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Found 6 results

  1. TMC


    Wow, I remember this blog... Hi guys, long time no see. (I HAVE A CAR NOW)
  2. Guest

    Belated updated

    Oh dear god, I'm not very good at keeping the blog up-to-date am I? Let's bring everything back up to speed. I sold my SOE Modular vest and it's pouches, and replaced that setup with a Tactical Tailor MAV. Unfortunately, I've found the MAV to be pretty uncomfortable and I am moving on to other options. As I don't really want to be bogged down with a full armour carrier such as a CIRAS, RMV, BALCS or IBA, I will be going down the route of a higher-end chestrig. I have opted for the Eagle Rhodesian, which looks to sit a whole lot better than the rather flimsy MAV. I sold my Blackhawk belt + pad setup to Tom Fahey (I still need to send you it! Can you PM me your address? ) and have moved on to a TAG padded patrol belt (Thanks Rachel! <3). This thing is the heat, pure and simple. I have had two different padded belt setups beforehand and both just didn't sit right with me. The padding would usually be too bulky and would restrict movement or would generally chafe the sides more than an unpadded belt! However with the TAG belt there's none of those issues. It's padded, however not as bulky as your Average American middle-aged man. On top of this, it lacks any of what I cleverly have called 'pointy bits' (you know what I mean. Those really irritating bits) and the whole setup is smooth as Cagalli Yula Attha's arsecheeks. I also picked up a shiny (literally) new Safariland 6004 for my Sig 226. It's one of the newer models with the more flexible material and the redesigned leg shroud. Whilst I have heard negative things about these changes, I welcome them. The build quality is still there and it's still extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. The only differences really asides from the shape would be that you can remove the straps without having to disassemble the entire holster (I tend to remove the top strap and run it with just the lower) and also it comes with a hood which covers the SLS hood. I removed this promptly as it just got in the way of my draws. In other news, I just got myself a new job! It's not exactly what you'd call executive. It's a 20-hour-a-week temporary spot at my local Somerfields. However, the people I work with are great, my hours are fixed and I get every monday, tuesday and wednesday off. Perfect! Oh, and my M4 broke. I seem to have a really terrible history with AEGs. My M733 didn't shoot right and my CA M15a4 just... well, let's just say it was about as mechanically sound as an L85a1 with it's internals coated in batter and then thrown into the Mahabi desert. It seems that the tappet plate has gone. A simple thing to fix, but frankly I just can't be bothered. Ho hum. Well, I'm off to bed now. I just worked an excruciating five and a half hour () shift and I need my beauty sleep. Cheers, Tom
  3. Guest

    Parents on holiday? Woo!

    My parents went on a nice two week holiday to Crete, and me being a lazy bugger, stayed home. 20 year old male + house - parents = fun! Computer, xbox and minifridge all found new temporary homes in the livingroom upstairs, and the room itself got a huge makeover (by that, I mean move the sofa infront of the LCD TV...) For about a week, I survived on Rustlers microwavable food and the local chippy. Hardly health food, but what can I say... it was fun. Then, I got myself a rather nice laptop. This was pretty much an impulse buy... I went to Currys intend on buying a 19" TFT monitor and walked out with a Advent M740 laptop. Overall I am very impressed with this laptop. With 1.73ghz of processor power, a gig of DDR ram and a 128mb PCI-Express X700 Graphics card it's nothing to go "feh" to. I had alot of naysayers stating that it wouldn't play Battlefield 2 on even the lowest settings. Funny how I can run it on medium settings absolutely fine. Hilariously, the powersupply on my desktop PC literally blew up. Though I replaced it with a spare, the damned thing just won't be the same again. Thus, I'll be stripping out the insides and putting new internals in. Anyway, back to my vacation. For the following week, I was actually cooking stuff (*gasp*). ...Okay, so it was chips and chicken fillets, but I was cooking. That's all that matters. My friend came up for the remaining week and pretty crashed here, bringing his computer up for LANnage fun. His bacon sandwiches have more fat content than the original pig had in it's entire body... very yummy! Well, thinks are back the way they were now... and I hate my job just as much. Oh well, though. Oh, and to anyone who wants to play with me on Battlefield 2, my username on Xfire is SaFalken. Cheers, Tom
  4. Guest

    I hate mobile/cellphones

    It's late - midnight, infact. I am trying to get to sleep, and what happens? My mother's mobile (cellphone to Americans) goes off! First time it's like, "Why the heck did someone phone at this hour?"... the phone rung off the hook and then phoned again, and again... by the fourth time, I was pretty freaked out. I mean, it could be a family member or friend who's been hurt! So I raced upstairs and picked up the phone... Missed call messages. Bloody Missed Frickin Call messages. Dated from when? The 13th of October! I really, really hate technology right now. Apart from my laptop, because it's adorable.
  5. Guest


    I've been off for the past two days because of illness. My head feels like it's going to explode, my nose will not stop pouring both snot and blood out at a steady rate, and my stomach feels like it's going to explode in a similar, yet larger, manner to my head. Luckily we're nowhere near shortstaffed at my work, so it's not a big issue for people to take sickies. So... here I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find a box of paracetemol and down the lot...
  6. Guest


    Well, here's my new blog... expect lots of geardo related things and my general rantage. First on my list... a big thanks to arn. This should prove iiiinteesting. Secondly, airsoft armoury kick *albatross*. I ordered a VP charger and a speedloader from them just over two weeks ago, and there was still no sign of it. I phoned them today, and they said they'd look into it and contact me as soon as possible. Within 20 minutes, they phoned back and said the order got misplaced, and he'd send out my stuff AND free BBs cause of the wait! Great guys. Cheers, Tom

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