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  1. Apologies for the bullet-point formatting. It seems I can't modify it so each list is single-spaced. If the formatting really bothers you, here's a link to this same document on my google drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8acwm_xEDo04XfRLj5s-8Zh1z1LMpER9AGWt6l8ONQ/edit?usp=sharing TOKYO MARUI M870: BUILDING THE ULTIMATE AIRSOFT SHOTGUN This is a modification-oriented overview of the Tokyo Marui M870, which has been written over the course of 6 months and covers each phase of my modification and outfitting plan. Treat this writeup as a technical supplement to the more standard reviews already out there, some of which are listed in the Additional Resources section at the end of this document. If you’re short on time, the following is the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) for this article: This gun is okay out of the box. Somewhat better than a spring-powered tri-shot shotgun, but not significantly so. See Phase 1 notes for more details. The issues plaguing earlier production runs of this gun have been largely corrected in newer batches. See Phase 2 notes for more details. If you want to maximize reliability and exploit performance potential, get comfortable with taking the gun apart. This especially applies to the x-ring modification, which greatly reduces the likelihood of your gun leaking. See Phase 2 notes for more details. If you plan on upgrading, use WiiTech parts. The more, the better. See Phase 2 and 5 notes for more details. If you want to fine-tune your gun’s performance, converting to HPA is recommended. See Phase 4 notes for more details. If you want to run ammo heavier than 0.30g, be prepared to experiment with the hopup system. See Phase 3 notes for more details. If your gun ends up shooting 0.36+g bbs best, you’ll likely need to upgrade your loading system components. See Phase 5 notes for more details. Fitting a real Remington 870 stock is possible, but it’ll take some work. Having a machinist perform the modification is recommended. See Phase 6 notes for more details. Do not use soft or brittle bbs, like Valken. High-quality bbs like HPA and BLS minimize the likelihood and severity of jams. See the Verdict section for more details. The contents of this article are as follows: Inception/Viability/Selection: Background information Phase 0: Notes gathered from various reviews about TM M870 problems and fixes Phase 1: First impressions and stock performance Phase 2: Disassembly, upgrade and reinforcement part selection, and installation Phase 3: Experimenting with different hopup modifications Phase 4: HPA conversion and performance testing Phase 5: Internal part repair and reinforcement Phase 6: External part selection and fitment, including converting a real Remington 870 stock to fit Phase 7: Accessory and equipment selection On the field/Verdict/What’s next?: After-action report, final modifications, lessons learned, and conclusion Additional Resources/References: Helpful links and sources for information indicated by bracketed numbers The following is the parts list for this build: Base gun: Tokyo Marui M870, wood version Internals Amped Airsoft Integrated Grip Line (IGL) for Jack 1.1/F1/F2, screwed into ¼-28 tapped gas port Blackcat mechanical box spring set WiiTech 150% hammer spring, P/N 4051 WiiTech stainless steel valve pin, P/N 4043 Size 104 nitrile x-ring, modified, installed on valve pin DangerWerx transfer bar WiiTech aluminum loading plates, P/N 4044 WiiTech duster gas nozzle, P/N 4045, with nozzle shaft return spring from WiiTech top gas loading nozzle WiiTech 2016 version hopup chamber, P/N 4059 TM hopup rubbers, shimmed with electrical tape WiiTech 6.03 x 380mm extended inner barrel set, P/N 4032 Externals Real-steel Knoxx SpecOps stock, Gen 1, machined to fit Blackcat sling adapter, slot type, modified to interface with Knoxx SpecOps stock TM M870 Tactical black faux bolt, P/N 870T-39 G&P saddle rail and shell carrier, cut down, P/N MSP-017 Real-steel GG&G QD T1 mount, with Dytac T1 red dot and WiiTech T1 lens protector G&P railed pump, P/N MSP-002H, with Longshot Manufacturing 25-slot M-Lok rails machined to fit Replica H&K vertical foregrip Night Evolution M600C weapon light FMA LA-5 battery box Replica KAC rail covers x2, cut down, backside filed to allow passage of cables WiiTech dummy magazine tube extension, P/N 4028, with coupler from G&P magazine extension Real-steel Remington 870 magazine tube clamp US-issue M60 sling, configured as 3-to-1 point quick adjust sling with ITW MQRB bolted to saddle rail Accessories/other TM shotgun shells with MAS SuperFeed springs and HexMag follower bases Redline SFR regulator First Strike Hero 2 48/4500 HPA tank, or dual First Strike Guerrilla 13/3000 HPA tanks Amped Airsoft HPA line TechT GunSav grease If you’re interested in learning the specifics of how I transformed this rather ordinary replica into what is perhaps the ultimate airsoft shotgun, buckle up. It’s gonna be a long read.
