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  1. With all the news being posted I am not seeing anything about this. Action Army Ruger MK IV GBB pistol Looks decent enough. Not my favorite styled Ruger version but it will do. Hopefully they release different styled version and/or conversion kits etc. Also appears to be a Glock-ish internal design judging from the magazine and trigger. TM VSR hop up style as per Facebook comment response from Action Army. But yeah, GBB Ruger MK IV is pretty nice Seems according to the info in the link below it will be released around March 2020 during IWA show in Germany. D'oh! Internal select fire switch under the BBU 😐 Oh well. Polish airsoft site preview. Original (Polish): https://wmasg.com/pl/articles/view/9820?fbclid=IwAR0mqYmzruPBJ-fOfV7d2yQjVJgujNUh5pDoQSYC1kF_Cgix--UNPI_LAs0 Google Translate (English): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwmasg.com%2Fpl%2Farticles%2Fview%2F9820%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0mqYmzruPBJ-fOfV7d2yQjVJgujNUh5pDoQSYC1kF_Cgix--UNPI_LAs0
  2. Brigg

    WE Browning Hi Power MK3

    So after a nearly month long wait, i was greeted this morning by a package on my doorstep. Seems it was delivered a bit early, on a sunday no less. I could tell immediately on opening the box why it had spent so long in the HKPost. It had clearly spent quite some time going through all the red tape. After removing all the tape and glue residue, Ive had some time to mess around with it today. And have my initial impressions after a couple hours of emptying mags. Overall my impressions are 'Meh'. Its not great, its not awful. Its about what I would expect for a ~100 USD gun. It shoots seemingly well enough and isnt rattly or anything. Paintjob is decent enough, about in line with what theyve been putting out lately, though not quite as nice as the p38 unfortunately. Internally, it doesnt seem much changed from the older version apart from the slide and the slight update to the magazine. Someone will have to tell me what the problems with the original were because ive never owned one, so im not sure what to expect there. From the looks of it, it works though. The blowback is decently hard and the slide isn't sluggish or anything. Some claimed they had a relatively weak return spring in theirs but perhaps thats a production/qc issue because the spring in mine is decently strong, and theres no slop to the slide that ive noticed at all. The one problem i HAVE noticed is that its hard to get the magazine to accept a full charge of gas. When it charges fully, it gets roughly 2 and a half fills of bb's. But when it charges normally, it runs out of gas at around the 19th or so shot, with a few rounds left to go. Ive been venting the magazine before filling to accommodate for this and that seems to really be the only way to get it to full charge. Accuracy seems to be decent. I dont have any long distances to shoot, and even if i did I'm hardly a good enough shot to judge anything based on my own abilities. But from about 25 feet i didnt have any major flyers or particularly bad groupings, so i think its fair to say that its 'accurate enough'. So, Id say my overall score for this gun would be like a 7/10. Its good, its not great. It will fill the role in a large number of loadouts and kit impressions. I think a lot of reviews seem to forget that these are pretty inexpensive guns, and with that in mind, I give it a thumbs up. Just maybe dont buy 15 mags for it expecting it to be the highlight of your collection.
  3. Hi All, Long-time reader (2005), first time seller… Unfortunately I don’t have the time to get out and use it, hence the sale. Make: KJW, Kuan Ju Works, G 32C, Gun/Model: G 32C Accessories: Magazine Condition: Used, requires part. Magazine is gas tight, missing plastic base. The Pistol fires if cocked, but does not cycle properly. From what I can see the broken part keeps some of the mechanism in line. See pictures. FPS: Gas dependant Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Price/Payment: £35 all in (inc UK postage, 2nd class signed for and 4% paypal fee) Pictures: yes Up for sale is 1x KJW G32C with magazine. GBB featuring metal slide and polymer frame. Semi-automatic Airsoft pistol. Compact version of the G32. Rail framed design for tactical flashlight & laser sight attachment. Pistol requires part. Any questions please feel free to ask. Price is £35 and includes 2nd class signed for postage and paypal fees.
  4. The slide on mine is cracked and want to replace it with an aftermarket slide. You can upload photo's and share your thoughts on serten slide sets, to help me and others.
  5. Wooly_Booly

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    P90, WE90, Play 90, TA2015, the gun with too many names. The gun so many people around the world have been waiting half a decade for is finally out! Up until recently there had been no new information regarding it and the project had been barred from production by Cybergun, but WE surprised us and released it anyways. Who knows what else in in the works, the AUGustus Caesar ^^^^hehe may very well still be somewhere. 76 picture album here! I got mine from Airsoft Taiwan since they were the only place to have enough mags in stock when I ordered it. I placed my order on the 20th of October and received it on the 26th of October, all the way from Taiwan. It made it into the states and through customs in 6 days. Very pleased with the speed. Airsoft Taiwan even notified me of an error in the listed weight for the magazines, leading to additional shipping costs and refunded me $75. All around wonderful service, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Airsoft Taiwan, especially if you're looking for RA-tech parts. Video will be up soon! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Packaging: Packaging is the usual odd WE packaging. There is an image of the P90 over an urban city background. You've got some Chinese writing, a funky font for the T.A-2015 logo and the two WE logos. I can't read Chinese, though my quick doodles through Google translate trying to replicate their difficult to read stylized font gave me "????, ????", "King of the road again, Die Another Day". No clue what that means, I could have also possibly gotten one of the symbols wrong. The package is actually really small compared to what I pictured, I put my hand on it for scale. Inside the package you get the WE TA 2015, one magazine, the manual and one of their new Dragon notadildo speed loaders. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gun: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Externals: Externally, the gun is damn fine. WE's polymer has always been very sturdy and very comfortable in the hand. No creaking or wobbling aside from the charging rod/handle thing. My Tokyo Marui High Cycle feels a little toy-ish compared to this, both in weight and material. The upper assembly is unfortunately plastic, though the tri-rail assembly is metal. Angry Gun and some other companies will most likely have a metal upper sometime soon, keep your fingers crossed for a red dot upper. The unfortunate part of the upper being plastic is that the threading for the outer barrel are two halves of the plastic coming together. Not so bad, though as I showed in one of the last pictures in my album if you over tighten the grub screw the pieces will bend, leading to accuracy issues. Airsoft Taiwan probably over tightened it after painting the tip. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function/Assembly: Function is no different than a standard P90. You have your round selector switch, dual side charging handle, dual side magazine release and a tri-rail. Being a bullpup, the trigger is a little on the heavier side, though moving your trigger finger a little higher up helps a lot. Magazine can be a little bit tricky when you're inserting it. If you watched Redwolf Airsoft's video you should know by now that you are NOT supposed to slap it down, even if Tim did do it immediately after. Due to how the valve connects the magazine to the internal gas chamber they need to be lined up properly. I've had a few points where I've pushed the magazine down without the valves being properly lined up and had a mist of gas released in my face. The magazine is very easy to load, no special feed lips or odd angles required, just point it down and load. They hold a LOT of gas, though out of the box you might get some varying performance or you may only be able to load a small amount of gas. This happens when you still have air in the magazine which displaces the gas. An easy way to solve this is to hold the release valve for just a second while filling the gas. You don't need to do it too long, only for a moment after you see gas start to shoot out. This can happen with most every gas gun, same steps to fix it apply. One thing I didn't notice in my first look-around of the gun is that there is actually a dry-fire mode. Right next to the feeding port on the magazine is a small metal plate you can push forward to cover the separate part of the follower which actuates a lever on the inside of the gun to slightly lock the bolt back. Hop-up uses the same rotary design you find in most WE GBBR's, (ex. Scar's, Ace VD, AK, etc) very easy to use, you can adjust it by removing the magazine. Turn left to raise the hop, right to lower it. Accuracy is pretty decent, I was landing most shots on a tree in my back yard 100 and 150 feet away with .3's. Much better stock hop-up assembly than the Scar H, though there is still room for improvement Disassembly is veeeeeeeery easy, you can disassemble most of it in the gun in a few seconds. First step is to pull the charging handle, locking back the hammer. The carrier/recoil assembly will not move unless the hammer is locked back all the way. Next, take off the magazine and you'll notice a button right above the thumb hole. Push it down and the entire assembly slide off. Aim the body down and the carrier assembly will slide right out. The butt plate slides upwards, and the trigger assembly can be removed by pulling up a little lever and aiming it down so it slides out. When reassembling, be careful of the position of the butt plate! The recoil rod assembly has a pin which sits in a slot in the butt plate, and if it isn't seated properly you will have feeding/cycling issues. The P90 uses a closed bolt system, but it is NOT the closed bolt AWSS system WE had previously used. The real P90 fires from a closed bolt position, and WE replicated this in their manual. A closed bolt basically means that the carrier and bullet are seated and fully forward waiting for the hammer to release and strike the firing pin. In the case of GBB's it strikes the release valve. Most every modern GBB uses a system like this. It is open bolt and closed bolt, though it doesn't use the AWSS system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firing: Semi auto test: * FPS: 460.0, Joules: 1.96 * FPS: 452.8, Joules: 1.9 * FPS: 447.9, Joules: 1.86 * FPS 434.4, Joules: 1.75 * FPS: 443.9, Joules: 1.83 * FPS: 440.5, Joules: 1.8 * FPS: 442.1, Joules: 1.81 * FPS: 435.7, Joules: 1.76 * FPS: 439.0, Joules: 1.79 * FPS: 439.9, Joules: 1.8 Full auto test with a new magazine: First 11 bb burst: * FPS: 453.3, Joules: 1.9, RPS: 17.79 Second 12 bb burst: * FPS: 443.4, Joules: 1.82, RPS: 17.2 Third 10 bb burst: * FPS: 421.2, Joules: 15.63, RPS 15.63 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra: Dragon speed loader Very nice quality, really sturdy made, seems to be made of the same material the magazine shells are made from. Works like you'd expect any speed loader to work, and it works great. No complaints, looks pretty funny and feels comfortable to hold.ribbedforherpleasure
  6. andriuxuk

