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Found 71 results

  1. evilhippy

    Have you all given up?

    It seems in my absence that, despite 7 months with no entries, I still seem to reign supreme in Arnies blogland. According to all the numbers, anyway, which can hardly be denied. And anyway what happened to GR and Hardcore Mitsuko (is this a sensitive topic...?) as I coudln't even see their blog up here. I know it's not all that important, but is the large amount of traffic on my blog (Versive) taken directly from Arnies - I would hope not. Yet still I seem to be on top - by a huge margin, despite the fact that Snowie, just for example, has better things to write about and the rest of you must have SOME kind of interest in the other rest of you. I do note however that the other blog rated and reviewed by people belongs to a girl, which confirms most of my previous suspicions about you lot But still. Why hasn't someone taken the title? Why hath no successor succeeded me? C'mon you lot; put some bloody effort in I'm especially looking at you, Dave
  2. Seeing as I wrote it I may as well share - here is my first editorial for the new website! Wooo!!- All things considered, there is a reason why Tokyo Marui is the best-known airsoft manufacturer in the world, and it isn’t just their size or pedigree or long-term presence in the marketplace: it is because their guns simply work. As soon as you buy them. And you can make them better very easily. They have long held the unofficial title of `most reliable manufacturer` among airsofters and although there are a few (a very few indeed) pieces that make it out of the factory in non-functional condition, the overwhelming majority are reliable, sturdy, long-lasting guns and their AEGs make up the majority of actively skirmished weapons out there in the big wide world. The system inside them all is fundamentally the same; certainly there are gearbokes in varieties from V1 through to V7 now, but the principal is damn similar, and therefore the gun that compresses this tried and trusted formula down into the most cost effective, most lightweight and burden-free, most easily manoeuvrable package is, to my mind, the one that has to win the title of `best gun`. What am best gun? Marui’s Heckler & Koch MP5K. Now, the range and accuracy are the only realistically detrimental points to this gun’s profile, there is nothing that can be done about this if the MP5K is to keep its honorary title of `Best Gun` for reasons that’ll be clear below, but then equally there is nothing any of its detractors can cite apart from these two issues when trying to deny its greatness, whereas I can quite cheerfully say; The MP5K is the lightest and most easy-to-carry-all-day AEG on the market. The MP5K is the most manoeuvrable and `pointable` AEG around. The MP5K is as reliable as any Marui AEG –more reliable than any other brand by default! The MP5K has more accessories available for it than all but one series of AEGs (guess which series ) The MP5K is both an excellent primary and also an excellent secondary skirmish weapon. The MP5K is the cheapest Marui AEG available. The MP5K has a folding stock option with a longer inner barrel and threaded outer barrel – the PDW – for only £15 extra. And I could go on. The thing is, if you have ever skirmished with an MP5K, you will know that the range and accuracy that other players with long assault rifles have over you, is totally counteracted by the fact that you can run faster, move more stealthily, flank and surround people more quickly and easily, and even strap your AEG to your leg and run full-pelt away from their fire and out of range if you have to. And just to own one, to plink with or whatever you want to use it in your own home for, nothing else out there represents such superb value for money. You need do nothing to your Marui MP5K to make it work and then all you need is a hi-cap magazine or two and a stick battery and you’re set to skirmish for years to come, and it has only cost you about £150.00!! Ah yes, the stick battery. What most people will see as a hindrance; an inadequacy of sustained firepower; I see as an advantage simply because there’s no other way to get a battery into a gun of this size and the size of this gun gives it advantage over any battery complaint. Plus, oh doubting Thomas that thou mayst be, I have just one word for you – Intellect Intellect’s 1400mah Nimh batteries will last for a full day’s skirmishing at the hands of even the most trigger-happy player, and often have the staying power for 2 full skirmishes when used by normal people Their battery cells have an amazing ability to retain power, and for those of you that remember the `old days` when the only batteries available were 500mah mini and stick types, and 2000mah large types (all NiCads of course) then the fact that these Intellect sticks last about as long – if not even longer - than those original large batteries should warm your heart in the glowing fires of progress. And of course, progress is something that needs addressing here because of the Chinese clone market, a market that seems to threaten the high and mighty Japanese manufacturers – but even though the parts in these clone guns are usually direct copies of the Japanese, their assembly seems to leave a lot to be desired which makes them really not a gun you can pick up and play with. And that’s the real beauty of the TM MP5K. - For the beginner, it represents the best gun you can get for the money, and that’s the main concern when you begin the long and winding journey of airsoft expenditure in this lifetime There is no other gun you can pick up for this price that will instantly be usable – to great effect – at any gaming site in the whole of the UK. For the plinker and airsoft collector, there is nothing else that will give you reliable fully-automatic fun, and that will look and feel like a real `assault SMG` or however you want to classify it. What else will give you 20,000+ rounds of full-auto mayhem for under £100 without a single repair or any internal maintenance? Nothing else, I challenge anyone to find a gun that can. For the experienced skirmisher it allows you to use a proper SMG as a backup weapon, with a fully-auto 240 round capacity (with the double shrt magazine hicap from Marui) in the same ultra-compact frame as a large pistol. It also allows you to have the ultimate CQB gun – a pistol-sized machinegun, with the capacity, reliability and strength to stand up to the rigours of interior combat and also give you that ammo capacity that other CQBers only wish they could fit into a gun so small and easy to manipulate. And, of course, they are so light and manoeuvrable that you can use two at the same time with supreme ease Is there nothing this gun can’t do??? Well, yes of course there are; unfortunately, it can’t shoot at 130-foot ranges like an M14 or the G3 SG1, and it can’t take magazines larger than 240rnds in capacity, and it can’t cook you breakfast or write your dissertation for you… but hey. It’s the practicality and the money that counts here, and for that, there simply is no other that can compare.
  3. Guest

    Complete Turnaround.

    Okay I jumped the gun on the girl, major, major, major bummer. Things are totally up for debate when she gets back and unfortunately this makes me a sad hippy. *fruitcage* dreadful behaviour on my part assuming things were all sweetness and light even after a six-month break, so..... things they are a-changing, namely: I'm selling my entire collection and going off to see a bit of the world on the proceeds myself. Avoiding India completely So how the hell do I sell over a hundred airsoft guns? Well I guess the first thing to do would be to start by listing what it is I've actually got, something I've not done for a while (since I had about 60 I think) so yeah, major upheaval in camp 'hippy although I must say it has been on my mind for some time. I mean; a dream is a dream, right, and once you've acheived that you a] no longer have the unrealised challenge of that dream and b] you have to take account of what that dream has cost you. In my case it has cost a hell of a lot of time, money, missed social engagements and suchlike stuff and in a weird way I resent my huge armoury and would be glad to see it go. I mean I'll keep a couple of AEGs and a pistol or two for skirmishing, but thats all anyone actually needs because, lets be frank here, anything more than that is bordering on an obsession. And I have been really quite obsessed. So without any further ado I do hereby state that I am getting out of airsoft, mostly, and definitely getting the hell out of this goddamned frosty-*albatross* wind-ridden country as soon as I possibly can - if anyone wants to make me an offer on anything they know I've got then please do so, I will consider anything reasonable. And until I can list properly everything I want to sell I'm just gonna have to sit on this blog entry and see if anyone wants to buy my whole collection for £9000 because thats the asking price for the whole lot (hint hint hint ) Seeing as it cost me about £16000 and is still worth at least £12000 I think thats a pretty damned good price, actually ....
  4. Oooooh yeah - that place rocks! Hooah!! Spec-Ops on Portland Rock in Dorset. Damn, what a site; what a day! Awesomeness abound and fun all round, and the best skirmish I've been to since the first one I ever went to - although things did get off to a shakier-than-usual start after my M14 managed, by dint of absolutely no effort, to achieve a range of, ooh, at least 40 feet, if you include droppage The A.I.C.S. didn't actually do any better, and the pair of them need serious looking at and fixing. I really cannot be bothered to do either I'm afraid, which says a lot about how I feel about airsoft as a general concept at the moment. So many people have been saying the same thing lately I honestly believe its all just a matter of sunlight and the glorious Vitamin D that it yields, and with a miserable-as-hell Winter season in the UK we are all a little bit "Meh.." about everything. So there; that's alright then The best thing about Spec-Ops by the way is that it is like playing in the early section of Half-Life 2 in the semi-flooded quarry area that you scoot through on your hoverboat thingy. Its *just* like that bit, and the rusting machinery and ghoslty industrial buildings make for the most atmospheric place I have ever played. Airsoft International were there on Sunday and besides there being at least 4 photgraphers of indeterminate affiliation, there was a Canadian guy was doing the interview rounds, so I was witness, not for the first time, to the strange phenomena of excitable English people clamouring for the attentions of any American-sounding person, possibly in the vain hope that some of the romance and associated glitz will somehow rub off on them. Perhaps they wish to collect it in jars for use later when there's not enough `cool` around, I don't know. Another possibility is that folks are hoping for some vague fame by getting their mugs into an international magazine (and of course the chance to speak to someone who sounds like they're from the movies ) which is fair & universal I guess as I sure hope one of the shots taken of at least some of our team makes it in there! Shockingly enough, a Yankee accent isn't always all it takes to grab our attention over in blightyland - excellent games and structure, not to mention a truly fantastic site to play in, are also all provided courtesy of that bloke wot runs it, like (if anyone knows his name please post a reply below, just for reference) and his briefings were a breath of fresh air as he delivered the most concise of concepts with humour and even a little charm: "You lot go dig in there and you other lot attack 'em when I say so. Got it? Good." And you really can't say fairer than that. The chap in charge seemed to understand what we really want to hear at a briefing for once, and after a cursory safety and courtesy speech the thing we need to know is simply where to attack and/or defend, and roughly where the bad guys are coming from. Team commanders and time switches and drop points and rocket launches and helievacs (heli-evacs? Hel-evacs? Whatever) and hostages and the like are all well and good, but to have somethng as simple as "attack that" or "they're over there, get 'em!" is such a wonderfully easy pretence it pits people entirely at their ease, and, at the end of the day, we are under no illusions as to what we're doing at a skirmish; you may as well just simplify it down to what it is - bleedin' Cowboys and Indians There is a trade-off in terms of time here that I really appreciate too, although perhaps the guys on my team mostly prefer the open-ended all day scenario a-la Ground Zero, but I think they are wrong in some ways; right in others that they may or may not even appreciate, I dunno. My thoughts on this essential choice of structure are; - The single, sprawling days where objectives are laid out and timed throughout the day requires only one briefing, and then you are free to get on with whatever you like. The actual leadership of each team is down to the appointed Sergeants and not everyone listens to their plans, and if they do, either forget or ignore them half the time. Proper squaddies we are not In any case if you do listen, and possibly even obey them, these orders and plans still need to be dished out constantly throughout the day and while its handy having one person who (theoretically) knows what's going on, chances are ya ain't gonna find him more than a couple o' three times a day, so you tend to wander around in a unconcerned, unstructured way. Now this means that although the entire day is actually used for playing, giving you at least 6 hours of skirmishing, the time wasted walking around trying to find some action, and the time spent trekking across the massive site to a dead zone when hit, pretty much accounts for about half of those hours. - The seperate, compartmentalised pieces of action one gets from the individual games when briefings are as succint as the ones at Spec-Ops, combined with the reasonable size of the quarry areas (didn't use any of the many-thousand-acre woodland this time, but really didn't need anything more from the day - it was that cool) means that actual downtime in-game is minimal, and the instant respawns keep the action fresh, as do the well-utilised areas in which we were fighting. Pretty badass all round then, and the main reason I appreciate these shorter, sharper bursts of action is that it keeps you driven and refreshed for each and every game, and ensures that everyone on both sides can really give it everything they've got for every single firefight. I think thats something really worth preserving, personally. Yet another good thing about the briefings is that you're placed, when being given it, where you can actually see all the relevant points and places, so there's no quibble over where you're meant to be at any time. With that said though.... [Now I myself am really chuffed with the day because I kicked some serious *albartroth* with well over 20 people shot by mine fair(??!) hand, soe of them geardos with PTWs and the like, and little ol' me with my totally stock Marui AUG. I did indeed `lol` at the time, a fait bit if I recall correctly. I also had to `improvise` a little, but hey, where's the harm in that? ] - ....bit of a sneaky one but worth mentioning because a] I kinda have to justify what I did and b] Intellectually it was the best thing to do for everyone concerned. Well, not strictly for everyone, especially those that I shot, but still; everyone, for a given value of `every` While defending a small corner of the site against the bad guys (we had no team names, just our lot had orange rags tied onto us and the other guys didn't. Another example of the refreshing informality IMHO) I was inevitably shot and had to respawn. Now, maybe the organiser chappie (I really got to get this guys name, c'mon folks help me out here!) thought I was on the other team (unlikely), or maybe he thought it would be good to spice things up, but he directed me to respawn out of the base and anywhere out in the quarry.... .....the quarry that was, apart from that one small corner, ENTIRELY occupied by the enemy team. Perfect. So I wandered the whole arena, contemplated slotting just about everyone in the back, was told by half the team that I wasn't supposed to be there (but I wasn't gonna let a little thing like that stop me) and eventually found one side area amongst the vast blocks of stone that had no-one in it, and was about the requisite 100 metres from the nearest bad guy. I faced onto the flank of the enemy's positions and I wasn't behind anyone, and I had already had the small team who would eventually corner and kill me on my tail, they told me they had been tracking me since before I respawned in so to be honest, I was more than justified to respawn behind enemy lines. And hey, it certainly livened things up... Even despite the dubious nature of starting to attack people who were facing the wrong way, I didn't just start at the back and work forward as I have done before (on one memorable occasion wiping out 25+ people on my own in less than 2 minutes! Oh yeah...) I fired warning shots at the first couple of guys who fell to my trusty AUG, and they had started to return fire and everything so it was all good and proper. I did bang-kill a couple of guys and blatantly shot at least 2 people in the side, lacing them from ankle to elbow with BBs, but overall it was totally fair and I had not only the people in front to deal with but also the tracking team, who caught up and got the drop on me at about the same time as I did on their front man, which I chose to take gracefully rather than trade ammunition at a range of <15 feet. Besides he had better cover, and I didn't fancy trusting meself to shoot from the hip! - Another moment of semi-glory (hah! *polishes knuckles* ) was being the last man standing in the Last Man Standing game, or, at least one of the last Men as I wasn't dug out of my rather *perfect* hiding place with only one way in and a peek-hole no-one would notice that covered the entrance to this very well. Shame its a working quarry and wont be there again next time, but I guess I'll just have to have another moment of brilliance wont I? ....and being one of the 10 or so defenders in the final, King of the Hill battle against the other 60-odd people was really cool, and taking out 4 and then 3 people with grenades that were, though I say so myself, cooked off just enough and thrown very acurately as I was told later by a passing person who was victim to one of them that; "You're not allowed grenades next time, you're too good" Was I chuffed? I was bloody beaming. And that was about that, apart from the weather (wet) the police armed response units (on standby up the road after someone reported `terrorist training` in the quarry - a single copper came to check it and was quickly reassured that all was well and good, but the boys with the REAL toys were standing by just up the road) and the coastguard (scouring the nearby seas for a 14-year old boat thief who called them to laugh about the boat that he and his friend had stolen. The friend made it back to shore, the other one hasn't been found yet. Sad, but hey: thats evolution baby). All in all that was a damned impressive day's skirmishing, combined with some randomised glitz and glamour from the international press presence and one helluva bodycount (by my modest stanbdards ) and even with the extremely cold start and torrential rain, it really was one of the best skirmish days I've ever had. Top hole. ....and I've just had word from another personage who attended also, along with TrooperX who I met down there its all getting shockingly small in this (little) world here!
  5. Guest

