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FN Picture Thread

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Nice SCAR's Alex.

Have SCARs taken over? I came in here looking to find some desert camo painted P90 inspiration without much luck...




Edit: Wow, this thread is old. Quite a bit of history in it.

If you haven't seen This thread might it should be better for P90's :D


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Yep, I was looking through that a bit yesterday. The FAM16 in the beginning of the thread sure brought back some memories, haha.


One bad thing about threads that old, is that a lot of the pictures were deleted/don't work anymore, which is a shame. I only saw one camo rattle can paint job that could be considered desert camo, too. I plan on changing that.




Edit: Also, by them time I'm done with my P90, I'll have a spare upper. I'm thinking about chopping it up for the lulz.




Edit: Yes, I went too low in the front, there. It's MS Paint, it ain't gunna' be perfect.

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Did you treat them with some silicone oil yet?



Yep. They barely leak. But I can still hear it.



Do you have a CO2 mag? Because every 4th or 5th cylinder, when the mag is out of co2, I press the valve release, and I see a lot of smoky CO2 come out. When I put the mag back in, it even fires. It's like a fraakin ghost cylinder.

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I was meaning to add more pics but my camera ran out of batteries (yea that always happen..).


What do I think about the gun so far? Its so awesome. Every pull of the trigger scares me. As in the bolt feels like it really hates me and wants to reach back and punch me in the face every time I shoot. Also, like in a real rifle, you're always aware of gun safety because that CH can sure as heck do some damage to your thumb if caught.


But I love it. :wub:








And a neat effect,



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