    KWA Kriss Vector GBB 2012

    Hi all! I have not played for years so been completely out of touch hence wanted to get your opinion. I have the original KWA Kriss Vector GBB, got one as soon as they came out. It has been to the game once and had few magazines shot in the garden. Rest of the time it has been resting in the box. I know the've been released in limited numbers and are now hard to come-by. But not quite sure what they are going for now so was hoping you can shed some light on it as I will be looking to sell it. Comes with 6 mags, manual, hop adjustment key. Many thanks! A
  7. jimmyboy

    Tokyo Marui

    Tm gas blowback m9 £70
  8. It's just a bit strange that no one in the English speaking world has done a review on the "new wave" MP7. I hear a lot of raves on the VFC MP7, which while I am sure is 1:1 and kicks like a mule, it is also significantly lighter. After witnessing the video review by nugentgl and seeing the complexity of the VFC, not to mention the 2 piece (plastic?) inner frame and barrel, I decided that the "new wave" MP7 was a much better engineered beast which deserves a little more exposure. I have owned many^2 airsoft guns in my time, so I will draw upon the experience from the other guns that I have had as well. I am not the person to make pretty pictures or write fluffy sales pitches, so this is a no BS, first impression + technical and performance review. ......................... I saw this thing at the local airsoft store the other day, and I wasn't really gonna get it. Having owned a KSC MP7, KWC Mini UZI, and still own a KSC MP9 and a VFC MP5, I didn't see a point in another SMG/PDW. But the sales guy knows I am curious and tempts me with this relatively internet-obscure gun, took it out of the gun cabinet and let me fire this. One full auto dump at 15*C and I was hooked. It was loud, my ears rang. It had kick, was enough to offset my aim on single hand semi and on auto. It had ROF. It had no drop in ROF. I chronoed this at the store, and it was around 360fps on 0.2gs, for a relatively cold day it wasn't bad at all. After some um and ahhring I parted with my cash. My wife is gonna kill me. Here is the box it comes it. It comes with the sights, rails unmounted. It also comes with a disassembly allen key, a thread adaptor for a 14-ve silencer and a spare stock stopper (not steel). Here is the comparison between the 4 different platforms: KSC MP9 is at 1.8kgs, 5" barrel, 1:1 WE MP7 is at 2.1kgs, 7" barrel, 1:1 VFC MP5 is at 2.5kgs, 8" barrel. 1:1 DE UMP is at 2kgs, 8" barrel Here is front side, its pretty typical plastic from WE, similar to their G36/G39 plastic, with a finer texture. Everything that needs to be metal is metal. Flash hider/barrel/gas block etc. But its typical WE metal; i.e. mixture of zamak and aluminium, with a touch of steel/hardened stuff at most of the high stress places (which I will get to later). Here is the 4 position stock, which is a blessing as the half setting is just right length for CQB but no good with a mask. Here is the mag, rather uninteresting, it is double stacked with an exposed front, similar design to a Marui, but bigger. Here is the front, with the flash hider removed, that notch above the barrel is where we can adjust the hop up. Here is the sights, again, just an MP7 sights but ok in quality and looks the part. Its just not steel. So far, its just a fairly standard MP7, abeit 1:1 in scale, and weight. Now lets take it apart. Pop the take down pins and remove the stock here is the bolt group Its partially hollow on the top, but has all the right bits in the right places. Now to remove the mech, what we need is that allen key and remove the selector and bolt catch: Ok here is the surprise: Casted and milled aluminium mech. No wonder why it is so weighty. Not a 2 piece plastic jobbie like the VFC, and not a million springs fly out (just 3). Its even easier than the KSC/KWA or the Marui MP7 to take apart. Here is the barrel and gas block assembly, note the anti bounce buffer on the gas block. Barrel is rock solid with no wobble or alignment issues: Its aluminum. Secured via two screws at the bottom of the mech, and this disassembles the hop unit also. Now looking at the mechbox here is what interesting, chrome/steel hammers and seers. Its not chrome plated pot metal (more to that later). ................. Function: Now this is where it gets a little interesting - The trigger release on the New Wave MP7 is not the best. Like others in the SMG 8 review have found that its mushy on semi-auto. In fact, I have to pull it all the way back before it will release on semi. Certainty very unsatisfactory and does not bode well with a CQB platform where quick trigger response is required. But with a dremel or a good needle file this can all be fixed. Looking from the right side of the hammer this is what needs to be done to the right side sear contact point (not the left side one as that is for the auto sear/bolt trip). I would dremel that part half way and then slowly file down gradually, testing the trigger release. The optimum result is: On semi, trigger releases @ half pull. On Safe, trigger does not release. On full trigger releases @ 1/4 pull. If you over file: on safe, the gun will fire, and that would really suck, so file gradually after half way. So now, its ready for a proper test. At 8m on .25g its giving a 3cm group, which is fairly decent given its a short barrel rifle, but could be a lot better. But here is what happens at 50m, It shoots straight...straight but high...straight but low...hook left, hook left, hook right.....straight...straight high... What is happening is a classic example of a shoddy designed hop rubber. So I took the barrel assembly apart, unfortunately no pictures... 1) The inner barrel moves ever so slightly around the outer barrel. 2) The hop adjuster is a 2 prong design, has no nub and is hard plastic 3) The hop rubber is the Marui type BUT the alignment tab is at the front rather than at the breech end. If you need to change hop rubber you will need to cut off the tab. 4) The hop rubber has the same issue as the KSC hop rubber, which has a constrictor ring cast'ed inside. BB doesn't drop through the rubber it gets stuck inside the hop rubber. Here is the fix, same as the KSC/KWA NS2 hop mod: 5) The hop adjuster doesn't push down on the hop rubber as it actually hits the barrel instead . Here is the issue, and the fix : I also teflon taped the hop rubber and the barrel, added a sliver of aluminium superglued into the outer barrel as a bushing to prevent the inner barrel movement. I am getting consistent hop trajectory at 50m with .25g, at 340fps on 0.25gs @ 15*C, 1cm grouping at 8m on the stock 7" barrel. Compared with SMG/PDW at a similar class. VFC MP5 with Marui Hop rubber mod, 8" barrel, 340fps on 0.25gs @ 15*C. Kick is there but but not as strong as the MP7. KSC MP9 with Modded KSC hop rubber mod, 5" Barrel, 340 on 0.25gs @ 15*C. Kick is the weakest out of all 3, but ROF is the fastest. Since all 3 have had mods to the hop, the Mp5 is the most accurate at both long and short ranges, but the MP9 is pretty much the same as the MP7, MP7 has an extra 10m more of range than the MP9 but that could be how the hop is currently set. Conclusion:
