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Found 2 results

  1. It's just a bit strange that no one in the English speaking world has done a review on the "new wave" MP7. I hear a lot of raves on the VFC MP7, which while I am sure is 1:1 and kicks like a mule, it is also significantly lighter. After witnessing the video review by nugentgl and seeing the complexity of the VFC, not to mention the 2 piece (plastic?) inner frame and barrel, I decided that the "new wave" MP7 was a much better engineered beast which deserves a little more exposure. I have owned many^2 airsoft guns in my time, so I will draw upon the experience from the other guns that I have had as well. I am not the person to make pretty pictures or write fluffy sales pitches, so this is a no BS, first impression + technical and performance review. ......................... I saw this thing at the local airsoft store the other day, and I wasn't really gonna get it. Having owned a KSC MP7, KWC Mini UZI, and still own a KSC MP9 and a VFC MP5, I didn't see a point in another SMG/PDW. But the sales guy knows I am curious and tempts me with this relatively internet-obscure gun, took it out of the gun cabinet and let me fire this. One full auto dump at 15*C and I was hooked. It was loud, my ears rang. It had kick, was enough to offset my aim on single hand semi and on auto. It had ROF. It had no drop in ROF. I chronoed this at the store, and it was around 360fps on 0.2gs, for a relatively cold day it wasn't bad at all. After some um and ahhring I parted with my cash. My wife is gonna kill me. Here is the box it comes it. It comes with the sights, rails unmounted. It also comes with a disassembly allen key, a thread adaptor for a 14-ve silencer and a spare stock stopper (not steel). Here is the comparison between the 4 different platforms: KSC MP9 is at 1.8kgs, 5" barrel, 1:1 WE MP7 is at 2.1kgs, 7" barrel, 1:1 VFC MP5 is at 2.5kgs, 8" barrel. 1:1 DE UMP is at 2kgs, 8" barrel Here is front side, its pretty typical plastic from WE, similar to their G36/G39 plastic, with a finer texture. Everything that needs to be metal is metal. Flash hider/barrel/gas block etc. But its typical WE metal; i.e. mixture of zamak and aluminium, with a touch of steel/hardened stuff at most of the high stress places (which I will get to later). Here is the 4 position stock, which is a blessing as the half setting is just right length for CQB but no good with a mask. Here is the mag, rather uninteresting, it is double stacked with an exposed front, similar design to a Marui, but bigger. Here is the front, with the flash hider removed, that notch above the barrel is where we can adjust the hop up. Here is the sights, again, just an MP7 sights but ok in quality and looks the part. Its just not steel. So far, its just a fairly standard MP7, abeit 1:1 in scale, and weight. Now lets take it apart. Pop the take down pins and remove the stock here is the bolt group Its partially hollow on the top, but has all the right bits in the right places. Now to remove the mech, what we need is that allen key and remove the selector and bolt catch: Ok here is the surprise: Casted and milled aluminium mech. No wonder why it is so weighty. Not a 2 piece plastic jobbie like the VFC, and not a million springs fly out (just 3). Its even easier than the KSC/KWA or the Marui MP7 to take apart. Here is the barrel and gas block assembly, note the anti bounce buffer on the gas block. Barrel is rock solid with no wobble or alignment issues: Its aluminum. Secured via two screws at the bottom of the mech, and this disassembles the hop unit also. Now looking at the mechbox here is what interesting, chrome/steel hammers and seers. Its not chrome plated pot metal (more to that later). ................. Function: Now this is where it gets a little interesting - The trigger release on the New Wave MP7 is not the best. Like others in the SMG 8 review have found that its mushy on semi-auto. In fact, I have to pull it all the way back before it will release on semi. Certainty very unsatisfactory and does not bode well with a CQB platform where quick trigger response is required. But with a dremel or a good needle file this can all be fixed. Looking from the right side of the hammer this is what needs to be done to the right side sear contact point (not the left side one as that is for the auto sear/bolt trip). I would dremel that part half way and then slowly file down gradually, testing the trigger release. The optimum result is: On semi, trigger releases @ half pull. On Safe, trigger does not release. On full trigger releases @ 1/4 pull. If you over file: on safe, the gun will fire, and that would really suck, so file gradually after half way. So now, its ready for a proper test. At 8m on .25g its giving a 3cm group, which is fairly decent given its a short barrel rifle, but could be a lot better. But here is what happens at 50m, It shoots straight...straight but high...straight but low...hook left, hook left, hook right.....straight...straight high... What is happening is a classic example of a shoddy designed hop rubber. So I took the barrel assembly apart, unfortunately no pictures... 1) The inner barrel moves ever so slightly around the outer barrel. 2) The hop adjuster is a 2 prong design, has no nub and is hard plastic 3) The hop rubber is the Marui type BUT the alignment tab is at the front rather than at the breech end. If you need to change hop rubber you will need to cut off the tab. 4) The hop rubber has the same issue as the KSC hop rubber, which has a constrictor ring cast'ed inside. BB doesn't drop through the rubber it gets stuck inside the hop rubber. Here is the fix, same as the KSC/KWA NS2 hop mod: 5) The hop adjuster doesn't push down on the hop rubber as it actually hits the barrel instead . Here is the issue, and the fix : I also teflon taped the hop rubber and the barrel, added a sliver of aluminium superglued into the outer barrel as a bushing to prevent the inner barrel movement. I am getting consistent hop trajectory at 50m with .25g, at 340fps on 0.25gs @ 15*C, 1cm grouping at 8m on the stock 7" barrel. Compared with SMG/PDW at a similar class. VFC MP5 with Marui Hop rubber mod, 8" barrel, 340fps on 0.25gs @ 15*C. Kick is there but but not as strong as the MP7. KSC MP9 with Modded KSC hop rubber mod, 5" Barrel, 340 on 0.25gs @ 15*C. Kick is the weakest out of all 3, but ROF is the fastest. Since all 3 have had mods to the hop, the Mp5 is the most accurate at both long and short ranges, but the MP9 is pretty much the same as the MP7, MP7 has an extra 10m more of range than the MP9 but that could be how the hop is currently set. Conclusion:
  2. Hello everyone This is a, Cybergun KWC Tanfoglio Limited Custom And Gold Custom Full Disassembly Field Strip Take down Tutorial Video. This is a FULL disassembly Tutorial video, it will clearly show you how to fully disassemble the gun.. Take note of where all the parts go as you strip the gun, especially the trigger assembly. If in doubt, take some photo's as you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQuht0SpSWg We hope this video is helpful to you all.. ATB, Marc..

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