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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys!, my 1911 10th aniversary has 7 years old, and now it has some weird wearing making the slide black on battery a little more forward, like 1 mm. The gun it's still working fine like always, But I need a replacement for the hop up chamber that is where the issue is!. Do you know where I can found a replacement for it?, I know that will sai that I need to Buy the elite force barrel kit, but the shipping is to high for Chile, it doesn't worth it, so if any one knows if there a hong king store or china to But it or some other store with low shipping
  2. My Unboxing Video [media=] [/media] Impressions Upon opening the box has been less than impressive. The orange barrel, the "loose" nature of the gun, and the "new" finish. There has been numerous posts in regards to this manner, whether if it's inokatsu's poor quality control, or if it's made to "replicate the gi's old colt feel". Regardless, it feels a little disappointing for a top notch airsoft replica. [media=] [/media] That's my initial impressions of the gun! Externals At first, I hated it. I felt like I was ripped off. But a lot has changed since I removed the orange plug that it came with. Then there's the problem of the "loose" nature of the gun. The rear sight is not solid. Disassembling the BBU, I can see that it's being held by a little detent. The only way I can see this rear sight to be solid is if it was glued to the slide. Which makes me question the fact if the REAL M1911A1 had the same hole in the rear sight. Why is this necessary? can't it just be a solid piece? Anyways, that's a minus in my book. The grip safety is also loose. I can move it laterally, which I wish I didn't have that playroom. The slide moves about .01 mm side to side as well too. The trigger is loose as well, but that isn't a huge negative mark for me. And of course, the gun comes to me in a flat black color, similar to their M4 line (2009+). So isn't there anything positive I have to say about this gun? The weight. Wow this feels hefty! The feel of steel, and the way it sounds. Wow. Putting it right next to a KJW, and a KWA M1911A1 replica, you can hear the distinct noise the Inok 1911 makes. Wow. It sure doesn't sound like a toy anymore! Even just locking the slide back, and releasing it feels awesome! The hammer sounds awesome as well too, when you dry fire. And for every potential buyer out there just waiting to do some mods to this gun here's a tip: do not over tighten the rear allen screw. It will cause the BBU to not function properly, and the slide of the steel slamming against steel will be replaced by steel slamming against plastic! And because I DO NOT like the shipped finish (the LUX edition is suppose to have an amazing finish) I decided to purchase a 3000grit sandpaper for automobiles to put some weathering on the finish. The result is astonishing. It matches the period it came from, and it is now a gun with character! And of course, 1,000 slide lock -> releases later, I still enjoy listening to that steel slamming on to steel sound! Operation So I decided to purchase a KJW green gas magazine for the flush bottom. Red Wolf claims this gun will run on green gas during the summer, so I decided to put that to the test. The gun comes with a CO2 magazine (also KJW) and is intended to be used with the CO2 magazine due to the heavy slide and the stiffer springs inside the gun. That would be fine except the KJW CO2 magazines are UGLY. That bumper is just hideous, and you cannot get that image out of your head. What starts to be a gorgeous gun is infinitely ruined by that little "baby bump" of the KJW CO2 Mag. The safety features on this gun is abundant, just like how the original 1911 was intended. With the grip safety, the half cocking mechanism, and the slide safety feature, this gun is really hard to unintentionally shoot somebody. However, some mentioned that if I set the slide safety on, I cannot pull the trigger all the way -- which is the way it should be. As soon as I release the slide safety, the hammer will strike. That's true on mine, and it happens 100% of the time. Is this a design flaw? perhaps. But I don't know in any situation where I will hold the trigger down as I release the slide safety. Not a huge flaw in my eyes, since the situation will not occur with me. The slide lock is a tad shorter than the real M1911A1. I believe the reason for this is so that people don't accidentally bump the reverse side, which will put the slide lock out of alignment, which will cause you to waste an entire CO2 capsule, or a full gas charge. My slide lock has a slight issue: (and it seems to be isolated with me) When I insert the magazine with the slide is forward, the