  9. My Unboxing Video [media=] [/media] Impressions Upon opening the box has been less than impressive. The orange barrel, the "loose" nature of the gun, and the "new" finish. There has been numerous posts in regards to this manner, whether if it's inokatsu's poor quality control, or if it's made to "replicate the gi's old colt feel". Regardless, it feels a little disappointing for a top notch airsoft replica. [media=] [/media] That's my initial impressions of the gun! Externals At first, I hated it. I felt like I was ripped off. But a lot has changed since I removed the orange plug that it came with. Then there's the problem of the "loose" nature of the gun. The rear sight is not solid. Disassembling the BBU, I can see that it's being held by a little detent. The only way I can see this rear sight to be solid is if it was glued to the slide. Which makes me question the fact if the REAL M1911A1 had the same hole in the rear sight. Why is this necessary? can't it just be a solid piece? Anyways, that's a minus in my book. The grip safety is also loose. I can move it laterally, which I wish I didn't have that playroom. The slide moves about .01 mm side to side as well too. The trigger is loose as well, but that isn't a huge negative mark for me. And of course, the gun comes to me in a flat black color, similar to their M4 line (2009+). So isn't there anything positive I have to say about this gun? The weight. Wow this feels hefty! The feel of steel, and the way it sounds. Wow. Putting it right next to a KJW, and a KWA M1911A1 replica, you can hear the distinct noise the Inok 1911 makes. Wow. It sure doesn't sound like a toy anymore! Even just locking the slide back, and releasing it feels awesome! The hammer sounds awesome as well too, when you dry fire. And for every potential buyer out there just waiting to do some mods to this gun here's a tip: do not over tighten the rear allen screw. It will cause the BBU to not function properly, and the slide of the steel slamming against steel will be replaced by steel slamming against plastic! And because I DO NOT like the shipped finish (the LUX edition is suppose to have an amazing finish) I decided to purchase a 3000grit sandpaper for automobiles to put some weathering on the finish. The result is astonishing. It matches the period it came from, and it is now a gun with character! And of course, 1,000 slide lock -> releases later, I still enjoy listening to that steel slamming on to steel sound! Operation So I decided to purchase a KJW green gas magazine for the flush bottom. Red Wolf claims this gun will run on green gas during the summer, so I decided to put that to the test. The gun comes with a CO2 magazine (also KJW) and is intended to be used with the CO2 magazine due to the heavy slide and the stiffer springs inside the gun. That would be fine except the KJW CO2 magazines are UGLY. That bumper is just hideous, and you cannot get that image out of your head. What starts to be a gorgeous gun is infinitely ruined by that little "baby bump" of the KJW CO2 Mag. The safety features on this gun is abundant, just like how the original 1911 was intended. With the grip safety, the half cocking mechanism, and the slide safety feature, this gun is really hard to unintentionally shoot somebody. However, some mentioned that if I set the slide safety on, I cannot pull the trigger all the way -- which is the way it should be. As soon as I release the slide safety, the hammer will strike. That's true on mine, and it happens 100% of the time. Is this a design flaw? perhaps. But I don't know in any situation where I will hold the trigger down as I release the slide safety. Not a huge flaw in my eyes, since the situation will not occur with me. The slide lock is a tad shorter than the real M1911A1. I believe the reason for this is so that people don't accidentally bump the reverse side, which will put the slide lock out of alignment, which will cause you to waste an entire CO2 capsule, or a full gas charge. My slide lock has a slight issue: (and it seems to be isolated with me) When I insert the magazine with the slide is forward, the lock will back itself out. If I insert the magazine hard enough, it'll come out quite a bit. Of course, I cannot pull the slide lock out unless the magazine is out. So upon releasing the magazine, I am able to pull the slide lock out directly without aligning to the second indentation for slide lock removal. I've had times where I forgot to check the slide lock and the slide wouldn't blow back because the lock was backed out just a little. This causing all the gas to be released, and thus, I wasted a CO2 canister or a charge of gas. Shooting Actually shooting the gun is in a world of it's own. I don't own many GBB handguns. In fact, I don't own any. 10 years ago, when I was heavily invested into airsoft (Tokyo Marui M4A1 with the brand new EG1000 motor! and the FIRST EVER FULL METAL airsoft gun --MP5 by Classic Army!!) I had a KSC Glock 18C and a KJW USP Tactical. The glock 18C was a blast on FA. KJW was just okay and fun to shoot around every now and then, but for the best experience it was my Glock 18C by KSC. After a couple years I got out of airsoft because AEG's were lame and I didn't skirmish enough for me to keep the hobby going. Plus I was a starving college student and I needed the money. Now that GBBR's are out, experience is everything to me. I don't remember how the Glock 18C felt exactly, but this Inokatsu 1911 is out of this world on the CO2 gas. For some reason (this happened to me twice) the first shot will feel "normal". The shots that followed were amazing. I did expect it. Wow. It shoots hard. REAL hard. It ball parks around 280-290 fps, but it feels like it shoots 1000fps. Though you cannot see it in the video below, you'll just have to trust me [media=] [/media] This is quite the experience. I'll get about 12-13 rounds before I start loosing a little bit of gas pressure. due to cool down. As shown in the video above, I started off in hot water with the 12g CO2 capsule, and it ended up developing frost around the entire capsule. What I did (and I didn't show in the video) was I overcharged the KJW green gas magazine, thus giving me poor results. I actually charged it for 3 seconds once, and I got off 9 good rounds on Green Gas (of course putting it in warm water first!). But Green Gas will not function this gun properly in a game. I've yet to try yellow gas, but I'll update my review once I've obtained some yellow gas. Conclusion So there you have it. I paid redwolf 825.xx USD after shipping for this gun. Expensive for a toy. Do I feel like it's worth the price? Probably not. It's the same as their M4's. is it worth that much money for a toy? probably not, but if you want the ultimate experience, you gotta pay the admission fee. In return, you get an incredible experience, and a beautiful, collector worthy gun that many people will mistaken for a real one (even after they have handled the weapon!). In the end, I really enjoy the gun. I can say so much to justify my $800+ USD purchase, but I did it. And I don't have my buyer's remorse coming on. At first I did, but the more I messed around with it and made it my own, the more I love it. Pictures Here are a few pictures of the gun. I wish I took more "before" pictures, but this will have to do! Enjoy! BEFORE http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg51/scaled.php?server=51&filename=photozqw.jpg&res=landing AFTER http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg43/scaled.php?server=43&filename=photogss.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg135/scaled.php?server=135&filename=photo3px.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg808/scaled.php?server=808&filename=photo2vv.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg822/scaled.php?server=822&filename=photo1ho.jpg&res=landing That's it for now! I would take more pictures, but that's all I have!
  10. Bada Bing


