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Found 17 results

  1. I offer software for the 2018 project for Airsoft, Paintball sports. In DOMINATOR, the project replaces pen and paper with a physical device that uses access cards (RFID) to initialize the team that took the point and then start the stopwatch for that team. Description: Device - DOMINATOR contains control microcontroller (Arduino Uno, Nano, or Mega 2560). The display shows the time of each team (RED and GRE team.) Each team member is equipped with a card or keypad that communicates at 13.56MHz. Keychains can be differentiated in color (blue, red ...) If a team manages to score a point, any player on that team will place his card on the reader. The team's LED (red / blue) lights up at this station and the team's time is added. If a second team occupies a point and puts a card on that team member's LED, the team's LED lights up, the second team's time is paused, and the team that occupied the point counts. If the organizer (referee) puts the card / key, both times shall be discarded until one of the teams has placed the card. The last possible card in the system is the use of so-called. eraser card that pauses and resets both times. The maximum time range of the system is: 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, also suitable for events and sports facilities. The system is tested, functional, works smoothly, the ability to measure and display time even for tenths of a second. The RC522 reader operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz, RFID tags registers at about 3 centimeters (almost physical contact with the reader is necessary), compatible tag format ISO / IEC 14443 A. There is a version equivalent for DOMINATOR with a button input that replaces the RFID reader. Therefore, in this version, there are four buttons instead of four types of cards. For the RFID version, there is a PCB design for production by photo path or from GERBER files. The PCB is double-sided with overlays. Both versions are delivered free of charge to RFID DOMINATOR. PCB design is not available for the button version. Button version of DOMINATOR can be tried for free in the Shareware version. The version limitation is only in functionality, where it is possible to run DOMINATOR to measure a maximum time of 15 seconds for each team. During this time it is possible to verify the response of the system to the inputs, the behavior of the system. The shareware version is in machine code .hex, which must be uploaded via AVRDUDE software to Arduino. There are versions for I2C address converter 0x3F and 0x27. Contact by e-mail to request a machine code. Used Hardware: Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega (the scheme for each microcontroller is the same) RFID RC522 running at 13.56MHz 2x LED LCD display 16x2 / 20x4 with I2C converter compatible cards and key fobs More about the project: http://arduino.clanweb.eu/airsoft-dominator.php?lang=en Price of software: 30 € RFID version / 20€ button version Contact: martinius96@gmail.com Contact in ENGLISH language please. Payment method: PayPal Video of how it works - RFID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FHSLeyXVU Video of how it works - Button: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6RXZYUcI4 Wiring - RFID DOMINATOR: Wiring - Button DOMINATOR:
  2. TheForlornSerpent

    Classic Army SL8 AEG DMR

    Classic Army CA8-2 AEG based in the SL8 rifle, item is essentially brand new in box with two magazines, a battery, instructions and brand brochure. Item has been taken out of the box and fired but has never been used in an airsoft game. Some of the features of this gun include; - Glass Fibre Body - Brass Cylinder Head - Reinforced sealed cylinder -Aluminium piston head with bearing The gun has a two-tone paint scheme and fires at sub-350fps. Why am I selling this? I am wanting to return to airsoft at some point over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances I can't afford to buy new kit to play. I don't have any of the necessary kit e.g. boots, eye protection, gloves, bbs and etc. I have 3 AEGs that I own, i'd rather sell two of them and use the funds to get the kit i need without dipping into my savings. I am based in South Yorkshire and will accept collection only. I am asking £250 for this AEG as it is essentially brand new, I also have another AEG for sale SRC XM8 at £225. Any questions please do not hesitate to message me and please see photos below.
  3. TheForlornSerpent

    SRC XM8 AEG Two-Tone

    SRC SR8 Two-tone essentially brand new in box with magazine and instructions, this aeg is based on the XM8 assault rifle. This is a Gen 3 model, it has only been taken out of the box and has never been fired. The guns fps is sub 350. Why am I selling this? I am wanting to get back into airsoft after a long hiatus. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances I can't really afford to spend money on purchasing new kit e.g. boots, eye and face protection, BBs etc. Selling 2 of the 3 airsoft guns I own will provide me the funds to get the kit I need without spending the savings I have. I am located in South Yorkshire and will accept collection only, my asking price is £225. I am happy to accept cash but would prefer paypal. Please message me for more information and please study the pictures below. Thanks.
  4. DeadChristmas69

