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FN Picture Thread

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My current FN collection:




Real gun parts used:


M240: hanger, heat shield, M122 tripod with pintle and T&E


Mk46: bipod and rail covers


M249: hand guard, bipod, front sight assembly, rear sight, para stock, pistol grip, heat shield. Received parkerized like the real one is.

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Just bought this off a teammate, so I still have to trick it out. Apparently it's missing the front sight locking pin and the safety doesn't seem very solid (safe will give if you pull on the trigger with enough force,) but otherwise I'm pretty glad I finally picked up a SCAR.








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It has been a while since I have posted a weapon pick or two.

Think of this as what a Belgian version of an AK5-D would look like.

It is still not finished, but I think you will get the idea of where it is going.

The gun is now about 8.5 inches shorter than the regular FNC Shortie.








New hand guard

New gas tube

New heat shield

Chopped barrel (to 190mm)

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Yeah, I've seen it as well. I thought it looked really nice, and I'm kinda considering putting one on mine sometime.



EDIT: According to a guy on Airsoft Forum...


Yeah, the MIAD (PTS version) fits on it, but you need longer screws for securing it to the gearbox. That is why I haven't been able to install it yet. I need to find out what size the screws are. Once I do, that MIAD will be on there in a heartbeat.


And I found this, too - real SCAR and real MIAD, I think (off the Magpul site):



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very nice Horse

I've heard rumours that there is some dude that is suppose to make "copies" of the AK5 handguard but I don't know about the D verision and I think I will be a while it those gets released

as for the stock, there isn't much of a difference, but you might refer to the new plastic and fold able stock


Heres my P90



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Not the best picture but here is an update on my M249.




Real Steel Elcan

G and P Ranger Stock

Real Steel Grip pod

Real Steel BFG Vicker's padded M269 sling with MASH hooks.


Dean's connectors

14 AWG Silicone wire

All internals upgraded for durability.

4400Mah battery in box mag

box mag wired to activate with trigger

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