    Unspecified Itinerary

    Loose end..... .....so what do I want to be doing with my time at this point in my life? (Uh-oh, its gonna be one of those kinds of posts is it..? ) Well I probably don't want to be spending much of my time indoors, or generally on my own, or doing the same-old, same-old - whatever that happens to be. I want a great many things out of life but today, thanks to the effects of near-terminal complacency and some herbage of a dubious nature, I'm disinclined to to exert myself physically or mentally. I'm disinclined to remain bloody conscious, if I'm being totally honest. I find myself indifferent to the world. Its okay though because I'll have finished the herbs soon and I'll be back on the drink and feel talkative again Sooooo....whats this I hear about Spec-Ops down in Dorset then? Apparently this is where I am playing tomorrow. Little or no thought has been required for me to get there (for once) and maybe, just maybe its the guys paying me back by having it all ready and done without my input or effort; in much the same way I did for them since...... ever since we started playing, in fact Maybe they just can't stand the litany of vague/hazardous orders I imperiously issue when getting everything together for a day's play, in which case, meh, I'm glad to not have to bother! Bit worried about being able to keep up with the section 8 blokes as I'm a little lazy at the mo' (dubious herbage again) and my knees are giving me gyp & I am still befeft of such things as kneepads. And Airsoft International will be there taking names (well, photos) and kicking arses (well, me and my guys) so hey, ya never know, we might all be able to point and laugh at an errant weekend warrior in mismatched camo and sprouting unfeasibly scruffy dreadlocks (its a real shame I didn't get my hair done this week, black/brown dreads picked out in multicoloured (hopefully mostly red) silks would have looked lovely on the front cover ) in the next issue of everyone's favouite airsoft publication that I may have never actually read myself, so what, that doesn't mean anything, eh, wot ya tryin' t' say eh?... I kinda wish I had a camera available to me but our sales rep has half-inched (pinched, for you non-cockerney speakers) the work camera (that I use for all me photos on Arnies), so I have nowt to rely on but a Sony-Ericsson W800i cameraphone and the sheer brilliance of memory. Given the way I've spent my last 3 days in a dazed & confused haze of smoke I'll be trusting other people (besides the airsoft Paparazzi) to do the photos thing. Really curious to see how much, if any, of the apparent 4000 acres that the woodland site is comprised of is used for each game and for the whole day, and I was hoping to be able to take some cunningly positioned shots to illustrate the scale to maximum effect. But our rep needs to photograph a pair of cast-iron gates in Wokingham. B******s. It should be raining according to the little man from the weather, it should be cold and it should be damned windy too just to complete the set. I feel like I'm playing `Nature's A Total-Bas***d` top trumps and so far I'm losing heavily to the other kids yet I'm still in line for a cold wet & windy day. Still, at least I'll have some possesions left to my name and some firm ground to put it on, which would be more than the kid with Hurricanes and Volcanoes in his hand. ...and here's my lift now. Toodle-pip chaps & chapesses; hope to be in a newsagent near you soon!
  6. I can't really be arsed with the blog right now, so I'll probably leave it for a while. Oh, and I'm buying a house and therefore getting a massive (and mildly terrifying) mortgage, organising my holidays for the next year, looking into a new job, and sorting my whole life's-worth of possesions out (mostly finished that actually) and various other endeavours. That, and I realise that the more time one spends on an obsessive hobby, the less time one is interacting with people in real terms i.e. face-to-face in a socially interactive hickdoobery-type eventuality. This doesn't lead to so many exciting opportunities in the world of romance, for one thing, and it is alos rather nice to actually get around the country (and indeed the World) and se old friends and new faces. - Despite that I'm sure I'll have updates and stuff to ramble about that only you, dear readers, would be interested in reading about, and also I will, of course, have new stuff to rant about and skirmish mishaps & whatnots to relay as and when they happen, but generally, what with the impending mortgage and everything, less of the new gear and guns Even so, I have bought a few new toys, briefly surmised as follows: KTW 1873 Winchester Randall custom: spring powered, pretty weak, cool underlever reload (only possible when already cocked due to the strength of the spring, but hey) and its a generally goodly addition to the ever-growing Western Collection. Old 6mm Marushin Derringer: likewise cool, and its silver so I have an excuse for owning 2 of 'em Small, plasticcy, cheap, yet still rather nice. I just like Derringers I guess. Marui MP5K PDW: lovely, another 'K Yeeaaaah... Will go nicely with the Eagle Industries holsters when they come through. Old school, and my first proper Classic, MGC Beretta M12S. Yet to fire as I have no air hose/tank system, but I'm sure it'll be pretty cool... And thats about it, really. Stay safe. Take it easy. Catch ya in a while, troops
  7. Guest