  2. Make: Tokyo MauriGun/Model: MP7A1 Accessories: As Standard Condition: NEW FPS: 330-350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no/no Price/Payment: £275 Pictures: See Below Hi all,Not much to say about this, brand new and unused, box fresh and looking for somebody to actually use her!I’m too much of an old school mp5 lover and refuse to put mine down to pick this up; fun as these are, it’s going to have to go!RRP £300+Looking for just £275!Save yourself some dosh for extra bits for your new gun! - Be quick though, it's advertised everywhere!Buyer pays postage and any transaction fees if applicable – Free Collection from Hertfordshire area.
  3. Hi All, Long-time reader (2005), first time seller… Please can I have some advice on the starting value of the following items? Unfortunately I don’t have the time to get out and use them, hence the sale. This was great fun during night games! Video attached. From a look around somewhere in the region of £55 inc postage seems reasonable. Thoughts? Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: The Original Tokyo Marui Full Auto Tracer Unit Accessories: ~2000+ Madbull 0.25g Dark Knight Tracer BBs. These seem to be sold out online and are retailing at £15-£21. 3x Free IR Cyalumes. Out of date, not sure if they will work. But you can have them for free as I have no use for them. Condition: Used. In good working order. See short vid. FPS: - Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Price/Payment: £?? all in posted Pictures: yes Up for sale is Tokyo Marui Full Auto Tracer Unit + ~2000+ Madbull 0.25g Dark Knight Tracer BBs. This is a muzzle mounted tracer unit. It fits via a CCW 14mm thread. Powered by 4x 1.5v batteries. Any questions please feel free to ask. Price is £?? and includes 2nd class signed for postage and paypal fees. Tracer working.mp4
  4. The slide on mine is cracked and want to replace it with an aftermarket slide. You can upload photo's and share your thoughts on serten slide sets, to help me and others.
  5. Srs 22” (black) teflon fluted cylinder WASP Piston Upgraded Spring TNT inner barrel (not installed) TNT hop unit (not installed) Silverback Suppressor 3 Mags NO OPTIC! Tokyo marui USP Compact 3 Mags & holster £300 pickup
  6. Afternoon guys. This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK. This is a text/ video review for now, with a video and preliminary firing test uploading tonight. First impressions. The box is very nice and well presented, with pictures of the shotgun on the front with features in English and Japanese, with a nice glossy finish. Inside, you're immediately struck by the shotgun- securely held in place with straps. The Shotgun comes with one removable gas tank and one 30-round shell, both packaged separately to the gun inside the box. The shotgun itself. The shotgun feels great. It's got a metal body, metal rail and sights, trigger and trigger housing, metal charging arms on the pump, and metal shell tube and barrel. The rest seems to be high quality ABS-type plastic. The pump is light to rack, and sounds GREAT. Trademarks are typical marui- ie, they've got the Tokyo Marui name and logo on it. The gas tank is a bit awkward to access- the rubberised stock pad seems to just 'pull off', rather than any specific knack. When you want to change the tank, you just press a catch inside once you take off the pad, and it releases it fine. Gassing the tank may take a while- Marui claimed you can fire '100 shots' with it, which I'm not 100% sure of so far, but I possibly didn't fill it up enough. The cartridge is well built, holds 30 rounds snugly, and is semi translucent so you can see the outline of the bbs, which is cool. The shell door, always a weak point of the original Marui M3 shotties, seems to be much more secure here. It's not metal, but it feels a lot more solid. How does it shoot? Firing is simple- you rack the pump, select whether you want to fire 3, or 6 shot, and blast away. 3 shot is great. There's some spread, but it's reliable, powerful, and range is decent out the box on green gas. 6 shot is EVIL. The bbs go in a similar spread to the 3 shot, with not much noticable drop in power- it fires 2 from each tri-barrel, so you're getting hit with 2 rounds in 3 places with each pull of the trigger. You can also slam-fire the shotgun; hold the trigger down, and rack the pump. This is going to be brutal in CQB, especially on 6-shot. I can empty an entire 30-round shell in under 3 seconds. Initial conclusions. Initial conclusions are that this shotgun is a BEAST. It feels solid, shoots well, seems powerful and takes green gas fine. It feels great fun to fire, and I think it's the shotgun system we shotgun fans were waiting for. I'll be putting it through its paces this weekend at Operation Orchid Dawn at Tier 1 military simulation, and it should get a thorough workout in that FIBUAR environment at Stanta, so I'll update further after its first big outing. Massive thanks to Gaz and Sam at Redwolf UK for getting to me so quick, and for sorting me the two spare gas tanks. Video version of this review should be up later tonight. If you're on facebook, please like my page, Maple Leaf Tactical. https://www.facebook.com/mapleleaftactical?fref=ts My youtube channel is here. http://www.youtube.com/user/writerdave87 Cheers Dave
