areas of specialisation that I could go into, but there are many more. Nonetheless airsoft takes the biggest slice and has always taken the biggest slice, of my money at least. Big fave at
  21. Guest

    The Evilest Hippy...

    Woooo, yeah!! I finally got me the last important stage of bein' a Hippy under my belt: I had my hair dreaded (i.e. made/put into dreadlocks) yesterday, and I'm pretty freakin' pleased with the results Its gonna take a lot of work to get them to properly mature, about 6 months by all accounts, but finally I'll have the hair I always wanted. I feel soooo effeminite saying things like that Thats a big step for someone who's been growing their hair for 7/8 years but it was either that or chop it all off, and I'd simply never have forgiven myself if I had got it all lopped off and no
  22. Well, my brother is going to have a baby. Biology will be surprised Of course its all going on via the conventional arrangement (I [hope never to literally] imagine) - we won't be trying any controversial new science in clan 'Hippy; well nothing more controversial than a little Whisky distillation and the occasional foray into the world of comedy explosives (Comedy of the: `You have to laugh, otherwise you'll cry` variety!!). What shocks me most is that I'm looking forward to having a little bast- err sweet, darling, innocent little baby in the family; and being the sprog of my only
  23. Just thought I'd pen a quick line or two about the results of that date, and the one tonight as well that has just ended. My god I'm pleased with myself not going for a girl just because, well, she's a girl Having noticed how unenthusiastic she is about everything bar her own narrow preconceived field of recreation, and how condescending she can be about pretty much anything, especially about any personal details of mine that come up in the conversation, I can happily say that I am gonna be FAR better off single than without someone as vapid and unselfconsciously critical as that in my li
  24. I've been getting out of airsoft for about 4 months now. Strange as this may seem, but I do actively try and spend as little time thinking about it as I conceivably can, although at the moment this is by definition a process I find counterintuitive because I use the interest and the buzz (you all know what I mean ) of buying and planning new gear, and adding or creating whole collections, to escape from the unwarranted stress and unnecessary overesponsibilities of work when we are busy (which is most of the time in this portion of a year, apart from these couple of weeks that coincide with th
  25. Guest

    *Sigh* Women.

    ***DISCLAIMER: Men have their problems too, don't get me wrong, but they don't control people just to prove that they can control people.*** Still no camera since the boss lost our last one, so no real meat of a review to be done on the SW1911 DX, which is a shame because its a rather lovely gun. Even more lovely is the Beretta Scoremaster I snagged on the same delivery, and paid £100 in lovely HMR&C's `enjoyment taxes`, as I like to think of them But more on theses as I can actually get the gear and the gumption. I did want to do something on the other few things I got the other
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