lock will back itself out. If I insert the magazine hard enough, it'll come out quite a bit. Of course, I cannot pull the slide lock out unless the magazine is out. So upon releasing the magazine, I am able to pull the slide lock out directly without aligning to the second indentation for slide lock removal. I've had times where I forgot to check the slide lock and the slide wouldn't blow back because the lock was backed out just a little. This causing all the gas to be released, and thus, I wasted a CO2 canister or a charge of gas. Shooting Actually shooting the gun is in a world of it's own. I don't own many GBB handguns. In fact, I don't own any. 10 years ago, when I was heavily invested into airsoft (Tokyo Marui M4A1 with the brand new EG1000 motor! and the FIRST EVER FULL METAL airsoft gun --MP5 by Classic Army!!) I had a KSC Glock 18C and a KJW USP Tactical. The glock 18C was a blast on FA. KJW was just okay and fun to shoot around every now and then, but for the best experience it was my Glock 18C by KSC. After a couple years I got out of airsoft because AEG's were lame and I didn't skirmish enough for me to keep the hobby going. Plus I was a starving college student and I needed the money. Now that GBBR's are out, experience is everything to me. I don't remember how the Glock 18C felt exactly, but this Inokatsu 1911 is out of this world on the CO2 gas. For some reason (this happened to me twice) the first shot will feel "normal". The shots that followed were amazing. I did expect it. Wow. It shoots hard. REAL hard. It ball parks around 280-290 fps, but it feels like it shoots 1000fps. Though you cannot see it in the video below, you'll just have to trust me [media=] [/media] This is quite the experience. I'll get about 12-13 rounds before I start loosing a little bit of gas pressure. due to cool down. As shown in the video above, I started off in hot water with the 12g CO2 capsule, and it ended up developing frost around the entire capsule. What I did (and I didn't show in the video) was I overcharged the KJW green gas magazine, thus giving me poor results. I actually charged it for 3 seconds once, and I got off 9 good rounds on Green Gas (of course putting it in warm water first!). But Green Gas will not function this gun properly in a game. I've yet to try yellow gas, but I'll update my review once I've obtained some yellow gas. Conclusion So there you have it. I paid redwolf 825.xx USD after shipping for this gun. Expensive for a toy. Do I feel like it's worth the price? Probably not. It's the same as their M4's. is it worth that much money for a toy? probably not, but if you want the ultimate experience, you gotta pay the admission fee. In return, you get an incredible experience, and a beautiful, collector worthy gun that many people will mistaken for a real one (even after they have handled the weapon!). In the end, I really enjoy the gun. I can say so much to justify my $800+ USD purchase, but I did it. And I don't have my buyer's remorse coming on. At first I did, but the more I messed around with it and made it my own, the more I love it. Pictures Here are a few pictures of the gun. I wish I took more "before" pictures, but this will have to do! Enjoy! BEFORE http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg51/scaled.php?server=51&filename=photozqw.jpg&res=landing AFTER http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg43/scaled.php?server=43&filename=photogss.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg135/scaled.php?server=135&filename=photo3px.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg808/scaled.php?server=808&filename=photo2vv.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg822/scaled.php?server=822&filename=photo1ho.jpg&res=landing That's it for now! I would take more pictures, but that's all I have!
  3. wotzat

    wotzat compensator right

    From the album: Wotzat production

    for 1911a1

    © wotzat design

  4. Does anyone out there own this slide? Or maybe know someone who does? I've been thinking of getting one, but can't make up my mind. Cannot find any review of this online anywhere. Would be great if someone who has had experience with this slide could share some info. I would be particulary interested to know how it fits a TM hi-capa middle frame.
  5. TheFull9

    Lick it!

    From the album: Weaponry

    For those of you who don't frequent the 1911 picture thread.

    © Christopher Kinnerley 2013

  6. Vivax

    1911 Officer

    From the album: Weaporn

    © by Vivax

  7. Vivax

    1911 A1 Mod1 (Bell)

    From the album: Weaporn

    © by Vivax

  8. TheFull9

    They see me trollin'

    From the album: Weaponry

    They hatin'

    © Christopher Kinnerley 2012


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