  7. vorpalbunnie

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Hi! First person to buy it from Echigoya and I've been loving it for the last 30 hours. I'll embed my pics when I'm home along with a better write up. For now here is the imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/Bq3GO Videos later too
  8. DeltaZero

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    Tokyo Marui M&P 9 Well its arrived. I've never done a review before so please bear with me and be gentle, I've tried to cover as much as I can but I'm sure I've missed something! This is just my first impressions with the pistol along with some photos, I will keep adding to the thread as I use the pistol and I get some mileage on it. Unboxing The box is your standard new generation TM box. Nice glossy picture of the pistol inside with promotional jargon splashed on the front. Inside you'll find the manual with parts diagram in Japanese, targets, safety instructions, 2 spare back straps, small pouch of bbs, unjamming rod, spare magazine followers, barrel plug, the magazine and of course the pistol itself. Standard stuff from TM really, the box holds the pistol nice and securely. The Pistol As soon as you pick the pistol up you get an instant satisfaction. There is absolutely no wobble at all, I mean NONE, I've never come across this in any other pistol before which is nice. Without the magazine its quite light but after installing the magazine it becomes very nicely balanced and has a really nice weight to it. Comparing it to my WE model, I'm already sold but I'm sure most of you could've come to that conclusion yourselves. The frame of the pistol is quite smooth with little texture on the upper at least, the lower portion of the pistol grip has a defined line where the texture increases, I would assume to increase grip levels. I don't know if this is true to the RS model but I didn't notice it on my WE before I painted it. There are some reasonably noticeable seam lines but nothing outrageous, they're neat and even which is something at least. The slide has a nice finish to it and seems to be made with good quality materials. The trades are fantastic and very crisp. Can't ask for more there, the sights are well moulded and have nice crisp white dots in the usual places for aiming. The rubber back strap is really nicely moulded with a very faint seam line but nothing noticeable unless you really look for it. They seem pretty flimsy compared to the WE model but you can't tell as soon as you install them onto the pistol. For now the WE back straps aren't interchangeable but I think from looking at them it'd be fairly easy to mod them to fit if you wanted to for any reason. The ambidextrous slide catch is nice and there is no movement between the two. I find it's a little hard to get to as my thumb catches the safety but that'll just take a bit of getting used to. The safety switch has a nice positive click to it and is of a very nice size that it doesn't get in the way at all and is very comfortable to use. I have heard rumours on it being possible to remove it and not affect the overall function of the pistol but I couldn't comment on that, I have no intention to remove it myself. The whole pistol feels solid and as I said before, rattles are non existent. Inserting the magazine is very solid and smooth with a satisfying clunk as the mag clicks into place. There is no wobble with the magazine inserted and the weight and balance of the magazine improves. Removing the magazine is a little stiff I will admit and as the magazine sits flush to the grip I would imagine it could be quite difficult to remove with gloves on. They definitely don't just drop out, personally I like that, saves some broken base plates! The mag catch is again a little stiff but nothing to really write home about. I've not had a chance to handle the VFC version so I can't comment on that personally but from watching reviews of that and personally owning a WE M&P I can say that for me this is an absolutely superb replica. The Technical Stuff The biggest selling point for me was that it's TM and I expect fantastic performance from a TM pistol. To be honest this has more than met my expectations. On racking the slide the first impression is that its a little stiff which concerned me a little. I