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FN Picture Thread

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What kind of camo is that? It looks like it's Rhodesian or South African.


South African Police, not available to the public, worn in the nineties by the riot unit, reaction units, border police and now days only by the special task force. (I have it because I was in one of the reaction units)

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FN SCAR-L Carbine











Weapon Description


Classic Army SCAR-L base weapon

1.5-4.5x 20mm Short Range Combat Scope ( custom painted )

Guarder heavy duty scope mount ( custom painted )

Freedom Art riser base mount

G&P low profile rubber rail protectors

Hero Arms grip pod ( custom painted )

King Arms M3 illuminator ( custom painted )

MAG 80 round plastic magazine ( tan )





9.6V 1200mah NiMH Intellect battery

Action 400fps spring

Stock upgraded CA internals

Velocity = 385-390fps ( chronographed )



Weapon characteristics


- very smooth functioning ( the same as a TM M14 )

- quiet shots ( minimum popping sound )

- Accurate

- Heavy weight



Paints Used


- Rustoleum Tan ( textured )

- Krylon Camo Series Tan

- Krylon Camo Series Brown



Additional pictures can be found here:


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I figured I would add my "2 Cents" to the FN weapon thread. I have a CA SCAR-L that I have just finished upgrading the exterior to and will soon be upgrading the internals from the stock CA internals.



Systema M4 inner barrel (363mm)



G&P Aimpoint replica

Madbull G5 Silencer

CA SCAR-L convertible barrel

UTG foregrip

generic mono point sling






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King Arms red-dot AIMPOINT

KING ARMS Vietnam mags


not much yet, but i've got a custom flahider on the way from Led Pocket, and this whole thing will be the basis for a custom counter-sniper rifle I plan to finish in the near future. Custom extended outer-barrel, PSG-1 inner barrel, Harris Bipod and a better scope are next in line, along with a full internal tune-up so she's cranking out some high FPS

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actually its weird, but I like the JLS SCAR better.

cause of the M4 type lower receiver, the stock its not as fat as the original one, and I think the handguard part is a bit longer too.

to me it feels more balanced, visually that is.

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almost, but not quite.


not because its not realistic, because (in my opinion) the JLS SCARs design (slimmer stock and longer foregrip/handguard) is prettier, than than the real steels fat stock and shorter frontend. though, some people migth not even recognise the difference.

I dont care about realism if the gun I like is sexy. and to me the JLS is sexier. no, not the materials and finish, the design.

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okay , i've got a couple of requests here..

can all the people who've tried to convert a fnc to an AK5 post their pics here ? cos i am curious to know on how many people have tried this :D

and this may sound silly but has anyone tried fitting their fnc with a full stock or just changed the stock ?

thanks in advance !!

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up to you really. If you can wait for the star, then by all means do so. I own a star l85 carbine and that shoots pretty good stock. I also own a CA scar, and it has a sick ROF w/ a 9.6v battery, and a decent hopup. With only a tightbore in my scar, it can hold its own in both woodland and cqb.

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not sure, i bought a scar cqc w/ convertable barrel, so the first thing i did was stick in a tightbore, because I wanted a shorty scar. With a tightbore and guarder bucking, it shoots pretty nice. I can't compare how accurate it is with a stock barrel since I never fired it with one in it.

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do the changeable barrels only come with the black CQC?

It only comes with it if the retailer bought it from spartan (wholesaler for CA in the US). I'm not sure if the HK retailers include it with the CQC models.


But barrel length doesn't make that much difference on accuracy anyway.


Didn't do it for accuracy, the black CQC w/ convertable barrel comes with a m4 length inner barrel, so when i converted it to a shorty, the inner barrel was too long. Had a 300mm tightbore lying around so i stuck that badboy in, so i dont have 4 inches of inner barrel protruding past my flashhider. As for the accuracy part, I dont know if TB's play a role, but its usually the first thing i change. Maybe for a placebo effect :)

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