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I'm wondering...

Arent those M249's / Minimi's with tac.rails and stuff on it incredibly heavy? :huh:

I mean: Alu rails, PEQ, Surefire, Reddot, sometimes a magnifier and a 2500rnd box with fake bullets.

Good thing most also use foregrips then? :D


My Mk46 only weighs like 15lbs loaded. I've got no issue running around with it like that.




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I bought them already linked together, I have to take them apart and relink them because some of the links are backwards, or are correct but aren't seated properly. It'll take a few minutes but its an annoying task lol. I have a 100 round belt that needs to be properly relinked

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my m249 is heavy (13 LBS?) but my M16A4/M203 is actually heavier (15 lbs)

im just used to it. ive always used heavy rifles, as one of my first was a star m14 sopmod!



mmm I guess I compare too much with the real steals... sry ^^

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Tell me thats never been fired at a person.


I'd be happy to have that fired at me, as long as i was at least 40 meters away. :unsure:


it is quite the sniper at ranges of 200 feet 6 out of 10 shots are on target, at 300 feet 4 out of 10 are on target without lobbing. And yes it is active on Team B.o.E with a 150ft minnimum engagement.


I love his paint jobs, i wish i had a spare gun to try that out on :D


Yes he is great at what he does whether it be custom paint or custom upgrades and his paint so far is all freehand.


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