don't know if this will ease up over use, only time will tell. It seems reasonably well lubed up, nothing that drew concern so I presumed it wouldn't be an issue. Interestingly the action of the slide eases up considerably after the first rack with the hammer to the rear, obviously as the slide is not catching the hammer each time. I'll keep the thread updated on how smooth the action becomes over time, fingers crossed it'll improve otherwise I might have to take a look into it. After racking the slide a few times I did notice some wear already occurring on the barrel, I don't know if that was originally there when the pistol arrived as I didn't notice, but I will keep an eye on it see how it progressed. Internally it looks like the pistol is similar to the Glock 17 in my eyes but someone might be able to give some more detail. The parts look like they're cast nicely with some even seam lines again. The hammer spring seems strong and crisp which is nice. As I said they look very similar to the internals of a G17, after a couple of mags through the pistol there seems to be little if any wear which is nice, again I will update the thread as I go! The Hop unit is quite interesting, not like any other TM hop I've seen. The adjustment cogs are external and the hop tensioner is also quite unique. I can't comment on the compatibility with rubbers and barrels yet as I don't want to spoil TMs "magic" but when issues arise I will have it apart if needs be! The slide seems to have the standard strengthening you would expect from new TM pistols with the metal plate around the slide catch areas, only time will tell how it fares! Shooting Shooting is a dream put simply. Just as you would expect from a TM pistol. Its fantastically snappy on propane and the pistol had absolutely no issue cycling at all which was a relief after my concern with the stiffness. I didn't actually count how many bbs the magazine holds but it is similar to a Glock 17 I would say. Filling the magazine with gas and bbs is your usual affair as with any other TM mag. Put it into the pistol with the nice solid clunk, rack the slide and you're good to do. Pulling the trigger is very nice and crisp with a good reset and it doesnt feel sloppy at all, something I felt was a big con with the WE version. The slide jumps into life instantly with a brilliantly crisp kick and returns snappily to battery. It feels very very similar to a Hi-Capa in terms of kick, it really does bring a smile to your face. Accuracy and range is fantastic. It happily shot 15-20m in my garden with brilliant groupings using a .3g bb. After each shot the slide had returned ready for the next shot quicker than I could pull the trigger, it brings a massive smile to your face! The sights are very easy to use and are the usual 3 dot style making target accusation very easy and quick. Mine was chronoing at around 290fps on propane which was more than acceptable for a stock TM pistol, I don't see it needs any more for now, though no doubt I will eventually try to crank it up once more upgrade parts become available! Conclusion Overall I think this is an absolutely lovely pistol. It has met and exceeded my expectations and I really couldn't ask for more. Only time will tell how it fares with some mileage on it but I am expecting standard TM reliability to be honest. I want to try and keep this as stock as possible for as long as possible. I bought this as I have loved the M&P since I first saw one and whilst the WE was a reasonable compromise in looks it didn't hold a candle to my expectations in performance. This has replaced my WE and fits in the kydex holster I had made for it perfectly so I would hope the dimensions are pretty much identical with the exception of the added safety catch. Unfortunately I don't have my WE M&P here with me at the moment so can't make a direct comparison but to be honest, I don't think it's needed. This really is in a completely different ball park. 9/10 for this pistol overall I would say simply due to the stiffness of the slide and magazine catch. I'm sure they will wear in over time and it'll likely gravitate closer to the 10/10 as time goes on. If you want one. Don't hesitate to buy one! It's fantastic, I just NEED more mags!
  9. From the album: BST Works

    This is our BST valve-nest for Tokyo Marui M870. The stock valve-nest isn't seal properly so we redesigned it with a lot nice and nice function. - New sealing design. The valve-nest has much better and bigger contact are which cause better sealing even with HPA. - It has a spring guide for the hammer spring. - Made from copper by hand-working. The size is perfect, we spent a lot energy to reach the best design - this is the third version. The third version tested with HPA, it is run 7 month without any leaking in TM Breacher.