    Hey fellas. I thought I'd chime in on here with my thoughts regarding the VFC HK45CT. The typical no thrills Umarex Hk box...yay. Contents of the amazing box. Overview/build: The pistol itself has a terrific build quality and looks stunning. VFC does a fine job at making their guns look nice at least. The metal slide finish looks a better shade than KWA's HK45 and other HK pistols. The white umarex licensing marks are thin and are mostly unnoticeable. Mostly. The controls are positive. Safety decocker lever functions well. The flick up to safe mode is tactile and locks into place reassuringly well. The sweep down to decock is smooth and breaks into double action mode with a deep clunk. As I mention in my video review, the double action trigger pull is heavy but in a good way. They've done a good job to make you feel like it's a realistic trigger pull and not like a toy gun. The sights are the standard HK45 type sights but compared to the TM 45, they appear dark grey and more authentic. The slide release/takedown lever is really easy to pry out of the frame unlike the TM, which just doesn't want to let you take it out. The grip length on this pistol is similar to the USP Compact and even though my hands are more on the small side, it still feels awkward for me to hold it. My support hand doesn't have a nice ledge to rest upon, the standard HK45 however, has that chunky magazine baseplate which does have the ample room. If I interlink my pinky fingers it works but it's probably not a decent grip method. The spare backstrap is medium sized and I'd love to try it out but unfortunately the pin holding the one already on the pistol, just doesn't want to come out. As with the real HK45C, the rail is just too short for your run of the mill pistol lights, X300's for example, requiring that 4th rail cutout. Cable ties? Lol Hopup: The hopup adjustment is located on the guide rod. The key that comes with the pistol is used to adjust the hop and is a pretty clever external location for the calibration. Unfortunately the hopup doesn't do a very good job and the shots land either a little high, a little low, slightly left, and sometimes straight. I placed these shots on the paper at 20m and I had to shift my aim from shot to shot to walk the bbs onto target, poor consistency. Shooting: In a warm/comfortable environment the HK45CT shoots very well. On propane/greengas, you get a great snap and jolt in the hand from this little gun, it's cyclic rate is nice and high but that exciting experience is soon demolished when venturing out into the cold. When I was in 3 degrees C, the pistol really did struggle to complete a magazine and often it just failed miserably. Sometimes it would fire one shot fine and second shot would be too weak to even load another bb, it would alternate between weak and very weak shots before the tank was empty. Enter the dragon. On Guarder Power Up Gas the reassurance would be restored and the pistol would complete a magazine. A must fuel for single digit temperatures. Range: To be fair to the little gun the range isn't too bad. When I was using either a toasty mag on propane or Guarder Black, I had it shooting out to 50m. It would probably take an entire 20 round magazine to be able to hit a man sized target once at that range but at least it was getting there. KSC/KWA Compatibility: I touch upon this in my video but as you see in the photo's the internal working parts are copied from the KSC and KWA USP series. USP HK45CT Side by side, USP left - HK45CT right. The magazines are a drop in fit but unfortunately they either vent the gas once fired, fire and slide blow back a few mm or appear to light strike and act like a NBB. At first I thought it could be that the button on the valve sat too low for a decent strike but with the varied responses from testing, I cannot pin point the cause of the actions. One of the only real differences between the two brand magazines is that on the original HK45CT magazine, it has a raised lip on the rubber gas seal. I have an Action high flow valve in one of my USP mags and this seems to be the way to make the USP magazine fire the pistol. I removed the Action valve to install into one of my hk45ct magazines and it is a fantastic upgrade. The cycling remains high and consistent, even in colder conditions it outperforms the stock by a long shot. Conclusion: Right from the box, out of 10 I'd give it a 4. There's a decent gun in there somewhere but you'll have to fork over a bit more money on top of the initial £170-£200 cost just to find it. Business as usual with this brand then. £40+ per magazine is a complete joke. When it becomes available in Asia, I have no doubt in my mind that AMG would release upgrade valves much like the VP9, so one could get the very best out of the system and if one were to install an upgrade hopup bucking, I believe it would be fine skirmish tool. So yeah, it looks the part but doesn't deliver. That should be VFC's company slogan. "No compromise, GET VFC! Hmmm, no mate. Video Review: Thanks for looking and I hope this helps.
  11. Unfortunately there is no review thread for this bad boy yet, and the news thread is locked. But I have some new info I need to share so I'll start up a review thread for this. I don't have any review material yet per say but I'll put my two PPQ videos here for now. And a new one coming in a few days. Anyways. What I want to address is the cracking of the upper slide flat top due to the chamber on the outer barrel. I recently bought a new Asia version slide for my PPQ to replace, and I modded the chamber by chamfering off the front edge. Significantly might I add. And I noticed the chamber was still going up onto the slide upon cycling. Well, turn out the nozzle is getting stuck on the back end of the barrel/chamber on cycling, pushing onto the barrel, preventing it from dropping down on cycling. This pushes the chamber of the barrel up into the top of the slide. So I filed down a front edge on the nozzle, and cleaned up the back end of the barrel/chamber and lubed the parts up. Does it completely fix the issue? Sadly not. The nozzle and barrel still interlock a little bit. But I think with these two mods, I hope, enough is done to mitigate, or at least reduce the risk significantly, of breaking the slide (again). Other than that. Let me add this: Difference between Asia and Euro version: Asia: Full markings, longer inner barrel, blocked full auto function. Non Umarex branded. Euro: Not fully marked, shortel inner barrel, functional full auto function. Umarex licensed/branded.
  12. Vasriotaep

    Review of the ASG CZ P09 GBB

    Hi guys ! Let me share you my review of the CZ P09 of ASG, a repack from KJW. This is the first part, internal external, some shooting tests, etc. You will see in the 2nd part of the full shooting tests and performance test. Thank to http://www.univairsoft.com/ for allowing me to test the replica for you! Feel free to tell me what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJSmLdVulEk émoticône wink
  13. Noveske


