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Hello people *waves*


Put up a handful of posts already but I thought I'd say hi over here.


My first skirmish was on my 14th birthday when a friend and myself went to CS. I had a fantastic day and only managed to break one gun (not my fault, foregrip was dodgy, honest guv!). I even got a couple of decent kills :)


Fast forward 5 years and I have a half decent income so I decided to get a GBB USPc, I have a Glock19 on route and hopefully an MP5 and much skirmishing in the not too distant future.


All the best people!



P.S. Search is my friend :D

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Just outside of Exeter. Thanks for the pointer, I'd looked into it on the Airsoft map and reckon when (in a few weeks fingers crossed) I pass my driving test I'll head up there.


I'll probably be popping into Electrowerkz also as my uncle lives about 15 minutes away in Archway.

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