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  1. This AN/PRC-163 dummy radio from TS TAC SKY , is the newest item in my kit, earlier i reviewed already their AN/PRC-152A, the most detailed Dummy version of the Harris PRC-152A on the market, the AN/PRC-163 is the successor of the AN/PRC-152. 1.0 Introduction First a brief introduction about communication equipment, aka “COMM's” (who already read my Tac Sky PRC-152A review might notice similarities, i partly copied the intro, since the PRC-163 is the successor of the PRC-152 the previous history is partly identical) So here’s what i could learn so far about COMM'S in general
  2. So it seems Im one of the first to get the new GHK baby so I figured I give a small review/impression. 1. Packaging I usually don't bother with it however the packaging wasn't the best. The gun was clearly rocking back and forth in its case, there were small foam pieces everywhere. But the worst part was that the flash hider was damaged: Thankfuly nothing else was damaged but Samoon should put something in the front part to prevent anything similar in the future. The gun and the magazine comes with the usual GHK stuff: speed loader, silicone oil, spare o-rings and pencils.
  3. 1.0 Introduction A very tacticool item nowadays, is the Rugged Phone Case, at the top of the Plate Carrier, and preferably a Kägwerks, like I own a TMC AVS Plate Carrier, the Kägwerks could no longer be a missing item , but first some extra explanation about this. 2.0 Kägwerks Is a company founded by an ex US soldier, in this case Garret Schwindel. Kägwerks focuses on 2 areas, the first is obtaining specialized shooting training for professional military and law enforcement personnel. The second is the development, production and distri
  4. 1.0 IntroductionThe most common item of the Plate Carrier is probably the front panel, also called Placard, mostly a Triple-M4 Mag Pouch, variant such as Flap, Open Top, Stretch, or Rigid.For my own Plate Carrier project I chose this TMC Triple Stretch Detachable Mag Panel (TMC 3465-MC) based on the Crye Stretch Detachable Flap. With this choice I actually went a bit against my own principles, where I normally choose repro's of items witch are frequent used in reality.Turns out this Crye Stretch Pouch is extremely rare "in the wildIronically, this pouch is featured in the CBS series SEAL TEAM,
  5. A while ago I started a bit on Plate Carriers research, so I found out that in 2021 the Crye Precison AVS is pretty popular amongst USSF and the UKSF, so reason enough for me to look out for a replica, and that's how I ended up at the TMC AVS, a nice replica in my opinion, which I also wanted to show you here What follows is an extensive review consisting of 2 major chapters 1.0 The Crye Precision Intro 7.0 The TMC AVS review 1.0 Crye Precision Intro Admittedly, I've became a bit of a "Crye fanboy" because of their story and style, so allow me to give some extra expla
  6. This is Dead_Christmas's (DeadChristmas69's) review of the Crosman Stinger P36. Its true name is the M43F. (OEM'd by Double Eagle).Memories of the past await! The Crosman P36 takes us back to a time far into history!...The exact time I cannot recall. *Shrugs* My age was ten when I got my first copy of this replica. This pistol was actually my first airsoft handgun! The version my mother bought for me was the transparent plastic one with black grips. One event remains in my recollection. The battle between my neighbor and I at an unpopular local park, far out in the countryside. My friend's Rem
  7. I thought I'd leave a brief review of Dekowaffenhandel Türk, an Austrian dealer in military surplus. As you're probably guessing, it's because I've had an absolute nightmare of a time dealing with them with a very unsatisfactory result, and I want to warn users to steer well clear of them. The retailer has the same problem as other European militaria dealers (especially ZiB Militaria, who I also dealt with) in that you can only get in contact with them via e-mail (the telephone numbers simply direct you to the website) and e-mail communication with them is tortuously slow. However, Dekowa
  8. It's just a bit strange that no one in the English speaking world has done a review on the "new wave" MP7. I hear a lot of raves on the VFC MP7, which while I am sure is 1:1 and kicks like a mule, it is also significantly lighter. After witnessing the video review by nugentgl and seeing the complexity of the VFC, not to mention the 2 piece (plastic?) inner frame and barrel, I decided that the "new wave" MP7 was a much better engineered beast which deserves a little more exposure. I have owned many^2 airsoft guns in my time, so I will draw upon the experience from the other guns that
  9. Hi guys ! Let me share you my review of the CZ P09 of ASG, a repack from KJW. This is the first part, internal external, some shooting tests, etc. You will see in the 2nd part of the full shooting tests and performance test. Thank to http://www.univairsoft.com/ for allowing me to test the replica for you! Feel free to tell me what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJSmLdVulEk émoticône wink
  10. I have made this video review of the Glock G17 Salient Arms International tier I VFC/Stark Arms. Is my first video review, sorry for the audio sinc of the last part, any feedback is welcome!
  11. Hello everyone, i thought i would share an early review i did, its one of my first reviews so bare that in mind, my newer videos are much better.. But its the priduct we want to hear about and this video will tell you about it nicely. GunTuff Red Dot Laser Sight Review Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQpCWwzM774 The laser will work great on most airsoft GBB pistols and AEG rifles too.. Happy Shooting All..
