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Complete Ghillie Thread

The Chef

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pics as promised!!!



as for all the -!!! - thats just a me think - i tend to be a very loud person in general so i guess thats just the way i bring it out in a written way??







if that doesnt work

perhaps this will






another pic!










regards amsniper

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i generally play in a green environment!

or at least i choose an area of ground which is more green!!!!


- the hunter chooses the hunting ground - not the hunted!!!!


besides as i said my ghillie is mainly for hunting which is almost always in green suroundings!


sorry about those random links - i never which one to use!!!

ah well!


cheers all

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lol, can just imagine it - every time he gets a hit 'BOOOOOM HEADSHOT!!!!!!!' hehe man i hate fpsdoug


my ghillies coming along nicely :D just re-inforcing the front with some canvas, and added thumb loops, also replaced all the buttons on the jacket with velcro to stop them digging into me when prone.


will add the net as soon as it arrives :D

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i knew i was doing something wrong


so do you lot not shout - "oi you bugger keep still so i can shoot you!"




im quiet when i need/ choose to be!!!





i was going to use velcro - just couldnt be bothered basically. - didnt have any to hand and i wanted to keep building/making costs as low as possible!

think i spent about £30 in all.


but that included about £18 for the original ghillie


no too bad!


lets get some piccies of you ghillie in action up!



regards amsniper

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yea, i was a little worried about the velcro idea at first, but the stuff i managed to get hold of is farely decent and after several testings it doesnt come apart, but if it does i can always change back to the buttons.


My netting arrived today :D was a complete bargain cost me £2 from a ebay shop and was recorded delivery, really do not see how the shop makes any money. but anyway, i got it and will cut it and start the painfully slow task of sewing it to the cammo.

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I was wondering if it would be at all practical to sew a net to a jacket and have a Camelbak type hydration system between, in such a way that you'd be able to refill the hydration system. That would be frickin' awesome, don't you think?


Also, do you change into your ghillie at the field? Surely you don't drive there wearing ghillie pants...

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If you choose the right materials for your suit then i've managed to make some lightweight Ghillie suits that i was "just" able to compress enough to get into a respirator pouch! (3/4 length suits with hoods!)


Then i can get into and out of the exercise area nice and quickly carrying the suit on my belt kit and only have to put it on over my combats when i actually need to use it.


I know a few others were using single bergen side pouches with more bulky suits for the same purpose.

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I started my latest project tonight,


I like the use of veggie hoops and natural veg i personaly think should be the base for ghillies.


The webtex concealment vest is great but i dont like the way it fits inthe cloak form, always wished it was just like a shirt or something.


always toyed with the idea of adding lots of veggie hoops to a shirt and work from that but im pretty lazy, i wont lie ;) and i look for the quick way even if it costs more.


so i took my concealment vest and started work :D


First i just put it on over my shirt and saw how it all fitted, put my webbing over the top and see how it felt, looked alright and thought this is going to be a good idea.


so i then started to glue gun the key areas (collar, wrists, front) to hold it into place, once i had done this i then looked in the mirror to see how far it hangs and where i would need to cut it down, i then cut it down. sewed the edges into the shirt to reinforce it.


with the left over lower section of the vest im not sure what im going to do, ive got some inch wide elastic strip which im using for veggie hoops on my yoke, which ive already started and added a little hessian (again not alot but it break up the shape a little when you dont have veg in)


anyhow below are some pics, im going to add some hessian to the shirt on tuesday morning if i get chance, im not going to be playing till jan anyhow so ive got a bit of time to work on it. but knowing me ill be chaning my ghillie idea when i next change my underwear ;)



the back of the shirt with the webtex vest glued and stitched on, also took some Khaki Krylon to lighten parts up, though in the photo its more intense.



From the front, the vest comes to the edges of the center strip on my shirt, allowing me to zip it up and button as normal, only ive lost the use of the 2 pockets on the front.



Shirt again, but withmy yoke and belt kit chucked ontop.



close up of said yoke, to show the current veggie hoops and little hessian i have.

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i believe i wrote im lazy :D


sewing this onto the shirt is easier ;)


btw its a shirt not a jacket, i hate how thick the jackets are, in the winder i can just wear a jumper under this and it will still fit, then in the summer i can just wear this and still have the ability to camo myself.

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