    It has been a LONG time since I've gotten so excited about any airsoft gun. When they announced the KWA Kriss Vector earlier on this year at Shotshow, I was a bit skeptical as I've never been a huge fan of KWA products. I've only ever liked their MP7, but other than that, not a fan (apologies to KWA fans out there). After watching the videos and pics, I started to have a change of heart and the anticipation grew. FINALLY, after almost a year, KWA finally released the KWA KRISS VECTOR this week. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the first batch as they're almost sold out everywhere. Hot item I guess. Without further ado, here are my initial impressions (and pics!): Box Contents (may vary from country to country): Box includes, 1x Kriss Vector, 2x Long Magazines (HK only I believe), 1x accessory rail, 1x front BUIS, 1x rear BUIS, 1 QD ring, 1x barrel thread protector, 1x vertical foregrip, 1x hop up adjustment tool, 1x sight adjustment tool, 1x instruction manual Externals are solidly built. Great polymer used and the stock is solid when extended out. When folded up, it clips into the receiver well. One thing I did notice was its weight. With the magazine in, the thing is not light. Rails are aluminum and zinc alloy charging handle & controls (could be steel but I have not yet tried it with a magnet). Fire controls are ambidextrous, crisp and click into place very solidly. I have yet to decide whether I like having separate controls for safety and fire select. That said, it is very different in weapon control ergonomics, that's for sure. Trigger is very crisp. KWA did a great job with the trigger design. There is almost no travel. Only things that aren't ambidextrous are the charging handle, bolt lock and magazine catch. I supposed this could be due to the side folding stock. One thing i noticed was that it took a little more force than I expected to pull back the charging handle. Not sure if this will loosen up over time. The bolt catch, although not being ambidextrous features a tab which enables you to lock back the bolt manually. As for the magazine catch, I don't particularly think it's in an intuitive place. It sits a little too high up on the magwell which is fine if you plan on just dropping your mag to the floor, but perhaps my hands are too small to be able to hold and remove the mag with one hand. I wish KRISS would have designed the mag release on the firing hand. OK on to the internals. KWA designed the KRISS VECTOR GBB to field strip exactly the same way the real steel one does. 4 identical pins hold the entire platform together. Inside, you'll find all STEEL parts. That's right, KWA did not go wrong on this part. Firing mech, hammer, sear, Super V mech and even the bolt is steel. Although this means you'll have to keep your gun well lubed, it should outlast that crappy pot metal that we oh so commonly see in stock GBBs. Kriss Super V System with metal bolt: The hop up is the new KWA style 2-pronged one. Still a hastle to tune but at least the tool is provided: Steel hammer, sear & selector system: Field Stripped: Magazines are proprietary to the KRISS. TOO BAD they didn't make Glock magazines work with the Kriss, but again I guess KWA never made a .45ACP Glock replica. The magazines are definately much larger. I'm a little iffy about the mags as the first one I got leaked out of the box and it had to be replaced. I've put a KWA Glock mag next to it for comparison: Shooting the Kriss is absolutely awesome. Not a whole lot of recoil (for obvious reasons), but it's remarkably straight. I ran a few tests through the chrono and it clocked at at about 340-350FPS (~1.4J with 0.25g BBs). Some more pics: Next to an FPG (lol): I'll be taking her out tomorrow for a game. So I'll let everyone know how it goes. Feel free to ask me questions and I'll try my best to answer them Props to AZNRIPTIDE859 on his moral support and reminding me to get this asap. Cheers mate!
  14. marco.hobdell@gmail.com

    Upgrade TM M4A1 MWS

    Saw this in ehobby.... http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/eac-custo...l#.WIqyW_l96Uk want to try upgrading mine using those parts they used. anyone has experience on this? can you show your gun here, to give me some idea? Thx.
  15. marco.hobdell@gmail.com

    Speed Upgrades for Hi-capa 5.1

    Just sharing my upgrades for my hi-capa 5.1. GSB slide look so good and was in perfect finish. Excellent quality. But quite costly. Slightly tight when insert to the frame. But it just getting smoother after a few rack. Other parts were just drop in. I have a few Guarder slides before but the quality is huge different then the GSB. So i was happy what i paid for. This is the first time for trying all UAC upgrades. At first, I was doubt in aluminum nozzle. But they just work amazingly well and smooth. They are just drop in without mod. The bang sound was just loud. FPS is stable. Some of my friends were using it for quite some time and theirs are still alive. For the bucking, it just did what it say. Material is good, quite durable after tried a few hundred rounds. No wear out. One thing I found out that it has a slightly flat bottom of the bucking that was different from others. Seems they are try to fix the jamming problem that usually happens when the nozzle push back forward to the chamber. Or the nozzle stuck by the bucking when cocking and hard to go back. This happens when bucking was not install properly or it was aged, it will cause jamming. Btw, its worth for $$. Found a video about UAC bucking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1eqUoVH88g The hammer power tuner kit was a totally replacement for the 150% hammer spring. A very convenience set up that you can adjust the power of the spring and fine tune. It come with a hard and a soft spring. You can change the spring or just add/remove spacers. A very smart and handy design. Shooterdesign grip was in the market for long time. It was just like the real SV STI grips with checkered texture. The main drawback is you need to mod. A lot of fitting work need to be done. Stock TM grip is always the best grip and you can do custom works on it. Guarder outer barrel finishing is good. Slight fitting needed to make it run smoothly. I may try UAC barrels next time to see if any different. PDI 6.01 barrel is just the king of the barrel. Perfect finish, always the first choice for barrels. Here’s the parts that I used. PDI 6.01 barrel - ehobby GSB 5.1 metal slide -AEX Guarder Outer barrel -AEX UAC bbu -evike UAC aluminum nozzle -evike UAC hop-up bucking-evike UAC hammer power tuner kit -evike Shooterdesign grip -ehobby Hope this help and as a reference for those who want to upgrade on a Hi-capa.
  16. Sturm

    GHK AUG Magnet Test

    Can anyone that owns a GHK AUG take it apart and tell me what parts are composed of at least some iron (probably steel)? I am interested in what exactly GHK is using for materials in the rifle. I know that the outer barrel is some sort of aluminium alloy (a few manufacturers make a steel replacement, however). The frame is plastic, as it is on the real AUG. However, what about the trigger box, bolt carrier, fire selector, and upper receiver (including the integrated scope)?
  17. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    So here it is! I don't know if this is the first one in the UK but it's got to be close as I've not seen any other photos or reviews to date. The box is obviously influenced by 24 but holds the gun securely and comes with the gun, mag, rail adaptor and a spare flat base plate The gun itself feels light without the mag but it is very well put together and feels great in the hand as you'd expect with a TM product and one modelled on an iconic HK handgun. The finish is great with nice trademarks including the updated USP markings on the pistol grip as is true to the real ones I've been told. The action of firing it is fantastic and even on 144a it emptied the mag easily and had a crisp recoil. Everything moved as it should and the fit between parts was excellent. FPS was checked by WGC prior to shipping and the mark it on the front of the box at 288. I haven't checked the range yet but the hop is the new style so reachable via the breach. The slide lock also engages on a metal insert so it'll save the slide getting chewed up. Overall 9/10 as I don't know what the range is like and there's no spare mags available as of yet.
  18. AirsoftGuns-Europe.com

    AirsoftGuns-Europe.com NEWS

    Hi, we are Airsoftguns-europe.com and for summer ending for you, our customers, we prepare some Special Offers. Take a look yourself. We are sending goods throughout European Union. Everyone knows them, everyone wants them. Gas operated pistols from Tokyo Marui, Japanese warranty of quality for best prices. Metal and plastic spring operated shotguns made by Cyma. Affordable price, great power, large variety of types. Everyone chooses. Choice from many color combinations, metal and polymer slide. Winner in Airsoft Players Choice Awards. Did you voted too? Need a high power or great durability? Let´s take a look to our AirsoftGuns Custom series. Customized by our team, with more than ten years of experiences.
  19. Brigg