    Cybergun Pietro Beretta 92FS (07041) Box Art

    These are the cardboard inserts for a retail Cybergun Pietro Beretta 92FS (07041). The replica is actually modeled to resemble an M9. Manufactured by Kien Well Toy Industrial Company, KWC.
  5. Batmause

    PPS shotguns

    Hey there, I made my first video about a range-accuracy test with a PPS XM26 shell ejecting shotgun. I bought this shotgun a half-year ago but it was one of first time when I used it. My experiences was that this shotgun isn't like the cold weather, that is why I didn't use it for a while. I recorded this test on 5-10-15-20 meters distance with 4 different BBs, like 0.12g - 0.20g - 0.25g - 0.30g BBs. The results was that you can hit the target on 5-10 meters all the time if you aimed to the target. On 15 meters I recommend heavier BBs, like 0.23-0.28g BBs because the wind can change the trajectory but in CQB I recommend 0.23g or 0.25g BBs. It is hard to hit the target over 20 meters which is acceptable for a shotgun. If the weather is good (temperature) you can hit the target by aiming above the target. The grouping is really closed thanks for the hidden inner barrel and for the fixed hopup system, there isn't any grouping under 8-11 meters. Basically the XM26 shotgun is a really nice gun. The receiver and the bolt carrier is made from aluminium, the outer parts looks really nice. The stock is a copy of B5 crane stock with really nice surface/finish. I liked the gun except the compensator which was made from plastic, I will replace it with a steel version in the future - it will cost a lot to reproducing but I don't care. Sadly it is hard to use because it doesn't have any shell catcher - unlike the M870 has few solution. The M870 isn't as well built shotgun as an APS CAM870. Lighter and it looks like a toygun - compared to APS. The receiver and all the external parts made from metal, more like aluminium. There is few parts which made from steel - ejecting plates, forend cradle bars, shell carrier, shell ejector, shell catcher, sear. The painting on the receiver isn't homogen but the other parts are really good. At this moment I'm a bit busy but I like if you share your experiences with your PPS shotgun. I will record a video review in the future but at this moment I can not do it.
  6. From the album: Operation Excelsior | Antari Attacks

    Tickets: http://airsoftanarchy.co.uk/operation-excelsior OPERATION EXCELSIOR | #ANTARIATTACKS - The Debut MilSim by Airsoft Anarchy - 08-07-2017 - ONE AWESOME MISSION. ZERO MERCY! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MISSION INTEL | CURRENT THREAT An object later identified as a massive spaceship has been found orbiting the earth. It soon became clear what the intentions of this Alien race were when after they sprayed the atmosphere with an unknown substance, some humans began displaying strange behaviour and would attack and kill colleagues. Their hostility was confirmed after an Antari Fighter shot down a Swedish Fighter who, in retaliation, shot down an Antari Shuttle and engaged the surviving Antari in a firefight. The reason why only certain humans were displaying strange behaviour soon became apparent when a scientist in Paris realised that all those affected had cybernetic implants. The substance is now known as ‘Dark Cloud’ affects the link between the cybernetics and the human body in some way, by utilising a virus; this virus slows the Antari to hack their cybernetics and control them. Earth’s cause was strengthened when two beings of light landed their spaceship at the White House and, in front of everybody, proceeded to turn into a human woman and man. They turned out to be a race called ‘Pleiadians’ and claimed to be at war with the Antari. They offered their assistance in an advisory capacity because their forces were too weak to engage the Antari directly. The Pleiadians have adopted English Earth names: Adam and Eve. They informed the US President that the intention of the Antari was to conquer and mine Earth for all her resources. Human Beings were seen as a pest and had to be exterminated. They stated in no unclear terms that the people of Earth were under threat of extermination. It is now up to new recruits with no cybernetic implants to defeat this new threat. Together with their Pleiadian Advisors these Mavericks now face a daunting task. Destroy a species that have been destroying civilisations all over the universe or become extinct. The Juggernaut Stops Here! ____________________________________________________________________________ Will you be a Proud Maverick or a Take-no-Prisoners Zero? Defend yourAntari Masters and help invade Earth... Or Defend Earth against the invadingAntari and their mindless hordes?! Which side will succeed in their mission? The answer lies in your hands! Make the right decision and join your side … Will you be a Free-for-All Zero? ...or part of a World-Saving Team of Mavericks? CHOOSE WISELY! ONE AWESOME MISSION; ZERO MERCY! Book Now to be part of one of the greatest Airsoft events ever! Tickets: http://airsoftanarchy.co.uk/operation-excelsior ____________________________________________________________________________ Directions: The Zero Zone | 20mins Drive from Glasgow Airport. All recruits and eventgoers are to check-in and receive their mission briefings from Airsoft Anarchy HQ which will be based at Glasgow Airport. Check-In: 1200H – 1400H on 8th July 2017 Kit List: What you will need: -Sleeping Kit -Wash Kit & Toiletries -Brew Kit/Cooking Kit -Food & Water (For 24+ hours) -Eye Protection -Combat Kit & Boots -Airsoft Weapons -Torch & Lightsticks -Toolkit & Batteries Pricing: £55 per person Over 18's Only Ticket Includes: -Annual Club Membership -Airsoft Tournament Entry -Indoor Overnight Camp -Evening Entertainment -Refreshments* -Free Secured Parking Prizes: -Main Event Major Jackpot: £2000 -Camp Champs: £200 AIRSOFT RETAIL VOUCHER -The Marksman: VIP ENTRY X20 +MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED _______________________________________________________________________________________ Tickets: http://airsoftanarchy.co.uk/operation-excelsior

