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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm looking for a good magazine for my glock (TM clone) and I was wondering if the kjw co2 magazine https://shop.jkarmy.com/kj-works-kp-17-23rds-co2-magazine.html will work?, in fact I need to replace the magazine because the two that I have, the magazine loading lips endend broken, and one has the inlet valve broke, or I just need this valve? https://www.rainbow8.com/products/nine-ball-injection-valve-for-tokyo-marui-ksc-marushin-maruzen-5mm-diameter?_pos=16&_sid=7167d6a12&_ss=r or what should I do? I'm little confused....
  2. Here's my review of the ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolver. I have always been a fan of this revolver from DW sins I saw a friend of my grandfather shoot one ages ago. There was just something about it I liked so when I saw this online I just had to have it, I hesitated because I don't like the trademarks ASG put on their guns so I thought about waiting to see if any asian shops would have it without trades but a christmas sale came in the shop so I picked one up. From what I saw here in Norway, there are a few versions of these in different colors and caliber. You got the steel grey and silver in 4,5mm. steel grey in 6mm and silver in 6mm but the silver are "low power version" Buying: I bought it from a Norwegian airsoft shop with express shipping. It cost on sale about 1300 NOK, that's about 149$ without shipping. And this was on sale! But with almost no competition as one of very few and the most popular airsoft shop in Norway, they can charge almost what they want. Norwegians are afraid of ordering from around the world so not much competition there either The box: It's packed in styrofoam, just your typical ASG gun really, nothing special. First impression: The first I thought was that its really heavy, 1225g the box says and I believe that. It is also a "fingerprint magnet" . The Hogue like grips with DW logo are fantastic to, hold and really thin being a revolver. A 1911 are thicker and longer, I think the finger grooves helps it feel thinner than it is, the finger grooves also makes it really comfortable to hold, fits perfect in the hand. It runs on Co2 so as every airsoft revolver like this, the gas cartridge are stored in the grip. When removing the grip plate, they included a fold-in hex to tighten the gas cartridge and it works really well. It have a small and discreet safety behind/under the hammer. It got a unique serial number on the frame. It got two screw holes under the barrel for mounting a rail thingy, some shops say this comes with the gun but I cant say I see room for that in the box. Dan Wesson's 715 is known for having a easy change barrel system, this doesn't work on the airsoft of course but it looks just like the RS, a nice little touch. Another nice touch is that the cylinder lock is moved, it's still on the left side but its moved from behind the cylinder to in front of the cylinder, takes some to get used to, I still reach for it in the wrong place. Also, the cylinder rotates with the clock, not anticlockwise like other revolvers. Trademarks: It comes with some trademarks, Dan Wesson on each side of the barrel, .357 Magnum on the right side of the barrel and your typical ASG logo and Cal.6mm BB Made in Taiwan on the right side of the frame Shooting the thing: Well this is a beast, it clocked in at about 450 fps so its really hot, I would go for the low power version if this is to be used in games. If you already got a DW revolver from ASG, the shells and speedloader is the same and works with this. So the sales point with this is that it's the first airsoft revolver with hop-up. I have only gotten to shoot it indoors so far but it works really great, there is a small hole for a small hex pn top of the barrel. (Sorry I forgot to get a picture of this) The trigger pull in double action is like your typical revolver, the trigger pull in single action is really light and there's no travel for the trigger at all. I will update here after I used it some more but so far I really like it and have to say it may be one of the nicest revolvers in my collection. Heavy, loud, powerful and with a fantastic grip. Not sure where to buy this in other countries yet but I guess it will show up in online stores soon. Edit: sorry about the blurry pictures, they get so blown up when uploaded..
  3. Mike 8-{>

    SRS A1 Stock with 12g CO2 Capsule

    From the album: Silverback Desert Tech SRS A1

    A 12g CO2 capsule placed at the rear of a Silverback Desert Tech SRS A1 to show how it wont fit in to the stock.