    WE P-38

    The WE P-38,The first *actual* full metal airsoft replica of the walther P-38, has at long last landed in my hands. I have been excited about this gun from the day that WE teased about it, showing the prototype in the white along with the M84, Makarov and P99. These are my initial impressions of it. While I understand that the P38 has been available for months, I was not a fan of the cheap looking "Blue" version, and so I waited for it to be available in normal black. There are some "Blue" parts to even the black P-38, and seeing the finish on them, Im very happy I waited. I will say that I am not disappointed by the painted finish at all, but more on that later. First, some pictures: Left side: Right side: Breach open: The fit and finish are very nice. Not only for a WE product, but for any airsoft gun. There is very little play between parts, or slack to the return spring. the barrel does rattle slightly when the slide is retracted, but i imagine this is likely the case on the real one as well. There was a lot of talk about whether or not this particular model was a clone of the older Maruzen model. Having both to compare, I can say that the WE version is not a straight up clone. Maruzen's gun was without question the basis for the WE design, however, WE seem to have taken Maruzens version and improved it in many ways. So, many of the parts are completely different, though some are identical. For example, The hopup unit is here: While it does bear a resemblance to the maruzen unit, both the hopup unit and loading nozzle are completely incompatible. The loading nozzle is a different shape which uses a standard WE setup. It doesnt have the two holes in the magazine gas bucking either like the Maruzen does. More interesting is the hopup bucking itself: Unlike the Maruzen version, It appears that the WE uses a standard VSR-10 type bucking, which would give it a lot of upgrade potential. Another one of the parts which has been redesigned is the valve striker system. Whereas the Maruzen had a thin striker which was forced through a pot metal guide block (Which coincidentally wore out on all of my Maruzens, turning them into paperweights), WE seems to have simplified this portion of the design: The valve striker is now much more conventional, And along the lines of many of WE's other GBB pistols. It also looks like it cant eat itself apart ala the Maruzen version. Here is a picture of all major parts disassembled. Some parts like the barrel locking lug and leaf spring are identical to maruzen. I imagine that the safety, slide release, and take down levers are also compatible, were you to need replacement parts. Gas consumption seems moderate. filled normally, the magazine will give approximately two magazines worth of BBs per fill. the second mag, depending on the time given, may not lock back the slide, but there is no problem with the first run. However, using the usual trick for single stack mags, where the first fill of gas is rapidly discharged manually, and then filled again, I was able to get 2-3 mags with slidelock, plus another 2 mags worth without locking. (This works for many other single stack magazines as well, like the 1911's and Lugers) Output seems to be relatively consistent over the first two mags (When venting/filling). Hovering between 285 and 295 fps. And dipping down to about 270 and change as the magazine cooled down during the third go. During the first fill of BB's however, there was no major dip in fps. Recoil is relatively light but very crisp. No slop to it at all. I wasn't able to do a proper accuracy test, though at 50-ish feet i could hit a torso sized target without an issue. I plan to go back and do one properly with pictures when i get another chance though. A few other notes. Maruzen mags are not compatible. The gas release valve is very different on the maruzen, as well as the gas bucking. The slides and frames, while they will swap between the WE and Maruzen, do not function when doing so. And, Maruzen grips will fit the WE just fine. Now, about the paint. I think this is about as proper a paintjob as Ive seen on a WE gun. Its not the usual thin garbage they used to use. While im sure it isnt anything special, If you notice the right side of my barrel has some scuffs in it. This is because while messing around during testing, a kwa 1911a1 magazine with a steel baseplate fell on the p38 from standing height. It scuffed the paint but didnt scratch it, so i think the paint is fairly durable. I would buff it out, but i'll just wait till i can get a replacement. If you look you'll see that the magazine does still have the "Blue" finish like the original release. Some people thought the rainbow effect might just be from the cameras, but its not. It seriously just looks like swirly rainbow ###### in person too. And one last thing. Because of the Redwolf video, some people might think the P38 has no double action feature. This is not the case, It's double action works the same as on the real steel P38. Meaning, the gun actually has to be chambered first and then decocked. Simply inserting a magazine and pulling the trigger will do nothing as the valve knocker isnt retracted (And on the RS P38, no round would be chambered). If you were to do that on an average Marui, it might cycle the slide, but as there would be no bb chambered, it still wouldn't accomplish anything. But, I did find it somewhat amusing that the guys at Redwolf have no clue how double action works. So, overall, I would say that if you're looking for a WW2 sidearm or just a pistol in general, i would definitely recommend WE's P38.
  20. renegadecow

