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YAY! :) i must say this is very nice; upper reciever is all metal and this thing is solid all around; only gripe is batt size :/ but other than that very nice.




Looks nice to me. Can the barrel be switched to a CQC version? I'd be curious if the EGLM could be used on the VFC SCAR. I must say, it's very smart of STAR to not release the EGLM separately as, if it is VFC compatible, they'd probably sell a boat load of the EGLM and not many of the SCAR itself.



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I'm loving my STAR SCAR. Shoots great, better than my old VFC HK416, and just as well as all of my other star guns, which is to say, superbly. Thank you very much. I'll have some pics of it today. Gotta stick on a new grip as traditional M16 grips a rather uncomfortable for me.

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Small question. Since the star scar's magwell isn't as wide as the vfc's, is there a chance that the star eglm doesn't fit the vfc scar?


Width doesn't really matter. The trigger block doesn;t fit over the mag well. No, what you have to worry about is the mag well being to long. If its too long, the EGLM won;t reach the rail. This is why EGLMs don;t work on HK416s, for example.


Conincedence, of fiendish FN conspiracy? Stay tuned!




And on another note, 'cause I can;t read the rule about starting new threads, here's my SCAR:






Removed the side rails, (no point in having rails on a gun you aren;t going to utilize) even though I know in RS that's actually be pretty close to removing the barrel. Rubber rail protectors, G&P ACOG w/ killflash, TD Battle grip, Gaurder vert grip. I can;t stand M16 style pistol grips, so I replaced it with the battle grip.


I'm likley the only person in the world who purchased the STAR SCAR without any desire to use the EGLM. Heh. And I've already pawned it off, so don;t ask. (Although, STAR could make a killing if they sold the EGLM seperate.)


Anyway, I'm done with it, modification wise. Doesn;t need any internal upgrades. I might get it MC hydrocoated, but the local airsoft climate still requires me to use different uniforms often. I might get a Docter red dot for the ACOG at some point down the line.

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VFC does have plans to make the H, last I heard.


Am I missing something on the H though? I don't find it too appealing :huh: Could just be a preference thing.


And yeah, STAR would make a killing if they sold the EGLM's separate. I'd probably buy one if they weren't too expensive (which isn't likely coming from STAR, but oh well). I wish these Chinese companies would start coming out with imitation 203's. I don't really care if it fires, I just like the look.

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RSOV and gunner have M203's for around $70. There ACM and full metal.



I had a couple questions regarding the KA FAL since this is the FN pic thread after all.


1. This FAL takes the longest RIS right?

2. how is the stock locking mechanisim?Solid?

3. Whats is the size of FAL mags in relation to say, an M14 mag (I know they should be close to the same)?

4. Stock FPS/ performance?

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I'd estimate the STAR SCAR-H will be out soon. They posted it up with the SCAR-L in their latest batch of promo posters, so I'd imagine its close.


What really needs to happen is for STAR to release more barrel lengths. The hype up their QBD system, (allows you to swap barrels in like, 5 seconds,) but then the only barrel available is the standard 14.5 incher? Lame.

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Picture request! Could I see a tan colored SCAR (brand doesn't matter, as long as it's tan) with a black and gray mag in it?


Thanks! :D



I don't have any black mags unfortunately, but I popped in one of my classic army grey midcaps into my vfc scar. Here you go:






and for comparison, with the Tan MAG-brand magazines. Dark Earth looks better but tans look decent. And yes, i kinda like my black grip pod (which is really comfortable on the SCAR btw) and eotech on the scar. To me , with the rails, the SCAR almost has a two-tone thing going on. Maybe I should have gotten a black SCAR? But then it wouldn't match my CRYE MULTICAM! (j/k). The black scars + acog = teh s3x though.




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