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Any Problems with KA Magazines?


PS: I forgot, if you use the Short Mags to Skirmish, what Pouches do you carry them in?

Sorry, no idea. Haven't used them yet, nor skirmished with them. I suppose I would carry them in normal M4-mag pouches.


I am looking at getting a Stream TLR-2 (Annodized, metal, w/ an led light and a high intensity laser). I was wondering if you would reccomend an M6x over it? Also do you know of any QD mounts I could use?

Can't really help you with that one, have never used a TLR-2 before. But the laser output is the same (650nm), and the M6x has 125 lumens while the TLR-2 has 80 lumens. So basically the M6x has more lumens, but no LED and costs about 20$ more.


j3t, awesome SCAR! really looks bad#ss, especially with the EOTech, and I usually prefer longer rifles and don't like EOTech much!

Thank you ^^

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You should probably throw a bucket of water over them before they produce baby MSCAR249s :P

Sorry. Couldn't resist. :D


Just noticed the stuff about black mags.

I've seen a variety of pic's of soldiers with SCARs and I notice a lot of them seem to have black mags that're roughly painted in tan on the exposed portion of the mag. Rather than buying tan mags it seems it's cheaper to copy the professionals and just slop a bit of paint on the bottom half of your black mags.

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