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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings. Thank you for opening this thread. This is what I would need help with: I am planning on buying a new airsoft gun this year, and I've been eyeing AUG A3 for a longer time now. One of my desired upgrades has always been, alongside other stuff, having an PEQ on my weapon, and that is fully compatible when applied to my other buying alternatives (those are either HK-416 or AK-74 with heavily upgraded design, I have these alternatives in case the main weapon I want goes out of stock). But I am not so sure when it comes to having a PEQ on AUG, since I have not seen anyone using it in that configuration before. I made the representation of what I would want my upper rail setup to look like, as you can see below, in the attached image. I would like to ask you for your opinions and, if you have any, experiences with using using PEQs on AUGs. I would also appreciate your thoughts on the setup I have proposed below. Please, feel free to criticize and correct me, or my question. I highly value all of your input. Have a nice day.
  2. Accessory/Make: Steyr / SME Condition: Surplus Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £250 Pictures: As below, more available upon request. For sale is a genuine select-fire AUG A1 stock and furniture in olive drab. This includes the stock, sling pin, buttpad and foregrip. These parts are military surplus and exhibit the usual wear, but remain in full working order. These parts are weapon furniture, and are not controlled items in the UK. I will ship these items internationally, but only upon confirmation that it is legal for you to receive them. These parts were made under license to Steyr by SME Ordnance for the Malaysian military. The rifle was replaced in Malaysian service by M4s, made under license to Colt by SME Ordnance, and the AUG A1s were surplussed. Purchase price of these parts exceeds £325. Also for sale is a GHK AUG GBBR (not included). This furniture is not a direct fit to the GHK, and a machinist would likely be required to do the job neatly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  3. PureSilver

    GHK Steyr AUG A2

    Make: GHK Gun/Model: AUG A2 Accessories: 1x 38rd magazine, 1x custom short sight rail Condition: Very good FPS: <350fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £350 Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a GHK Steyr AUG A2. This is an exceptionally high-performance and reliable GBBR with unparalleled factory support. It is in very good unskirmished condition with very minimal wear, and functions as new. Included with the rifle is a 38rd green gas magazine. As standard the rifle is fitted with the AUG's 1.5x optical sight, which is crystal clear with no scratches. Also included with the rifle is a custom (3D-printed with threaded inserts) short Picatinny sight rail for use with aftermarket optics. This rifle has exceptional gas efficiency even by GHK's high standards, as you can see in the video below. This rifle retails for approximately £450 in Europe when it can be found in stock. Also for sale (not included) is a complete set of RS AUG furniture. This is not a direct fit to the GHK, and a machinist would probably be required to do the job neatly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  4. Zereck

    GHK AUG First Impressions

    So it seems Im one of the first to get the new GHK baby so I figured I give a small review/impression. 1. Packaging I usually don't bother with it however the packaging wasn't the best. The gun was clearly rocking back and forth in its case, there were small foam pieces everywhere. But the worst part was that the flash hider was damaged: Thankfuly nothing else was damaged but Samoon should put something in the front part to prevent anything similar in the future. The gun and the magazine comes with the usual GHK stuff: speed loader, silicone oil, spare o-rings and pencils. 2. The gun It is very light especially compared to the Hephaestus T21. It also felt more natural to hold and aim. Besides the sling swivels there is nothing to rattle when you shake the gun. Both the metal and polymer parts are well made. The folding grip has a small movement but it is acceptable. The selector switch needs some getting used to as I put it multiple times in a position where it was in neither mode. It is a bit hard to move at first you might over push it. The sight is I belive a 2x scope(it feels stronger than a 1.5x for me), it was not on target for me so you will probably need to adjust it. 3. Disassembly If you have watched one of the videos then you know it's pretty easy to take the gun apart, in fact to adjust the hop up you need to take the entire barrel assembly out: 1. Take out the mag 2. Lock the gun back 3. Push the small lever down 4. Rotate then pull the barrel out. It can be done pretty fast once you know it how to but can still be a PITA when you are adjusting the hop-up. The manual tells you about most thing tough sometimes it's just refers to one of the youtube videos. 4. The magazine For those who were looking forward to convert their M4 magazines with a few extra parts into AUG ones I have bad news. It has it own design. When taking it apart you need to slide the bottom part off first but watch out as it also holds the magazine spring. To push the inside part out you need to pull the small tab on the right side of the magazine away. While the magazine looks like a regular gas magazine it still has the tubes that GHK mags are known for, just this time they are inside a block. No idea how well it would take a CO2 conversion. Compared to the GHK AK or M4 magazines the AUG is much more lighter: only 409g!(with a small amount of gas in it) Inserting the magazine isn't as easy at first. You need to give a good hit after you put it inside to lock it in, once it's in there is absolutly no movement. When you are removing it you can simply push the mag catch button and it stays like that till you take the mag out. 5. Shooting So there was a small problem at first. After shooting around 7 rounds and switched to full auto, I pulled the trigger and nothing happened. The hammer would not drop no matter what. So I took the trigger group out and noticed that the hammer had no tension. The problem was this: The hammer spring somehow came off. Fortunately it was easy to put it back but I noticed that the spring was pretty weak compared to the other GHK guns. However it does work but Im not so sure it would with CO2. Back to shooting: altough I don't have a lot of space at the moment the shooting was satisfying. The recoil is good(better than the T21 on CO2) especially on full-auto and shots were pretty accurate. However it is not skirmish friendly out of the box: This is with hop-up on. And that is it for this time. Will probably won't be able to skirmish it this month as I need more mags and a lower FPS. Also I want a 16" kit with a top rail. If you have questions I try to answer them.
  5. Sturm

    GHK AUG Magnet Test

    Can anyone that owns a GHK AUG take it apart and tell me what parts are composed of at least some iron (probably steel)? I am interested in what exactly GHK is using for materials in the rifle. I know that the outer barrel is some sort of aluminium alloy (a few manufacturers make a steel replacement, however). The frame is plastic, as it is on the real AUG. However, what about the trigger box, bolt carrier, fire selector, and upper receiver (including the integrated scope)?
  6. 3vi1-D4n

    IMG 20161007 171609 (1)

    From the album: GHK AUG Mods

    The light is a bit funny there...
  7. 3vi1-D4n

    IMG 20160928 083322

    From the album: GHK AUG Mods

    Custom cut GHK Steyr AUG carbine
  8. 3vi1-D4n

    IMG 20160928 083140

    From the album: GHK AUG Mods

    GHK VSR mod with a TNT hop rubber
  9. Mike Obrien

    AUG A3 w/ Suppressor

    From the album: AUG's

  10. Mike Obrien

    AUG A3 w/ flash hider

    From the album: AUG's


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