    KWC GBB Mauser M712

    Introduction The M712, a select fire derivative of the Mauser C96 first came to light in 1932 but only after a Spanish company making licensed C96s had made them first in 1927. Marushin was the first to make a true select fire airsoft replica but were pretty steeply priced and hard to come by. Late last year, KWC released their version but in full metal and CO2 powered. I'm not a big fan of KWC nor am I of CO2, but a select fire Mauser for $105 I'd definitely say yes to. Not about to sport a Churchill loadout, but we do share the same tastes. A frosty highballer, a good cigar and a fine Mauser. First Impression First of all, this pistol is waaay heavy. The box claims 900g but in truth it tips the scale at about 1,400g. It's a nice, good, solid heft though as most of the weight is just a bit forward of the grip. It's not front heavy due to the skinny barrel and feels most comfortable with the support hand braced against the magwell. It has a dark gray finish, painted and looks like it scratches off easily as some areas are starting to show some wear despite only having had this for a couple days now. The only markings it has, other than the engraved letters on the safety and selector are the painted on brand of KWC and 6mm caliber marking on the left side. The only thing that detracts from its sexy looks is the awful CO2 mag. I've seen .177cal CO2 airguns by Umarex and they were able to make their mags without that bulge but I suppose the added material lends to its durability. Technical Information The whole bloody thing is full metal which is a good and bad thing. Apart from the wood imitation plastic grips, practically everything is made of diecast zinc, which includes the internals from the valve knocker to the hammer. I've done a quick look around though and it looks like it was reinforced where needed. The bolt is actually fairly hollow making it light and the recoil spring is in two stages, a light one and a short heavy one which acts more like a recoil buffer. The part that keeps the bolt from shooting out and smacking into your face has a steel plate to back it and the sears are large, thickly cast parts and don't see them snapping any time soon. I'm also confident that, while new, KWC has been at it for quite a while in making CO2 gas guns that they ought to know how to build something durable from past lessons. As mentioned earlier, this replica features fully functional select fire. The selector switch behind the trigger on the left side needs to have its button pushed down first before sliding into either position.N for single and R for full automatic. The safety, beside the hammer can only be put on safe when the hammer is cocked. There is no bolt lock, despite making it seem as such. The magazine has a tab which looks like the beginnings of a bolt lock but it looks like they kept it from going any further. In my pics I simply jammed a piece of plastic to keep the bolt held back. However, if one were resourceful enough, a new extended bb follower can be made which blocks the nozzle to keep it from dry firing much like their GBB Uzi. It has a fixed hop up despite having a hole right above where the hop rubber is. In fact, you can actually see the hop rubber right through it and poke it gently with a stick. The hole itself, however is not threaded for a grub screw but I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to make a TDC mod out of it. The sights are fixed: a blade front and V notch rear being adjustable only in range. The front sight however is much too short that even sighting a target at 10m has the point of impact print a good 5" higher. It seems to be zeroed at 30m where the bbs start to dip a bit. Very rudimentary sight picture Performance The gun kicks a LOT! But due to the weight of the replica and how light the bolt is, the recoil is perceived as more like a strong and quick jolt and has no real pushing effect. The bolt doesn't even move back a lot, just enough to clear the mag for the next bb to chamber as the rest of the bolt's space is eaten up by the nozzle assembly. But if you think semi auto is snappy enough, full auto just knocks your socks off. I couldn't get to chrono it properly for ROF but it makes the KWA M11 and VZ61 seem slow in comparison. At a guess it's doing well into 2,000rpm. When my chrono did finally get to record the speed it was 1,000rpm but only as the CO2 was being depleted to the last few shots. One powerlet is good for 2 magazines worth (22 round capacity) of bbs if fired briskly in semi or in short bursts in auto. Doing a mag dump just gives you about 1 to 1 1/2 at most. Muzzle velocity wise it shot an average of 400fps with .25g bbs. I was using .25g as .20g overhopped and didn't think to chrono with it. That said, I wasn't able to use it just yet as it goes well over site limits and likely most others. Simply just too beaucoup for a pistol. I eventually ran out of CO2 so I jurry-rigged one of the depleted powerlets to take green gas by simply drilling the bottom and super gluing a fill valve on. The bottom cap on current KWCs have a hole clean through where the Allen wrench fits which makes filling much easier. The only downside is due to the piercing head on the CO2 mag, green gas bottle necks to 200fps with .25g bbs and I've had to fabricate a lighter recoil spring as it was having difficulty cycling the original one properly. I've already ordered Tercel GBB green gas mags which are Marushin clones and while this KWC isn't a direct clone of either, the mags do look spot on where they count. Doing an accuracy test with the green gas converted powerlets, it was doing 4" horizontal spread but the vertical spread was larger at around 6", shot benched at 10m. I'm just about confident in saying that my green gas mod had a lot to do with it as the pinhole restriction is screwing up with gas expansion and ultimately muzzle velocity which then affects how the hop up behaves. I'll definitely need to update this review both in proper CO2 tests as well as green gas tests when the Tercel mags arrive. Conclusion To tell you the truth I can't rightly make a fair conclusion just yet. It's simply too new. Personally I'd much rather use green gas on this when my mags arrive as CO2 is just too much to handle and I'm doubtful it would last as long. Though I'm very much impressed even for now as it's a whole lot of fun in such a small and inexpensive package. I just have a lot of plans for it in the future, more testing, making a butt stock holster and what not.
  21. I have been following the chatter about the Tokyo Marui H&K MP7A1 GBB since word got out that Marui will be releasing it. Finally, I have one in my hands to review. Big thanks to Echigoya-Guns of Japan for getting me my order in a timely manner. This is my quick write up. The Marui H&K MP7A1 comes with the flip up front and rear sights installed. The box has a separate slot for the 40rd magazine. The box also has a compartment for BBs, and the included 14mm- muzzle adaptor for suppressors or tracer units. A lot of people already know that the dimensions of the gun are similar to the KWA/KSC version of the MP7A1. The front and rear sights are windage and elevation adjustable in both flipped up for SMG use, or flipped down for pistol-sight use. This allows for more precise aiming in either mode. As far as the finish goes, Marui uses its typical ABS plastic polymer finished in matte black with a slight texture to it. The paint used on the selector lever is not bright red (like the KSC/KWA version), instead...its more subdued. The H&K trademarks are present on the grips with the caliber of the RS counterpart engraved on the left side (on the KWA version, the engraving shows 6mm for the caliber). *Do note that the marks around the pin holes are casting marks. The other side has them to. It is not a crack on the material The fire controls are made out of metal. Metal parts include the front and rear sights, the rail system, trigger, select fire lever, bolt catch release lever, magazine catch, retractable stock bars, much of the bolt carrier (part of it is plastic). Everything is well fitted. The joints are well mated and screwed together with phillips screws (none of that .9mm screws that KWA uses). The 40 round magazine is made out of metal for the most part...only the bb follower and feed lips are plastic. Upon inspection, I noticed that the TM MP7A1 GBB has a metal internal casing which houses metal internal parts. This metal casing also reinforces the pin holes that hold the back of the MP7 (The KSC/KWA version does not have any reinforcement around the pin holes which is why they do not hold up as well as they could with powerful gasses at higher temperatures) The hop up can be accessed only if the magazine is taken out. With the MP7's magazine out, you have to push the trigger forward. This pushes the bolt carrier back and reveals the hop up dial. The hop up dial rotates forward and back to adjust the hop. This dial is securely in place and is very very tight. It takes a little bit of coaxing for it to move which is what you want as your adjustments will be more precise and will stay securely in place. At approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the hop turned off, my Xchortech x3200 chronograph was registering .20g BBs around 335 FPS with a +/- 2 FPS deviation over 10 shots at one second intervals using propane. Rate of fire as expected was between 15-16 RPS. For those wanting to get a higher FPS output for the TM MP7, be on the look out for tightbore barrels. Stock barrel bore is 6.08mm with a length of 145.5mm. A tighter bore and longer barrel will definitely increase the power of the Marui MP7A1 significantly in addition to better accuracy, precision, and range. There are a few videos on youtube showing how accurate the TM MP7A1 is. As far as range goes, expect ~200 feet of effective range from this gun. Felt recoil of the TM MP7A1 GBB is definitely more than that of the KWA MP7A1 GBB. The KWA version is more crisp but the TM version has more kick. Other things of note: * The stock can be pulled out and set into three lengths of pull. * The selector lever clicks into place on safe-semi-full auto settings. * The trigger's mechanical safety catches some when pulling the trigger back. A little filing down with a hobby file solves this. This need not be done. IMO, it'll wear down on its own...I just don't want to wait for it to wear down naturally. Doing this mod allows for a much smoother trigger pull. * The plastic feed lip of the magazine holds the bbs securely. The plastic feed lip ensures that the bbs do not get gouged when it gets chambered where as you risk having bbs damaged with metal feed lips. Gouged bbs result in poor accuracy. * The magazine's BB follower has to be held down when loading BBs KSC/KWA magazines have BB followers that lock down into place. * The magazine needs to be filled properly. Having BBs positioned incorrectly may keep the magazine from feeding the BBs properly. Ive tried it on a couple of mags and not having the bottom most BB properly positioned resulted in the bb follower staying down (preventing the bbs from going up). * The back of the TM MP7 where the bolt carrier hits has a spring in place. This spring absorbs the shock from the bolt carrier hitting it. The KWA version uses a rubber pad to buffer the impact. * The nozzle return spring on the TM MP7 is the push type where as the KSC/KWA uses the pull type spring (which are prone to snapping). *The back of the bolt carrier has an o-ring that absorbs the shock from the nozzle returning back to battery. This o-ring however pushes the bolt carrier back which results in a 1mm gap between the front of the bolt carrier and the front of the ejection port. At the moment, I don't have very many photos snapped of the TM MP7A1 GBB Available. When I do, I will post additional ones. Unfortunately, I may not be able to add it into this entry.
  22. Brigg