    © © 2017 Airsoft Anarchy

  7. AirsoftGuns-Europe.com

    AirsoftGuns-Europe.com NEWS

    Hi, we are Airsoftguns-europe.com and for summer ending for you, our customers, we prepare some Special Offers. Take a look yourself. We are sending goods throughout European Union. Everyone knows them, everyone wants them. Gas operated pistols from Tokyo Marui, Japanese warranty of quality for best prices. Metal and plastic spring operated shotguns made by Cyma. Affordable price, great power, large variety of types. Everyone chooses. Choice from many color combinations, metal and polymer slide. Winner in Airsoft Players Choice Awards. Did you voted too? Need a high power or great durability? Let´s take a look to our AirsoftGuns Custom series. Customized by our team, with more than ten years of experiences.
  8. Evike.com - My bad experience Backstory: This will be a long post, but I thought I'd give every detail I can about my experience. Naturally I don't try to get into "drama" related topics, unless I'm trolling - but their last e-mail really pushed me to write a lengthy write up. I've been a loyal "international" customer since 2014. I'm from Canada - and I occasionally order from the states even though it usually results in me paying duty and taxes. I've ordered over 1500 USD in products with Evike, including the occasionally split orders with my colleagues over the course of the course of my airsoft career. Now leads us to the present. Initial Order: My recent order was on October the 19, 2015. I placed an order with express shipping ($42) for a total of $410.40 USD. (Originally was over 500, but they refunded me since the discount code 25% didn't work - so I already knew when I got my refund, my credit card company wasn't going to refund me the some funds for "currency exchange charge 3.25% of $6x refund?." - So I said to myself, ok, whatever, that's fine.) Shipping: Shipping always takes a bit with Evike, nothing to complain about - about 4 business days or so it shipped out. It made it through customs no problem. Day of delivery - That's where things started to go downhill. Issue Begins - Day of delivery: The image below show that the item was going out for delivery (Canada Post), but was some how recalled within 10 minutes. The next day it was shipped back to Evike. This is were I was starting to get anxious - What? Why? I called Canada Post over 5 times, they told me to call USPS. I called USPS they told me to call Canada Post. This went on for days to the point Canada Post even stated "Oh you're calling about your tracking number AGAIN?" I decided to make a call to Evike, and they brushed me off over the phone, stating that I should inquire with USPS, after I explained my situation. At this point I'm irritated. My parcel was supposed to be here, and now it's back in transit to the states, along side with Evike brushing me off. Issue Mid Cycle: After a few days passed, I called CBSA (Canada Customs) - They told me that there was nothing wrong with customs, and it should of been delivered. They told me to give Canada Post a call again. After I hung up with CBSA, I called Canada Post. Mind you this is about the 8th time I've called them. - Finally I get a representative that's helpful and willing to look into my ticket. I explained the situation to her, told her about USPS and CBSA... she put me on hold for 10 minutes and discussed with her manager my situation. She told me that the manager had no idea why they didn't "Attempt Delivery" - Which they should of, and don't understand why it was shipped back. - This is where she kind of hinted it was (CP) fault, but in a person to person way. I told her that Evike (The Sender) has been brushing me off - and she suggested that if I cannot