    I am becoming more concerned with the gear I wear lately; and to think, I used to be so proud of my £3.50 NBC suit from eBay The way I see it now, however (and I speak from the experience of wearing those NBC suits!) is that gear that makes your life easy in a game is worth spending more money on, although I draw the line at anything that doesn't significantly improve your chances, or ability to perform quickly in an actual game. ...and I say that as I sit here looking at my brand new BLACKHAWK Industries Carbon Fibre 1911 CQC holster Tee hee hee Well I wont use this in a game until I get a TM1911, so its really only for displaying my e-Penis in the 1911 picture thread which is probably an activity far, far sadder than any geardo could ever devise! - But what I'm really only here to ramble about is the MP5K Thigh Holster made by Eagle Industries. Or rather, the one that is NOT made by Eagle Industries... Yet.... Reading this thread here - http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=80948 - you'll get the gist, as well as direct links to the Holster itself and everyone's opinions thereof. The dilemma that we now face is that we may not get it made because of the numbers needed - we're about halfway there but its those final 10 or so orders we are in need of. This is my own personal desperate begathon that implores you, the reader, to join us in our little quest to own some ultra badass real-steel Gucci gear that will be highly exclusive, and you'll be able to sell it onto someone else in any case soon enough - there are only gonna be a MAXIMUM of 35 this time around and they are good; seriously good... So there, I ask you, please join in and make this thing possible. I'm getting 2 just to help things along, I may get another as well just so I can sell them on myself. Lets get this show on the road!!
  8. Or, to quote the title in full; The Special Relative Philosophy of Airsofting Incompetence. Another Monday, another set of aching pins, and another day of skirmishing that would in the eyes of bean-counters, excitable children (of all ages ) and uber-competitive players everywhere be labelled as `Unsuccesful`- in the same way a disappointing experiment in one's Diabolical Monster Lair might have produced yet another 8-armed octo-monkey that disintegrated upon first contact with bananas - and then placed in a far distant & dusty filing cabinet of memory, lost in mental corridors that are felt best left alone, never to be dragged through the archives into the forefront of consciousness with anything other than a low-grade shame, and a kind of vague, half-arsed regret of nothing very specific, but generally recalling a less-than-worthwhile experience. In other words, and leaving out the octo-monkeys, I had a disappointing day's play as I was hit time & again by people I usually didn't even see, and I failed to get any more than 1 opposing player all day. But I am not one of those bean-counting, uber-competitive people (nor do I have a diabolical monster lair (D.M.L. ), more's the pity ). I like to take a more philosophical approach to these things and, once again, it works in counterbalance to something else that matters an awful lot in my life, which is, broadly speaking, my life. Relative to how I spend most of my time, a day's skirmishing where I spend 9 times as much time in a dead zone as the members of the other team that I actually hit ranks rather lower than the time I fractured my neck in school; which happened, incidentally, as a result of sitting on someone's shoulders, who THEN decided to do a forwards-roll using my face as an initial-point-of-impact. At least then I got quite a few days off from school, and it almost didn't hurt at all (especially after the ambulance's oxygen mask ) and then there was the exceptionally pleasant aerosol of pure antarctic ice (if it started to ache then the relief that aerosol gave was rapture incarnate) that graced the back of my neck thrice daily for the next couple weeks while I sat at home eating my favourite food, and not doing anything approaching schoolwork (such as it is at the age of 7) for the whole time. Come to think of it, I wonder if I can arrange for it to happen again..) [/Tangent] .. but relative to how I spend most of my time, pretty much anything less than full-on hedonism is gonna rank somewhere equivalent to dental surgery (on a scale used by most people) simply because I really do seem to live the life of Riley, and aside from some of the thoughts I'm getting when the boss has been complaining for more than a couple of hours on end there is an almost supernatural field of pleasantness and ease to my life - even the hassle and faffing that comes from learning to drive; the inevitably embarrassing stalls on busy junctions, the irritation & abuse of other drivers, the mistakes that the instructor has to correct and veer the car off course and out of your control etc. etc. - all this I still percieve through a warm and fuzzy glow of happy knowledge that I am learning something new, and that it will benefit me immensely. I smile as the man in the Renault to my right mouths the `C word` at me after I stall in the middle of the roundabout, I laugh inside as I make a classic schoolboy error and fail to check my blind spot before changing lanes or turning, and it comes as a necessary & appreciated shock, not a rude awakening, when I begin a lesson and have to remember all the controls and procedures by the time I've reached the first junction out from my house. In almost all areas of life I live like a total bas**** - carousing & drinking and partying, and drinking and socialising, and drinking, and buying stuff, living well, cheaply & easily, and having an awful lot of friends who not only do I (obviously) get on with rather well, but they all seem to mingle very well, too. --- Life, as they say, could hardly be better. So in payment for all this joy and frivolity in life - or possibly even as a result of it - I seem to suck teh ballxx0rs at airsoft most of the time It might not seem like an even tradeoff for a life of almost constant pleasure, but man, I seriously suck!!! At our less-than-favourite skirmish site my compadre Sir Bosworth of Britain (or just plain `Bozz, you know, that dodgy black geezer` as most real people call him) still managed to seriously prod buttock, so much so that he was offered a place in both regular teams that were there on Sunday; the Black Knights (hence the first title) and also Section 8: who are made up of serving and ex-members of the armed forces! The black knights would do well to have him, just so's he can have his own special badge that tells the whole world that he is, in fact "The Blackest Knight" But I didn't kick *albartroth*, nor prod buttock, and I would really love to be able to storm positions and assault defences and do all that good stuff without getting shot like a dog within 50 yards of the objective, which does seem to happen rather a lot in my airsofting life. I may well have been under-the-influence still from the night before (and rather interesting the story behind that is, as you'll see if you read again tomorrow) but even so getting killed 9 times while only taking one other player out all day is rather a shocking discrepancy. Its not like the first bloody skirmish I've ever been to ferchrissakes!! My SL8 outranges most other people on the field!?!! I was wearing all my best MARPAT and Tan gear - doesn't that sh*t make you run faster and stuff anyway!!!!? Actually, it IS possible that everyone on the opposing team was trying to hunt down "that twat doing an impression of Ghost Reckon lol rofl arf" which is, apparently, what a guy looks like if he turn up wearing MARPAT with highlights of Boots, Belt, Lanyard & Sling in, you guessed it, Tan. Mmmmmm Taaaaaaannn *rubs thighs* Whatever the reason, what I actually think of it is this: I am glad that I make the enemy happy. I am more than happy myself to provide a target for those guys, and by my losing their winning is increased. Call it karma, call it extra-fair play, call it cosmic balance and the egalitarian counterweight to my indulgent and debauched lifestyle, I just like to think of it as Giving Something Back
  9. Guest

