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Found 10 results

  1. calbur20


    Looks like VFC is releasing their own G3 GBBR, but knowing VFC, it'll be a stinking pile of *suitcase* when it gets released, just like their UMP, M4, MP5 and G36 series of GBBRs.
  2. MONKEETECH - UPGRADED JING GONG G3 DMR - Rhopped - Upgraded - Modified - Long Range - Accurate > Looks like a regular G3, but packs a BIG punch with some nifty upgrades & internal mods – it’s been turned into a highly accurate, long ranged DMR ! > Designated Marksman Rifle > Tech’d personally by Andy at MonkeeTech. View the MonkeeTech Facebook Group and read the reviews of MT upgrades and work for clients :-) > Hundreds of £££’s worth of the usual typical MonkeeTech DMR mods undertaken within this superb deal all-in-one bundle > Genuine original quality Jing Gong construction, fairly strong, pretty solid, sturdy build > Sold in fully operational, tested & working condition. No known faults > Very smooth sounding, fully shimmed & re-greased gearbox (remember DMR gearboxes sound a little louder due to pulling a much stronger spring) > Locked onto DMR semi-automatic only and averaging 450 fps – spot on for most UK Airsoft sites (most are 450fps max) > Totally interchangeable main spring modification done ! Change your main spring in about a minute instead of having to strip the whole thing down each time – perfect for varying FPS levels at different Airsoft sites > 450fps level main spring included, you can easily buy a range of other main springs cheaply off Ebay to play around with FPS power, suited to each Airsoft site you visit. You will need a large flat-headed screwdriver to take out the main spring guide and then lock it back into place. Also comes with much lower powered spring for CQB use > Fully boxed with original packaging, same as when bought brand new previously ! > Comes with 2 x rear butt stocks : 1. Solid folding type which swings round and 2. Sliding stock which goes back & forth. Very useful indeed, change them over in 2 mins, easy > Also included is an extra top RIS rail for mounting scopes and also a pretty decent telescopic scope sight – 4x32 zoom range I believe. Scope is also boxed in original packaging > Rhopped by Andy at MonkeeTech – immensely long range & highly accurate. For more information on these superb Rhop jobs, don't take my word for it – view the feedback I get from people on the MonkeeTech Facebook Group regarding Rhop projects done in the past. A lot of people say Rhop actually doubled their range and accuracy. Yes, they are that good 😉 > For best results, use heavier BBs. Between .3g and .4g is ideal. These are more expensive but you’ll be using fewer of them because it’s semi-auto only and very long ranged & accurate. This is designed for quick fire sniper-like spot on hits rather than the usual AEG spray & pray > Should *probably* outperform most other AEGs, DMRs and sometimes even bolt-action snipers on the field > Integrated sorbo rubber pads within the cylinder head & radiused gearbox act as fantastic shock-absorption for DMR level high-impact piston usage, this protects your gearbox from cracking, this also corrects your angle of engagement > Small but powerful Turnigy Nano-Tech 1200mah 11.1v 3S 15-25C 1.2 Lipo battery – ideally suited to pulling 450fps springs, comes with attached black nylon velcro battery pack pouch. This should last a whole day of constant shooting, but it may be an idea to buy another one just in case. Lipos last a long time, but if it gets slow, you MUST stop using it or it’ll wear out and then you’ll have problems recharging. Ideally buy a couple more of these as backup off Ebay. Deans connection > You will need to have a Lipo-specific battery charging unit for these, do NOT use a normal NiMh charger, or your Lipo will explode > Comes with a small pack of BBs for testing and plinking > Re-wired to integrate the amazing Gate Nano AAB Mosfet, which will help maintain a steady, consistent and regulated semi-automatic action for your DMR. Also saves wear / carbon build-up on your trigger contacts as well > Integrated Emergency Gearbox Cycling Button ! AEGs locking-up are a pain, but can usually be cleared by flicking onto full auto, giving it a quick burst and then back onto semi. But what happens when your DMR is locked to semi-only and you can’t do that ? In most cases, you’d have to strip the entire gearbox down to unlock the setup. Not so with MonkeeTech DMRs – these are fitted with a special button which when pressed, actually bypasses the entire trigger mechanism to cycle the gearbox and clear the lock-up. As a safety & legal feature, this is located within the magwell and is ONLY accessible when the mag is out. Obviously when the mag is out, BBs cannot fire automatically and that keeps it within UK law. Be careful when firing though, as you may still get 1 single BB shoved into place with the nozzle ! Always point in a safe direction to clear, by pressing the internal cycling button, then mag back in and off you go ! > Sector delayer chip on sector gear for much more efficient BB loading, making it highly unlikely to not load the next BB in the heat of battle > Superb spring-loaded bipod on front handguard. Lower the 2 lower arms to give you an instant bipod. Lock the arms back into place when not needed and they will stay tucked out of the way > Black nylon fully adjustable basic sling > 1 x Hicap magazine – it’s an interesting type, instead of a winding wheel, you actually get a small key which quickly does the winding remarkably efficiently and quickly. But, do NOT lose the key. You only get one ! It’s fairly big so hard to lose, maybe keep it on a lanyard and in a safe pocket somewhere ? > PayPal accepted, but ONLY as “Friends & Family” option selected. Otherwise, it’s cash on collection, cheque, bank transfer, postal orders all welcome. All funds to clear before sending item > UKARA registered people only – please provide your UKARA number and once checked, cleared & full payment received – this DMR will be yours ! I will not spray this 2 tone. This is not for wannabe gangstas, serious Airsofters only > Looking for £350 – open to considering sensible offers, but silly offers will be ignored. No part exchanges, sorry > 30 Day warranty guarantee on internal parts for fixing if it goes wrong. When you get it, test it rigorously and play with it every weekend if you can, along with back garden plinking where possible. If it fails during that 30 day period, MonkeeTech will repair the internals for free. Please note this is for internal parts and fittings only and excludes all postage costs. It also excludes obvious deliberate malicious damage or damage done by skirmishing and outer main body parts snapping whilst hitting trees or leaping over bunkers etc. You also not covered for losing any parts or kit > I've uploaded a few bigger images (these may take a while to load as they’re quite big) so you can zoom into each item to see all the relevant aspects. Clicky linky (Best viewed on a laptop / PC - click to zoom in on your browser) : www.chameleon-graphics.co.uk/Airsoft > Feel free to message me separately if you're looking for an Rhop or ERhop job or any other types of modifications or upgrades on your current AEG or DMR > Please join the MonkeeTech Facebook Group for any tech questions, upgrades or Rhop enquiries, cheers ! > Happy to answer any questions or queries… Email : a_chaplin@hotmail.com or text 07788 142 920
  3. Horsem4n

    Lock Ring

    From the album: G3 Lock Ring

    This is a redesigned lock ring for a Classic Army G3 slither stock. should be made of high quality aluminum or steel. was redesigned from the original for ease of machining. Details include measurements, machine method for work on a bandsaw and mill and misspelled words. I'm an amateur engineer, not a poet.

    © Alex Blascyk

  4. Vivax

    G3KA3 whit scope

    From the album: Weaporn

    © by Vivax

  5. Vivax


    From the album: Weaporn

    © Vivax

  6. Vivax

    G3KA3 desert camo

    From the album: Weaporn

    © Vivax

  7. Vivax

    H&K G3KA3 mod2

    From the album: Weaporn

  8. Charmander442

    Rhodesian style G3 and webbing complete!

    From the album: Rhodesian/Africa Bush war project

    After weeks of research, interviews and graft it's complete! Now to get me some Rhodie uniform!
  9. Vivax


    © Vivax


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