come to a solution, that I could dispute it with PayPal. - Great idea, this rep was very informative, versus the other 7 reps that brushed me off. E-mail communication with Evike.com: E-mail 1 Ok, so it's time for me to send in my e-mail and inquire about this situation. I sent my first e-mail on the 29th of October. (might have to zoom in to read it - http://i.imgur.com/CWEYTBj.png) E-mail 2 Sent that in, next day they reply. Again, generic reply, and brushing me off - " YOU can go contact USPS, to see what can be done." - OK so I'm pretty annoyed at this point, so I sent in a reply. http://i.imgur.com/9iAkGRv.png E-mail 3 I express my concern about my situation above on the 30th. - They replied stating no updates. On November the 3rd. http://i.imgur.com/sULqMCG.png Moving Forward: I decided it was in my best interest to submit a claim with PayPal, aswell as send an e-mail in to Evike to inquire about a full refund. Evike showed no concerns about follow up with me on my current situation. During the PayPal call, I told them about my situation, and PayPal listened to me very clearly. My e-mail going in was regarding about a full refund. http://i.imgur.com/m34I8ig.png Then Evike replied - I explicitly and sincerely asked for them to offer my a full refund. - neglecting everything I asked for. I forwarded this to PayPal and changed it to a dispute, I was refunded within the day. - Good. At this point I was fed up with Evike, and wasn't even going to bother writing up my negative experience that I had with them. Moving forward - 8 days later (As per GMAIL): I got this email today. Boy did it poke my buttons off my winter jacket. - I actually lol'ed and shook my head at work. http://i.imgur.com/5KG4Hwk.png Conclusion I explicitly asked them for a refund nicely in an e-mail prior, and they completely ignored and brushed off the e-mail. I had to go to PayPal and contact them to get a refund, PP did that no problems. The fact that this whole issue wasn't my fault as a consumer, I don't see why anyone in my situation would be penalized. It may of been Canada Post, USPS, or someone else's fault, however their solution that they went about is incorrect and unfair. In no way should a customer be charged for something they are not at fault for - Especially for shipping and re-stocking fees. That's a joke. I'm extremely disappointed with Evike. I will never again do business with them, nor will I ever recommend them. I'm expressing my customer experience I've had with them, I'm not telling you to not order from them - but I'm telling you to beware. TL;DR Beware of Evike. PayPal is great for getting your cash back.
  9. Maveric

    WE 416 (RA-Tech Custom)

    From the album: Maveric's Album

    My WE RA-Tech 11" 416 now with Magpul CTR stock
  10. Hello! My name is Russian geardo and I am airsoft and military reviewer from Russia! 3 years ago I started my blog with reviews in russian language: http://rusgeardo.blogspot.ru In 2013 I made my own youtube-channel to make video reviews and I started to make English subtitles to them. I am sorry for possibles mistakes in subtitles, English is not my native language. So there is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rusgeardo - this is my channel trailer - comparsion of Element XPS 3-2 and original L3 EOTech XPS 3-2 - OSS Murray Back Pressure Regulator 2 by Madbull For English language please turn on subtitles. The rest old videos now hasn't English subtitles but I will add them soon. And I will post links for new videos here. Like my videos, subscribe my channel, thank in advance!
  11. WhatAreYouBuyen

    Magpul PDR

    A picture of the magpul PDR C from WhatArrYouBuyen. Feel free to re-post this image on other websites, blog, ect.