    Fight! TM Mk23 Vs. Mz P99

    Mk23 NBB Vs. P99 NBB . Broadly speaking, because the differences in quality and noise volume are slight, there is one simple thing to work this out for yourself: Get the P99 if you want a small-sized handgun, get the Mk23 if you want a very large-framed handgun. This is the most important difference and the one that will influence your appreciation of whichever gun you go for. One thing worth adding to regarding the size or grip is that the P99 has a very ergonomic and pointable grip - the Mk23,m like the USPs, is a damn good texture and considering its squarishness it is very serviceable, but the P99 grip is more comfortable by quite a long way. Score one (small point) to Maruzen! - I say forget the `Bond Vs Snake` concept or argument (just this once) because for one thing Bond would totally destroy that mulleted ponce in a fight (and easily drink him under the table, too ) and also because you don't tend to look too much at your own gun when you're playing Its rather more important, I find, to watch your surroundings teammates, and enemies if you can! - Both are capable of taking green gas, both worked exceptionally well with almost no faults arising from acceptable use (i.e. not as a bottle-opener/cosh/sextoy/snorkel), both are incredibly quiet and both come in nice shiny cutaway-foam cases The differences apart from the size are: The P99 feels nice and solid, the Mk23 feels a little more `loose` and a lot more like Plastic. Of course both are plastic anyway but the P99 feels as if its made more solid, and of nicer plastic. The slide on the Mk23 can be racked for the first shot, which is mostly pointless but quite cool. It has an external hammer too which therefore affects the following semi-critical detail; The trigger pull on the Mk23 is immensely long, but you can cock the hammer on each shot and make it immensely short. The P99 has no hammer and the trigger travel is about halfway between the two options on the Mk23, so on the P99 you a] cannot choose to have the lighter trigger, but b] don't ever have to cock it each time to make that possible anyway. If you plan on making more shots, more accurately (on aggregate), & more quickly then the P99 is for you. (taking on small groups fairly close-to while on your own is the advantageous situation for the Maruzen P99) If you plan on making fewer shots, more carefully, and more slowly, but with extreme accuracy, the Mk23 is for you. (Taking on single enemies or pairs of them at longer distances, generally while on your own, is the advantageous situation for Marui's Mk23.) - Both guns come with a tactical light, both use batteries hard (not cheap, then) and are generally unnecessary. If I had to hand it to one of them for the taclight it would go to the P99 simply because the switches are finger-controlled via your trigger finger and do not need the use of your other hand. Also you would generally use the lights indoors in CQB, and the P99 is a fair bit shorter than the Mk23 both with and without the silencers, so it would be marginally easier to use inside cramped doorways and corridoors, etc. etc. Overall I rate the P99 slightly higher than the Mk23 because of: The rigidity & feel of the plastic The shorter, more practical length The standard, consistent trigger pull The tighter, more ergonomic grip Bond, James bond. Remember the name my dear, you'll be screaming it later
  10. Jesus tapdancing Christ I spent a lot last week. Now not included within this is my new skirmish rifle: I have a new AEG in the STAR SL-8, and man, I love it. Its taken the pride of place that the AICS up until recently had occupied, although being totally differenty systems I can still find places in my battered, shadowy heart for them both But as to the spendyness, well since Friday last I have purchased (all online): MARPAT trousers, & shirt, & bandana Guarder pistol lanyard .50 cal ammo box for storage stuff gas & ammo - £85 from Flecktarn. My first geardo gear!! well its proper camo, for once, and a s**t-load better than a sticky, sweaty £3.50 NBC suit from eBay The best bit though is that I chose to accesorise.... with TAN *ominous music plays* Yeah I got a bit of a hard-on for anything tan right now, I blame Dave from when he chucked a free half-can of Krylon paint at me, and it just happened to be Desert Khaki flavour. Uh-oh.... Now I can't get enough of the stuff, and after molesting my weird-*albatross* MP5 SD5-thingy with it I have turned my evil eye to my combat gear, such as it is. And as it is now, its pretty goddamned cool Last week I also bought (and used on Sunday last): Funky poncy fag lighter of total unnecessaryness LED Torch Karabiner thing. Again, pointless beyond measure, but it has a bottle opener on it TAN (woohoo!) Baseball cap TAN (see above) Pistol belt - £27 from Surplus & Outdoors. Now in addition to this, and with remarkable foresight, I also acquired a TAN bungee sling by Guarder (or maybe the ICE Action knockoff thereof) and, also, the ultimate accesory, a TAN-framed KSC USP. The circle is almost complete.... it only required: Oakley assault boots, in, guess what, averyfetchingshadeofTAN! - £76 from POLIMIL. hehehe And, of course, the week simply wouldn't be complete without a couple of new guns, so from the venerable GnG I just had to buy: Marui MP7 & charger kit Hudson M3A1 grease gun - GBB smg!! Maruzen P38 GBB - £348 from Guns 'n' Guys. Phew. But wait, I also had to get my display boxes mission under-way, didn't I? so I bought: 6 square metres of packaging foam - £32 from SM Foam. Spendy enough for ya? Well, of course, we had that little piece of news regarding the VCR bill and our exemption from it (whatever that may amount to be) and yes, of course, Dave & I had to go out on the p*** in town and I managed to cane about: - £100, in LOTS of bars. Pheonix360mute then had this little master-plan of betting those damned threaded 1911 barrels from the rather obtuse Poweredge USA, and that cost me another little chunk: 1911 Threaded Barrel - £35 from P360M. Anything else? Oh yeah, Amazon came to my attention and I had myself: Underworld Evolution, HEAT, Rio Bravo and, bizarrely, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on DVD this week (still not watched Rio Bravo, need to get mah wheelguns out for that while I sit down with a nice bottle o' scotch ): 4 DVDs - £30 from Amazon eBay hasn't sucked anything out of me for a while: I know: TAN gloves!! - £about a fiver, from eHobbyasia And by now I was a little short of cash, and had to buy the £40-worth of fireworks with the foreman's money at work (hey, it was a damn good deal. You can't just turn down that kind of deal, alright? ) and am, as a result, very nearly £40 down. Good job payday its tommorow eh? - Would I have normally spent that much? Nope. I didn't really buy anything the week before, and had the cash from then still lying about so I kinda went a bit nuts. However, I did stop to appreciate what I had bought in total before I fully realised how much more use that lot would have been going into my savings funds: there comes a time for real responsibility and when you gotta kick your own *albartroth* into making it happen then it does become rather easier to procrastinate. Nevertheless, I gotta stop being *quite* so free 'n' easy with the readies; some semblance of self-control has to be established. Tomorrow
  11. The thumbhole stocks are breeding.... after the sheer wonderfulness of the Tanaka A.I.C.S. I thought about how awesome that thumbhole actually felt, so I had to go and purr-chase meself one of the G36 sniper range - either an SL-8 (blue/grey, funky, civilianised) or the SL-9 (grey/black, sleeky, militarised). I plumped for the unique colour of the SL8, and that rail that extends unfeasibly far over the front of the gun. Thing is, to get an SL8, you really only have one choice: STAR Airsoft *DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN* ! ! ! Aww c'mon, they ain't that bad are they? No, no they're not. But then again they ain't cheap, either. Are they worth it? Lets find out... - The finish of the STAR is superior to Classic Army and Marui, no doubt about it. The quality of the texture and solidity of the material in general is nothing less than exceptional, you are paying a premium for the quality of materials, it seems. But doesn't it have a plastic inner frame or something? Quite likely - the sight rail on top is ALL PLASTIC, the sight blocks are plastic, and the frame the rail is connected to is, in all likelihood, plastic also. I personally don't give a flying *fruitcage* about any of that, as long as it works And it does work. Rather well, in fact: I would estimate its available range at about 160feet with some hopup adjustment, and you (or `I`, or `they`) could drop shots onto people at ranges of 200 feet or more, if using .2 BBs. I think I'm gonna try .25s in her at the next game, but as it is I think its safe to say that this puppy comes out of the box firing at about 350-360fps, which is nice for a lot of people and is fine for me at GZ, where the limit is 350. Downtuning is advised for all users where applicable limits are lower of course, so this may be a bugger if that's the case for you Overall I am very impressed with it, as a game-ready weapon as well as a stunning display piece, and I want to make it my standard skirmish rifle for a while if I can remember to really give it a chance to `play the whole course` as it were. Having tried the UZI for a few games I am delighted to now have something with both decent range and usable sights and also a gun that reinforces the idea of man=gun; gun=man, grrrrrr, rarrrr etc. which, at the end of the day, isn't easy to do when wielding a power-deficient, stock plastic gun that simply doesn't have the range to hit the enemy hard, nor the ergonomic excellence to counter it's own faults by being intuitive to aim and use. The SL8 has both of these in abundance. A scope on the SL8 really brings it to life, and if I could just sort some high-mounts and use the ironsights underneath the scope then I really would be laughing As it is, I'm using an M4 riser mount-block under the regular scope rings to bring the whole affair about 20mm higher up, simply because I like the cheekpiece high and the scope high to match as it reduces strain on one's shoulder, and with this `wee bugger` weighing about 4 kilos with a scope on, I reckon anyhow, then easing the stress on one's limbs is definitely a plus point! Overall I think the STAR SL8, at £270 delivered from HK, is expensive for an AEG and for that money one could have had almost any other AEG, or, for example, 2 MP7s, or 2 UZIs, 2MP5Ks, 2 SIG552s, 2, in fact, of any of the cheaper TM AEGs. Also one could have most of the G&G, SRC, and Classic Army range for the same or even less money, so although for me this is a very worthwhile purchase, if you are after a solid and skirmish-ready rifle for exclusive use for a long time then another, more internally metallised gun is probably gonna be for you. Then again, stock guns rarely break, and they are designed in the manner that they are for good reasons (i.e. that they do work like that) so I would even suggest to all the fans and devotees of metal-only guns that they may do well to actually TRY a stock internally-plastic gun until it DOES give up the ghost, and see how well it compares to one that has been tinkered with and altered in every imaginable way - Other than that: I've literally just opened a package containing a Hudson M3A1 grease gun, a Marui MP7 (at last!! ) and a Maruzen P-38. So far, on Impressive Points (IP ) the Walther P-38 is winning, although to be fair I knew how good the MP7 was already and it would have usurped the Maruzen easily because it (the MP7) frankly is exceptionally good quality even for a Marui gun. I plan to detail these more as I've fired them, but I can say now that the similarity of the Walther P-38 to the Beretta 92 series is quite remarkable; the slide is a cutaway design much like the signature 96/92/84/1934 etc. slides; the slide release is oh-so-reminiscient of the M84 Cheetah slidestop; the safety is almost identical to the larger Berettas, and is a FULL decocker as well; and the trigger bar on the right-side of the gun moves suspiciously similarly to the Beretta. But who, it must be asked, copied whom? ..... .....
  12. Whew - well the VCRB-related news is good, just have a few queries and a few good points to mention fom the main thread in the VCRB forum. Firstly (in response to Pablo mentioning the closure of the entire VCRB forum) I think the forum SHOULDN'T in essence be closed when the details of our exemption are finalised, but just renamed or amalgamated into a new forum relating to fact that the law will have changed regarding RIFs, and therefore we will still be directly affected!! Whether this becomes a forum regarding the licensing or registration or membership or whatever, or just a sticky thread in General Discussion, we will still need something to deal with the issues that arise from the changes we are about to undertake. Just being a picky b****** you understand Other things worth mentioning, said by others in the thread so I paraphrase here - "....its been made crystal clear that a few ill behaved berks and a lull in media bug-bears is all it takes to ###### on our chips in the future....while our interest is protected there are a lot of law-abiding people outside of airsoft who won't be getting an exemption, and they've no more misbehaved than we have. This makes us a minority of a minority, and we'll be a minority with harmless toy guns that will get all of the focus of the folks who don't want our harmless toy guns to exist. Being a smaller minority, we'll be more vulnerable to future knee-jerk legislation, and we'll be under closer scrutiny. ..all of the effort that the ABA have put into this needs to be backed up with positive action from this point on....I do remember the last time there was a focus on trying to ban airsoft and it was a debacle. In-fighting and buggering about. This time we'd have been stuffed if it wasn't for the united front that got presented by the ABA and the airsoft community - We still might find we have a very narrow path to tread on. We certainly need to remember to make sure our postion remains as unassailable as possible from here on in or I reckon it'll be Hello Kitty M4's all round by 2010." --- Asher. Simply put, I couldn't agree with these points any more; we have a responsibility to uphold the image of airsofters that is right and true, thanks to everyone involved, especially Minimiman, we have that image in the eyes of those that matter. It is a sad fact that the same pressures now afflict others, and if we have the strength to help ourselves we can turn that power towards helping others - BUT - a great deal of thought needs to be put into who, and how, we airsofters may choose to help. - "I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but, two points: 1. The " I trust you will ensure that airsoft doesn't become a nuisance etc " line worries me. Do they expect us to be responsible for everybody who buys a BB gun ? Or is it a case of you can have an exemption but the next time there is an incident.... 2. What conditions will apply? Let's face it, the Government don't give nothing for free. Will all airgun suppliers have to be licensed - a license costing £1000's? Will mail order sales be banned ? Will BB guns have to be bright pink, yellow or orange to differentiate from real guns? Will we buyers have to apply for a license?" --- lovejoy. I'm not wishing to cause any offence here but lovejoy's post neatly encapsulates the concerns with the bill that I think we have put behind us - in principal at least. According to the wording and logical conclusions of the cases for and against the VCR bill, these points are all now null (unless my hangover is destroying my logic and/or memory more than I realise!) Tidied it a bit for grammar & general curtness but the points remain - Licensing I am more than happy to take part in and, up to a point of reasonable expense, pay for. A license that costs over £65 annually is a blatant cash cow as far as I am concerned, and is rather unreasonable considering the 20,000 airsofters registered just to this website alone (hey - not all of them can be MI5 agents and journalists ). Licensing will not only provide a credible reference for retailer, site and Police checks, but also be something that I personally would be proud to own. A membership, a symbol of unity; a patch on my metaphorical sleeve. Plus it looks good on a CV and with a bit of camp luck it'll be an actuald card-license an' come wiv pretty colours an' ribbons an' glitter on it an' everyfing Mail order sales should be unaffected, simplybecause the sale is the key issue, not the method of purchase or the specific retailer. There is no reason to consider this one as a problem I don't believe; its worth mentioning as obviously its one of those concerns that naturally arises. The colour is the main issue of concern for many - but again the bill and our exemption relate specifically to Realistic Imitations, and as we can show, and indeed have shown, we have the sense of responsibility to use them properly and therefore, again, this issue should be one that is already behind us That said, I have found that the use of the word `therefore` in any discussion or debate is potentially fatal, so I am leaving the metaphorical door (lot of metaphors in here today *swats buzzing simile* aren't there? ) open on this one - this could, and likely is if the Home Office isn't being entirely transparent, the most important issue that remains. - "That's great news...I guess. At least it means we won't have to deal with some silly and, I hasten to add, ridiculous registration scheme any time in the near future. Now, I'd like to propose someone bake a cake to celebrate. It'll only cost- Just kidding " --- Marlowe. I couldn't not include this as I laughed my *albatross* off when I read it, worth mentioning as I too was guilty of the same level of skepticism that afflicted Hissing Sid in relation to the ABA, influenced in no small part at the time by his constant battering of them, I must say. Hand on heart: I was wrong to doubt them and to let my despair at the threat of the VCRB overcome the belief and uspport that I, too should have given to the ABA, and for that I am extremely sorry (and well aware of how much of a twat I look now in the face of this result! ). So that, boys and girls, is the face of it, for now at least. There are very few apparent concerns that I haven't mentioned yet and none more that I have pondered myself (I am rather hungover from celebrating it all last night mind you, so I may have quite a bit to say by tomorrow ) so I hope those of you who have come from the thread itself can use this as one man's summary and disputation of the issues raised
  13. Big news of the day (well, year) is, of course, that we have an exception from the Violent Crime Reduction Bill - that is, subject to conditions as yet undisclosed we will retain the right to own our airsoft guns, protected by law, safe and secure. How pleased are we? WOOHOOOOO!!!! I'm leaving the debate to brew and boil regarding the details and the almost inevitable conditions that will be forced upon us, and I need to go out and celebrate my newfound freedoms alongside (and indeed, with) my oldfound drinkishness, so in the meantime I'll see what people have to say about it all and get more in-depth reporting done when I have time! Other news relating to me and my lot is available, but a] I'm *fruitcage* ing busy running the company right now and b} compared to news like this, no-one really gives a flying f**k Happy, happy days
  14. Having bought the Tanaka AICS very recently and also having a fondness for anything in the hue of Tan (mmmmm, Tan ) I am a little p***ed off that Tanaka have now released a bloody Tan coloured bloody AICS just 2 weeks after I bought mine. So whaddya gonna do? I'm tempted to get that one too (I was almost considering getting another OD AICS - they're that good - so maybe it'll actually prove to be an extremely fortuitous release!) but before I get too slap-happy with the cash-caddy a couple of other things that have happened recently in the realm of airsoft editions & releases are starting to p*** me off, too. I am a wee bit miffed also that G&G are releasing an L85/SA80 as well, only finding out since (the day after) I had confirmed with GunsNGuys that I would buy the AFV sub-carbine if they bought one in especially for me - I guess that's just unfortunate timing, and perhaps more importanly a case of me being unobservant, but even more unfortunate is the fact I totally missed the announcement of an ICS L85 as well!! Hmm. I guess I'll just have to hope that the STAR isn't gonna snap in half at the first skirmish But thats just an aside from the real meat 'n' potatoes of the day: I have fitted a silencer onto the M700 AICS. Oh yeah. Its sooooooooo preposterously cool I can't hardly get over it (I really can't get over it, in fact) because it not only looks the Pooch's Particulars, it now also sounds like a constipated gnat farting through a cushion in a highly exclusive gnat restaurant where its doing it's very best to hide it. Probably. I'm kinda surmising that gnats have anything in the way of table manners besides sicking up on your lunch and reingesting it, or indeed restaurants, for that matter, but you catch my drift. It whispers. Like a bloody mime artist. And they said it couldn't be done.... ? Actually I said it couldn't be done, repeatedly, for some reason - mostly because I hadn't actually looked properly at the parts in question, but mostly because I hadn't had the gumption to remove the barrel and properly try it out Again I am confounded by my own laziness and again I get to embarass myself before my peers but hey: at the end of the day I now have a suppressed AICS and to be honest, if they think any less of me because of it then my peers can swivel Tee hee hee I also have the rather wonderful M3 Shorty with the Smokeys rear pistol grip installed, and goddamn it is nice, but in itself the gun is rather more wonderful than a] my fitting skills and b] the material quality of the Smokeys grip as I, Upon discovering that the grip lacks 2 grooves in the interior required to fit onto the stock tube on the Shorty, took first a drill and secondly a chisel to the inside of the pistol grip with rather more enthusiasm than actual skill or care, and I've put a bloody great hole right through the side of it Oops... The quality of plastic isn't great though, and the grip is specifially designed for the Marui M3 series (it doesn't fit on either the shorty of the full-size without modification) so I'm wondering what exactly goes through the heads of manufacturers when they consider the design of aftermarket parts that actually don't work with the product they are sold to work with: is it some worldwide conspiracy to drive up the international skill level of hobbyist? Is it a ploy in conjunction with Black & Decker to sell more drills, chisels and hammers? Hmmm. Investigations continue, but I think its got to be one or the other *dons tinfoil helmet* On top of that I have to pen a quick note about that Tanaka M629 Performance Centre Target Hunter; its really rather great, it really is. The quality of action is; dare I utter such an accolade; on a par with their SAA series - it feels exceptionally crisp and clean, no sign of anything apart from pure mechanical perfection, shame about a couple of scuffs on the frame but I can blame the Hong Kong export policy (`Send 'em the scrappy ones 'coz they most likely ain't gonna bother returning it all the way back to us`) for that I guess Fantastic gun though, real Hogue grips as well and they are the best I've ever held, definitely better than anything else I've tried in fact, really, really excellent to feel, totally intuitive to aim, and the gun itself is very accurate. Capped a spider in my room last night after only idly aiming at it; aside from the miniscule (and debatably appropriate) guilt at destroying any kind of life it felt pretty damned cool to hit something so small with such ease So I am very chuffed, despite the be-chiselling I have inflicted upon my new M3 Grip ($64 for another one so I think I'll just be filling it with araldite and giving it a spray!) and most of that is because of the simply awesome performance, aesthetics, customisability* and ergonomics of the M700 AICS. I really might have to get another one, that Tan edition is looking pretty damned sweet right now *I demand that we have a better word than this!! I couldn't find anything out there and the synonyms provided by dictionary.com seem unable to provide a suitable answer or appropriate form. Surely there must be a better word than this (which doesn't actually feature in the dictionary, and in any case is far too clunky for a proper English word )
  15. For varying reasons I am both happy and sad that I'll be getting a Marui M3 shorty in a day or two. If I'd said `another marui M3 shorty` you might guess one reason why I'm not so happy about it, and a further irritation is the fact that I bought it only so that I could bosh a Smokeys rear grip to it and have an actual nice-looking Shorty M3 So after trying to fit it onto my full-size M3 I can see its gonna need some bloody awkward drilling, but hey-ho; this is merely an inconvenience of technicality - the real aggrievance is one of immorality. So after all this time (about 18 months) I can safely say a couple of things: one being that your airsoft stuff might (just might, if you don't watch it all the time) get stolen if you go to Combat South. Much sadness of faces But its true, my M3 Shorty was stolen when I went to CSU at Fort Widley and unsurprisingly I haven't been since. The Ironing (read: Irony) of this is that I once falsely accused CSW (Combat South Woodland of being full of cheats, only to be told later that I wasn't even at that site when I played that first time & saw the flagrant abuse of the honour rules. In my defence I had no idea and the site under discussion the day before was in fact CSW and not the old Ambush place at Chobham; I was being driven somewhere, on a stinking hangover, with people who had been airsofting for ages and it was the first game I ever went to. I had an excuse, I didn't know- I diiidnn'tt knnnooooooowwww!!!! Now I will say this also, and that is that I wasn't watching that gun when it was half-inched (meaning `pinched` for all you non-wannabe-cockneys) but really, should I *fruitcage* ing have to??? Talk about an abuse of trust, and with such a small group as well it kinda limits it rather tragically to one of about 15 people, no more than that. And in case one might think that one of the guys I was with nicked it - hah, no. I searched both cars we came in myself in case it had been chucked under anything, so no - another player had that away I'm afraid, and the rather lacklustre response from CSW further compounds the issue because I called them no less than 3 times about having a look for it and each time I was told someone would go to the fort and look for it. Each time I called to check afterwards they had failed to do so and failed to say why, so if you didn't want any bad press, lads, you should have done what you said you were going to do or just not have mislead a paying customer If you can't do it fair enough, but lying to me as well just makes the whole enterprise seem shoddy. - But anyway, on with the good news This parcel contains not only an M3 Shorty but also my first smooth-cylindered revolver. Yay!! The Tanaka S&W (Yes, another one for the Smith & Wesson Collection) M629 Performance Centre Target Hunter SV HeavyWeight is one funky looking gun, I think you'll agree, and if the coolness of the gun is directly proportional to the length of it's name then I'm definitely in for a treat This really should be enough wheelguns for me, I got this in lieu of the Colt Python which really will have to be the last one if I get it (and I hope by crikey that Tanaka release a midnight blue or, even better, a twilight chromium version so I can avoid the apparently slightly unimpressive silver finish) and then, yes, I've said it before, I know, but I really mean it this time, I have to slow down with the guns-buying. Really. Honest. Also arriving soon - a Desert Eagle with the conversely spangly silver finish that Tanaka would have done well to replicate on the Python, as I've seen these Chrome DEs everywhere and by god they am teh sechs, I mean really: can anyone think of any gun thats comes stock with more built-in pimpness??!? I didn't think so. That'll make my dual-fisted combos up to a total of about 8 or 9 now, matched guns at least if not the actual colours or finishes (or possibly compensators/silencers in one or two cases ) so thats pretty groovy to say the least. The damn battery problem still plagues me, I regret to say; I've got 4 dischargers coming with that load of guns and it blatantly wont get here until Thursday - leaving me a whole 3 nights to actually charge and discharge about 10 batteries in time for Sunday. I have a sneaking suspicion it is all gonna go wrong, the damn inconvenient timing of confirming this order at 9:00am on Saturday meant GnG didn't send it until yesterday, and I simply wont have the comfortable amount of time to sort out the batteries in that I was hoping for. but hey I'll just charge mine and everyone else can flounder around all day Only kidding......or am I? Is he joking? Is he? Ah you're too easy.. All I have to complain about now is that the mighty GnG can't customise the pair of KSC 93RIIs that I'm getting for a friend, so either we can have a go ourselves or (shock!! Horror!!) buy them from somewhere else. Oh well. Addendum: My apologies if this post is both boring and mildly pointless by the way and you were hoping for something more entertaining, I'm really just using it as an excuse to not think about work for 1/2 an hour while someone else can take the stress on board for a while instead. Toodle pip!
  16. Good things come to those who wait, and I've waited long enough. I figured a good thing or two was on the cards and my prayers have been answered (thanks, Satan) and the M700 AICS was finally re-released by Tanaka. Thank *fruitcage*. Now I don't have to buy an APS2 Type96 bloody spring rifle and throw another £250 at it just to make it almost as good as this Incidentally, I'm actually writing most of this up from an internet cafe for which I am paying by the hour just to bring you the wonderful news. I may've had to find something to do in the 2 hours after work between my driving lesson and my date tonight anyway, but I hope you nonetheless appreciate the effort So: how good is this A.I.C.S McDoobrie then? Pretty *fruitcage* ing sweet actually; I have never held an airsoft gun that feels as real. Seriously. Its as solid as the proverbial rock, a misnomer used almost as cringe-inducingly often as the word `classic` *shudders*, yet this time it really is that strong. I am loathe to pick it up by the barrel and swing it about just in case my £350 rifle does incurr some damage - it would be pretty bloody stupid to end up damaging such a beautiful gun by trying (and failing) to prove that you can't damage it like that (ooh, the ironing ) so I wont bother this time. As it happens, I really can't see any actual problem with doing that, and thats perfectly good enough for me! The feel of the thing - ye gods - maybe its just the pistol-angle grip or the novelty of a thumbhole stock (next gun is the STAR SL-8 so I will have another thumbhole to compare it with soon) but this baby just feels Right. I mean Proper. Correct. 100% Appropriate for whatever it is you happen to be doing. I can see myself making dinner for someone and having this to hand, I can see myself writing on holiday with this by my desk, I can see the AICS beside me as I surf at Bournemeouth beach, and I'm finding it impossible to stop imagining myself sat in a bush at Ground Zero training it upon a camp, building or base as the hapless occupants fall to my BBs one by one The big question of course is: how well does it perform? Well as usual I've failed to get much in the way of technical data but I'll tell you what I know. The PCS (Power Control System) within this gun is designed, as you would imagine, to control the power of your shots. At the moment it is turned to the lowest setting. The gun seems to shoot about 150 feet with .23s pretty much *perfectly* on target (okay my scope is off, but the shot placings are consistent.) using green gas with the hop on full. I haven't even used about 2/3rds of its power yet. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I'm expecting, after possibly a tightbore barrel and new, higher scope rings and scope adjustment, and tweaking the PCS, hop and toying with BB weights, to easily be on the site limit at GZ of *ahem* *cough* 328+172fps *cough* and hitting people at ranges of up to 250 feet One funny thing is, though, that when you first look at the gun the whole stock/frame is made from 2 pieces and the joins, or rather, the failure of the 2 halves to cohesively join, is shockingly bad and frighteningly noticeable. There are parts of the stock at the rear that show gaps of up to 3/4mm between the halves and no indication whatsoever that they might one day seat together as on would expect they should. Does this matter much? Does it hell. Pick up the AICS for any longer than a dozen nanoseconds and all is forgiven - not only can you not see the gaps as they are on the underside of the stock (although seam lines are blatant all around it) but also that unequivocally pales into insignificance once you have this thing in thine bless't paws; shouldering it again produces further schoolgirlesque squeaks of delight because it simply feels like the coolest toy known to man, woman or child. And lets face it; It is Goddamn I want some pictures up here to show it off, its so nice. I sat it up on its Versapod (big props to G&P on the Versapod while we're here in fact, I'll have to see how it stands up to use & abuse in games but its really, really good so far. For only HKD350 - £26.25 - it is fantastic value for money as a solid adjustable bipod that has enough swing/tilt/pivot movement for anyone. Strong springs on the legs and firm ratchet mechanismss on the extendable legs as well - plus you can snap it on & off the bipod adaptor in less than a secong making it ideal for use as a scout/sniper's weapon, which for me is just perfect.) and with the Marui proscope on and the stock pads & cheekpad adjusted for me, its a true thing of beauty and awe. I even said to Shard when I got it "the best thing is; it looks like its not mine. Its that cool." I find that, after I buy any gun so far apart from this, it feels like something I've had for ages, years, eons; after about an hour of ownership it becomes something I have become aclimatised to completely and the novelty has totally worn off (The TM M14 and CA M249 are the only ones that had that novelty for more than about a day). This gun still has the halo of the unattainable, the sheen and shimmer of that which we long for but secretly believe to be too good for us, to be out of our reach, and rightfully so: my Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S still feels like I don't even own it yet
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    Assault & Battery II

