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Found 5 results

  1. Make: KSC / KWA / Umarex Gun/Model: HK Mk.23 SOCOM Accessories: 1x 26rd magazine, Rail adaptor, Clone SureFire X300V, Original slide, outer barrel and BBU Condition: Mint FPS: Gas dependent, <328FPS Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £425.00 plus shipping, PayPal Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a KSC/KWA HK Mk.23 SOCOM. This is a GBB pistol licensed by Umarex with full HK trademarks. To make this pistol the most realistic and best-performing Mk.23 available, it has been comprehensively and completely upgraded with the very best the aftermarket has to offer, including: Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. This fully CNC-milled kit is notably better than the RA Tech alternative, with a more resilient finish and higher-quality machining. This kit is fully trademarked and no longer available. Volante Airsoft 'Aurora' high-volume BBU. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-milled, and is of a much more advanced design than the factory System 7/New System 2 unit. In particular, it has a much larger internal volume, allowing exceptional performance with the very heavy slide and outer barrel despite not using CO2 magazines. RA Tech 150% recoil spring for snappier slide return. G&P limited-edition welded steel KAC OHWS suppressor with full trademarks. This is the most realistic OHWS suppressor on the market, but is not available from the factory in the 16mm CCW thread which all airsoft Mk.23s use. This particular example was professionally rethreaded to suit the gun. Custom-made Mk.23 MIL-SPEC-1913/'Picatinny' rail adaptor, CNC-milled from billet aluminium. This fits over the proprietary HK rail and screws into the front of the trigger guard, just like the original Wilcox and Insight LAMs. This is far more secure than the alternatives currently available on the aftermarket. The gun will be supplied with the original KWA aluminium slide, plastic outer barrel, and complete BBU. If so desired, the clone SureFire X300V pictured with the gun can be included. The gun is in mint condition with no marks. It has never been skirmished; the overwhelming majority of the shots it has ever fired (about 250) were for the function video included in this listing. This pistol retails in the EU for approximately £175, the slide and outer barrel kit retailed (when available) for approximately £230, the BBU for approximately £100, the suppressor for approximately £45 including rethreading, and the rail adaptor for approximately £15 for a total retail value of £565. The SureFire retails for approximately £45. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  2. So, I recently watched a review by Sootch on the RS Beretta M9A3 and was like "Hey, that looks pretty cool!". So I Googled "M9A3 airsoft" to see if there was any replica out. And I got a hit on YouTube, from Shot Show 2017 (last year). Also some info about an upcoming KSC M9A3 (I don't like KSC) They say there that it is an early prototype and under the Elite Force name. US Elite Force version supposedly has a full-auto switch. Well, then I went on to https://www.airsoftdb.com/ and looked for it, and it is actually out in Europe https://www.airsoftdb.com/search/?q=m9a3&r=all And I bought one, and just got it! No full-auto on this one, maybe just German specific (semi only law for airsoft) Not test-fired it yet. Bought it from a German store with the help of Google Translate from Conos Store for €149 EUR ($185 USD, £130 GBP): https://www.conos-store.de/beretta-m9a3-fde/airsoft/a-15654/ (out of stock now) Apparently it's been out as a 4.5mm CO2 pistol for while. Anyways. Positives Official replica Replicates pretty much all new features of the M9A3 Nice color replication Full blow back CO2 out of the box Decent details Feels good Preliminary it seems it will take RS M9A3 grips with minor mods (tested with M9 grips but the extended mag release is in the way) Negatives Frame is plastic (BUT, if you want to think positive, you can imagine it is Berettas step towards a polymer framed M9A3, and it looks and feels pretty good so not a huge deal actually!) Markings are white laser etched No functioning de-cocker (trigger disengage only) KWC OEM (not sure if that is really bad, considering how I feel about their 1911s ) I shall post some pictures in a bit! And maybe start a review topic tomorrow. EDIT: Pics!