    © © WhatAreYouBuyen 2013

  12. Short Stack

    KWA TT-33 NS2

    I'm reviewing today the KWA TT-33 Tokarev, which may or may not be officially released and there is virtually no info out about this gun. So I'm here to provide some info! MSRP for this gun is $135. Magazines are around $30 each. Inside The Box The box itself is made of medium strength cardboard with styrofoam encasing the gun and parts. Inside the box, you get: -Gun -Magazine -Hop-up Adjustment Tool -Lube -Small bag of .25 KSC BBs -Paperwork -Manual The gun is held firmly in place in the Styrofoam bed, which has room for a spare magazine (one can be kept in the gun itself) with a spare slot for the usual bits and pieces that come with a new KWA. First Impressions At first glance the TT-33 looks pretty bad***. It has a finish in black that is slightly shiny. The coloring all over the gun is almost exactly the same, a deep black color. The gun is modeled to be exactly the same as the real TT-33, KWA did a great job on it. This gun is very, very light. 1.65 lbs actually, according to KWA. The balance is VERY good. This gun has both an aluminium slide as well as an aluminium frame, which helps aid it's lightness, compared to WE's heavy and clunky pot metal. Metal parts abound, so it is easier to tell you what is made out of plastic. The two grip sides, and the barrel....Yeah, there is a lot of metal. The only wobble in the gun, at all, period, is the magazine. Take the magazine out, and you can shake the gun around and hear nothing. The wobble is very minimal. Close Look The trademarks on the gun are as follows: Magazine Catch side: -O120301499U * KWA (engraved, black) Chamber side: -Manufactured in Taiwan (looks painted on, white) Top: BK989 * 1941 (engraved, black) Grips: -CCCP around a star The * is an actual star on the gun. The gun does not come with a safety, instead using a quirky trigger setup. You have to push from the top and angle slightly downwards, if you just push on the bottom the trigger will not move all the way backward. After some test firing, I got used to it pretty quickly. The KWA comes equipped with fixed sights. Both are very simple, very barebones, but they work. Remember, this gun is from 1941! The gun comes with a plastic outer barrel, mostly to use less wear and work better with the NS2 system. The KWA uses it's usual hop-up on the gun, adjustable with a tool by locking the slide open and putting the tool inside the chamber. Hop-up adjustment is right for less hop, and left for more. The magazine is no frills design. The big thing, it only holds 10+1 rounds. Yes, only ten. You may want to carry a speed loader and extra mags with you. The mag itself holds enough gas for around 25 rounds. Produced completely from metal (except for the rubber gas routing and the loading lip), the KWA magazine is actually rather light. Like most KWA magazines, the follower can be locked at the bottom for easier loading. Unlike the Marui, BBs must be loaded through the feed lips. The KWA comes with an orange tip painted on the barrel, and the barrel extends past the slight, unlike the real TT-33. I'm hoping for an aftermarket slide+barrel kit to come and fix this, along with adding some more trademarks. Shooting Impressions The gun has decent kick, with a good trigger pull and a decent hammer. Overall it's a lot like other KWA offerings. The slide locks reliably, and the action is completely smooth, with no jerkiness at all. When it comes to shooting performance, I found the gun has around 150 foot range, and accuracy up to about 115 feet. Using .25s of course. The accuracy is decent, and the hop works very well, almost on the lines of TM. On airsoftGI and some other websites, they say the gun chronoes at 340-350 FPS. I think this is exaggerated a little bit, and they do use .20s. KWA on the other hand, in their manual, says it's at 280 FPS. I suspect they used .25s and 134a gas for this chrono reading. I think the gun rests at about 310-330 with .20s and green gas/propane. Take Down I do not know how the real TT-33 takes down, but this is how the KWA version does. 1. Remove magazine, make sure there are no BBs chambered in the gun. 2. On the chamber side, grab the little straight line thing and pull on the tab, freeing the pin that is to the front of the gun. 3. Push the pin and pull the slide lock out of the gun. 4. Pull the slide off of the gun. 5. Push the spring guide forward, then let it come out of the gun. It is a two peice + spring affair, it does stay together though. 6. Spin the front part of the slide upwards. Pull it off. 7. Pull the barrel through the front of the slide. After you do that, you should be here. The gun comes stock lubed, and KWA also includes lube with the gun when that stuff wears off. Conclusion Overall, I think the gun is a great new offering to those who like older guns, or eastern euro guns. It's a great replica and I'll be happy to skirmish with it. Even though it only has 10 rounds, it's performance is very good and I can't wait to give you guys a skirmish report next time I go play. Happy airsofting! Realism: 7/10 (barely any trades, extended barrel) Quality of gun: 8/10 Performance: 9/10 Skirmishability: 8/10 Total: 8/10
  13. Mike_West