  12. Nemesis Chest Rig from Warrior Assault Systems Construction After what I would regard as an overdue period sticking to 1000D cordura (which put me off the brand for some time) Warrior has finally seen the 500 denier light and this rig was one the very first items they produced to the new lighter, less bulky spec, in-keeping with trends seen throughout the tactical gear industry. After a few years of not picking up any WAS gear I was curious to know if the very high standard of durability in construction and mil-spec materials were still in place and I'm happy to report they are. The
  13. The video quality will blow you away. Really the best quality I ever seen in an airsoft review. Its a shame that not every kind of review is such a pleasure to watch. And its about some nice scopes too, which is great as airsoft sniping is becoming more and more popular. It is made by a german guy, but the video is thankfully in english. I think you will love this one. Link to the Video
  14. Hey guys, i thought this video might be helpful for everybody who doesn´t know which BBs to buy in the jungle of different brands. As far as I know there hasn´t been such a detailed and professional test of so many brands before. It´s dubbed since the original video is in german but that doesn´t really matter. Hope this might help for the next BB purchase as you can decide which aspect of the different tests matters the most to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH2vDVZzBC4?
  15. My field has been using an evike chrono since we broke our Xcortech within the first week of operation. the Evike chrono worked ok for the fist couple months, but at this point im the only one who can get any reliable readings with it. so i have been asking for a new chrono for almost a year and a half. finally, i was given the task of finding a new chrono after our evike chrono finally stopped giving me readings all together (its second hand, so i dont know how old it actually is). after some research, i chose one of those classic Shooting Chronys. i use to think they cost about $250, i don
  16. Hey guys, just a quick video review from me about the new VFC MP7A1 Navy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer any of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pqk6oIGXxb4 I have done an accuracy test at the very end of the video. There is also a link to a blowback in the video if you are interested in that. Best regards, Alkany
  17. I'm reviewing today the KWA TT-33 Tokarev, which may or may not be officially released and there is virtually no info out about this gun. So I'm here to provide some info! MSRP for this gun is $135. Magazines are around $30 each. Inside The Box The box itself is made of medium strength cardboard with styrofoam encasing the gun and parts. Inside the box, you get: -Gun -Magazine -Hop-up Adjustment Tool -Lube -Small bag of .25 KSC BBs -Paperwork -Manual The gun is held firmly in place in the Styrofoam bed, which has room for a spare magazine (one can be kept in
  18. So, this is my first review; so I apologise if it isn't very interesting or good. Anyway, recently it was my birthday and I decided to buy a few things: -HFC VSR-11 -HFC HA118 -SMK 3-9x32 scope -Spare VSR Mag -4000 Madbull .28g BBs -4000 Kingarms .25g BBs -SMK short 4x32 scope (for my BSA Lightning) (I love HFC ) So as I have nothing to do, I'm going to do a lot of reviews! Here are pictures of the main body of the HA118 - The body is mainly composed of Strong ABS Plastic, with a few metal parts.The body has a nice weighty feel to it and is ex
  19. Today is the day I finally take the plunge and write my first product review. I received this on Monday morning and as its a new addition to the Airsoft market I thought I would give my views and thoughts on it. PACKAGING Having eagerly ripped open my parcel I was greeted with a compact cardboard tube with the OhShiBoom logo printed on it. A simple twist and the two halves came apart revealing the BFG safely sandwiched between black foam wrapped in a set of priming instructions. The packaging for me is compact and functional. FIRST IMPRESSIONS My first impression was......
  20. Wussup guys. Just posted a video review on my YouTube channel of the MAGPUL iPhone 4/4S Field Case. Excellent product and I am super happy with it! Check it out:
  21. I did a review of the G TMC Chicken Plate Carrier, let me know what you guys think. God bless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riSgzbX0AYs
  22. OK, so this is initially not going to be a review topic strictly speaking, but more of an information pool. I have had the pistol for two weeks now and I felt I wanted to, and "needed" to, get some information out about it. I have chosen to do video information at this point, but I will most likely be doing an in depth text "review" of this pistol as well. I encourage anyone who has first hand experience with this pistol to contribute to this thread. For a quick re-cap of my RA Tech Kimber story please see my profile feed status update here : http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index
  23. KJW (BERETTA) M9A1 FULL METAL GAS BLOW BACK PISTOL, CO2 VERSION REVIEW The KJW M9A1 full metal gas blow back pistol CO2 version! Specifications Manufacturer: KJW (Taiwan) Model: M9A1 (replica of the RS Beretta M9A1 9mm) Build materials: Aluminum/zinc-alloy (“pot”) metal, polymer, plastic (details and internals) Color: Black Caliber: 6mm Capacity: 22+1 rounds* Height: 152mm Length: 213mm Width: 38mm Weight unloaded (no magazine): 667g Weight loaded (empty magazine): 930g Weight loaded (with magazine and 0.25g BBs and CO2 cartridge): 976g Propellant: Daisy 12g CO2 capsule
  24. I'll be brief: got it today, test-fired it, it works. So, where do I start? First, the package is surprisingly small (at least to someone used to full-size guns) - when I picked it up at the post office, I was surprised. The gun itself is incredibly shiny - which means that if you get a CE sticker slapped on the slide and find remains of sticky tape glue on the frame and outer barrel, you'll have to clean it off. So I field-stripped the gun (flip the triggerguard down - I noticed that the front is fitted with a rubber buffer of some sort - then pull the slide back, up and forward), got r
  25. Fairly new item on the market, the material is somewhat of an unknown quantity and this is the first item I've heard of to be made from it, though I'd imagine if there aren't already then there will be quite a few more to come. Either way, something a little bit different to the norm, yet very much in keeping with the new trend we're now seeing sweeping through so many gear manufacturers with regards shaving weight of load-bearing gear down to the absolute minimum. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the 'next big thing' will be everyone trying to out-do each other for having the light
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