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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, My Magpul M4 PTS for sale, light use, not used in a while. Runs sweet, comes with real Magpul forgrip, sling and battery. Any question or you need more pictures please let me know. £200 or open to offers. Thanks.
  2. Hey all, New unused Magpul PTS Masada AKM Lower. I am having a clear out and have a few bits ready to passed on to another owner. £70 or open to offers, any questions please ask. Adam.
  3. Philbucknall


    I know there is already a review on this gun here already but i didn't want to just hijack someone elses thread. I hope that that is alright otherwise could the mods please merge the two together if that is appropriate. Okay this is the newish KWA RM4 ERG - not the catchiest of names i grant you but still, there we go. Still not available in the UK through UK retailers but it has been around for a while in the Far East and the US for a while now. Given that though, there is very little in the way of reviews out there for it say in comparison to its competiton the TM recoil series. This is a collabaration between PTS and KWA and features magpul furniture and metal body. To the best of my knowledge it is the only product that has survived Magpul's departure from the airsoft marketplace. This is therir version of TM's recoil shock line of AEG's and very nice it is too. I haven't fired a TM one but i have owned several GBBR's and the kick on this is far superior. The sound is also better than a standard AEG and is somewhere inbetween a GBBR and AEG. Like the TM recoil series; it isn't quite a training weapon but it aint far off in terms of function as it feeds every last round, locks back when empty and in a bonus no TW offers - it kicks! the gun comes in the usual PTS branded packaging which is nice and sturdy and yp to the job of protecting the RIF in transit. I ordered mine from ehobbyasia along with two boxes of the PMAG's for it. Total price including shipping and customs charges was around the £400 which is pretty good i think. and here with the extra mags The gun is absolutely solid and feels like it has some weight to it. the quoted weight is 3.5Kgs and its believable. For such a small gun it feels like it's made from DU! As I said there is nary a rattle or squeak from the gun and it is well made and finished too. It is front wired with mini tamiya connectors in the MOE handguard. It is a tight squeeze but i manage to fit a 7.4v 2600mah 25c split pack lipo in there and it gives a reasonable rate of fire - nothing earth shattering but for me that's fine as I'm not about the insane RoF's some hanker after. The mags are proprietary PMAGs and can be switched from 30 to 60 rounds by taking the base plate off, pushing the inner down from the top and pushing a little switch across. It's a nice touch but i will probably leave it on 60rnds to be honest. I like the fact they have the fake feed lips on the top like a real PMAG. its purely asthetic but a nice touch. Also on the top you can see the little lever at the back of the mag that activates the bolt stop. The follower also is unique and quite long and worryingly thin when extended. It is this way to allow the mag to feed every last BB. Quite nice when you've only got 30-60 to begin with! I'm worried it might snap off with rough handling but i have been assured they are quite resilient. The great benefit of this system over the TM recoil gins is its ability to take standard AR mags without any modification. Admittedly you lose the bolt stop and stop fire features if you do this but at least if you're out of ammo in a fight a mate can chuck you a STANAG and you're back in the game. I haven't chronoed this yet but have heard they are around the 350ish mark which is ideal as it will be used almost exclusively in woodland games. I will field it for the first time in Jan and will add to this then with an after action report. Overall though thus far I'm really happy with it. In fact - I need to go and have a play with it now! so scoring out of 10 I'll go so far as to say 8.5/10 and thats only because i haven't actually used it in anger yet!! I'm sure it will nudge up a bit after that! If it does perform as it shoud then i could be quite tempted to sell my other AEG's and buy a couple more of these especially if they release it with a standard Colt style metal body - to make an M4A1 and an M4 CQBR too. I just need to find a small enough lipo to fit in a RIS unit so i don't have to have a battery box and external wires. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.
  4. Welcome So far I have not seen anywhere that someone has taken PMAG g36 for we g36 gbbr. Write on forums that it is not possible, but I did. Below the results of my work. what do you know?
  5. Noveske

    Magpul PTS PDR-C

    The long-awaited Magpul PTS PDR-C is finally out. Lucky to be one of the first to pick one up. MSRP is HKD2500 (USD320). Here are my initial impressions. Box set comes with: 1 x PDR-C 1 x PMAG 20 with dust cover 1 x Dummy Round 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Warranty Card 2 x Packs of Silica Gel (BONUS!) To be honest I was a little disappointed that the package contents. For the price, I would have expected at least a pair of MBUS. Front Flashider comes off and is 14mm CCW (-) Battery goes into the grip will only take the short 4" Lipos (for the record, the PDR-C comes standard with a mini Tamiya plug, but I changed mine to a Dean's): Magwell. Mag-catch is metal: Removing the cheekrest reveals the hop-up adjustment knob: Shoots about 330FPS out of the box (1.25J with 0.25g): Overall, I'm really not that impressed. Polymer is well made as expected from PTS, however, fake weapon features (ambi charging handles, ambi ejection port) do not function or have any purpose. Balance is rear heavy (as a bullpup should be). The only sling attachment is the hole behind the magwell (not a QD) which is also polymer (not sure if it's reinforced inside). Gun seems too simple? Or is it just me? I guess it's the design of the PDR-C but I like my guns with more detail. Compared to the KRISS: More pics of dissection coming!
  6. Maveric

    WE 416 (RA-Tech Custom)

    From the album: Maveric's Album

    My WE RA-Tech 11" 416 now with Magpul CTR stock
  7. Maveric

    GHK G5

    From the album: Maveric's Album

    GHK G5 with Magpul AFG, Magpul RSA, WE Aimpoint T1 Replica, Night Evolution M600C on Night Evolution Thorntail mount and MadBull DNTC Compensator. Love this weapon, sounds awesome, powerful and kicks like a mule!
  8. WhatAreYouBuyen

    Magpul PDR

    A picture of the magpul PDR C from WhatArrYouBuyen. Feel free to re-post this image on other websites, blog, ect.

    © © WhatAreYouBuyen 2013

  9. TheFull9

    Fear the Admin

    From the album: Misc.

    G-Code, FirstSpear, Aimpoint, Magpul. Haters may still hate, but I wouldn't advise it.

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