  3. I've not had time to skirmish in a couple of years now, so I'm clearing out most of my collection: £175 - A&K Dragunov SVD with AirsoftProCZ internals, cocking handle & madbull tightbore - with side mount sight rail + 3 magazines, I have a tan double mag pouch I can include. £300 - Umarex M27 with 3-9x40 scope, stubby foregrip, QD sling mounts, 1 point sling, 2 x 1300mAh batteries and canted iron sights with original hard case. £75 - WE M&P "Big Bird" CO2 pistol with three magazines and original hard case. £150 - King Arms M4 with magpul stock & handguard, stubby foregrip and NCStar reflex sight - it is over power and needs a new spring, sight needs a new battery - original box (says transparent, it isn't). £70 - Generic benelli M4 clone, tri-shot springer shotgun with single point sling and a bag of 16 x 30 round (10 shot) shells. I have a tan shotgun loop pouch I can include, it holds many, many shells. £15 - Tokyo Marui Socom MK23 magazine only - new, unopened. And a massive pile of kit, open to offers: 2 x Black Hawk, black single point STORM slings. 1 x Black Hawk, OD drop leg molle platform. 2 x Black Hawk, black belt paddles. 1 x Black Hawk, black belt mount. 1 x Black Hawk, black molle serpa platform. 1 x Black Hawk, coyote tan molle serpa platform. 1 x Black Hawk, coyote tan level 3 drop leg harness with glock 17 serpa and two magazine pouches. 1 x Black Hawk, black serpa rotational ring and belt mount. 1 x Black Hawk, black stealth weapons catch. 1 x Generic pistol lanyard (coiled). 2 x Black Hawk, black short speed clips. 2 x Black Hawk, olive drab long speed clips. 2 x Black mesh mouth guards. 1 x Tan mesh mouth guard. 1 x Replica FAST helmet, coyote tan (basically unused). 1 x Smith Optics Turbo Fan LoPro - This is used, the foam on the inside is going and could do with being replaced - comes with bag and spare ignitor lens. 2 x Normal speedloader (happy to throw in with any of the rifle sales). 1 x Fake IR illuminator speedloader (per the above). 9 x Metal low cap STANAG M4 magazines - I've had these since forever, so they're battered and scratched but they work fine. 10 x Polymer STANAG M4 midcap magazines (not PMAGS) - These are much newer, so only a few scratches. 1 x DYNATEX blank firing grenade, comes with adaptor for use with primers (no blanks or primers supplied) - never used. 1 x High Speed Gear, multicam battle belt with cobra rigger belt and 4 point harness. 1 x Warrior Assault Systems, multicam single M4 pouch (holds 2). 1 x Warrior Assault Systems, multicam double M4 pouch (holds 2 x 2). 1 x Blue Forge Gear, single multicam M4 pouch (holds 2). 2 x British Tactical, single M4 pouch (holds 2). 1 x FAB Defense, black magazine well grip (doesn't fit the MK27 or the King Arms M4 - FYI!!!) 1 x Flecktarn chest rig, (2 x utility, 3 x double magazine pouch). PM with any offers or requests for images! I'm based in Macclesfield if anyone wants to entertain collecting.
  4. Bada Bing


    Hey fellas. I thought I'd chime in on here with my thoughts regarding the VFC HK45CT. The typical no thrills Umarex Hk box...yay. Contents of the amazing box. Overview/build: The pistol itself has a terrific build quality and looks stunning. VFC does a fine job at making their guns look nice at least. The metal slide finish looks a better shade than KWA's HK45 and other HK pistols. The white umarex licensing marks are thin and are mostly unnoticeable. Mostly. The controls are positive. Safety decocker lever functions well. The flick up to safe mode is tactile and locks into place reassuringly well. The sweep down to decock is smooth and breaks into double action mode with a deep clunk. As I mention in my video review, the double action trigger pull is heavy but in a good way. They've done a good job to make you feel like it's a realistic trigger pull and not like a toy gun. The sights are the standard HK45 type sights but compared to the TM 45, they appear dark grey and more authentic. The slide release/takedown lever is really easy to pry out of the frame unlike the TM, which just doesn't want to let you take it out. The grip length on this pistol is similar to the USP Compact and even though my hands are more on the small side, it still feels awkward for me to hold it. My support hand doesn't have a nice ledge to rest upon, the standard HK45 however, has that chunky magazine baseplate which does have the ample room. If I interlink my pinky fingers it works but it's probably not a decent grip method. The spare backstrap is medium sized and I'd love to try it out but unfortunately the pin holding the one already on the pistol, just doesn't want to come out. As with the real HK45C, the rail is just too short for your run of the mill pistol lights, X300's for example, requiring that 4th rail cutout. Cable ties? Lol