    Woah - Arnies bloggers seem to be breeding or something (an idea I take umbrage with seeing as I ain't getting any action from it ) as bo0mer (what? Changed his name? Oh, right ) Sorry, Belladonna has joined the bloglist, as has the Mighty Moderating Powerhungry Ranger that is R22Master. Welcome, gentlemen, welcome indeed Hmm. Less than 24 hours until I have a Tanaka M700 AICS in my inevitably sweaty fisties. MMMMmmm-MMmmm yessirey, thats gonna make me into one big-*albartroth* real-life smiley: one happy muddyfunster indeed Versa-pod & Marui proscope ready to roll too, I should have a pretty cool sniper rifle ready for the next game - and by hell its been a while! I feel like I haven't skrim'ed for eons; this is a problem that requires rectifying. And herein lies the problem... I just can't be arsed to charge batteries. Again. This one thing has kept me from going to at least 2 skirmishes in the time since I last did actually make it. Of all the bloody simple things I could do with my time I still wont ever charge a battery off my own back; I don't even procrastinate about it like I do about other things I normally want to avoid or put off; I simply do not register it as a task worthy of my attention - it Does Not Make The List. In fact I would rather, in my mind (and before my wallet registers it's vote on the matter), just buy new batteries at this point even though the last ones are totally (well, mostly) salvagable. I know that spending a couple of hours sat down working charge times out for them all and getting them all cued up and ready to charge wouldn't be difficult. Not difficult. Just nigh-on impossible. This has to be a case of some bizarre tropical disease, right? Found among the fecund swamps of a seductive equitorial paradise/nightmare is one crazy little bug bloated with insidious poisons that attack whatever part of our consciousness that generates rationality, cutting it off from the world at large without showing any otherwise signs of illness?? Actually, its not anywhere near as unlikely/ridiculous/narratively superfluous; there are 2 good reasons why I haven't bothered to simply discharge and charge the batteries for over 2 months now, and one of them is that I can't discharge them too well without a discharger. Well, without an easily comprehendable charger that doesn't require the combined intuition of a coach-load of feminists to even work out (stand up, TLP Pro-charger, ya worthless sack o' faeces!). The other good reason is that I'm a tiny wee bit miffed, disheartened, and generally unhappy at the inauspicious prospects of the skirmish for which I am a-battery a-charging; namely that I have to put all the effort into other people's days out, and that I will be doing so after I'm already being really quite useful for them & their prospects of weekend entertainment, when you think about it, & certainly quite amenable about doing quite a lot of people quite a lot of favours I do love to help people out in any way I reasonably can, and I love to bring something to people that they both enjoy for what it is and also probably wouldn't have known or done if it wasn't for me. Thats great, its a good thing to do and may somehow help to counterbalance all the evil Karma I've amassed from my years of debauchery and sin That doesn't cut quite so much ice with my internal monitor, however, who clocks all the expenditure, time, effort and `skill` *internal monitor stifles a laugh* I've spent on Any Given Sunday and just doesn't see the credits coming back on the balance sheet to work it all out. I don't want paying and I don't want overt gratitude, but to see that people have been inspired enough to sort some of the process or equipment out themselves: well thats all anyone would need to see to know that its all worthwhile, and that new people now understand and genuinely appreciate the sport But it does kinda get on top of you, and being aware of the situation as a whole subconsciously prevents any furtherance of it: spending god knows how long trying to work out the correct charge rates on a charger that seems to make no sense, remembering that I had to pay for the equipment and guns in the first place & then get it all set up for each game for each person, having to troubleshoot the gear and guns of up to half-a-dozen people for 6 hours, and then have the problems that have arisen therefrom in the form of repairs, cleaning (which really just does not happen due to the same, silly situation). Its all just a question of practicality, really, and until I have 6 people with a clear idea of what they are going to use and how to get it all ready AND how to get their backup batteries, mags, food/drink supplies, fag lighters, ammo, gas, comms, duck tape, maps, plans, orders and headspace together without any prompting or resupply from me, I'll find myself a little bit under pressure!! Damnit next time I'm just going with Shard & Jas, people who actually know what they're doing All I want is to play soldiers in some woods somewhere is that so much to aaaaasssskkkkk???!! Ahem. So I'm getting this AICS right, did I mention that already? Actually I've even not-quite-recovered from the recent barrage of purchases and I'm happy as anything with my shiny new M945, Delta Elite, SW1911, Police Positive and Scoremaster. Its GBB heaven round at mine at the moment, just hoping this little rant can help clear some headspace so I might get around to having the gear all ready for the next possible skirmish
  18. Wow, 'Hippy got some actual Airsoft stuff to talk about, huh?? Yeah I know its been lacking lately, despite the purchases I have actually been making (I did mention that WA Beretta Scoremaster I got, didn't I? Well its beautiful, so there ). So now I have some truly wonderful news; thanks to the mighty Snowman (No, not my local Coke-dealer ) I will finally have one of the guns I had forever written off as unattainable - the much-prized and highly sought-after Maruzen Skorpion, A.K.A. the VZ61... ...What's that comic-book-guy quote from The Simpsons? - "There is no emoticon for what I am feeling right now!!" Yeah I'm pretty chuffed. I considered deploying the smiley, followed by the and the and then the smiley, finishing off with a rather cheeky , but then I realised that I would be running out of 'em for the whole entry as its 10-per-post only, and thats about all of them already Well now it is, anyway. Well we'll just have to live without them for a little while, won't we? Good good. Well I have even more good news today because the Smith & Wesson Collection now nears completion, as the KSC M945 is out for delivery today after I paid the Villainous Autocratic Theft, err, I mean Value Added Tax, on the parcel yesterday via the charming Parcel Force. More on this later in fact... But for now I can say that with the M945 the S&W lot is pretty comprehensive; and while by no means being complete, I label it as such because it covers all the necessary areas of their range as far as I see it; std-size automatics, compact autos, famous-model copies, and then large, medium and small-framed revolvers. So as it stands the lot now (including what arrives today) comprises; M36 `Chief’s Special` .38 (Tanaka) M65 FBI .357 (Tanaka) M629 .44 (Tanaka) M500 .500 (Tanaka) M4013 TSW .40 (Western Arms) M945 .*** [9mm?] (KSC) SW1911 DX .45 (Western Arms) (Please pardon the low-res pics from my phone) Which makes me happy to have a fairly comprehensive range to display, and should make a fine addition to The Armoury when I eventually get around to building it. In fact I may even have more Smith & Wesson guns lurking in the far corners of my collection, but until I properly catalogue them all and have the full details of each laid out then I honestly wont know for sure! - Also in this package comes a Colt Police Positive revolver – a favourite since watching gangster films of the 1920s/1930s era (or at least set around the ‘30s) – which should give me incentive enough to try and get a decent Colt collection together as well (plus giving me the perfect excuse to buy a Tanaka Python). And also, the first couple of bits of Tan gear I am getting. I do believe I’ll be starting some sick kind of Tan fetish soon as I’ve spotted a whole load of bits and bobs that I think will be extremely useful, but more importantly will make me look coordinated. Did I really say that? Christ I must be getting weirder/geardier than I thought.
  19. Did I say charming? Yeah, and I actually meant it as well, which may come as a surprise but I have come to the opinion of late that the old buggers at ParcelForce really aren't that bad - of all the horror stories I have heard I have never had any of the relevant problems myself, and to be honest I think a lot of it simply comes down to how you deal with them: I always get what I want by being polite and very pleasant, but obstinate enough to get what I want to happen, happen.. Last Thursday I called to find details of my latest parcel, and although I was on hold for 6 or 7 minutes at first I take this simply as a sign that they are actually working, so its fair enough that I may wait for an answer. Then they tried to claim that I had outstanding charges of £155-odd; when in fact I knew it was only £62 thanks to a previous call and conversation with one of the friendly lasses down there that morning; the other £93 having been paid by the inestimable Mr Shard a couple of weeks ago in cash, so their records obviously hadn't been amended at the time. Now this could have been a bone of contention, but all I did was politely explain what had in fact happened and that I would most certainly not be giving any more than the requisite £62 to the gruff gentleman who tried to insist that I pay twice for what I had already received, thanks all the same for the offer but I’ll just hold onto that money o’ mine for now thanks, no really, you will not be getting more out of me after this latest one, honestly. Honestly, I don’t really mind what you think about it but, you see, I’m actually HOLDING the contents of this parcel you seem to think I haven’t paid for yet, so, you see, I really don’t give a fig if you don’t release it today old bean. There you go, see, I have had it paid for, that’s right you see to it now, yes, there’s a good chap; run along now. And it arrived the nest day, still safely encapsulated within its shielding cocoon of cardboard, wrapping paper and Hong Kong tabloids. Which was nice. I even have a jovial and relationship with the delivery driver because he knows they’re all guns inside them thar boxes, ever since my colleagues took to ribbing him about transporting firearms and being an accomplice to arms dealing every time he came in with a parcel, anyway; so naturally the first thing I did right after that was to claim that they only contained drugs, porn and guns, just to allay suspicion; and now I see him in the Post Office on Friday afternoons while he’s often collecting something from the front desk at the same time as I’m being served, and the look on the faces of the old baggages in there (on both sides of the counter ) when a member of PO staff seems to casually warn the ladies behind the counter that the dropout-lookalike in front of them with a big parcel and a glazed grin is a gunrunner who is in all probability sending bombs via the postal network, is quite priceless And, I have to say, the little letters they now send out to all deliveries that have had charges placed upon them –you know the ones? Well if you don’t, what they now do is this: instead of delivering parcels to an address when they have extant charges still to pay on them and taking the cash at the door, the PO now hold the relevant parcels at the relevant depot and posts out a letter to the addressee, with a code contained therein. There is no point to doing this, as I shall now illustrate, but it seems to make them feel secure in some bizarre, bureaucratic way, so its probably best just to let them get on with it in the hope they wont start playing with the plug-socket again or stray too near anything that has sharp edges Point of the code is to prove the addressee is in fact the person who is calling, because who else could possibly have the code? Better point is that they only deliver to the same bloody address anyway, so if someone was to nick it upon delivery then they would have to take over use the delivery address anyway to nab the parcel, so they could just as easily intercept the letter, but hey – I guess some of us are just criminally-minded The real reason its unnecessary is that via the tracking websites of Hongkong Post and ParcelForce themselves, the tracking number can be easily obtained, so you just call up with that as soon as the parcel has reached your local depot and the same day you can pay over the phone, thereby saving you about 24 hours of delivery time instead of waiting for their little letter. So the new system doesn’t actually impede you at all which is a real plus point as it only now keeps you more informed as to the customs costs. - Of course it could still all go runny and parcels could be lost much as before, but that hasn’t happened to me at all, and I’ve had one or two things over the years… So I’m really quite satisfied with their service. Their mildly disgruntled hard-of-thinking employees notwithstanding, their workforce seems pretty chirpy in general, and they are sensible enough to be very helpful indeed whenever a wilful ###### of a customer calls them and tells them how things are going to be
  20. **[Quote of the day: "You can't polish a turd" - A saying often imparted in the circles in which I work, being as they revolve largely around the evaluation of fitness for re-use of various materials and artifacts.]** Note the use of the singular form in the title there, even though, technically, they have made several naff guns. Their problem in this area is a simple one of evolution; to get to a point of true greatness it is necessary to be, at various points in time before this, rather less than great, in today's terms at least. So you start off with a turd, and by varying and increasing degrees of refinement you eventually end up with something that is worth polishing In a recent delivery of guns I had a Tanaka Browning Hi-Power, previously one of my favourite guns of all time (far less so now, and not actually because of the errors that this post is concerned with, as it happens) and although the HiPowers in particular have had a reputation for general naffness for a long time, I allowed myself to get high hopes for this one; how very foolish of me… When you buy a Tanaka gun these days the one thing you can be assured of is that the materials and finish will be of the very highest standard. Now, because the HiPower is an older Tanaka gun but it was never available in Silver (or rather, I’ve never seen it in Silver before and had never noticed it’s presence on retailer sites over the past 4 years or so) I assumed (and we all know that whenever you assume something you make an *albatross* out of U and Me ) that this was a revised edition, and would have been made and released according to Tanakas contemporary standards of excellence… ######s was it It takes a whole full fill of gas (having tried 134a & also Abbey Ultra I find both have the same issues here -) but only delivers about 15 shots, and half the time it actually forcibly ejects the magazine and the slide jams! Not ideal. It has been lubed to buggery and the autonomous-mag-ejection-capability-surprise feature (which is NOT advertised in their marketing campaign, I’m sure, despite it being a somewhat prevalent feature of the gun ) has calmed down somewhat, but still it does happen every few mags, and it really p***es me off, I can tell you. The slide release/takedown lever (one and the same thing on the HiPower) is made of very flimsy plastic, and locating and removing it feels like you are lobotomising the very core of the gun itself it is such a painful act. The slide is nicely finished, but the plastic itself is 3rd-grade tat that is very weak and cheap-feeling. Funny, cause the price didn’t feel very `cheap` when I felt the $1380 HKD come out of my account!! It muz b sum kind ov magickk!! The Magazine is nice. No complaints there, but it hardly holds any gas, and it ain’t exactly tiny. A 1911 mag is significantly smaller but mine all work rather well in this area, so ther is no excuse! So what I object to is not that a manufacture has a history, and one that might appear mildly chequered in comparison to their performance, and the market in general, in todays terms. No, I object to a lazy re-release of am antiquated product that isn’t up to scratch in comparison to ANY manufacturer’s guns of today, and is rattled out at the same price of their high-end pistols; a price that can only be described as exorbitant. So yeah, avoid this one unitl it finds its way to the bargain bins – something I doubt very much will ever actually happen, of course. - On the plus-side however, the SAA Detachable Cylinder (4.75” barrel) that came at the same time is fantastic, as one would expect from a modern tanaka release although the Wa-Shan TW Sawn-Off that also came with it has a dodgy right-hand trigger, just like the one I already had, so its off to the gunsmiths chappies at Ground Zero in a coupla weeks to see what they can do on them for me. Hopefully I’ll have a pair of sawn-offs ready for ultimate backup at the game in 5 weeks time
  21. I typed about half of this as a reply in a PM to questions about the different available Marushin Derringers, but it seemed useful enough for everyone so here it is (adjusted and blogified to be more betterer, like ) I would have got back to the guy yesterday; I had the reply typed out, twice in fact, then had a power failure both times before I finished - damned parents using their dodgy old chainsaw and hedgetrimmer at the same time. Silly, silly 'rents... Right - The difference between the differently priced Derringers you see on retailer's websites is, I believe, that there are 2 releases; an older one in 6mm flavour with pretty crappy (by today's standards) finish and general quality; and the new release version is 8MM and a better finish, but even then, of course, it is only a small cheap gun so the ABS is quite obviously ABS and could not even pretend to be metal on these even if it really tried; studying hard at looking shiny in it's spare time, really going for that wanton, carefree metallic aura as if its happy to shed an electron at the merest sign of an introduction. Really, its not as easy as it looks to anthropomorphicise an airsoft gun Despite that I do love mine and its a solid little piece, the main advantage it has though is the fact it is part of their newer SSB range - Marushin's Super Sonic Barrel technology really does seem to move ammo out into the big wide world at great speed, especially considering it’s the more massive 8mm ammo it is firing. The Derringer itself loses the benefit of a long barrel which I guess really helps the BBs to be `super sonic` but it’s a great little shooter nonetheless and the SSB range in general is very, very good. Still, the company's products in general are not the most favourable in today's market - Marushin are, as I was pondering upon last night (hence the now-forthcoming eulogy on the matter ), great idea-manufacturers, as they take on a lot of the older styles of weaponry to make guns from classic eras that no-one else dares to touch - WWII and Western themes run thickly through their catalogue - but their actual technology and the durability thereof really isn't the best: The M1 Garand that no-one else has dared to make at an affordable level (Smokeys, you can put your hand down right now!), has unfortunately proved to be temperamental and technologically over-ambitious as a reliable release. Shame, because its a beautiful gun to fire when it works The M1892 Winchesters - plagued with problems since its release and generically suffering with low-quality and brittle gas hoses (much like the Maruzen M870 and M1100) that prevent any simple and easily affordable upgrades (or in the case of the M1892, any upgrades at all AFAIK). The Mauser Kar98 - shell system is fiddly and ineffective, gas venting issues abound and it pales in comparison to the mighty Tanaka version, which, although to be fair, p***es over pretty much everything else anyway. Their NBB automatic pistol range – yes I know its an old range but goddamn if those internals don’t feel like stone cogs and sears rather than metal – the KJ Ruger Mk1 is probably a copy of the Marushin and the M84 by Marushin seems to have the similar heavy trigger pull and clunky, low-grade metallic internals. From this I infer that their automatic handgun range (not the revolvers, in other words) is based on an old and tired system that puts too much emphasis onto the trigger pull, and generally only works temperately, or rather, tepidly, to say the least. The M500 Mossberg range – my personal favourites (have 2, love them lots) but also temperamental; the charging handles break if pumped with much enthusiansm and my M500 shorty has jammed more than 5 times, requiring lots of playing around, swearing and abuse in general. I have killed lots and lots of people in-game with it though so it bloody well works, but the Mariner edition has gas venting tendancies and also is pretty stiff to operate and also has power issues – i.e. it ain’t powerful enough. For a $300+ shotgun that’s a bit of a ######, to be honest. Saving graces are the revolver series; although not without their faults they do have those wonderful brass cartridges, and they work very well, although gas tanks in the handles seems to be another bone of contention for consumers because they made slightly naff grips right outside of those little gas tanks, inevitably making most owners wanting to replace them with real-steel or custom grips that felt a bit more solid – something you cannot do very easily due to the design of the integral tank. Not great thinking on the part of the designers there either, as these wheelguns with excellent grips would be real standout pieces of work as almost everything else about them is fantastic. Except the uber-light plastic of the Super Redhawk, but hey But there are of course true exceptions to the Marushin tale of woe and bitterness, most notably, in fact, a WWII-themed exception because according to Snowman (who really ought to know about these things) the Marushin M712 Broomhandle Mauser is one hell of a fantastic gun, which goes against the grain of the rest of their work as it’s a smooth, solid NBB that doesn't break, cost loads or have egregious points that grinds almost every owners gears, and its even a classic-era gun to boot! If the new HFC copies are indeed copies of the Marushin as Snowie has noticed, then they must be pretty damned good as I’ve got 2 of the new HFCs, so yes, they can buck the trend. But still I see Marushin - as a commercial airsoft entity - as `ever the bridesmaid, never the bride`. I can’t see them taking the leadership of any one facet of the industry at any point because they always seem lagging behind WA and Tanaka in the finish and refinement stakes, behind Marui in terms of reliability, and drifting aimlessly at the tails of all of them in the (failed) potential marketplace of upgrades and accessorising. But, the future could be very bright for them yet, as the one thing they don’t seem afraid to do is innovate and take chances. They are Ideas Merchants, and they have made some unique guns that scared off all other companies; they pioneered the 8mm revolution, remember, and although only few companies have taken that ball and actually run with it (a revolution of only a few lazy turns, so far ) it is still a whole different calibre in games and a whole different system of energies and trajectory refinement with which to use, and take advantage of, in airsofting. Take this as a sign of either foolhardiness or bravery in the marketplace, the choice is yours, but the best of Marushin must be yet to come as technology all round becomes ever more refined, appreciated and accessible.
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    Toyz in tha Hood

