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I got my VFC SCAR. Nice gun. Not the ultimate AEG, but certainly nice. My bolt catch it tempermental, and my stock doesn't lock (but no one's does). I'm happy, and I'm glad I sold my G36 to get it. Fun and easy to break down...my ladyfriend was making fun of me for choosing a gun largely because it came apart like the real thing.


Some pictures. The ###### all over my deck chair is acrylic dust.



I keep it in the short configuration, but I like being able to easily go back to the standard carbine.



US Version, no trades. I don't care.



Orange needs to go.


Its only partially dressed up...I have a light and TD foregrip for it. It needs a Vickers sling, EGLM and silencer. Probably a new optic, too. The aimpoint mount on there now was too hight for the G36, but is too low to cowitness on the SCAR.


I'm going to wait until the VFC EGLM comes out/up for preorder, then grab that and the silencer from HK. At that time, I'll see what is available for airsoft FDE Eotechs/Aimpoint M4s/Elcan Spectre DRs, and I'll grab a Vickers sling domestically.



Hopefully, someone does an accurate ATPIAL. I'd love one with a functional visible laser and a couple LEDs for the other functions, honestly. As long as it looks right.






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just got my VFC FN SCAR-L in today...and had quite a few gripes...


1 - front sight block is crooked - well it won't really matter because I will be getting a reflex sight...or I can just order another from VFC directly...


2 - you can really only use an 8.4v battery in the stock, a 9.6 will prevent it from collapsing from 6 to 1 positions...


3 - changing the barrel was a pain in the *albatross*...I'm pretty sure I tore up the hop up rubber while trying to install the CQC inner barrel, and some parts are missing from the diagram...looks like I'm getting this checked out at the armorer's after school gets out...

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While I don't think the SCAR is the uber gun everyone makes it out to be...youd should have known about the stock, and the barrel is no harder to get a bucking on than any other gun. My front sight block isn't crooked, but its got some wobble.


Where did you get your EGLM? I've been watching the classifieds, but I never see them.

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I want to know about the EGLM as well!


The Problem with the 9,6V Battery is solveable, tough. for now, I just stuffed the Fuse in the lower Back Part of the Stock. It probably isn't very healthy for the Wires, as they get bend and squeezed, but I can collapse the Stock completely.


When I'll get Deam Connectors, I'll just shorten those Wires and the Problem should be solved. Would it be recommended to remove the Fuse as well? I've heard it bleeds a lot of Current, and of course it does take up Room. Hovewer, I'm not certain on the Risks of doing so.

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