    © Mike Roberts 2016

  4. renegadecow

    KWC GBB Mauser M712

    Introduction The M712, a select fire derivative of the Mauser C96 first came to light in 1932 but only after a Spanish company making licensed C96s had made them first in 1927. Marushin was the first to make a true select fire airsoft replica but were pretty steeply priced and hard to come by. Late last year, KWC released their version but in full metal and CO2 powered. I'm not a big fan of KWC nor am I of CO2, but a select fire Mauser for $105 I'd definitely say yes to. Not about to sport a Churchill loadout, but we do share the same tastes. A frosty highballer, a good cigar and a fine Mauser. First Impression First of all, this pistol is waaay heavy. The box claims 900g but in truth it tips the scale at about 1,400g. It's a nice, good, solid heft though as most of the weight is just a bit forward of the grip. It's not front heavy due to the skinny barrel and feels most comfortable with the support hand braced against the magwell. It has a dark gray finish, painted and looks like it scratches off easily as some areas are starting to show some wear despite only having had this for a couple days now. The only markings it has, other than the engraved letters on the safety and selector are the painted on brand of KWC and 6mm caliber marking on the left side. The only thing that detracts from its sexy looks is the awful CO2 mag. I've seen .177cal CO2 airguns by Umarex and they were able to make their mags without that bulge but I suppose the added material lends to its durability. Technical Information The whole bloody thing is full metal which is a good and bad thing. Apart from the wood imitation plastic grips, practically everything is made of diecast zinc, which includes the internals from the valve knocker to the hammer. I've done a quick look around though and it looks like it was reinforced where needed. The bolt is actually fairly hollow making it light and the recoil spring is in two stages, a light one and a short heavy one which acts more like a recoil buffer. The part that keeps the bolt from shooting out and smacking into your face has a steel plate to back it and the sears are large, thickly cast parts and don't see them snapping any time soon. I'm also confident that, while new, KWC has been at it for quite a while in making CO2 gas guns that they ought to know how to build something durable from past lessons. As mentioned earlier, this replica features fully functional select fire. The selector switch behind the trigger on the left side needs to have its button pushed down first before sliding into either position.N for single and R for full automatic. The safety, beside the hammer can only be put on safe when the hammer is cocked. There is no bolt lock, despite making it seem as such. The magazine has a tab which looks like the beginnings of a bolt lock but it looks like they kept it from going any further. In my pics I simply jammed a piece of plastic to keep the bolt held back. However, if one were resourceful enough, a new extended bb follower can be made which blocks the nozzle to keep it from dry firing much like their GBB Uzi. It has a fixed hop up despite having a hole right above where the hop rubber is. In fact, you can actually see the hop rubber right through it and poke it gently with a stick. The hole itself, however is not threaded for a grub screw but I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to make a TDC mod out of it. The sights are fixed: a blade front and V notch rear being adjustable only in range. The front sight however is much too short that even sighting a target at 10m has the point of impact print a good 5" higher. It seems to be zeroed at 30m where the bbs start to dip a bit. Very rudimentary sight picture Performance The gun kicks a LOT! But due to the weight of the replica and how light the bolt is, the recoil is perceived as more like a strong and quick jolt and has no real pushing effect. The bolt doesn't even move back a lot, just enough to clear the mag for the next bb to chamber as the rest of the bolt's space is eaten up by the nozzle assembly. But if you think semi auto is snappy enough, full auto just knocks your socks off. I couldn't get to chrono it properly for ROF but it makes the KWA M11 and VZ61 seem slow in comparison. At a guess it's doing well into 2,000rpm. When my chrono did finally get to record the speed it was 1,000rpm but only as the CO2 was being depleted to the last few shots. One powerlet is good for 2 magazines worth (22 round capacity) of bbs if fired briskly in semi or in short bursts in auto. Doing a mag dump just gives you about 1 to 1 1/2 at most. Muzzle velocity wise it shot an average of 400fps with .25g bbs. I was using .25g as .20g overhopped and didn't think to chrono with it. That said, I wasn't able to use it just yet as it goes well over site limits and likely most others. Simply just too beaucoup for a pistol. I eventually ran out of CO2 so I jurry-rigged one of the depleted powerlets to take green gas by simply drilling the bottom and super gluing a fill valve on. The bottom cap on current KWCs have a hole clean through where the Allen wrench fits which makes filling much easier. The only downside is due to the piercing head on the CO2 mag, green gas bottle necks to 200fps with .25g bbs and I've had to fabricate a lighter recoil spring as it was having difficulty cycling the original one properly. I've already ordered Tercel GBB green gas mags which are Marushin clones and while this KWC isn't a direct clone of either, the mags do look spot on where they count. Doing an accuracy test with the green gas converted powerlets, it was doing 4" horizontal spread but the vertical spread was larger at around 6", shot benched at 10m. I'm just about confident in saying that my green gas mod had a lot to do with it as the pinhole restriction is screwing up with gas expansion and ultimately muzzle velocity which then affects how the hop up behaves. I'll definitely need to update this review both in proper CO2 tests as well as green gas tests when the Tercel mags arrive. Conclusion To tell you the truth I can't rightly make a fair conclusion just yet. It's simply too new. Personally I'd much rather use green gas on this when my mags arrive as CO2 is just too much to handle and I'm doubtful it would last as long. Though I'm very much impressed even for now as it's a whole lot of fun in such a small and inexpensive package. I just have a lot of plans for it in the future, more testing, making a butt stock holster and what not.
  5. Algy


    From the album: Algy


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