    Project Uglystick

    Like I said, after flipping a coin three times and getting tails three times, I decided to roll with a Muzzelite 10/22 sniper rifle build. I dubbed it "Project Uglystick" (due to its... questionable aesthetics). I divided it into four phases: Phase One: purchasing the carbine and internal upgrades (new hop-up, new barrel) Phase Two: purchasing a Muzzelite stock Phase Three: purchasing a compact scope (2-6x28 or 2-6x32) and mount (M16 carry handle rail) Phase Four: assembly and testing Phase One is 50% complete: all parts have been ordered, paid for and shipped. They just have to arrive here. Due to the fact that first version of the KJW 10/22 got really damn scarce, I had to check all the Hong Kong shops I knew, from AirsoftGlobal to TokyoModel - it turned out that only JK Army had it in stock at a sensible price ($200). JK Army apparently has some good reputation, but what they did blew my mind: I placed an order on Sunday, Monday morning (CET) I already received a confirmation and tracking number that worked. Now these guys are FAST. Sourcing a barrel was less of a problem - even with Falcon extended barrel kit out of stock, I found a 509mm barrel for a KJW M4 that looked remarkably similar (and considering that both guns were designed by Tanio Kobayashi, I guessed it will fit anyway) at EHobbyAsia. And here's where EHobby screwed up: sure, they said they've shipped the thing, but apparently forgot to give me a tracking number. So now it's a mail race between the Ruger and the barrel, and my money's on the Ruger. Phase Two was more of a challenge. First, the guy who I originally asked to get me the stock claimed he could send it for $12, plus 10% of the item's value as a commission fee, but then I actually checked the shipping cost via USPS and discovered there's no way to go below $48 due to the stock being REALLY FRIGGIN' HUGE. So what it weighs two pounds? It's two feet long and postage for things that large is... substantial. So I turned my attention to Ebay. Advance Manufacturing first declined to send the stock overseas, but considering they do ship other things to Europe, I convinced them to try and send me the stock. Groovy. But due to them selling some gun accessories (probably), they had some problems with those retarded monkeys at Paypal and switched to a more Australian payment processor, Paymate. Here's the problem with Paymate: it takes them FIVE *fruitcage* DAYS to process a payment for American clients. I kid you not. Also, they send you no receipt whatsoever if you pay someone, so you don't know how much exactly you paid and what was the exchange rate (hint: it's usually retarded, making Paymate no different than Paypal in this regard). However, the order was placed, the payment was made, now I just have to wait. Phase Three is put on hold until I get everything else. I already have a humongous silencer (to cover the longer inner barrel) and my flatmate told me he has a M16 carry handle rail he doesn't need, so all I need now is a compact scope - preferably with 2-6x magnification. Those usually come with 28mm or 32mm lenses, which should be enough. Now, the problem with calibrating it is the fact that it seems to sit pretty high in relation to the barrel. If I got it right, it will shoot low at distances shorter than the one I set the scope at and high at longer ones (which isn't that much of a problem if I set it far enough to make the difference noticeable only at ranges too short to fire the gun safely (gotta love the Polish airsoft laws, you can crank your gun to insane output velocities and all you're risking is infamy in the airsoft circles). I'm also tempted to build a Predator-style laser pointer barrel extension, with three cheap red lasers from RSOV set around the barrel, but I guess it'd be overkill. The reactions of people seeing three familiar dots on them, on the other hand...? Priceless!
  14. Mike_West