    I remember playing a Megadrive game called Dynamite headdy, and one of the levels (being based on toys and suchlike) went by the same name as this post. Memorabilia In Memoriam Memorandum (more emphasis on the random), eh? Ahhh... Anyway: I seem to have acheived another simple, short term goal in that I will soon have my grubby mitts on a Thompson M1A1, a Tanaka Browning Hi-Power (in a fetching shade of silver, no less), another Tanaka in the form of an SAA detachable cylinder in 4.75" flavour and, as if I hadn't enough of them already, yet another shotgun by way of a partner TW Sawn-Off for my existing 8mm item - this time in 6mm, and I look forward greatly to having the choice of shells (not to mention a spare set of them) when shooting. I come to the point of breaking the 90-count barrier with these as I should be in (un?)healthy possesion of 92 guns once these arrive. As a result of drawing ever closer to the magical 100 mark I find myself looking for good reasons to draw the line right there, and stop collecting so many damn guns. - I also find myself at a crux, a crucial nubbin, if you will, in life: I need to stop drinking, as I have said before. I've decided, with heavy heart and much soul-searching, to set myself an ultimate goal of giving up all drink (and smoke) for a whole year. Is it too much to task myself with? Well I have some cunning plans to help me I'm learning to drive right now (at last; only been putting it off for 7 years ) and that should give me plenty of excuses on miscellaneous evenings and on all social engagements to stay sober, and if I factor in other things that necessitate an abstinance from alcohol I might find it quite easy - chief of these however is getting myself inked again - repeatedly and, if I'm to hold out the full year, pretty consistently. Yup, its been about 4 years since I last got tattoo'ed and aside from feeling the itch for ink its a helluva convenient ploy to stay on the wagon as alcohol thins the blood, and really cream-crackers the body's ability to heal properly. And we all want nice clean, well-healed tats now, don't we? (say `aye`, boys and girls ) So really its a combination of various influences and circumstances that I'm trying to accrete into a worthy central ideal for me life, and, if you're still reading this self-absorbed twaddle, I hope you can wish me the best of luck as if I know myself and my tendencies towards blind hedonism and relentless binging I will bloody well need all the luck, fate, chance & happenstance that I can twist to my advantage along the way. Sobriety starts on the 1st of the 8th, 2006 and I intend to sit down with a nice J20 on the first of August in the year 2007 and be content and satisfied with myself and my, hopefully meagre, by that time, acheivement. Goddamn I better have some good s**t to entertain me in the meantime:- wish me luck, folks.
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    Posts of Guilt & Glory