    © GBB Hungary

  10. vorpalbunnie

    Tokyo Marui M40A5

    Hi! I impulse bought the new fancy schmancy Marui M40A5. It's pretty cool! Still ABS with aluminum parts, but the flash hider and front rail feels CNC'd I guess? They have that sort-of-sticky matte feel. Hard to describe. The bolt is ridiculously easy to work. Easier than the Marui L96 or VSR-10, and the short pull makes it extremely fast. Trigger is crisp as ever. Hop up adjustment is smooth without clicks, so no worries there. I'll the pictures do the talking! EDIT: Uploading photos here suuuuuuuuuucks still ;P So here's a link: http://imgur.com/a/U2eog
  11. AirsoftGuns-Europe.com

    AirsoftGuns-Europe.com NEWS

    Hi, we are Airsoftguns-europe.com and for summer ending for you, our customers, we prepare some Special Offers. Take a look yourself. We are sending goods throughout European Union. Everyone knows them, everyone wants them. Gas operated pistols from Tokyo Marui, Japanese warranty of quality for best prices. Metal and plastic spring operated shotguns made by Cyma. Affordable price, great power, large variety of types. Everyone chooses. Choice from many color combinations, metal and polymer slide. Winner in Airsoft Players Choice Awards. Did you voted too? Need a high power or great durability? Let´s take a look to our AirsoftGuns Custom series. Customized by our team, with more than ten years of experiences.
  12. Introduction As a brief historical brush up to the replica, the S&W Model 19 aka Combat Magnum came into service in the late 50s and remained a staple sidearm for law enforcement around the world for decades. Even though its popularity has waned since the dawn of the Wonder Nines, many police officers both retired and still in service continue to use them as a backup weapon and has recently had a resurgence for their collectible value. Tokyo Marui first made their Model 19 replicas some time in the early 2000s where they were shortly discontinued for what I believe were licensing issues. In 2012 they reintroduced the gun together with the stainless Model 66 variant, fully licensed and both sporting the upgrades that their Colt Python had previously undergone mostly with the hop up. It is a gas operated, non blowback, double action/single action revolver holding 24 bbs with a fixed hop up. They are available in three barrel lengths (2.5", 4", and 6") each with different grips for both finishes. Inside the box First Impression The first thing you'll notice in picking up this replica, other than the beautiful velvet lined box is how light it is. It tips the scale at 550g but as most of the weight is in the grip it feels a lot lighter than it is. Many will see this as a big turn off as revolvers usually have the impression of something large and clunky, but the Model 19 is a very slim gun, almost sexy even so the light weight sort of fits the character. It's designed as service .357 magnum after all and not something to take down large, dangerous game. While light, it is solidly built with no creaking parts or the slightest bit of flex on the barrel. One particular thing to note is that in direct sunlight it has somewhat of a greenish tinge, like parkerized 1911s but not. I don't know if it's just the high gloss reflecting against the trees around, but in the shade, indoors or when it's cloudy it starts to take on the deep black gloss as they appear in photographs. Technical Information It is a replica of early production Model 19s with a non pinned barrel and square butt. The cylinder is faithfully replicated to lock in two places: in front of the ejector rod and at the back of the cylinder. This however makes it rather stiff to close the cylinder, requiring practice and is advised that you push against the cylinder arm when you do. Mostly made of ABS plastic, the metal parts include the trigger and hammer assemblies, cylinder swing arm, cylinder ratchet, bolt, hand, locking latches, ejector rod, and rear sight assembly. As mentioned earlier it takes 24 rounds. The cartridges at the back are non removable where each chamber, loaded from the front holds 4 bbs. Upon firing, the gas router on the frame pushes the dummy cartridges which both pushes the front most bb into the barrel and locks the remaining bbs behind it in place. The downside to this is that it's low powered from all the bottle necks in the gas system doing about 210-240fps using green gas and .20g bbs depending on barrel length. This also makes for a fairly stiff trigger pull in double action as your finger is doing more than just pulling the hammer and rotating the cylinder. The odd bit too is that in single action, the trigger pull is made only slightly less heavy as the gas router is only partly pushed forward. You still need to push forward the rest of the way but makes for a less jerky and more accurate motion. The grip frame has a deeply serrated back strap and the replica Hogue grips fit extremely well in the hands. They are also made of ABS but with a rubberized outer layer like TMs VSR-10. It features a fixed ramp front sight with a bright red insert and fully adjustable, high blade rear sight with a white outline. A particular thing to note, and one which I only discovered after disassembling the gun is that it has