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Yeah I guess the holes are there as one of the improvements that was done to cut weight on the 46. I guess its one of those things that make it a MK46 instead of a para 249. Couldn't really say for sure though. As to being different looking this is what my teammate who I bought it from had it decked out as after he bought it. He was a fan of the MK48.



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I will get with my teammate about some better pics. The one above is all I have at the moment. As far as I can tell the feed tray wasn't modified at all. Not really sure how he got the dummy links in there. The biggest mod was the outer barrel. He cut it up and added a thicker out metal "sheath" around the inner to give it that heavier look. Really the only thing he wasn't able to get was a MK48 flashhider. We looked for one but it just wasn't worth the money and wait time to aquire a real one. From about 10 feet away the thing really did look like a MK48. But up close it was kinda obvious that it was a 46 with some cosmetic add ons. But without a way to stretch out the body of the gun this was the best we could come up with.

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I fully see the reason but it's just an odd setup, never seen another 249 / Mk46 like that. About the holes, I'd never looked under a Mk46 handguard so I only assumed it was the same as the 249.


The Asahi Minimi has the same holes when you remove the handguard. I think real Minimis also have the holes, not just the MK46







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Ok here are a few pictures of the 46 disguised as a 48.







The last pic was with an LBT m60 box hanging off of a homemade hanger drilled into the side of the gun. Another idea my friend had but didn't try was to have a box mag in a SAW pouch on his chest and an extra long belt of ammo coming out of it to conceal a custom feed tube. Would have been similar to what Mac used with the m60e3 in the first Predator movie. Regarding the tan LBT mag all he did was chop up and fit a regular SAW mag guts inside of the LBT. I think he said he also had to modify the mag retainer clip as well. He also priced out the new style bipod that comes on the MOD1s at $1000 which made that a no go. The MK48 flashider was available for purchase but had a 120 day wait.

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Yep, that plastic-shell cloth mag is worth 250$, if you are able to find one.


Here are some good reference pics, for those who want to mod the hell out of their Minimis:





4th picture down (left) in the first link shows the main differences: wider beltwell on the feed tray and side attachment of the mag vs. bottom attachment. Of course you would also have to mod the shell ejection port and maybe the barrel, but thats not nearly as important. getting your hands on a mag is hard enough already.


Why doesnt any company make a kit, goddamnit!?


EDIT: more pics! Apparentely, the magazine is attached via a hanger that itself attaches to the bottom like the regular 5.56 magazine.



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my beast of burden






gearbox needs to be looked at though...


Cloth mag has no internals either, though i have a new clothmag on order with internals, bipod, carry handle and heatshield removed, i have a spare pistolgrip on the way, so i can try to make my own ranger grip on the front.

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Is that on a 1 point sling!? That seems like a lot of weight on one point. The gun doesn't ever hit you in that special area when you have it hanging?

haven't been able to field it yet unfortunatly :(


The one point is mainly on there for the sake of the picture, i'd get a saw sling, but a) it's a STAR, so it weighs next to nothing compared to my other AEGs, and B ) i don't think STAR put on a frontswivel... that or the sling is fixed a certain way i don't know about :P

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Hmm, not too many black SCARs around, these days. It looks good. How are you liking your ACM ACOG? Is it the one with x4 magnification?


The reason I ask is because I'm thinking about getting one for my SCAR. :)


I got my from gunnerairsoft.com It was about 58$~ shipped to the States. I guess I should have said it was a red dot Acog replica. :rolleyes:

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Hmm. I'm not really loving the high mount. On the low mount it would look way better. Also, a coating of FDE wouldn't be bad either.



Agreed with the high mount or the optic it self. it doesnt just look right on longer/bigger rifles. it belongs on a mp7 or a cqb etc, the rifle looks naked!. but nice rifle none the less.

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