Hopup: The hopup adjustment is located on the guide rod. The key that comes with the pistol is used to adjust the hop and is a pretty clever external location for the calibration. Unfortunately the hopup doesn't do a very good job and the shots land either a little high, a little low, slightly left, and sometimes straight. I placed these shots on the paper at 20m and I had to shift my aim from shot to shot to walk the bbs onto target, poor consistency. Shooting: In a warm/comfortable environment the HK45CT shoots very well. On propane/greengas, you get a great snap and jolt in the hand from this little gun, it's cyclic rate is nice and high but that exciting experience is soon demolished when venturing out into the cold. When I was in 3 degrees C, the pistol really did struggle to complete a magazine and often it just failed miserably. Sometimes it would fire one shot fine and second shot would be too weak to even load another bb, it would alternate between weak and very weak shots before the tank was empty. Enter the dragon. On Guarder Power Up Gas the reassurance would be restored and the pistol would complete a magazine. A must fuel for single digit temperatures. Range: To be fair to the little gun the range isn't too bad. When I was using either a toasty mag on propane or Guarder Black, I had it shooting out to 50m. It would probably take an entire 20 round magazine to be able to hit a man sized target once at that range but at least it was getting there. KSC/KWA Compatibility: I touch upon this in my video but as you see in the photo's the internal working parts are copied from the KSC and KWA USP series. USP HK45CT Side by side, USP left - HK45CT right. The magazines are a drop in fit but unfortunately they either vent the gas once fired, fire and slide blow back a few mm or appear to light strike and act like a NBB. At first I thought it could be that the button on the valve sat too low for a decent strike but with the varied responses from testing, I cannot pin point the cause of the actions. One of the only real differences between the two brand magazines is that on the original HK45CT magazine, it has a raised lip on the rubber gas seal. I have an Action high flow valve in one of my USP mags and this seems to be the way to make the USP magazine fire the pistol. I removed the Action valve to install into one of my hk45ct magazines and it is a fantastic upgrade. The cycling remains high and consistent, even in colder conditions it outperforms the stock by a long shot. Conclusion: Right from the box, out of 10 I'd give it a 4. There's a decent gun in there somewhere but you'll have to fork over a bit more money on top of the initial £170-£200 cost just to find it. Business as usual with this brand then. £40+ per magazine is a complete joke. When it becomes available in Asia, I have no doubt in my mind that AMG would release upgrade valves much like the VP9, so one could get the very best out of the system and if one were to install an upgrade hopup bucking, I believe it would be fine skirmish tool. So yeah, it looks the part but doesn't deliver. That should be VFC's company slogan. "No compromise, GET VFC! Hmmm, no mate. Video Review: Thanks for looking and I hope this helps.
  5. Unfortunately there is no review thread for this bad boy yet, and the news thread is locked. But I have some new info I need to share so I'll start up a review thread for this. I don't have any review material yet per say but I'll put my two PPQ videos here for now. And a new one coming in a few days. Anyways. What I want to address is the cracking of the upper slide flat top due to the chamber on the outer barrel. I recently bought a new Asia version slide for my PPQ to replace, and I modded the chamber by chamfering off the front edge. Significantly might I add. And I noticed the chamber was still going up onto the slide upon cycling. Well, turn out the nozzle is getting stuck on the back end of the barrel/chamber on cycling, pushing onto the barrel, preventing it from dropping down on cycling. This pushes the chamber of the barrel up into the top of the slide. So I filed down a front edge on the nozzle, and cleaned up the back end of the barrel/chamber and lubed the parts up. Does it completely fix the issue? Sadly not. The nozzle and barrel still interlock a little bit. But I think with these two mods, I hope, enough is done to mitigate, or at least reduce the risk significantly, of breaking the slide (again). Other than that. Let me add this: Difference between Asia and Euro version: Asia: Full markings, longer inner barrel, blocked full auto function. Non Umarex branded. Euro: Not fully marked, shortel inner barrel, functional full auto function. Umarex licensed/branded.

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