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FWIW, I got bored the other day and chopped up the front of my F2000 to try and fit a fake (:rolleyes:) gas block in there.

In the process I've already fitted a proper outer barrel into the receiver and am currently in the process of butchering an M4 front sight to build the actual gas block.

I've also figured out a way to make fire-selector work like a P90 but I dunno if I will bother doing that straight away.


Anyway, I'll post pic's in a couple of days, hopefully.


yummy!!! no project thread for those mods?




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I removed the fake gas tube to fit an 11.1 in there. Its a tight squeeze but thats simply because I have way too much wiring inside.

I also removed the original internal pot metal bolt catch and replaced it with a steel screw and nut. From what I read, that is the 1st part to go.

Time for some new batteries and wiring.



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This! good luck with it though, looks a tad difficult! :P


I don't know about FAL's, but with AK's the MW2 style reload is easy. You just use the leading edge of your mag to engage the mag catch, then in one fluid motion push/shove the old mag out of the magwell and lock in the new one. Just make sure you don't use your feedlips, I've broken off countless feedlips using that reloading technique.

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One FN Minimi:






I absolutely hated the original setup of the Para. The handguards were just too big to be comfortable for me, I couldn't really reach around the enormous A&K box mag, and the stock was either too long to use while extended (without my matchstick arms giving way), or totally pointless while collapsed, with no in-between position. So all this stuff has basically made it skirmish practical for me. What to do next with it, if anything, I'm not sure; if anyone's got any suggestions I'd welcome them.

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I think it looks pretty ballin like that. Bad *albatross*. Maybe some camo wrap?

Cheers mate, glad you like it. I'm happy to say I skirmished it today for the first time and between the CA hup unit I've put in there and the lovely MAG nutsack it worked very well. Just a shame I can't seem to find a sound-activated 100rnd style box as that would be pretty handy.

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