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Found 3 results

  1. Make: KSC / KWA / Umarex Gun/Model: HK Mk.23 SOCOM Accessories: 1x 26rd magazine, Rail adaptor, Clone SureFire X300V, Original slide, outer barrel and BBU Condition: Mint FPS: Gas dependent, <328FPS Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £425.00 plus shipping, PayPal Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a KSC/KWA HK Mk.23 SOCOM. This is a GBB pistol licensed by Umarex with full HK trademarks. To make this pistol the most realistic and best-performing Mk.23 available, it has been comprehensively and completely upgraded with the very best the aftermarket has to offer, including: Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. This fully CNC-milled kit is notably better than the RA Tech alternative, with a more resilient finish and higher-quality machining. This kit is fully trademarked and no longer available. Volante Airsoft 'Aurora' high-volume BBU. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-milled, and is of a much more advanced design than the factory System 7/New System 2 unit. In particular, it has a much larger internal volume, allowing exceptional performance with the very heavy slide and outer barrel despite not using CO2 magazines. RA Tech 150% recoil spring for snappier slide return. G&P limited-edition welded steel KAC OHWS suppressor with full trademarks. This is the most realistic OHWS suppressor on the market, but is not available from the factory in the 16mm CCW thread which all airsoft Mk.23s use. This particular example was professionally rethreaded to suit the gun. Custom-made Mk.23 MIL-SPEC-1913/'Picatinny' rail adaptor, CNC-milled from billet aluminium. This fits over the proprietary HK rail and screws into the front of the trigger guard, just like the original Wilcox and Insight LAMs. This is far more secure than the alternatives currently available on the aftermarket. The gun will be supplied with the original KWA aluminium slide, plastic outer barrel, and complete BBU. If so desired, the clone SureFire X300V pictured with the gun can be included. The gun is in mint condition with no marks. It has never been skirmished; the overwhelming majority of the shots it has ever fired (about 250) were for the function video included in this listing. This pistol retails in the EU for approximately £175, the slide and outer barrel kit retailed (when available) for approximately £230, the BBU for approximately £100, the suppressor for approximately £45 including rethreading, and the rail adaptor for approximately £15 for a total retail value of £565. The SureFire retails for approximately £45. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  2. Make: KSC Gun/Model: USP .45 Japan Version (Pre-System 7) Accessories: Additional KSC Tawain Magazine (for two magazines total), Loading Rod, Hop-Up adjustment Tool, Manual Condition: Boxed in As New Collectors Condition. Never Skirmished or Holstered Approx 200 Rounds Fired Total Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £130 Collected or + Postage Pictures: Below I have here forsale my favourite airsoft replica, the KSC USP .45 Japan Version (produced by KSC in Japan). I'll be sad to see this one! Superb quality pistol, feels solid, additional realistic markings on the pistol and the original magazine. Excellent snappy and smooth action, fully working with no issues. This is a pre-system 7 pistol, so it fires more shots per gas fill. Also features a very nice a safety with working decocking function. As you can see from the photos it is in excellent condition as new condition and has seen very little use, target usage only, never skirmished or holstered. I've fired maybe 200 rounds through it in total if that. Well cared for using Abbey 134a gas only along with Abbey guncare products and high quality BB's. Comes boxed in the original packaging with the manual, other paperwork, loading rod, hopup adjustment tool and one additional magazine from a KSC USP .45 Taiwan. The difference with the original Japanese magazine and this Taiwan version being the less strict QC and the lack of markings which you can see in the picture below. I have been using the Taiwan magazine for the most part to try and preserve the laser cut markings on the original magazine as much as possible. Photos *FILE SIZE WARNING - All High Resolution 3-7MB Each* http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE1.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE2.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE3.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE4.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE5.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE6.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE7.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE8.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE9.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE10.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE11.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE12.jpg Buyer must have valid defence, collection very much preferred from Yate near Bristol, South West England due to difficulty posting a RIF. If you do collect I also have Abbey 134a, Ultra and Non-Abbey Green Gas, BB's, Abbey Guncare products at reasonable prices as quitting airsoft and therefore having a clearout. I also have a Lanyard that works great with this pistol. I will however post at buyers expense & acceptance of the risks. Hermes seem to be the go-to Courier for RIFs but it would be buyers choice at the end of the day. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift preferred (buyers choice) or cash if you collect. I can provide references from other places if required (mostly computer / tech forums like OcUK, Hexus, AVForums etc). Thanks for looking! Mark
  3. Brigg

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    The KWA skorpion has been an anticipated release for a lot of people waiting for something a bit easier to obtain the a Maruzen Vz61. I finally was able to pick one up 2 days ago, and put it through its paces at a reaction course. Onto some common questions, no the gun is not full metal as some have claimed. And no, the frame is not metal either. The gun is entirely made out of rather heavy plastic.with the exception of the locking bracket for the stock, various pins and switches, and the outer barrel. It is, however, very heavy. It doesn't *feel* like the average plastic gun. So while the lack of metal externals is a disappointment, it still has a very nice heft and a good solid feel. The stock itself, is actually kind of wobbly and a little disappointing. The wobble comes from both the locking mechanism, and a slightly loose fit in the stock bracket. Of course, real skorpions have some wobble as well, but the kwa stock wobbled when both open AND closed. I might try bending the front sight out a little to see if that can be corrected. The internals seem to be made of steel, or at least aluminum. Usual KWA fare though, I wouldn't expect to have any trouble with them any time soon. Accuracy seemed to be very dead on for the 50 or so foot range I was using it, firing at 6 inch steel targets. My only real issue was that I kept thinking the sides of the front sight were the front sight post. I'm not used to the sight picture yet. But accuracy seemed more then reasonable. The firing rate is unfortunately very high, which empties the 20 round mag in about a second, meaning its usefulness on full auto is limited at best. a rate reducer is cosmetically featured in the grip, plunger and all. However, as there is no catch to grab the bolt and lock it, it is completely non functioning. Therefor the rate of fire cant easily be reduced to something more useable. Overall i feel that this release is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it is very weighty and solid, however it just seems very unusual for it to have been made of plastic, especially after all the SHOT Show claims of full metal. The loose fit of the stock seems kind of cheap, but it is very accurate in semi auto. I wasn't missing many shots at all. Perhaps in the future someone will come out with a metal kit to really make this the gun it should have been. For now though it is quite useable and a good deal if the VZ61 is your kind of gun, and you dont want the hassle of tracking down parts and mags for the older Maruzen.

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