    Out of the left field

    It turned out that AirsoftGlobal has custom-built Muzzelite 10/22 for sale - of course, it's stupidly overpriced and lacking some upgrades, but at least I have a clue how the replica really looks fitted with the Muzzelite stock. First thing: the barrel is shorter than on the real deal, and only the thread sticks out - good for me, I can go with any barrel extension to cover up the Falcon 509 mm one. For example, the 240x40 King Arms can I got from my flatmate. Second, the Muzzelite stock isn't much more expensive than normal RS 10/22 stocks - normal ones go for $80 roughly and the Muzzelite is $110. The only problem with Muzzelite is that trigger needs some work - it's not as terrible as, let's say, JLS F2000, but I'm sure I'll be needing a lighter return spring for the trigger bar. Why Muzzelite, though? Well, for starters, I wanted a futuristic-looking gun. Sure, it looked futuristic in the 80s, just ask propmakers that worked on Total Recall and SeaQuest. After slapping a longer barrel and a Falcon hop-up, it goes Section 5-hot and remains pretty accurate at 150-200 feet. Finally, as AirsoftGlobal claims, it's only a bit over 2 feet long and weighs two kilograms. TWO KILOGRAMS! That's two full-metal Berettas, which means I won't break my back carrying it around for a whole day (as opposed to the Warrior 1 I owned a while back). Damn good choice for a mobile marksman. I'm only $200 short for the whole project - if I wanted, I could already order the 10/22, barrel and hop-up, but considering it's -10 C outside, and I need 200 feet of open space for testing, I have to postpone it until Spring. When I get a $400-$500 bonus.
  15. OK, so I'm going to be $700 richer in the coming days. Want to try and persuade me into not starting any mildly-crazy-to-batshit-insane airsoft projects? 1. Mildly crazy: Magpul-kitted SR25. JG based, fitted with a G&G hop-up, nozzle and standard V2 gearbox, with MOE foregrip and PRS stock. Won't cost a fortune, considering that I can get a decent discount at the local airsoft store and knockoff Magpul parts aren't really that hard to get. 2. Nuts: The Space Blaster. Stark S18C GBB with Guarder threaded barrel, AABB KPOS kit, a Docter or C-More red dot and the can I use on my USP. KPOS kit can't be bought without some digging and asking, and the Stark brand is relatively unknown. A couple of long mags should turn this thing into an useful CQB weapon that looks cool on photos. 3. Flap-Eared Royal Fruitcake: Assassin Rifle. KJW M700 Takedown with Tanaka 30-rd mag, silencer adapter and the humongous can I got off my friend. Simple but costly and useful only for photo ops. Would be nice if I found some way to detach the stock as well and an inexpensive case to keep it in. Good that I have friends in indie movie business and the local airsoft shop sometimes lends replicas for photo ops, and not for free at that. 4. Batshit Insane: Longsword SS-AP5 Rifle, Redneck Edition. A KJW KC-02 with extended mag release, Well MB05 stock, Falcon 510mm barrel encased in a rectangular aluminium profile and some other assorted gubbins. This is going to require a fully stocked workshop ("Oh, hi dad... I want to build a science-fiction sniper rifle." - "OK, no problem, apart from the fact that you're completely crazy."), won't look EXACTLY like the sniper rifle from DXHR and will be just barely more practical than the M700.
  16. Guest

    Good G36 Upgrading site

    This site seems to be very good for helping you choose what to buy when it comes to upgrading your G36c. I read through about 40% of it and it seems to be very knowledgable.
  17. Guest

    CA36c vs. TM G36c

    here is really no difference. They are the same gun, same thing. Comparisons: "Classic Army CA36c" 1) Single matte body color 2) Higher stock FPS (NOT factory upgraded. Thats a lie) 3) Slightly stronger body (won't make a difference) "Marui G36c" 1) Somewhat of a difference between parts when it comes to color. (ie. The Magwell, motorgrip/trigger selector area, and foregrip are all gloss black and the body is more of a matte dark grey) 2) FPS is slightly less 3) Body will stand up to anything that you can throw at it. CA just have a mixture closer to the real thing when it comes to texture 4) Marui actually have the actual trademarks. These are very attractive. The CA gun have "Classic Army" written where the H&K trades should be.. I would go for the Marui. There are more upgrade kits for it, Marui has a good track record of QC (quality control), and it is much cheaper. The CA is more expensive, harder to upgrade, and CA have had a lot of trouble in the past with their gearboxes (although these problems seem to be diminished, if not entirely eraticated) Marui is just the better choice in my opinion. Cheers, ~P

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