    So I'm feeling slightly kind of guilty, in a way, that I haven't done much here but I haven't had time, simple as. I will say things like this will I'm here, though: That Barbecue I mentioned a while ago, whew boy, did that go down well!! It was a success to the point of excess, and everyone who was there had an exceptionally good time, they really did and I've had a few people hear about it who weren't there come and see me and mention how much the folks from whatever social group they know that did go are enthusing about it, it seems to be a bit of a `thing` now, and a return to form, though I say so myself, as I even now still have people from all over the place refer to or hint at some of the parties I used to throw about 4/5 years ago, hundreds of people still hold them in almost legendarily high regard, which is so *fruitcage* gratifying I might fall off this chair through sheer weight of smugness The BBQ was a fair bit smaller, but nothing quite so well-organised has graced my house before, which is all the more reason to exceed this with the next one, I feel - The only other thing I'll take this oppourtunity to mention is that skirmishing is great, but a bit of a pain; literally; when you have busted ribs. Silly drunken fights at 7am (yes, we did in fact acheive a glorious and totally successful 24-hour-long barbecue. Yes, we do rock that hard, thank you very much) lead to a number of stupid injuries, not least of which a nastily strained tendon in my right hand from badly punching Nikolai in the armpit rather hard He got his revenge by cracking a rib or two of mine, but, wonderfully enough, badly sprained his wrist in the process. Beautiful. Anyhoo, catch ya soon-ish folks.
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    Sporadic Schematic

