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Found 3 results

  1. I've dug out my old KSC and KWA Glocks but I need some parts to get them going again. I could with blowback units and nozzles, hop units and barrels, all sorts of stuff. Anybody got a load of KSC Glock bits in their spares box? Thank you, Jim
  2. Good news for all URGI MK16 enthusiasts! Saw a nice post a few days ago that ZParts have released some MK16 M4 build specific outer barrels for a couple of systems. For me personally the WE outer barrels are very welcome as there are hardly any after market outer barrels for the WE M4 GBBR platform. The new barrels they have released are the Daniel Defense URGI MK16 specific outer barrels in 10.3" (for MK16 9.3" rail build) and 14.5" (for MK16 13.5" rail build). Pricing is around $94 USD for 10.3" and $100 USD for the 13.5". These come with full markings that look correct at first glance. I personally want to get these as they are a nice edition to my current dual upper MK16 URGI inspired build, BUT, I do have stock WE barrels currently that are 10.5" and 14.5" in steel and aluminum respectively that are close to correct and the only advantage with these would be correct length (10.3" vs 10.5") steel material and correct markings, which don't even show when installed under the rail so. Hrmmm... Not sure what to do. Decently priced but still a lot of money for a steel tube that does not do much compared to my current setup. As of now only Airsoft Taiwan seem to have them in stock. Facebook post Facebook screenshot ZParts website http://www.zpartstech.com/ Airsoft Taiwan (NOTE! The product description for some of these are incorrect. The WE version ones are labeled as VFC. Look at the pictures for fitment style and detailed product descsription!) https://ast-gun.airsofttaiwan.com/index.php?route=product/category&category_id=81&manufacturer_id=534
  3. Brigg

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    The KWA skorpion has been an anticipated release for a lot of people waiting for something a bit easier to obtain the a Maruzen Vz61. I finally was able to pick one up 2 days ago, and put it through its paces at a reaction course. Onto some common questions, no the gun is not full metal as some have claimed. And no, the frame is not metal either. The gun is entirely made out of rather heavy plastic.with the exception of the locking bracket for the stock, various pins and switches, and the outer barrel. It is, however, very heavy. It doesn't *feel* like the average plastic gun. So while the lack of metal externals is a disappointment, it still has a very nice heft and a good solid feel. The stock itself, is actually kind of wobbly and a little disappointing. The wobble comes from both the locking mechanism, and a slightly loose fit in the stock bracket. Of course, real skorpions have some wobble as well, but the kwa stock wobbled when both open AND closed. I might try bending the front sight out a little to see if that can be corrected. The internals seem to be made of steel, or at least aluminum. Usual KWA fare though, I wouldn't expect to have any trouble with them any time soon. Accuracy seemed to be very dead on for the 50 or so foot range I was using it, firing at 6 inch steel targets. My only real issue was that I kept thinking the sides of the front sight were the front sight post. I'm not used to the sight picture yet. But accuracy seemed more then reasonable. The firing rate is unfortunately very high, which empties the 20 round mag in about a second, meaning its usefulness on full auto is limited at best. a rate reducer is cosmetically featured in the grip, plunger and all. However, as there is no catch to grab the bolt and lock it, it is completely non functioning. Therefor the rate of fire cant easily be reduced to something more useable. Overall i feel that this release is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it is very weighty and solid, however it just seems very unusual for it to have been made of plastic, especially after all the SHOT Show claims of full metal. The loose fit of the stock seems kind of cheap, but it is very accurate in semi auto. I wasn't missing many shots at all. Perhaps in the future someone will come out with a metal kit to really make this the gun it should have been. For now though it is quite useable and a good deal if the VZ61 is your kind of gun, and you dont want the hassle of tracking down parts and mags for the older Maruzen.

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