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FN Picture Thread

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That's just about what mine looks like, AAC turned up the other day and I've got a semi-brown vert grip.


I've got a tan sight and don't have the nice sling though. Better head over to eBay for a look see.


Figured I'd take some pics before I cleaned it. :rolleyes:
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VFC Mk16

Leopold CQ/T replica

VFC AAC Flash Hider (New Model)

Mapul XTM rail cover

TD replica grip

SF M961


I'll post a piccy when Bro gives me the ' family camera ' :P

Problem is... Bro ain't home much <_<

Cant bother with the cellphone cam..


VFC Mk16 Black

Leopold CQ/T replica ( King Arms )

VFC Scar flash hider + silencer

I like to keep it plain except for a OD fantasy I have:

Buying a new stock, spray it in OD. Get Magpul Long Rail Protectors in OD for rails and KA scopey. Get OD Mags. Perhaps a KA 551 Eotech replica in OD.

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I know this is a pic thread but it seems the place to ask Scar related questions.


What are the main differences between the VFC and the Star? They're both the same price, give or take £10 but the Star comes with the EGLM. However, the general concensus seems to be that the VFC is a much better gun. What I want to know is, is it really so much better that it's worth sacrificing an EGLM?

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Well a LOT of the STAR's parts are specifically for the STAR SCAR - which makes it a lot harder to find replacement parts for if something goes wrong. Also I've heard compression is terrible between the hopup and the air nozzle, so spring upgrades will put more stress on the gearbox with little FPS improvement.

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