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Looks good expect for the suppressor Echo2. Get the PPA one IMHO, I have one on my SCAR and I loves it. Or something else, just not a SOCOM one ;)

Thanks! :D That PPA Silencer is kinda pricey, though. I just bought a new Blackhawk Knife, so getting another silencer is kinda out of reach. Thanks for the constructive criticism, but I think I am going to stick with my current setup.^_^

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JLS SCAR, not mine but my mates that I've turned from stock Black POS into this




Rewired to take a mini in the stock (in the adjustable cheek rest) full element internals, JG rear wiring loom, JG 2 piece hop, New rubber. element G27 grip, XM8 flash hider, New motor and a lot of my time.


Comments please



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