    In the absence of anything interesting to write about, I'm gonna blog about my whingy personal life like all those pr**ks on myspace Well maybe just a bit. All I can say is that I hope Jason isn't reading this because I just bought (well, yesterday) his birthday present and that lucky ###### is gonna be receiving a Classic Army CQBR with a battery for the Crane stock as well Now the the saying goes that `discretion is the better part of valour`, but I never pretended to be valiant; just passably courageous and only just about respectably discreet; so I will unhesitatingly tell you all how much I spent on that muddyfunster this year - or actually I wont but its a bloody CQBR with a custom battery, plus shipping from Hong Kong - and bear in mind that he's getting other stuff as well. That boy don't know how good he's got it hehehehe: in truth the poor sod has put up with all the weird s**t I've being doing for the past decade, I think he's earned it. - Well I find myself happy to ramble about nothing very much now, I think mentioning how little time I have at this time of year to blog stuff has made me feel happier about spending some time on it, which is one of those paradoxes that permeate the existence of the enlightened (or rather semi-enlightened, or partially enlightened - I can hardly claim to be in Nirvana yet) which is a result of all this wonderful reading I have been doing. That NLP stuff really does make you think differently, I have been having the weirdest dreams the last week and thats one thing that is first highlighted as a result of the reading. Its all about how your brain organises information it seems, and by reading things in a certain way and in certain patterns then the language centres of yo' noggin process things differently from the norm. But this is in itself an intentional distraction from the real substance of that stuff, which is to alter behaviour through some very interesting kinds of therapy. But I digress (again) - this is in the `airsoft` heading, so lets prattle on about guns for a while. I've been collectiong shorties and compacts recently, almost unconsciously in fact, and I took delivery of a pair of very nice little pieces last week. In its briefest form I can simply say that the Tanaka M36 Chief's special and the Western Arms 1934 Beretta with black pearl grips are lovely little guns, both very much worthy additions to an increasingly satisfying arsenal. In particular the M1934 is great - the grips are very wide (I think this is unique to the pearl-gripped editions) and fit the hand fantastically, far better than such a tiny gun by all rights should, and the action is refreshingly different. Notably the mag release requires a bit of dexterity and the use of 2 fingers simultaneously to push the baseplate rearwards and pull the mag out using the finger extension, much like the Ruger Mk1 but smoother, easier, and generally more pleasing in every way. On top of that the safety lever manually rotates hemispherically (ooh, posh words ) to engage the slide by actually becoming the slide lock by means of a notch on one edge, a feature unique among airsoft guns so far as I am aware, and it makes for a bit more thought about the operation and drill of usage than every other GBB I have. It shoots well on abbey Ultra gas, and is accurate enough for me to consistently switch light switches on and off at a range of about 12 feet, which is not only cute, but impressve!! - Thats about all for that front then. In other news I'm a busy dude the next few weeks - this Barbecue I've been planning has gone totally insane and now involves metal tripods for supporting the spit, 26 kilos of piggy to roast, and 140+ pints of ale to be consumed, fresh from the casks that they'll be delivered in All in all its shaping up to be a helluva good 'un But much more on that to come, I guarantee it... Worth a look: This guy is my hero: I had enough lego to suffocate a rhino when I was a kid, if I could have made stuff like this then I wonder if I would have turned out any different…. http://www.fashionerfilms.com/05design/cro...crossbow001.htm music suit insanity - http://www.pjotro.com this is the site to make the tunes yourself and it seems a lot more, well, `real` on the website as that studio oddness did seem rather staged….
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    M1 Garand & Co.

    Another evening of beer, guns & sinful pizza ( *sigh * I’m never gonna lose this excess weight am I Happily enough however, for the time being it doesn’t matter, so until it does I can safely gorge myself and drink until I pass out every night ). Mmmm sinful pizza, `sacrelicious`….. http://evilpundit.com/archives/012021.html Incidentally, that article provoked a big debate over e-mail between my friends today, one of whom finished it with the rather excellent; “It's time we stopped giving these idiots a platform. It's time everyone accepted the 'you don't like it? then *fruitcage* off' school of thought. NOONE IS FORCING THIS PR*CK TO SUBJECT HIMSELF TO THE HORRORS OF GOING TO BURGER KING AND TURNING HIS ICE CREAM TO THE RIGHT. I am so sick of stuff like this.... grrrr..... Burger King should ban all Muslims from eating and working in their stores because it offends them so much." But anyway; after this evening of sin and pizza I’ve sort-of got some conclusions about the Marushin M1 Garand, mainly along the lines of “WHHHYYYYYY GOD, WHY DO YOU MOCK ME SO?????????” and other screams of pseudo-Catholic anguish. This is a seriously beautiful gun, it really is, its superbly finished and detailed everywhere and in every way I can see so far, and just the sound of it being racked is like a crisp, sharp mechanised report from the battlefields of wartime Europe (possibly). The mechanism that ejects the clips is brilliant, I may be forced to find the inventor and marry him/her out of sheer awe for it, the wood is nice quality and the weight overall is just right - well balanced and satisfyingly tiring to hold in a firing position for more than a couple of minutes, and to top it all off the damn thing doesn’t bloody well work any more. Sad face. The bolt won’t return unless, get this, the rifle is held vertically and gently shaken; it seems there is a guide rod or somesuch thing that is loose in the foreend and it needs to seat itself rearwards by being pointed towards the heavens and oscillated until it falls into place. Not exactly combat-efficient, is it? Bloody thing. Its another one for the repair-shack down at GZ I’m afraid, and with 4 guns to collect from there already next week it ain’t gonna be a cheap skirmish for Mr. ‘hippy!!! Ho-hum. On the outside the Garand is excellent, it's pretty weighty as said before but feels strangely light in the foregrip/forearm (where, perhaps not coincidentally, the loose arrangement of guide rods etc. seems to be….) yet overall it feels fantastic; like a rifle of truly superb quality. Shame about the finicky mechanisms but some do work admirably (clip eject ) and the trigger disassembly is easy - even I, the Baron Klutzendidgitz, figured it out on only the second attempt after a glancing look at a picture in the manual, and it in itself is handy and easy to perform, feels solid and safe and doesn’t make the gun seem any less cool or realistic – the takedown of the trigger unit is apparently identical to the real thing, even down to the arrangement of basic component parts i.e. the springs are in the right place, and the trigger sears seem to approximate the original pretty well. Although, and of course its tragic that I have to say this, it could never, ever be used to shoot real bullets. Even if the laws of physics were to look the other way long enough to allow the build materials to defy the energies involved in firing live ammunition, then there’s no actual space for them in this gun, which leads me to the inside of the breech area where, because the airsoft Garand clips are tiny in comparison to real ones (they are just the `clip`; there is no allowance for anything that might go where the bullets would in a real Garand because the nozzle and loading ramp [thingy] occupy the centre of the breech) there is a pretty comprehensive set of fiddly mechanisms, including the metal latch that must be manually pushed forwards to hold the bolt back and load a clip, all of which fills the whole breech except for a U-shaped channel at the rear end where the petite little 8-shot clip must be inserted which is, unsurprisingly, an occasionally irritating trick at first – therefore the most unrealistic thing about the Marushin Garand (apart from filling it with gas and plastic BBs ) is that when you load a clip you have to push the clip itself into the mechanism and not on the absent bullets. Its really hard to get excited over the Garand now however because of its faulty operation – I tried it with the 134a I had specifically bought for it one Sunday and it didn’t work after that skirmish whereas it had done before, and then I checked it with some Abbey Ultra gas and it worked perfectly for about 60 shots then something just came loose, and now its totally unfunctional. Big f**king boo to that!! Its been quiet for me on here lately and its because of the time of year and my increasing awareness of the world around me, and how little of it I'm taking advantage of, so the time spent behind a computer is decreasing and the time spent doing real things seems to be getting more generous in size. I'm taking up rock climbing for instance, and cutting back on the beer. Small steps guys, `a walk of a thousand miles begins with just one step` etc etc Worth looking at: http://www.break.com/index/sanddune1.html awesome dune, nice judgement. http://www.hedonistica.com/media.php?path=...g-explosion.wmv that’s a chunky old fireball there guys…

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