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    The KWA skorpion has been an anticipated release for a lot of people waiting for something a bit easier to obtain the a Maruzen Vz61. I finally was able to pick one up 2 days ago, and put it through its paces at a reaction course. Onto some common questions, no the gun is not full metal as some have claimed. And no, the frame is not metal either. The gun is entirely made out of rather heavy plastic.with the exception of the locking bracket for the stock, various pins and switches, and the outer barrel. It is, however, very heavy. It doesn't *feel* like the average plastic gun. So while the lack of metal externals is a disappointment, it still has a very nice heft and a good solid feel. The stock itself, is actually kind of wobbly and a little disappointing. The wobble comes from both the locking mechanism, and a slightly loose fit in the stock bracket. Of course, real skorpions have some wobble as well, but the kwa stock wobbled when both open AND closed. I might try bending the front sight out a little to see if that can be corrected. The internals seem to be made of steel, or at least aluminum. Usual KWA fare though, I wouldn't expect to have any trouble with them any time soon. Accuracy seemed to be very dead on for the 50 or so foot range I was using it, firing at 6 inch steel targets. My only real issue was that I kept thinking the sides of the front sight were the front sight post. I'm not used to the sight picture yet. But accuracy seemed more then reasonable. The firing rate is unfortunately very high, which empties the 20 round mag in about a second, meaning its usefulness on full auto is limited at best. a rate reducer is cosmetically featured in the grip, plunger and all. However, as there is no catch to grab the bolt and lock it, it is completely non functioning. Therefor the rate of fire cant easily be reduced to something more useable. Overall i feel that this release is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it is very weighty and solid, however it just seems very unusual for it to have been made of plastic, especially after all the SHOT Show claims of full metal. The loose fit of the stock seems kind of cheap, but it is very accurate in semi auto. I wasn't missing many shots at all. Perhaps in the future someone will come out with a metal kit to really make this the gun it should have been. For now though it is quite useable and a good deal if the VZ61 is your kind of gun, and you dont want the hassle of tracking down parts and mags for the older Maruzen.
  23. Alkany

    VFC MP7A1 Navy GBB

    Hey guys, just a quick video review from me about the new VFC MP7A1 Navy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer any of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pqk6oIGXxb4 I have done an accuracy test at the very end of the video. There is also a link to a blowback in the video if you are interested in that. Best regards, Alkany
  24. tinydata

    Tokyo Marui Night Warrior

    Tokyo Marui Night Warrior Contents: Ordering Initial Impressions and Features Externals Internals Performance Conclusion 1. Ordering I ordered my TM Night Warrior (I'll refer to this as the M1911 NW) from WGC Shop in Hong Kong during their holiday season 10% off sale. Total with UPS shipping to CONUS came out to right around $150 USD and the pistol arrived within a week of placing my order. I requested that WGC use an orange tip due to the difficulty associated with removing orange paint from plastic, but they informed me that no plastic tips were available. Much to my surprise, they ended up shipping it with a blaze orange plastic tip pressed into the muzzle. I've since removed the tip without any problems. 2. Initial Impressions and Features My understanding is that Marui basically combined their Desert Warrior and MEU replicas to yield a hybrid 5" M1911 variant. The rail is not based on a real design but I'm sure its functional. The initial appearance is acceptable and doesn't immediately stand out as lightweight plastic. As a modern M1911 variant, it features the now-common 3 hole, long trigger, ambidextrous thumb safeties, a flat main spring housing, an extended beavertail grip safety, and a skeletonized hammer. Marui ships the M1911 NW in a nice cardboard box that lets the buyer know what's inside without overdoing the graphics. The pistol comes with the usual accompaniment: - A small bag of .25g BBs - A plastic bushing wrench - 2x dry fire adapters - Orange bore plug - Instruction Manual - 1x Wilson Combat 47D style magazine The pistol is well presented and protected during transit. I thought the bushing wrench was a nice addition as the bushing is quite tight on my example. 3. Externals This is very much the standard Tokyo Marui GBB pistol. It features a plastic frame, slide, and outer barrel and a metallic inner frame, sights, safeties, etc. The plastic parts have a matte surface and are of high quality. In my experience, these actually wear better than metal slides and frames as scratches are less evident. Out of the box, it sports clean lines and the classic M1911 appearance. The two-tone color scheme reminds me of Springfield Armory's MC Operator. For a "Night" handgun, it features lots of nicely plated parts like the outer barrel, barrel bushing, and hammer. The outer barrel has an excellent finish and slightly metallic feel while preserving the advantages of a lightweight plastic part. Marui chose to outfit this variant with Heinie sights with the 3 dot arrangement. The step in the sight is meant to be used to rack the slide in case the user is wounded in an arm. However, being equipped with a GI-length guide rod, you can use the plug and the front of the slide to cycle the handgun as well. The grips are similar to those found on the rest of Marui's 1911 lineup and hide weights underneath. The grips aren't aggressive and are not as textured as I would prefer. Still, seeing as the recoil will not be jarring the handgun around, this isn't a problem. The weight of a loaded Marui 1911 is roughly 1.9lb. My SAI M1911 Loaded model comes in around 3lb with a loaded 8rd Wilson Combat magazine. That's quite a difference but I'm not going to hold this against Marui as it's impossible to ask for more from a mostly plastic replica. 4. Internals The procedure to disassemble the M1911 NW differs slightly from real firearm. Mainly, the plug must be removed from the inside of the slide and it is held captive by the slide instead of the bushing. I suspect a bushing made from pot metal would not hold up as well over time. Everything inside is absolutely normal for a Marui pistol. The hop-up unit on mine turned out to be assembled incorrectly, but this was a five minute fix. There simply isn't a whole lot to write about. It will handle green gas/propane in warm temperatures (I would say this is up to 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit) , but I would recommend switching to 134a/duster in the hotter summer temperatures. The pressure of propane increases significantly with temperature and I don't intend to push the limits of the plastic parts. 5. Performance Performance and quality control are the reasons why despite moving on to real steel handguns, I insist on buying a stock Marui pistol. Marui's barrel and hop up combination has always served me well and I don't feel like fiddling with a WE or KJW. Based on past experiences and a little testing of this particular replica, I'd say it is effective to about 100ft. This is to say that I would be confident hitting a human-sized target at least once if I fired three rounds at that range. In terms of absolute accuracy, I set up a simple test. I measured 30ft with a tape measure, set up a target, and benchrested the M1911 NW. With the hop-up adjusted for 100ft and the front sight dot set in the center of the target, the pistol shoots roughly point of aim at 30ft. I used G&G .25g BBs and green gas for this test. The spread was approximately 3 inches. I'm perfectly satisfied as the front sight of the pistol will blot out the target at this distance. 30ft, 10 rounds from the bench A quick note about the trigger- its not at all similar to that of a real M1911. It only requires a pound to a pound and a half of pull to 6. Conclusion I've owned Marui, KWA, WE, and KJW GBB pistols and I came back to Marui for a reason. For slightly more money than the other brands, you're getting a highly consistent, quality replica that looks good and does well on the field. Am I going to slap a Guarder kit on it as I did with my previous pistols? I don't think so- they're still not going to bring the weight up to that of a real M1911 and I don't want to sacrifice performance. I swapped out the frame to a non-railed MEU frame I had lying around and replaced the trigger with a M1911A1 trigger. Since my fingers are relatively short, this helps maintain a consistent trigger pull for me. For most people, the M1911 NW is excellent out of the box. I give this offering 4.5 stars out of 5.
  25. Maveric

    WE SA80

    From the album: Maveric's Album

    My long serving WE SA80 GBBr, works a beauty and never lets me down. Includes an Offset ACOG mount, Trijicon ACOG TA31 (Replica) with doctor sight (Replica), though i am replacing the VFC LAM unit as it just doesn't cut it, swapping it out for a Nights Evolution Inforce light and finished off with a more aggressive Madbull DNTC FCS 556 Flash Hider

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