a lot of metallic reinforcements inside. The hammer and trigger group sits in a metal inner frame much like Tanaka revolvers. There is a metal bar serving as a spine running from most the barrel to the frame. The gas router is a separate copper tube. Against dark targets the red insert and white outline pops out. On light targets the white outline disappears leaving a crisp front post. Performance To be honest it was sort of malfunctioning when I got it. I pumped it full of propane only to find out that the slightly higher pressure (and temperature), combined with a relatively soft valve o-ring had made double action inoperable. Only the slightly increased inertia of single action could fully open the valve and make it shoot normally. I then switched to commercial green gas, some 15psi lower and it worked perfectly fine afterwards. It chronos at an average of 220fps but really likes .25g and .30g ammo as it's able to go up to .75J (equivalent to 280fps with .20g bbs) which makes hits more effectively felt despite the slow velocity. The hop is only tuned to .20-.25g though making bbs fly flat a good 20m before dipping. On .30g they start to go down after 15m, but I was still able to make good clean kills up to 20m with only a little bit of hold over. For accuracy testing I shot benched groups at 10m. I was also using .30g bbs and green gas. On single action it sent 6-shot strings consistently into a 3" circle with the best group measuring 2". Point of impact is right around the center of the red insert of the front sight making it behave like a red dot of sorts. On double action, because of the jerky motion of pushing bbs out of the cylinder's bb packings, the groups veer slightly to the right (left if you're shooting left handed) just about at the edge of the front sight. Best groups are also slightly enlarged to 3". I didn't do a formal test on gas capacity, but from paced single action shooting to more rapid double action and even a few rounds of fast, standing shots it was doing over 50 full powered rounds all in one fill. It still has gas left, but I stopped to bother counting as that's well over the amount I'd be bothered to reload mid game. I'll make a proper test in the future though and put it in here along with whatever development may arise. Width comparison against a KJW P226 Length comparison against... a S&W .500 Conclusion Despite the low velocity and light weight, I couldn't recommend this revolver any higher. If the weight issue bothers you that much you could swap out the internal weights with lead and there are a few crevices left still to cram in even more material to weigh it down. For power, as said above using heavy bbs takes good advantage of Joule creep putting it at par with most full sized TM GBBs. You also have the option of using power up shells which replace the 24-shot system with removable individual cartridges that both increases weight and muzzle output having gotten rid of the gas bottle necks. It costs around mid range, looks pretty damn good, shoots straight and plenty reliable with the amount of plastic it can dish out. It's also perfectly sized, right in the Goldilocks zone I'd say. Scoring high points in skirmish practicality, it come out well deserving of the Combat Magnum moniker and the Tokyo Marui brand name.
  13. tinydata

    Tokyo Marui Night Warrior

    Tokyo Marui Night Warrior Contents: Ordering Initial Impressions and Features Externals Internals Performance Conclusion 1. Ordering I ordered my TM Night Warrior (I'll refer to this as the M1911 NW) from WGC Shop in Hong Kong during their holiday season 10% off sale. Total with UPS shipping to CONUS came out to right around $150 USD and the pistol arrived within a week of placing my order. I requested that WGC use an orange tip due to the difficulty associated with removing orange paint from plastic, but they informed me that no plastic tips were available. Much to my surprise, they ended up shipping it with a blaze orange plastic tip pressed into the muzzle. I've since removed the tip without any problems. 2. Initial Impressions and Features My understanding is that Marui basically combined their Desert Warrior and MEU replicas to yield a hybrid 5" M1911 variant. The rail is not based on a real design but I'm sure its functional. The initial appearance is acceptable and doesn't immediately stand out as lightweight plastic. As a modern M1911 variant, it features the now-common 3 hole, long trigger, ambidextrous thumb safeties, a flat main spring housing, an extended beavertail grip safety, and a skeletonized hammer. Marui ships the M1911 NW in a nice cardboard box that lets the buyer know what's inside without overdoing the graphics. The pistol comes with the usual accompaniment: - A small bag of .25g BBs - A plastic bushing wrench - 2x dry fire adapters - Orange bore plug - Instruction Manual - 1x Wilson Combat 47D style magazine The pistol is well presented and protected during transit. I thought the bushing wrench was a nice addition as the bushing is quite tight on my example. 