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FN Picture Thread

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Dear God, no! You bought a STAR SCAR-L, didn't you?! :P The STAR SCAR is famous for its pink/purple frame. lol


Nah thats a VFC. STAR SCAR's have the fugly Gen II stocks, and no flared magwell. but i think it got that color from the lighting. trust me, all he has to do is take a picture of it outside and its FDE :P

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Thanks CB!


Nice FAL uscmCorps, know all you need is a 30rnd mag.


Edit: By the way where does the battery go, does it still fit in the frontend or is it external?

I have to use a LiPo and it goes in the handguard. <_< It'd be nice to put a regular battery in there, bit not the way they have it setup.

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How big is the li-po in the handguard.....in power.

can you put a 11v 2500 lipo in there?



If you're talking about the FNC handguard, I don't really know.


It's rather thight spaced, like the original handguard, so I max it to 9.6V.


I recommended to use a box for bigger batt's.

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uscmcorps, ive seen you post that like a trillion times. first time i saw you say it, i stopped

why the hell do people still do it?

Well, different boards have different guidelines... sometimes someone new to the forum comes along and isn't aware of that general rule. It's totally understandable when it happens with someone new, but if no one says anything we have ourselves to blame for not correcting that behavior. Someone did it for me when I first got here... so I'm just paying it forwards ;)


Back on topic... Sgt-McKenzie, what's the difference between those two... or are they both the same and one's just a spare?



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