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Found 4 results

  1. Condition: Owned for several years this revolver has never been skirmished. It was purchased from Land Warrior Airsoft (LWA). It still has all its original internal parts, adjustable rear sights, and the frame is built primarily of heavy metal. It stated on the LWA website that it fires at 420 FPS, however, I have never fired it through a chronograph, so I am not sure of its exact power. Tested (firing 40 rounds, using each shell) with no issues. Accessories included: - Rubberised handgrip (replaced mock-wood plastic grip) - x40 spare shells - x4 speed loaders - Top and bottom Picatinny rails, - x19 Co2 capsules - Roughly x5000 0.25g Blitz bb’s - Instruction manual Conclusion: This revolver is in great working condition and is ready to skirmish upon delivery. It is a great handgun for someone looking for a sidearm with a bit of a kick, to use for target shooting, or someone looking for a practical secondary revolver, etc. Price and delivery: The price for this setup is £120, and is available for free collection or delivery at an additional cost of £20 sent with Parcelforce 48. Payment can be given in cash or by PayPal transfer. Location: Market Harborough, Leicestershire Any questions or offers, please message me on here or call/text me on [snip].
  2. Considering that it's almost Christmas and the customs officers are very dickish this time of year, I was afraid that the gun would be stuck at customs, which would set me back almost Ł30. But, surprise surprise, the package went through customs without getting opened - they weren't even bothered by "Gift - TOYS - US 145" on the customs declaration sticker. So the Cow Buster is lying on my desk right now (sadly, without CO2 as I couldn't be arsed to stock up) and I can give you a quick introductory review. First, it's HUGE for a pistol. At over a foot long it looks almost comical. Also, sadly, it ain't the most beautiful thing in the world: for starters, the outer barrel is made out of two noticeable halves with two visible screws on the right side. Second, the shells clatter around the cylinder - they're pretty loose and there's nothing you can do, well, maybe apart from wrapping them in a layer of electrician's tape. Third, the trigger feels a bit weird - due to lack of CO2 I can't tell when does it engage, but it's pretty mushy and acts weird in single action. Oh, and that rail they give? I have no effin' clue how to put it on without removing the rear sight.
  3. I scoured the webshops in search of the silver Wingun 703 and found three of them: UNCo, Armed Forces Co. and Cobra Airsoft. However, I subconsciously dislike UNCo, AFC's webshop is *fruitcage*ed (the "Proceed to checkout" button doesn't appear) and Cobra officially doesn't ship to Poland. So I got ###### off and some folks got angry letters, resulting in AFC and Cobra giving me offers. I went with Cobra, of course screwing up like a last dolt and sending them more money than needed, then asking for refund, which ended up with part of my funds getting stuck between Paypal and my bank for three days. However, I got them to send the revolver via Air Mail after explaining that airsoft is perfectly legal here, even with the use of cowbusters like the 703. And now I'm waiting. Apart from that, I'm considering slapping some optics on this thing. Either the Aimpoint I was asked to source from HK (and the guy never turned up to get it from me), or some sort of compact 2x-3x scope (Ebairsoft has a nice one on sale, too bad it's pretty expensive).
  4. My habits... well, they die hard. Once I get used to a certain webshop, I stick around. I don't mind the negative comments, I may drop a couple myself (but at least they're not as vitriolic), let's just say that with long-time service I get used to what those folks do and how to fix things if they go South. But sometimes, my usual suppliers simply don't have what I need (especially when it's some rare or odd item) and I have to take the plunge. For instance, my Tanaka SAA. I planned to get it from EHobbyAsia, but then some things went hairy and I had to find a shop where it wasn't out of stock yet. Enter TMC (Tokyo Model Co.) - a company I haven't dealt with before, some Engrish here and there, confusing layout, all the signs pointing to "it's not gonna be easy". Of course "buyers' opinions" ain't worth *suitcase* these times as every used car salesman can prop up an army of strawmen and crank out enough BS to make him look like the next best thing since powdered milk and it takes a bit of skill to filter out the buzz, but as long as you don't find tens of reasonably worded warnings (with the stress on "reasonably worded") you can at least expect that what you ordered will arrive and most probably in one piece. So there I went with TMC - and on their part, everything went smooth. The only problem was the local postal service, who screwed up even worse than usual. But that wasn't the first time I had to jump through hoops to get what I wanted. Earlier, I wanted an USP Tactical, and the only one was the KJW, out of stock almost everywhere. I found it at Sun Arms Airsoft (which, BTW, looks like they sold out all of their replicas and deal exclusively in gear now), made sure that it was in stock and a week and a half later I had it. And it still works! Now it's the third time for me to get a gun from a shop I don't know. I pondered a couple of possibilities (I basically wanted something cool, but not necessarily practical): first, the Well MP5K GBB, but a) it's out of stock everywhere and VFC plans to make something more solid than the old and not-so-reliable Maruzen design; second, the Well M11 GBB, but a) it's out of stock almost everywhere and I had a HFC M11 before and I know how those things behave in the presence of dust. KWC P99 was almost a contender, but I decided that one futuristic-looking pistol is enough and I don't plan any Cyberpunk photoshoots anytime soon. And then, as I was listening to the Magnum Force theme, it hit me: maybe a S&W M29? Tanaka makes great revolvers, no doubt about it, but I finally thought that all in all, if I want a wheelgun, I could grab something more "practical" instead. And then I revived my plans of getting a silver Wingun 703, or "that eight-incher cow-buster in pimp chrome looking like the goddamn Ambadassor from Team Fortress 2". Now all I need is the December paycheck with Christmas bonus - keep your fingers crossed.

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