3. Externals This is very much the standard Tokyo Marui GBB pistol. It features a plastic frame, slide, and outer barrel and a metallic inner frame, sights, safeties, etc. The plastic parts have a matte surface and are of high quality. In my experience, these actually wear better than metal slides and frames as scratches are less evident. Out of the box, it sports clean lines and the classic M1911 appearance. The two-tone color scheme reminds me of Springfield Armory's MC Operator. For a "Night" handgun, it features lots of nicely plated parts like the outer barrel, barrel bushing, and hammer. The outer barrel has an excellent finish and slightly metallic feel while preserving the advantages of a lightweight plastic part. Marui chose to outfit this variant with Heinie sights with the 3 dot arrangement. The step in the sight is meant to be used to rack the slide in case the user is wounded in an arm. However, being equipped with a GI-length guide rod, you can use the plug and the front of the slide to cycle the handgun as well. The grips are similar to those found on the rest of Marui's 1911 lineup and hide weights underneath. The grips aren't aggressive and are not as textured as I would prefer. Still, seeing as the recoil will not be jarring the handgun around, this isn't a problem. The weight of a loaded Marui 1911 is roughly 1.9lb. My SAI M1911 Loaded model comes in around 3lb with a loaded 8rd Wilson Combat magazine. That's quite a difference but I'm not going to hold this against Marui as it's impossible to ask for more from a mostly plastic replica. 4. Internals The procedure to disassemble the M1911 NW differs slightly from real firearm. Mainly, the plug must be removed from the inside of the slide and it is held captive by the slide instead of the bushing. I suspect a bushing made from pot metal would not hold up as well over time. Everything inside is absolutely normal for a Marui pistol. The hop-up unit on mine turned out to be assembled incorrectly, but this was a five minute fix. There simply isn't a whole lot to write about. It will handle green gas/propane in warm temperatures (I would say this is up to 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit) , but I would recommend switching to 134a/duster in the hotter summer temperatures. The pressure of propane increases significantly with temperature and I don't intend to push the limits of the plastic parts. 5. Performance Performance and quality control are the reasons why despite moving on to real steel handguns, I insist on buying a stock Marui pistol. Marui's barrel and hop up combination has always served me well and I don't feel like fiddling with a WE or KJW. Based on past experiences and a little testing of this particular replica, I'd say it is effective to about 100ft. This is to say that I would be confident hitting a human-sized target at least once if I fired three rounds at that range. In terms of absolute accuracy, I set up a simple test. I measured 30ft with a tape measure, set up a target, and benchrested the M1911 NW. With the hop-up adjusted for 100ft and the front sight dot set in the center of the target, the pistol shoots roughly point of aim at 30ft. I used G&G .25g BBs and green gas for this test. The spread was approximately 3 inches. I'm perfectly satisfied as the front sight of the pistol will blot out the target at this distance. 30ft, 10 rounds from the bench A quick note about the trigger- its not at all similar to that of a real M1911. It only requires a pound to a pound and a half of pull to 6. Conclusion I've owned Marui, KWA, WE, and KJW GBB pistols and I came back to Marui for a reason. For slightly more money than the other brands, you're getting a highly consistent, quality replica that looks good and does well on the field. Am I going to slap a Guarder kit on it as I did with my previous pistols? I don't think so- they're still not going to bring the weight up to that of a real M1911 and I don't want to sacrifice performance. I swapped out the frame to a non-railed MEU frame I had lying around and replaced the trigger with a M1911A1 trigger. Since my fingers are relatively short, this helps maintain a consistent trigger pull for me. For most people, the M1911 NW is excellent out of the box. I give this offering 4.5 stars out of 5.
  14. Hi All I'm in the market for a 1911 desert warrior or similar and would like some recommendations on what to go for. I wont be adding any extras to the externals of the gun so thats not and issue however I would like a really good quality pistol! I really like the look of the shorter Desert Warrior 4.3 Tokyo Marui or WE and also the Foliage Warrior! Money isn't an issue and I would also like to pick up 2 extra mags and run it on Propane if possible! I'm pretty new to Airsoft so any help would be very helpful indeed! I am UKARA registered incase anyone was going to ask. Many thanks - Xray
  15. Hi all, I've had this gun for just over a year now, and put a ton of rounds through it and abused it plenty. She still works like a champ, and I love the way she feels on the field (have fun with that one...). I just completed a video review of the gun, so give it a watch and leave a comment with your thoughts. In summary, I definitely recommend this gun to both beginners and experienced skirmishers looking for a reliable sidearm (the mags are a different issue, but are easily fixed). Cheers!

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